Monday, February 23, 2009


The above heading, article following, sums up our present day globally ORCHESTRATED economic bubble AND its equally choreographed demise:

And, of course, by now you all should know who, WHICH, financial firms will benefit most and have been placed as the fox guarding the hen house in charge of evaluating and dispensing these assets.

Of course, the Nazi Citigroup/Obooma Dictatorship, Morgan Stanley, their associates and friends.

Yet MORE Citigroup taxpayer swindles defined as such not by me but by others in the following headline/story:


Along with Obooma's Nazi Citigroup Dictatorship ALL others from Russia to Iraq to Turkey to Iran to the Middle East, Pakistan, everywhere, all extensions of the above Nazi criminal reactionary, counterrevolutionary cartels.

For some LEGITIMATE labor response here, not fake ones, in Nazi Citigroup/Obooma's United Suckers and Assholes Alice in Wonderland Dictatorship, read some from the following, Soldiers of Solidarity:

And more from Iceland regarding our orchestrated, interlocking, global Nazi criminal financial conspiracies, bubbles and money laundering cartels:

As for Russia, in the following Helmer describes internecine divisions and battles within Russia's equally criminal narco money laundering oligarchical aluminum empire.
I have a message for Putin: Shit or get off the pot!
Either re-nationalize, or, forget Russia.
Russia will be be destroyed.
Nobody is going to defend these oligarchical Russian bastards and their empire.
And, our present day Nazis will go for the jugular.
I will add something about that last comment in a moment.
And, nobody is going to give a shit about what happens to Russia UNLESS Putin, the Communists and/or others RENATIONALIZE and stop their dalliance, collaboration and justification of Nazi regimes.
First, Helmer's piece about the aluminum battles:

Regarding my previous remark about Russia policy, consider the following two pieces.
First, an opinion piece reprinted on JBANC's website:

And, more in this regard:

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