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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dana Gas, Islamic Finance, Pakistan, Why "we" Fight and Die

Here's the latest in the Dana Gas saga:


Since Pakistan happens to be much in the news, at the moment, I'll refer readers back to my blog from May 27, 2006, which connects Dana Gas, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Islamic Finance and more:


In addition, of course, regarding Pakistan, the infamous TAP pipeline, as yet not built for "security reasons," but, endorsed by the ADB (Asia Development Bank), AND, something else about which everyone might not be aware, an enormous copper-gold mine in Western Pakistan, which sits, apparently, on the border between Iran and Afghanistan in Balochistan:


Antofagasta, mentioned in the preceding article, a partner with Canada's Barrick, in case you are unfamiliar with the name, is a Chilean company.

After my previous May 27, 2006 blog, above, many times, I've linked to the following Pakistani resistance website:


Consequently, one can expect no diminished funds or support for Pakistan's "war on terror," either with the US hand picked candidate, Bhutto, or Musharraf.

The US likes to have its Fascist dictatorships elected.
So, here comes Bhutto, and, most likely, more Fascist "Islamists" in government, like Turkey's AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," Iranian Islamic Fascists in Iraq's government, the GCC, etc.
Lots of Islamists, lots of Fascists.

Returning to Dana Gas.
Dana, of course, is a newly minted privatized international company, but, it appears to be a contender/competitor with Russia's state company, Gazprom.
So, the following article about Dana Gas, replicated numerous times:


In addition, a $200 million LNG terminal is scheduled to be built in Karachi, Pakistan with a Dana Gas consortium.
The following link has much more information than merely the LNG terminal, which is why I chose it, but, Pakistan's/Dana Gas LNG terminal information is available on page 9 of a 12 page report on Islamic Finance:


Following the rise and development of so-called "Islamic" Finance from previous blogs, "DIFC [Dubai International Finance Center] Welcomes Institute of Private Investors at Landmark Forum":


Further, at this past weekends Istanbul Conference concerning Iraq, apparently, the 57-member Organization of Islamic Conference, OIC, agreed to establish representation in Iraq.

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