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Let's begin, rather than end, today's entry with some inspirational, good news to set an upbeat tone.
First, some video highlights from Ireland's previous, massive demonstration with more coming in subsequent weeks:

And, of course, the RHETORICAL question, why not here, also??
Moving on to the bad news.

With all the recent military activities around Gaza/Israel/Egypt/Lebanon/Turkey/PA/BG/EMG gas wars, conflicts and pipeline projects and WHO gets what and how much, people should be aware there is/was a bill introduced in the US Congress in 2005 and passed in summer of 2007 called the US-Israel Energy Cooperation Act, which specifies the following:

And a conference was JUST held in Eilat, which is, of course, part of the Trans-Israel Pipeline project, encompassing discussions about the above US-Israel Energy Cooperation Act:

For background on Israel's Eilat-Ashkelon, TIP, project see my previous blog:

And, as readers may recall, part of the above process was/is Egypt's EMG which looked as if it/they had lost out in all these gas wars.
But, it/they, Egypt's EMG-Israel gas deal has arisen from the dead, once again.
I guess they follow the pattern of their Egyptian mummy forebears.
Thus, the following about EMG's possible/probable resuscitated mutually beneficial economic arrangement to supply Israeli gas:

And, then, more about Citigroup's Stanley Fischer, Governor, Bank of Israel, Dictatorship, an EXCERPT, link following.
MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...announcement published by Netanyahu's aides that he will offer Fischer the finance portfolio was unsophisticated spin meant to send the message that Fischer will be the most important man in the economy after Netanyahu..."

And, now, moving on to some other, further very disturbing news and the etiology and pathology of disease.
The following and then some comments:

The first question to ask is; Why is the US military in Iraq?
What brought them there?
Obviously, they are very incongruous and conspicuous.
Like a fish out of water.
Did the US government choose Iraq for purposes of inflicting intentional sadistic cruelty on a population?
And, is this why they continue to stay?
Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

This gets me to a medical or biological model/analogy of etiology and pathology.

In a medical and biological model what KILLS, maims, disables, disfigures, destroys, debilitates, hurts and pains the victim/host is actually the disease pathology, commonly known as secondary symptoms, which ALL are adaptive responses to systemic imbalances caused from biological stressors by underlying etiology, i.e, root causes.
Prior to current scientific understanding one could treat disease ONLY symptomatically.

And LOTS of erroneous theories existed about the causes of these pathologies, cures which also killed the patient, such as bloodletting, or, as I call it, bloodcurdling, for example.

Indeed, even IF/WHEN one understands the underlying biology, WITHOUT proper tools and medicines, such as antibiotics, for example, there STILL is/would be no way to treat disease other than ameliorating as best as possible its symptoms, for which all sorts of practices have been devised, including quarantine, etc.
Some remedies function better or worse than others.

But the relationship between victim/host and pathology, which kills, maims, destroys, is NEVER completely, fully eradicated, controlled, mitigated, fundamentally CHANGED and altered without understanding the disease's underlying etiology.
Infectious epidemic outbreaks and their eradication are other manifestations related to the above.

Likewise, our societal model and its root causes, the underlying etiology of the PATHOLOGICAL manifestations and adaptation to stressors, such as one shown above, is NOT addressed, eradicated, changed or altered, but, instead, endlessly discussed, dissected, analyzed, hypothesized, philosophized, rationalized or simply ignored and denied.
Endless palliatives are proffered to help ameliorate pathology, which do, indeed, as in the medical/biological model/system, above, kill, maim, destroy.
Denial is ANOTHER pathology of a dysfunctional, irrational, barbaric, atavistic political economy.

Remember, people ARE biological entities.
People are NOT disembodied brains, intellects and souls, despite philosophic theories to the contrary.
They respond systemically to stressors and imbalances.
And, for sure, war is a stressor.
Perhaps, stressor number one in human history.
War is hell, as someone else once said. All war.

Other facts on my blogs are ALL stressors.
Unemployment, economic dislocation, financial instability, hunger, homelessness, rape, military conflagration, war, torture...
All are related and pathological manifestations of the underlying etiology and root economic causes.
The underlying economic etiology and its corresponding pathology will continue UNTIL AND UNLESS something CHANGES FUNDAMENTALLY, once and forever.
To quote/paraphrase Clausewitz, "war is an extension of political economy."

And, a caveat for readers with more comprehensive knowledge of the medical/biological model above; this is obviously a thumbnail analogy.
If you wish to add further, go deeper, enhance it, please, feel free.
Do so in the comment section below and/or provide some further links and/or emails.
I can not write a treatise on the subject.
But, it certainly deserves one.

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