Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I like the foreign press, at least, certain ones.
Their headlines and articles often articulate truth much more plainly and clearly than anybody here does, with little or no spin, for obvious reasons.

Like the following/above headline about Obummer:


Of course, by now, everybody should know from whence came Obummer's Citigroup Nation Cartel billions and to whom Obummer is beholden, or, rather, who holds, beholds him.

Interestingly, another source to which I have previously referred in the past, alot, the Turkish Daily News, seems to have disappeared.

One of the TDN's previous, delectable quotes which I utilized repeatedly is...
"...selling State assets is passion of the AKP..."

Here's the link from which the preceding quote emanates, in a previous entry from my now blocked, initial blogspot, July 23, 2007.
HOWEVER, none of the TDN links work any more.
Nonetheless, from July 23, 2007:

"...here's the link for the above quote on Turkey and the AKP, "Foreigners Invest $3.5 Billion as Temple of Capitalism Spreads Out,"


Couldn't say it any better myself.
Maybe that's why TDN has disappeared from public view.

As well as my previous blog.
My blog has good company.

But, instead, here's a current Turkish heading which succinctly sums up the relationship expressed from the above and Citigroup's Akbank acquisition and previous coming out party in NYC to now,

"Turkey Now a Partner Country to Manhattan":


Can't say it much better myself, either.

Clear, concise, to the point.

To add to that represented above about Turkey, not to mention Iran and the former Soviet Union, the following about Egypt's ongoing privatization and resistance:


So, now, moving on to the Nazi cartel's alliance and wars.

The following is NOT as clear and concise as the above. One must read alittle between the lines and fill in some ellipses.

Since everybody already knows the US and its Fascist international alliance seeks to increase their direct military involvement in the region, simply GUESS who will fill in the empty, military void expressed by the article below,


I'm sure you can guess.

Another POSSIBLE war scenario or provocation presented, here, in the Caucasus:


Additionally, once more, if you know how to interpret it, a whole page of links devoted to an international support conference for Tibetan independence, held in India, (scroll down below the MISSING photo to see the voluminous material):


Alittle side note or tangent on Tibet.

In earlier entries, I made the suggestion that China can and will be replaced or displaced in its strategic, present US economic role by the Middle East in terms of cheap labor, export production, investment and the money-go-round.

Returning to the subject at hand.

From an earlier November link, another part of the building, strategic NATO-UAE-GULF alignment:


And, then, a note about Iraq's contentious Oil Law, the Kurds, and explosions in waiting:


Finally, I said I would occasionally intersperse some material from my former, now blocked, blog for reference purposes.
So, I have done that, below, in a separate entry.
If you scroll down you will see it.

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