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Before commenting on the main purpose of this entry, the Iraq Oil Law, in light of recent events in Mumbai, I thought the following, small news item rather intriguing.
It confirmed that infamous, former Afghan General Dostum just flew to Turkey, and, depending on which source one reads, either Dostum is in voluntary exile or just visiting:

And, here's one more link with a slightly different interpretation.

Simultaneous to Dostum and Mumbai, it so happens a Turkish, Pakistani and Afghan tripartite summit was held in Turkey.



And, now, for Iraq's Oil Law.
On December 3, Azzaman reported the Iraq Oil Law compromise reached between the KRG and Baghdad had collapsed:\2008-12-03\kurd.htm

Two days later, a contradictory report about an Iraq Oil Law compromise. In addition, on the upper right hand side of the following link, in a box, further articles about various companies cancelling, altering their previous KRG negotiated contracts:

So, which is accurate?
What will happen?
I believe the latter, above, for the following reasons.

An excerpt from my previous blog of September 28, 2008:

"...Kurdistan's Heritage Oil, partnered with the mysterious Eagle Group of Iraq, which I've speculated might be Talabani, and/or Barzani, themselves, apparently, either will be sold outright, or, "some" of their assets sold.
It is speculated those assets will be in Kurdistan.

From their own corporate website, a terse, September 18 Press Release on the subject. Note, JP Morgan Cazenove, advisor:

Seems to me like rats leaving a sinking ship.

I've had much in previous blogs about the nefarious role of Heritage, etc. But, a good reminder, to which I've linked before, and, especially in recent connection between the Obummer mafia campaign and mafioso extraordinaire, Tony Buckingham, current owner of Heritage Oil, the following:

Also, Russia reaffirms Iraq's territorial integrity:

Apparently, some private Russian companies are being offered the potential to invest in Iraq.
And, of course, further UN and NATO/international forces being planned for intervention and "peace keeping" in Iraq..."


Direct link for above entry:

In addition to my preceding excerpt, the following, NOW, "Nato Reiterates Pledge to Build Iraq's Security Force":

And, if that isn't sufficient enough proof, the final nail in the coffin,
"Iraq's Oil Conference Buzzes With Prospects...":

The preceding all consistent with the "international policy shift" consolidated by the US 2006 mid-term Congressional election.

On THAT subject, an EXCERPT from my previous entry of March 5, 2008:

"....As you may recall if you have been reading my blog for some time, October 2005 was when I first forecast a REVERSION to the former, strategic policies of "trilateralism, internationalism," represented by Kissinger, the CFR, PRIOR to America's 2006 midterm elections, which is precisely what happened, our November Coup, as I called it.
On October 13, 2005, I did a blog entitled, "Silent Coup in Washington..."
...What then ensued, as I said in my blogs, was an orchestrated, predetermined, November 2006 mid-term Congressional shift represented officially by Democratic victories and their subsequent policy shifts represented above, i.e., the November Coup, which is why there has been and will be no American Presidential impeachment proceedings.
For all THEIR above intents and purposes, the coup already occurred.
For purposes of partisan politics, political posturing, global expediency, it is much more convenient and better to keep the current asinine idiot in the White House, present him as the titular leader, obscure responsibility and blame, with no messy hearings, continuity of government and power, the facade of democracy and so on.

I think others can extrapolate on the possible innumerable unmentioned reasons why such a policy would be politically advantageous, from domestic to global purposes.
Thus, the current American Presidential campaign/election is a continuum of the process begun, above, culminating officially with a new President, a new titular head, whomever it may be.
The following organization represents this clearly:

And their testimony, today, in Congress on "Smart Power...": ..."


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