Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The intersection of Iran and Belarus begins with a report that
Iran's Mobina Group is interested in purchasing Belarus bank shares:

However, after doing some searches on the internet, I could come up with absolutely no further information other than that stated above on Iran's seemingly nebulous and murky Mobina Group.
No website.
Nothing on Mohammad Reza E(I)zadbin, named above.
No Board of Directors, shareholders, etc.

However, "Iraninan," presumably, Mobina Group was present at a very well attended, recent, international Belarus Investment Forum in London in November, 2008, from which the report above emanates.

The following link for this very well attended Belarus Investment Forum:

The preceding Belarus investment forum in London in November, 2008, at which Iran's Mobina Group was present, in turn, emanates from a project entitled, "Office For a Democratic Belarus in Brussels," and I am linking to one of the papers available on their official "Office" website, "Prospects for Privatization in Belarus":

Following with more information and links is the website of "Office For A Democratic Belarus Brussels" from which I extracted the above link/paper:

Meanwhile, returning to where I began, the Mobina Group.
Reminds me of a previous question.

WHO is the Eagle Group of Iraq, business partner with Heritage Oil in KRG administered Kurdistan?
So, I might ask a similar question, again.
WHO does "Iran's" Mobina Group represent?

However, at this point, I PRESUME, although, of course, I could be incorrect, depending on the answer, the significance of the Mobina Group is considerably less than that of the mysterious Eagle Group of Iraq partnered with Heritage Oil and the KRG.

And, for those of you concerned about Pakistan, rest assured.
Pakistan has been and continues to be, since creation of the BCCI (Bank of Commerce and Credit International, otherwise known as Bank of Crooks and Criminals International) and Pakistan's ISI and their roles in the Afghan-Soviet war, an integral partner of US, Nazi/Fascist plans and the GCC, Middle East speculative and privatizing bubble.

So, the following about Pakistan, which sums it up, in addition to all else I've had on my blogs:

"Pakistan Government to Increase Foreign Direct Investment":

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