Monday, February 2, 2009


As you may recall, the Isramco consortium recently "discovered" gas offshore Haifa in a field referred to as Tamar.

One of Isramco partners is Delek Group, now privatized, named as a former company in the previous Israel-Iranian owned Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Company partnership, with competing lawsuits pending in Switzerland and elsewhere.

For reference to the above subject, see my previous blog entry from January 30, 2009:

Not surprisingly, "Isramco Shares Reach An All Time High":

Delek Group is NOT a minor player in all this.

In the following EXCERPT a percentage breakdown is given for who owns what and how much in the Isramco consortium's Israel Tamar offshore gas field.
I believe Avner, named below, is ALSO a Delek Group subsidiary or affiliate.
The direct link for this article following the excerpt, below:

"...The percent interests in the Drill rights are as follows:
Noble Energy Mediterranean
Isramco Negev 2, Limited Partnership
Delek Drilling, Limited Partnership
Avner Oil Exploration, Limited Partnership
Dor Gas Exploration, Limited Partnership

Delek Group is an INTERNATIONAL company with numerous subsidiaries, their Israel subsidiary being but one.

Here's an invaluable link to many more, numerous articles, sources and information available on the above and related subjects, including flow charts if you follow all the many leads below, including right hand side material, charts, etc:

And extracted from the above website, it appears Eygpt's EMG gas WILL continue to flow to Israel, after all. Here's a direct link from the above source, including a FLOW CHART on the right hand side regarding EMG connections:

However, I do like this one best from which I took the following EXCERPT because it is so blunt and direct, as opposed to the others. I will follow after the quote with its link:

"...Yet all these paled in comparison with the fortunes of billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva, the majority shareholder in energy and property giant Delek Group, and the owner of, among numerous holdings, the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan..." END OF EXCERPT FROM...

Heading on top,"Gas Discovery Tempers Israeli Recession Blues":

And, here's an additional roundup about Delek Group from wikipedia, with further links, altho the above website provides as much if not more information if one follows through the many secondary embedded links provided within:

And, another with a nice map:

So, finally, for United Suckers and Assholes especially here and also abroad, I repeat the following headline and article, the "WEF Emphasizes ME in Shaping Post-Crisis World":

And, ALL you are dying and helping to fund it/them!

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