Sunday, December 28, 2008


As for expectations of MEANINGFUL opposition in the US and elsewhere around the world regarding international capital's latest AGREED upon incursion into Gaza through their Israeli puppet surrogate, such is the state of worldwide willing perpetual fiction and belief.

No GOVERNMENT anywhere is about to do anything significant beyond making perfunctory noises, statements, empty, meaningless gestures BECAUSE, at minimum, they are in tacit agreement, at maximum, overt complicity.
NO outside military force exists that is about to take on the US/Israel/NATO military complex.

For that matter, speaking of regional militaries, not one, but, two NEW major theatres, hotspots, of regional war have opened up, in addition to the ongoing, intensifying, low simmering American, Iranian, Peshmerga occupation and military presence within Iraq.
Those two obviously are Israel in Gaza and then, rarely, if at all mentioned, Turkey's escalating bombardment of the PKK in northern Iraq, Kurdistan.

So, all MAJOR regional military forces combined are now actively engaged in the process of "mopping up" with more, much more, to come.
Remember, so-called provincial elections in Iraq coming in January.
And, of course, an escalation forthcoming in Afghanistan/Pakistan, too.
Only one other MAJOR regional military force exists that is not PRESENTLY actively involved.
That, of course, is Russia.

But, as the headline above says, undeterred,
"GCC Summit to Go Ahead as Planned."
After all, this is what it's ALL about; why WE fight and die.
So THEIR empire can expand:

and "GCC Summit to Focus on Global Economic Crisis":

And, then, afterwards, there will be the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, (how appropriate) beginning Jan 28, 2009, with its precursor this past November in the
Switzerland of the GCC, Dubai.

Look around their website:

And, in case you are interested regarding the World Economic Forum, specifically, the Middle East, it is scheduled for May in Jordan:

And, Putin will address the WEF opening, presumably, representing the interests of Russia's private multi-billion dollar/ruble/euro oligarchs, like Lukoil, and so on, all eager to invest and spread their economic wings throughout the globe, in newly liberated Iraq, the UAE, Latin America and so on.
Gazprom is somewhat related, but, a different matter, a bird of a slightly different color.

And here's a succinct little commentary on the upcoming Davos, Switzerland WEF from Pakistan's newspaper,

"Davos Moot to Focus on Global Crisis":

As for those stupid or silly enough to be waiting for Godot, Obooma, to arrive in the White House, that piece of empty, vapid shit, well, I can't be bothered with idiots. Dream on. If you must watch any of our Fascists, keep your eyes on Clinton, instead, just like Rice before her, and, perhaps, Biden, too, as in Cheney's case. Forget Obooma. He's a total and complete zero. Mickey Mouse would do as well, if not better.

More than shoes should be thrown at all of them.

How about ex-appropriation, first, and then the Guillotine?

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