Thursday, February 26, 2009


Let's begin, rather than end, today's entry with some inspirational, good news to set an upbeat tone.
First, some video highlights from Ireland's previous, massive demonstration with more coming in subsequent weeks:

And, of course, the RHETORICAL question, why not here, also??
Moving on to the bad news.

With all the recent military activities around Gaza/Israel/Egypt/Lebanon/Turkey/PA/BG/EMG gas wars, conflicts and pipeline projects and WHO gets what and how much, people should be aware there is/was a bill introduced in the US Congress in 2005 and passed in summer of 2007 called the US-Israel Energy Cooperation Act, which specifies the following:

And a conference was JUST held in Eilat, which is, of course, part of the Trans-Israel Pipeline project, encompassing discussions about the above US-Israel Energy Cooperation Act:

For background on Israel's Eilat-Ashkelon, TIP, project see my previous blog:

And, as readers may recall, part of the above process was/is Egypt's EMG which looked as if it/they had lost out in all these gas wars.
But, it/they, Egypt's EMG-Israel gas deal has arisen from the dead, once again.
I guess they follow the pattern of their Egyptian mummy forebears.
Thus, the following about EMG's possible/probable resuscitated mutually beneficial economic arrangement to supply Israeli gas:

And, then, more about Citigroup's Stanley Fischer, Governor, Bank of Israel, Dictatorship, an EXCERPT, link following.
MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...announcement published by Netanyahu's aides that he will offer Fischer the finance portfolio was unsophisticated spin meant to send the message that Fischer will be the most important man in the economy after Netanyahu..."

And, now, moving on to some other, further very disturbing news and the etiology and pathology of disease.
The following and then some comments:

The first question to ask is; Why is the US military in Iraq?
What brought them there?
Obviously, they are very incongruous and conspicuous.
Like a fish out of water.
Did the US government choose Iraq for purposes of inflicting intentional sadistic cruelty on a population?
And, is this why they continue to stay?
Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

This gets me to a medical or biological model/analogy of etiology and pathology.

In a medical and biological model what KILLS, maims, disables, disfigures, destroys, debilitates, hurts and pains the victim/host is actually the disease pathology, commonly known as secondary symptoms, which ALL are adaptive responses to systemic imbalances caused from biological stressors by underlying etiology, i.e, root causes.
Prior to current scientific understanding one could treat disease ONLY symptomatically.

And LOTS of erroneous theories existed about the causes of these pathologies, cures which also killed the patient, such as bloodletting, or, as I call it, bloodcurdling, for example.

Indeed, even IF/WHEN one understands the underlying biology, WITHOUT proper tools and medicines, such as antibiotics, for example, there STILL is/would be no way to treat disease other than ameliorating as best as possible its symptoms, for which all sorts of practices have been devised, including quarantine, etc.
Some remedies function better or worse than others.

But the relationship between victim/host and pathology, which kills, maims, destroys, is NEVER completely, fully eradicated, controlled, mitigated, fundamentally CHANGED and altered without understanding the disease's underlying etiology.
Infectious epidemic outbreaks and their eradication are other manifestations related to the above.

Likewise, our societal model and its root causes, the underlying etiology of the PATHOLOGICAL manifestations and adaptation to stressors, such as one shown above, is NOT addressed, eradicated, changed or altered, but, instead, endlessly discussed, dissected, analyzed, hypothesized, philosophized, rationalized or simply ignored and denied.
Endless palliatives are proffered to help ameliorate pathology, which do, indeed, as in the medical/biological model/system, above, kill, maim, destroy.
Denial is ANOTHER pathology of a dysfunctional, irrational, barbaric, atavistic political economy.

Remember, people ARE biological entities.
People are NOT disembodied brains, intellects and souls, despite philosophic theories to the contrary.
They respond systemically to stressors and imbalances.
And, for sure, war is a stressor.
Perhaps, stressor number one in human history.
War is hell, as someone else once said. All war.

Other facts on my blogs are ALL stressors.
Unemployment, economic dislocation, financial instability, hunger, homelessness, rape, military conflagration, war, torture...
All are related and pathological manifestations of the underlying etiology and root economic causes.
The underlying economic etiology and its corresponding pathology will continue UNTIL AND UNLESS something CHANGES FUNDAMENTALLY, once and forever.
To quote/paraphrase Clausewitz, "war is an extension of political economy."

And, a caveat for readers with more comprehensive knowledge of the medical/biological model above; this is obviously a thumbnail analogy.
If you wish to add further, go deeper, enhance it, please, feel free.
Do so in the comment section below and/or provide some further links and/or emails.
I can not write a treatise on the subject.
But, it certainly deserves one.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Below, I took the liberty of REPRODUCING a text, in full, from a COMMENT section beneath an article about UAW Union Concessions to Ford.

I will link to the article from which I lifted wholesale, WITHOUT permission, this reproduced comment, which I thought so expressively eloquent, profound, poignant, simple and true that I felt compelled to share it with others:

"We cannot afford further concessions
Submitted by KH (not verified) on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 6:02am.
I am just a man.
I found a job working on an assembly line that paid a few more dollars than most.
I felt blessed to have that job and worked hard at it.
I felt pride in the job I did each day even though it was hard and heavy and sometimes dangerous and the hours were very long, but it paid my bills and my taxes and at the end of my day I had my dignity and felt satisfied because I knew I did that job to the best of my ability.
I became a member of the union and I felt blessed because I knew that that union meant a better life for its members but also that it would see its way to bringing a higher standard of living to some other man who was working on an assembly line somewhere near by and did not have the ability to strive for a better wage himself but that he too would benefit from the good my union could provide and he too could share in the dignity of earning a decent wage to provide for those he loved.
The company I worked for flourished and made record profits, and the men who managed the company were joyous and celebrated those profits amongst themselves because money was plentiful, life was now and tomorrow was a world away.
I married and started a family.
I felt blessed that my job could enable me to support my family and buy a decent home for us to live in. It wasn't a luxurious home and I knew it was over priced but it was what I could afford and again I felt blessed to have it.
I paid my bills and taxes and contributed to the community around me through those taxes and donated to various charities and food banks, knowing there were many less fortunate than I was and I felt lucky that I could help in whatever way I could.
The company I worked for made some poor choices and there were losses, but from the position I was in standing on that assembly line I was powerless to help because I was just a man and they were the company and they made the choices.
The union I pay dues to suggested we give to the company from our own pocket and give up benefits to aid their financial crisis but that 700 million dollars was fast forgotten. I don't even remember if anyone said thank you.
The government I pay taxes to did not seem to notices my sacrifice.
Times got a little tougher but I still managed to make ends meet between the layoffs and wage freezes. I tightened my belt and I hoped that things would pick up for the company and that the people in the community I lived in would once again start to buy our products.
I paid my taxes and my union dues, which sometimes seemed like a conflict of interest because the government my taxes went to did not agree that my being a member of that union was a good thing and sometimes that government slandered me in that community my taxes supported and caused some of the members of that community to become jealous and target me because I perhaps earned a few more dollars than they did.
The banks made some poor choices, and there was talk that some of the bankers were greedy and set up home owners with mortgages and bonds that were meant to fail just so they could pad their own pockets at the expense of all.
I continued to work, and watched the government I paid taxes to give those banks billions of tax dollars to try to fix the damage some had caused.
The people in the community I lived in could no longer afford to buy the products my company made and there was no longer credit available to them from the banks because the bankers decided to give themselves bonuses with the cash my government had earmarked for them to use to fix the problems that some had created.
The company where I worked fell onto hard times, some said it was caused by the banks but there was also talk that the company caused some of the trouble itself due to poor business choices and not planning for the future.
Some members of the government I pay taxes to said that my wage was to blame because my company paid me a few dollars more than other men who worked on an assembly line made.
Some journalists and economists made up stories that exaggerated and completely fabricated my life to the point of grandeur and the public took it as fact.
Then some of the people in my community started to target and abuse me. Others spread rumours about me saying I was greedy and had more than everyone else and I was a parasite.
I was shocked and saddened because this was the same community I had given to, and some of the people were my neighbours and our children played together.
My son came home from school crying because the teacher who earns much more money than me had spent time explaining to his class that my greed was the cause of my company's troubles. Of course I didn't expect him to defend me, children should not be disrespectful or correct teachers but I knew he felt shamed and helpless about not being able to and that he saw this as a blow to my dignity and his own.
Friends or some of the people I thought of as friends started to circulate email jokes about the company I worked for and though some were laughing I was unable to find humour because I had now become part of that joke and it was me they were laughing at.
The government I pay taxes to agreed to help the company I work for with loans of billions of dollars in the hope they could once again become the giant profit making machine they used to be.
I felt shocked because the government I pay taxes to offered the company I work for money from my wage and said to the company I work for and the community I live in that yes I was the problem and I should carry the blame and be ridiculed for choices I had no role in making.
The union I pay dues to and the government I pay taxes to looked the other way so it did not see my struggle as I lost the respect of the community I lived in and and gave to. Nor did they see me lose the dignity I once had at being a contributing member of that community because I could no longer hold onto the hope of a better standard of living for myself, my children or those around me.
The government I pay taxes to thinks men who work on an assembly line should not have hope of a better life and though my cost of living will remain higher than many countries who pay their workers peanuts for their hard work, I will be expected to blend in and become one of them.
After all, I am just a man who works on an assembly line and my value as an employee or a member of my society is nothing more than they say it is."

And, then, something the United Suckers and Assholes Nazi/Citigroup Obooma Fuhrer's latest so-called TV appearance mentioned, apparently, (I did NOT watch/see/hear it), and about which I have previously warned, namely:

"...Eliminate Social Security?!?!?!
Posted by maureen on February 25, 2009 at 4:40am
View maureen's blog
Is that what I heard Obama say last night? George Bush said that his greatest accomplishment as President was to make an attempt to privatize social security. Now it looks like Obama is going to use our social secuity IN ADDITION TO THE TAXPAYERS MONEY ALREADY GIVEN AWAY to fund his bailout. We're so screwed..."


For related matters, info and a few reminders of what Nazi Citigroup/Obooma Dictatorship and Nightmare hath wrought, see my second post entry, just below, today...


Nazi Citigroup, JP Morgan narco money laundering financial cartel petty CIA gangster Fuhrer Obooma made obscene and nauseating sounds, gestures and noises on the TV screen last night.
I NEVER listen or look at Nazi Citigroup Obooma.
It's like hearing/watching Hitler speak.
Or hearing chalk squeak on the blackboard.
It makes one's spine bristle and hair stand on end.

Meanwhile, someone else who actually has the audacity and temerity to expose SOME of the many international money laundering connections represented by THOSE ABOVE is being sued:

Of course, I reproduced a number of articles on my blog ALSO from the WSJ newspaper, prior to its purchase by Nazi Ruppert Murdoch, exposing Citigroup and JP Morgan's numerous Mexican drug cartel connections, from Salinas to Carlos Slim, now on the Boards of the WSJ and NY Times apparently.

Here's a reminder of some of those money laundering, international drug cartel connections, connections which follow the BCCI to the UAE and Daniel Pearl's unfortunate end:

Also, as a reminder of the ONGOING, mulitfacted, multipronged swindle represented by the United Suckers and Assholes Nazi Citigroup/Obooma Dictatorship, from my previous entry:

Monday, February 23, 2009


The above heading, article following, sums up our present day globally ORCHESTRATED economic bubble AND its equally choreographed demise:

And, of course, by now you all should know who, WHICH, financial firms will benefit most and have been placed as the fox guarding the hen house in charge of evaluating and dispensing these assets.

Of course, the Nazi Citigroup/Obooma Dictatorship, Morgan Stanley, their associates and friends.

Yet MORE Citigroup taxpayer swindles defined as such not by me but by others in the following headline/story:


Along with Obooma's Nazi Citigroup Dictatorship ALL others from Russia to Iraq to Turkey to Iran to the Middle East, Pakistan, everywhere, all extensions of the above Nazi criminal reactionary, counterrevolutionary cartels.

For some LEGITIMATE labor response here, not fake ones, in Nazi Citigroup/Obooma's United Suckers and Assholes Alice in Wonderland Dictatorship, read some from the following, Soldiers of Solidarity:

And more from Iceland regarding our orchestrated, interlocking, global Nazi criminal financial conspiracies, bubbles and money laundering cartels:

As for Russia, in the following Helmer describes internecine divisions and battles within Russia's equally criminal narco money laundering oligarchical aluminum empire.
I have a message for Putin: Shit or get off the pot!
Either re-nationalize, or, forget Russia.
Russia will be be destroyed.
Nobody is going to defend these oligarchical Russian bastards and their empire.
And, our present day Nazis will go for the jugular.
I will add something about that last comment in a moment.
And, nobody is going to give a shit about what happens to Russia UNLESS Putin, the Communists and/or others RENATIONALIZE and stop their dalliance, collaboration and justification of Nazi regimes.
First, Helmer's piece about the aluminum battles:

Regarding my previous remark about Russia policy, consider the following two pieces.
First, an opinion piece reprinted on JBANC's website:

And, more in this regard:

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Israeli Minister of Finance Officials apparently expressed some indignation and "issues" with our/their infamous Nazi Citigroup Bank of Israel Governor.
Here's a little choice EXCERPT/quote, full article following:

"...Another official said, "He holds press conferences every other day so that everyone will praise him. The interest rate, unemployment, the consolidated State of the Economy Index, bonds - he's in the media every day. He's busy only with public relations, both inside Israel and internationally. He complains about endless leaks, but he doesn’t keep his own mouth shut. The whole media bows to his feet, while we end up as the bad guys..."
The Israel Minister of Finance officials have good global company.
I have some "issues," myself, with our Nazi Citigroup Dictatorship and Nazi Citigroup's paid employee, hired help and petty CIA, gangster slave, Obooma.

Of course, if one accepts the United Suckers and Assholes mythological Obooma Messiah or Fuhrer PR phantasy creation, whichever, these "issues" simply disappear, fall off the radar screen.

Facts just fall into a black hole, like reality denied in Alice and Wonderland's Through a Looking Glass world.

Israel Minister of Finance officials, above, simply yelled out the obvious publicly, namely, "Citigroup Emperor has no Clothes!"

And, today, a change of pace from Greece.
Ireland Labor Opposition and Resistance.
A LARGE Irish march and demonstration:

Lastly, see my separate entry, below, about Muntadar Al-Zaidi..


I will return to other matters at a later point.
The above/below report speaks for itself.
WHERE is everyone? Where is their outrage?
And, what about accountability of IRAN'S Muwaffaq Al-Rubaie, Iraq's so-called National Security Advisor RESPONSIBLE for Al-Zaidi's incarceration and well being?
The same Al-Rubaie who previously addressed the CSIS.
And to whom the BBC referred and quoted.
For a reminder about this subject, see my previous blog:

And: Al-Zaidi tortured daily
"Uday Al-Zaidi [brother of the shoe thrower Muntadhir Al-Zaidi] told the Algerian newspaper Echorouk:
My brother begged the judge not to bring him back to prison because they are torturing him every day."

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Continuing along Nazi Citigroup/Obooma's United Suckers and Assholes Great Historical Swindle, Heist and Boondoggle, an EXCERPT below. MY emphasis in BOLD.
Link follows:

"...Most banks no longer hold the loans they make, content to collect interest until the debt comes due. Instead, the loans are bundled into securities that are sold to investors, a process known as securitization....

...The Obama administration hopes to jump-start this crucial machinery by effectively subsidizing the profits of big private investment firms in the bond markets. The Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve plan to spend as much as $1 trillion to provide low-cost loans and guarantees to hedge funds and private equity firms that buy securities backed by consumer and business loans...

...Simon Johnson, an economics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, said many people might take a dim view of the TALF program because it provided government subsidies to investors like hedge funds. Investors who borrow from the Fed could enjoy annual returns of 20 percent or more..."


Of course, all lobbyists are swarming like bees in a hive around Washington for their financial largesse paid by United Suckers and Assholes tax debt and subsidies to the ABOVE!

To paraphrase, "There's a sucker born every minute." This must be one of the world's all time greatest rackets! They/it really needs an award:

And, here's alittle snippet, below, of some West European company names invested in pre-Soviet Eastern Europe NOW "threatened" by economic meltdown.

From MEMORY, I recall an astoundingly high figure, somewhere between 7,000-9,000 major state industries in greater Eastern Europe privatized AFTER the fall of the Soviet Union.

I cannot recall from memory, however, whether or not the above number encompassed geographical areas such as Ukraine, Belarus, etc.

In either case, this was an historic event of unparalled, epic proportion and catastrophy which MUST be reversed and overturned:

As part of the reversal process, above, here's another inspirational note from Greece, with more news available at this and other websites, blogs, sources, about resistance and opposition throughout the globe, EXCEPT, of course, in homegrown Nazi Citigroup/Obooma Alice in Wonderland Through a Looking Glass Darkly Suckers and Assholes Nation, where political Right and Left are indistinguishable, artificially manufactured and created categories, etc.:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Another significant piece of the jigsaw puzzle falls into place.

Apparently, Russia's Gazprom either was approached or initiated negotiations by an Israel based outfit called Infinity Investment House to partner with Isramco in their Tamar offshore Israel gas find.

Litigation pending between Isramco and Infinity Investment House.

Furthermore, after NUMEROUS internet searches about Infinity Investment House and Nissim Digilenty, named in the article below, I could find NOTHING, absolutely no further information, about either other than the information proffered on their own website, Infinity Investment House, which also says virtually nothing. Check it out.

The link to Infinity Investment House is contained within the article below.

HOWEVER, an Israeli private investment fund named Infinity exists, a subsidiary of CLAL, in turn, a division of IDB, part of NOCHI DANKNER'S empire!!
For Dankner's empire, see my previous blog entry:

So far, however, I have been unable to ascertain for sure an Infinity Investment House and Nissim Digilenty association to/with Nochi Dankner, altho it certainly looks very feasible.

And, according to THIS, following report, Gazprom was cut off or out from any possibility to supply gas in a proposed pipeline extension from Turkey to Israel, the TIP project. See my many previous blogs on this subject.

When reading numerous headlines about all parties involved above keep this background factor in mind. Everything is a bargaining chip on a moving chessboard of who gets what, where and how much in the newly revived, but very ancient, OLD counterrevolutionary world of private empires:

As an additional service, I found an article from Haaretz listing Israel's 100 most prominent names, or, Who Owns/Controls Israel. Nazi Citigroup Stanley Fischer's name appears prominently at the top as number 4 on this list:

And, further EXTENSIVE background about Israel's Nochi Dankner and his IDB's global interconnectedness in the following:

Back in the New World of Citigroup/Obooma United Suckers and Assholes Alice in Wonderland NAZI DICTATORSHIP, Voodoo Economics is alive, well and still the name of the game as both the domestic and world economy spin apart around them unleashed by the abundant PERPETUAL contradictions concomitant with the above reactionary program. Scandals are too numerous to itemize.

Capitalism is in PERPETUAL, ever deepening, insoluable crisis BOTH at home and abroad. The two are inextricably intertwined, since overseas expansion is CRITICAL to increased profitability. They have, so to speak, bet everybody's house, yours, theirs, the nations and everyone else, on this reactionary, counterrevolutionary, global capitalist penetration and expansionist project, above.

To paraphrase a popular song, "you can't have one without the other...Love and marriage...go together like a horse and carriage..."

What is coming down the domestic homefront pike, due to Nazi Citigroup/Obooma's debt, inflation, pork stimulus largesse, will setup a forthcoming attack on what is called, here, "entitlement" programs, i.e., Social (in)Security and Medicare, the few, meagre, antediluvian vestiges of Roosevelt's national New Deal old age insurance, retirement and pension program remaining.

What the United Suckers and Assholes will get from a Trillion dollar spending package is nothing, fleeting garbage and pork compared to what they will give up in the name of deficit, debt, inflation and balanced budgets.

On one hand what Nazi Citigroup Lord Jesus Obooma giveth, they take back many millions times over with the other hand.

A magician's sleight of hand trick.

Meanwhile, the story continues unabated on the other, flip side of the globe.

For example, the Trade Bank of Iraq held a conference for private investment. Below is an EXCERPT. Link following. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...The forum took place in Baghdad, under the patronage of the Minister of Finance, and was the first international banking congregation in Iraq, where international banks gathered with Iraqi public and private sector banks. Representatives from main government-owned banks such as Rashid and Rafidain, as well as over 30 private sector banks, mingled with delegates from other regional banks, as well as JP Morgan and Citigroup..."

END OF EXCERPT FROM...,%20to%20Encourage%20International%20Community%20to%20Invest%20in%20Iraqi%20Private%20Sector/

And, here's Dana Gas with Hamid Jafar at a conference in Egypt:

And, so it goes...

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Here's a sneak preview, an UPCOMING political event and explosion, related to all the above.
If you are sitting outside the US, a few narrative reminders of the story, characters and timing.

Former controversial and outspoken Democratic Illinois Governor Blagoyevich, now impeached and pending trial for attempting, amongst other charges, to sell, extort, blackmail money to APPOINT someone to Obooma's vacated Illinois Democratic Senate seat, despite protests to the contrary, went ahead and nominated Burris to fill Obooma's vacated Senate seat.

This created a storm of controversy.

At first, Senate Democrats would NOT seat or recognize Burris's appointment, due to the scandal surrounding the person who appointed him, Illinois Governor Blagoyevich.

Blagoyevich refused to call a SPECIAL election for the vacated Illinois Senator's seat, which is what should have happened.

Thus, the Burris appointment by Blagoyevich was considered tainted, illegitimate. Nonetheless, the Democrats turned around on a legal technicality and seated, recognized Burris, anyway.

It was JUST revealed, TODAY, Burris perjured himself, ALSO, in previous testimony.

HOWEVER, the timing is critical to this narrative.

The information about Burris's perjury emerges IMMEDIATELY AFTER, FOLLOWING the Senate vote for Citigroup/Obooma's so-called stimulus bill, otherwise known as debt, inflation and pork.

Had Burris EITHER not been in the Senate, OR, had THIS perjury information been revealed PRIOR to the Senate vote on the Stimulus Package, the Stimulus Bill would very likely NOT have passed.

ONE vote was a CRITICAL, CRUCIAL threshold in this instance.

So, this upcoming Burris imbroglio now proceeds much beyond the local mob, gangster and totally criminal Chicago, Illinois element, sleaze, muck and mire from which Nazi Citigroup/Obooma emerges, but, it goes on to taint national policy, the Democrats, Obooma's Administration and the recently, barely passed, controversial stimulus bill.

This story UNFOLDS as I write.
Watch this one. It is going to be good:;_ylt=AqBfaKHsDHXN9.4RXxcfhn1vzwcF

In addition to the above, although I have linked in previous blogs to the following, I will do so again, BECAUSE, I ENCOURAGE readers to peruse and consider carefully the content of ALL the many COMMENTS pouring in BELOW which gives one a good feel for the reality of SEIU and their Andy Stern gang, the MAJOR labor supporters and backers of Nazi Citigroup/Obooma's mob, mafia, criminal, CIA government.

Those in the COMMENT section below are telling THE TRUTH!!
Of course, some defenders, ringers, write in to try to refute everyone else, naturally:

So, that's today's sneak preview, news update, heads up and reality entertainment from the land of United Suckers and Assholes.

And, I also await eagerly what I understand to be an upcoming MAJOR French national strike and challenge to Sarkozy's government.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Just remember, YOU ALL are funding and enabling the processes below.
Link directly following EXCERPT:

"...At the OPEC targeted floor price of $50 per barrel, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries will cumulatively earn $4.7 trillion by 2020.
This will be 2.5 times their oil earnings over the last 14 years, according to 'Global Megatrends 2009', a report by Ernst & Young. Middle East economies are predicted to be a real growth story for the next few years, even as the region has not been immune to the effects of the global downturn.
'Regional economies are well-placed to capitalize on opportunities emerging from the crisis, despite the fact that there are some concerns over issues related to the tightening of the credit markets and softening of property prices. These increased earnings will allow GCC economies to buy additional assets globally or finance local infrastructure developments as many other economies stall. Their relatively moderate regulation and tax regimes will be even bigger attractions as European and US business environments tighten under the pressure of the ongoing global recession,'...."


All these websites, analysts, commentators and nobody ever manages to find synchronicity with the coordinated rise of the GCC/Middle East speculative, privatizing bubble and the simultaneous, orchestrated bubble collapse of other economies, despite the fact the SAME names are in all places.

The Greatest Story INTENTIONALLY Not Told, Obscured, Ignored, as is Nazi Citigroup Obooma Alice in Wonderland Dictatorship's role.
Of course, not my blog.

So, naturally, the G7, G8, G20 openly discusses THEIR New, really, Old World Order.
It's the one above.
Not difficult to decipher or find:;_ylt=AkRzjJBfIFqp0BcI61RU0k.FOrgF

As part of this new/old world order, Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj UAE based empire and octupus and his/their interlocking directorates, shareholders, investors continuously expands.

Recall, alittle while back, Iran "suspended" gas deliveries to Dana Gas. As I asked, rhetorically, then, until when and for what reason?

My answer. Regime change and congruency in Iraq and Iran.

Well, the UAE anticipates Iran will be renewing their gas deliveries SOMETIME THIS YEAR. Both Maliki and Ahmadimoron will be gone soon. Allawi is returning in Iraq. Allawi is infinitely more well connected than Maliki. Maliki is connected ONLY with Iran. But, Allawi is connected with EVERYBODY ABOVE, as well:

EFG-Hermes in Egypt is also doing very well and Russia's Lukoil wants Iraq contracts.

Turkey's Fascist, abhorrent, psuedo-Islamic AKP, whose "passion is to sell state enterprises" anticipates $20 Billion more foreign, private capital investment this year:

Hedge funds galore return through the revolving Middle East speculative and privatizing back door bubble.

But, unlike passive, obliging, collaborative and cooperative United Suckers and Assholes Nazi Citigroup/Obooma Alice in Wonderland nation, more militant strikes, resistance, occupations and actions continue elsewhere, such as the latest from Greece again:

And, in Pakistan, with which Jafar/Abraaj/UAE is economically interconnected, the latest developments in their ongoing, courageous battles against privatization:

In United Suckers and Asshole country, the UAW just walked away from the bargaining table over health care funding for pensions. They should telephone Nazi Citigroup/Obooma who has dedicated a BUNDLE of taxpayer money to PRIVATE health care industries as part of his "stimulus" package.

So, let's see what happens to the United Suckers and Assholes Nazi Citigroup/Obooma Alice in Wonderland doormat nation in their latest upcoming, generally, non-confrontational confrontation. Think you will be surprised? I doubt it. Eminently predictable:

Friday, February 13, 2009


The following introductory sentence about Israel sums it up well for the entire world.
Reminder, Stanley Fischer of Citigroup is Governor of the Bank of Israel.
Link follows, MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...The new government's economic policy will be to ask Stanley Fischer what to do..."

Indeed. At this point, you should all be laughing and chuckling aloud. One great big joke. Nazi Citigroup is the kiss of death, barbaric horror, nightmares, devastation, destruction, torture, depravation, annihilation, greed, gluttony, WWII, modern plague and all those good, progressive, enlightened things in the world one can name.

If I were to link to the MANY articles, analysis, etc., debunking Nazi Citigroup Obooma's VOODOO ECONOMICS, I would have hundreds, thousands of links, running a gamut of sources.

So, I chose a few, randomly, to highlight my award for global stupidity to United Suckers and Assholes Nazi Citigroup/Obooma nation.

Here's one I especially like from abroad, again, which presents Nazi Citigroup/Obooma VOODOO ECONOMICS in the most basic, elemental, simple terms by virtue of the astronomical number it quotes:

"US Debt Limit Hiked to $12 TRILLION in Stimulus Bill..."


A trillion here, a trillion there, as the song goes, "let's call the whole thing off..."

What's a trillion more or less between friends?

The following folks in United Suckers and Assholes Alice in Wonderland Nazi Citigroup Dictatorship seem not to notice they have been gifted a "stimulus" bill, known as debt, inflation and pork, thanks to the Voodoo Economics of their Nazi Citigroup/Obooma Dictatorship.

As obediant suckers, slaves, doormats, they demand NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING. Instead, say they, "beat me some more," in the following:

"Oregon Public Workers Union Offers Concessions":

The above is illustrative.

Since they INVITE contempt heaped upon them, most certainly by their slavemasters, Nazi Citigroup/Obooma, there's no reason NOT to watch the United Suckers and Assholes get completely and totally screwed front and back by their Nazi Citigroup/Obooma Dictatorship.

What's that nice descriptive German term?


Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is my second, UNRELATED blog entry to the usual, general subject of political economy.
A BRIEF respite from the present day nightmare.

In a past entry from November 2008, I speculated about the validity of the "out-of-africa" hypothesis regarding human evolution, existence and its uneven development and distribution throughout the planet.
I did the November 2008 entry in blue typeface to distinguish it from other subject matter.
So, I will do this one, as well, in blue typeface.
I will link to my preceeding, November, 2008 blog entry at the end, in case anyone is interested.

In the following, I thought I would share with others what is another intriquing hypothesis by someone else with MANY more credentials and information than I regarding the Sphinx's riddle or revenge as to how ancient Egypt's pyramids were constructed.

Michel W. Barsoum's following hypothesis about Egyptian Pyramid construction seemed eminently plausible and elegantly simple to me.

So, first, the unofficial, generalized, public interest article, and, then, following, a link to Barsoum's blogspot, formal research, papers, presentations on the subject matter:

And, now Barsoum's official information:

And, here's my own, previous, blog entry questioning the plausibility of the Out-of-Africa hypothesis from November, 2008 to which I referred, above:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Some general strikes occuring throughout the globe.
Not a comprehensive list, but...

Question: Which nation is conspicuously absent?
Answer: United Suckers and Assholes Citigroup/Obooma Alice in Nazi Wonderland, of course.

Instead, Nazi Citigroup Obooma Dictatorship has gifted all taxpayers with approximately THREE TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT when all is said and done for which we are to be eternally grateful. Eternal is accurate:

And nary a word, strike or demonstration out of our "progressive opposition," our Fascist unions, especially SEIU, Andy Stern gang's Change to Win, major Obooma supporter and collaborator.

But, another country is missing, too.
A clone of the above.
Iran, also, I might add.
But, then again, here's the situation in Iran's liberated Iraq.

It is, after all, Iran's Iraq, the Kurdish Peshmerga thrown in for good measure:

Hardly a milieu, above, conducive to militant labor action or a general strike, I suppose.

Perhaps, they/we should bring the Andy Stern gang's SEIU, Change to Win, mafia led union, Obooma's major labor supporters, both to Iraq and Iran.
They would certainly fit together nicely, hand and glove.
As a matter of fact, it is an atmosphere the Andy Stern gangsters would just love.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Nazi Citigroup/Obooma as, by now, EVERYBODY knows, is a complete, total, unmitigated disaster that befell the United Suckers and Assholes nation, a manufactured, shallow, hollow, demagogic Frankenstein created monster, an Administration pulled hither, dither and yon without ANY deep INDEPENDENT comprehension, knowledge or understanding of what to do, trying to satisfy everybody and satisfying NOBODY, digging ALL deeper and deeper into an abysmal mess, morass, an abomination, a curse on the planet and the END of the USA.

Nazi Citigroup Obooma and his petty CIA, gangster, mob Administration is the USA coup de grace.

His/their "stimulus" package should be called the "debt and inflation," banana republic, pork and anarchy bill.

The ship of state is being steered by idiots, historical neophytes, morons, juveniles, adolescents, petty gangsters, criminals, the Chicago mob and, of course, Nazi Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, his/their main benefactors.
From one end of the spectrum to the other, there is general agreement about this. For example,
"Banks Rescue Will Make Things Worse":

Immediately upon Obooma's Bomb, Senate passage of his/their Nazi Citigroup/Morgan Stanley Debt, Inflation and Pork Bill, which squeaked by because 3 Republican Senators either were bought or threatened, and his/their Bank Bailout announcement, above, Treasury Bills had their best day yet, for the simple reason the US now becomes THE largest debtor on the planet and MUST sell more government T-Bills at inflationary rates.

The PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank simply prints money, LOANS it to the US Treasury which then SELLS it as debt on the open market with interest PAID mostly by United Suckers and Assholes working class taxpayers.
We are borrowing FROM OURSELVES and indebted to the same banks!!

And, even the following about free public transportation, although I do not agree it should be part of any DEBT package, is correct for other reasons and amply illustrates lack of ANY progressive or positive program whatsoever.
It is no different than debt incurred to the IMF by so-called Third World countries to finance inflationary and unnecessary "development projects."
In fact, it is precisely the same thing.
So, here, for example, regarding what SHOULD be free public transportation:

Obooma and Citigroup represent a complete, total Nazi DICTATORSHIP with NO legitimacy, as such, whatsoever.
Nor was Obooma's election legitimate.
As I have said, war must be delcared on him/them.
I am not alone in this position, as you can see.
The ONLY support Obooma has comes from Citigroup, JP Morgan, their immediate circle of financial benefactors and profiteers and the Fascist, gangster, criminal, dictatorial, anti-Communist enterprise called unions who support him.
They are ALL part of the problem, not the solution.
They ALL must go down.

Indeed, he/they may all go down SOONER than you think.
If you cannot follow ALL the information below regarding the Andy Stern gang's SEIU, Obooma's MAJOR labor supporter, in their battle with UHW-West, United Healthcare Workers West, read through to the comment section at the bottom of the following:

Monday, February 9, 2009


The following two articles below are simple, clear, to the point, which is why I chose them.
Unfortunately, the people at this website do NOT always get facts correct, but, when they do, they hit the nail on the head.
They also tend towards hyperbole, but, that's fine sometimes.
The banks receiving the bulk of taxpayers money is not quite endless.
They are/were the largest, their names well known by now.
Link following, EXCERPT:

"US headed for a thirty year depression because of wasted money by Bush, Obama – it’s a sinking Titanic in the first hour Jeff Cantor Feb. 8, 2009The wasteful spending in the name of bailing out banks, and increased Government spending will haunt America for the next thirty years. The Titanic is sinking and life saving boats are being wasted.
Every penny Federal
Reserve wasted in rescuing Citi, AIG…(an endless list) will have to be paid with full interest by the next several generations. Every penny Paulson and Bush distributed to their friends in Wall Street will have to be paid by the American taxpayers. Every penny that Obama will spend through the Government ‘Pork’ will have to be paid back also. It is the Titanic during first 45 minutes..."


And alittle more on a theme:

Then, for additional commentary on the absurdity unfolding in Nazi Citigroup/Obooma United Suckers and Assholes nation the following video.
The PERSON to whom you should pay most attention in the following program video is Rick Santelli, beginning around minute #3-4.
The video is not long, about 8 minutes, but, IF you wish you can begin at minute #3 approximately and listen/watch to the very end.
Rick Santelli is featured in the upper right hand corner of the screen, speaking from the trading floor at the NY Stock Exchange.
The bald headed fellow is the ringer, apologist in the bunch:

And, then, from Iceland:

Of course, THIS system of counterrevolutionary privatization AND capital concentration is THE one "they," above, are FOISTING upon everyone from the Middle East to the former Soviet Union, for which everybody fights and dies.

Since foreign and domestic finances are totally and completely intertwined, I thought I would add an extra note to today's otherwise banal and dismal domestic entry about:


Aside from Citigroup's Stanley Fischer, strategically placed as Governor of the Bank of Israel, and, then, the individuals and companies I have named previously surrounding the Gaza/Israel/Lebanon Gas wars and pipeline projects, Israel Opportunity Fund (see yesterday's blog entry just below), today, I will feature Israel's Nochi Dankner.
Here's an EXCERPT regarding Israel's Nochi Dankner, and, then, the link from which I took it, afterwards:

"...This person is connected to 83 board members in 13 different organizations across 13 different industries..."


After perusing the above link, which I hope you did, you might not have noticed it, but, an article exists about IDB Holdings, one of Dankner's numerous subsidiaries, and Credit Suisse. Here's an EXCERPT from that article. MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...Four months ago Dankner undertook a major investment when IDB's subsidiary Koor Industries Ltd. (TASE:KOR) acquired about 3 percent of Credit Suisse for $1.1 billion and became the Swiss bank's third largest shareholder.
That deal has raised the international profile of IDB and Nochi Dankner personally.
Dankner said that he conceived the idea of investing in a foreign bank when he read in a newspaper last year on a flight to Singapore that Abu Dhabi was investing $7.5 million in Citigroup. He said that he had drawn up a shortlist of 26 banks to invest in but had chosen Credit Suisse because of its financial strength..."


Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank,, are well represented in the GCC coordinating, privatizing, speculative bubble and money-go-round.

Further, Israel's Bank Hapoalim, of which Dankner is a Director, has a Turkish partner "close to the AKP," as quoted below. And the projected Turkish-TIP (Trans-Israel) pipeline expansion also involves Turkish PM Erdogan's son-in-law, Berat Albayrak and his Calik Group.

(From a previous blog entry: Erdogan's son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, was appointed CEO with Turkey's Calik Group and, in turn, Turkey's Calik Group was awarded sole contractor for the above pipeline project.)
"...Bank Hapoalim owns 35% of Bankpozitif, with the rest held by C Faktoring SA, whose owner, Halit Cingillioglu, is considered close to the AK Party, Turkey's current ruling party..."


And, to complete the financial circle, Dankner, above, happily and coincidentally, is PARTNERED in real estate with Tshuva, below, of Delek Group and Isramco's offshore Haifa, Israel gas consortium.
From a previous blog entry, February 2, 2009:

"...Yet all these paled in comparison with the fortunes of billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva, the majority shareholder in energy and property giant Delek Group, and the owner of, among numerous holdings, the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan..."
Heading on top,"Gas Discovery Tempers Israeli Recession Blues":

One big happy financial family!

And, last, but, not least, reminders from my two previous blogs, "Declare War on Citigroup/Obooma":


Sunday, February 8, 2009


Returning, momentarily, to events outside the domestic confines of the continental United Assholes and Suckers but very much intertwined, at the nub, the heart, the center, of current domestic events...continuing from previous postings.

Two sides of the Nazi US government coin exists.
Flip sides.

The domestic front handled, or, bungled, mishandled by Nazi Citigroup frontman Obooma, and, then, the foreign one, relegated to Fascist frontpersons Biden and Clinton.

Lots of NOISE and empty rhetoric about change emanating out of all sides of the one Nazi Citigroup government mouthpieces.

First, the US Congressional House Baltic Caucus remains alive, well and kicking.
And, here's a reminder of our putative, oxymoron named "peace" candidate, US Congressional Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich, CO-CHAIRMAN of the House Baltic Caucus, attending one of their/his latest events:

And, another group to which our nominal "peace candidate," above, Kucinich, and HIS/their Baltic Caucus, are intertwined, the vitriolic, pugnacious, chilling, "Victims of Communism" organization.
You ought to peruse both these websites

Couple the above about the Northeast Europe Baltic Caucus with the following, below, about Southeast Europe Ukraine through which the preponderance of Russia's gas pipelines flow and the bulk of Russia's European land mass is sandwiched.

If the above about the Baltics and the following, below, about Ukraine, taken together, is not an ominous presage, forecast, prognostication of more war and conflict waiting to happen, I do not know what is.

First, "US Embassy Representative: Obama Has Great Plans Concerning Ukraine":

And, then, "Moldavian expert: Verdict of UN court paves way for legal partition of Ukraine initiated by Romania":

Additionally, playing at a theatre near you, SOON, KIRKUK'S explosion, the next chapter of the Iran/Iraq, regional mopping up, regime change and congruency scenario necessary for regional integration and economic privatization about which I have been writing since last spring, ALL FINANCED with help of/by United Suckers and Assholes taxes, debt AND their hypocritical Fascist, blood soaked, pension fund investments:

There is so much more to say about endless, ongoing privatization developments throughout the Nazi GCC states, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, IMF, Israel, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, etc.

So, I chose the following, an especially good illustrative example of the cynical, intertwined hypocrisy of all involved, the
"Israel Opportunity Fund Chair Meets Gulf Investors."
First, an EXCERPT, link following.
MY emphasis below in BOLD face type:

"Israel Opportunity Fund chair meets Gulf investors
The Gulf sovereign funds had an aggregate $2 trillion in assets under management in mid-2008.
Shlomit Lan, Davos8 Feb 09 17:09
Sources inform ''Globes'' that Israel Opportunity Fund chairman Dan GIllerman met senior officials from Gulf sovereign funds at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He apparently wants to interest the officials in Israel as an alternative place for their investments.
The Gulf sovereign funds reportedly had an aggregate $2 trillion in assets under management on the eve of the global economic crisis. They reportedly invested more than $10 billion in US banks, including Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) and Merrill Lynch & Co. (NYSE: MER), as well as in Switzerland's UBS AG (NYSE: SWX: UBS)..."

I will conclude with the following: