Friday, February 6, 2009


And, just who is the illustrious "new" Fascist team of Obooma financial advisors announced today?
EXCERPT from link following.
MY emphasis in BOLD:

"... Paul Volcker, a former Federal Reserve chairman and a top Obama adviser, as the leader of the high-profile panel of advisers.
Members will include former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman William Donaldson, TIAA-CREF President-CEO Roger Ferguson and Harvard University professor Martin Feldstein, who wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece last year titled "John McCain Has a Tax Plan To Create Jobs."
Obama friend and campaign finance chairwoman Penny Pritzker also is on the board, as is Caterpillar Inc. Chairman-CEO Jim Owens and General Electric Co. CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt.
Two labor officials -- Anna Burger of Service Employees International Union and Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO -- also were named to the 15-member board designed to offer Obama advice as he seeks a way to weather the crisis and rebuild the economy..."

ALL listed above are part of the PROBLEM and the ENEMY HIT LIST.
This is why NOTHING happens in the US as compared to elsewhere on the globe.

Simultaneous with the above developments, a new indictment in Illinois Democratic Gov Blagoyevich's pending trial on corruption charges, part of Chicago's mafia "pay-to-play" scheme, as it is called, of which Obooma's national "stimulus" package is much the SAME but on a greater, larger, grandieose scale.
Consider Blagoyevich a sneak preview of coming events:

And the following economic forecaster, while NOT in any way a Marxist in analysis, answers, solutions, nonetheless, still states the truth better about Nazi Citigroup Obooma's forthcoming speculative debt, inflationary bond bubble, boom and bonanza and the unmitigated pending disaster and GIVEAWAY it represents than our Nazis, ABOVE, masquerading as a Left Opposition:,%5Egspc,QQQQ,SPY,DIA,TLT,UDN

In contrast to the utterly horrific, abysmal nightmare of the collaborative Nazi United Suckers and Assholes represented ABOVE, events unfolding elsewhere on the globe contain elements of real, organized, class Opposition.

For example, France and their CGT union:

Then, a BRIEF roundup including more from Greece and France from:

And, then, the following is reported about Iceland, but, I have another link below it regarding Icelandic response, "Iceland Central Bankers Snub PM Deadline," refusing to resign:

And, here is the voice of the Icelandic Resistance and Opposition to which I am referring:

Contrast and compare all the above to the response of the homegrown United Assholes and Suckers named above.

So, ALL the above included, but, not exclusive, in United Assholes and Suckers land, including industries like Hollywood and multi-million dollar TV stars, such as Oprah, who SUPPORT, EXCUSE, JUSTIFY, RATIONALIZE OBOOMA ARE NAZI COLLABORATORS, WHO MUST BE OPPOSED, ISOLATED, BOYCOTTED, EXPOSED as such for what they are.

As a closing footnote from the wide spectrum of Nazi governments and collaborators abroad, I thought I would link to the following two articles about Hamas and Iran.

First, regarding a Hamas Delegation crossing Egypt's border with a few million dollars cash stashed and hidden away. Nothing like a little "walking around money" which US elections workers receive for their "efforts," something about which Nazi Obooma and companions know ALOT:

And, then, a nice big smooch, hug, kisses between Hamas leader Khaleed Mashaal and Iran's Ahmadimoron:

I will not bother saying the obvious regarding the junk and garbage about Iraq and its so-called elections and government, or, my previous entries about regime change, congruency and mopping up, Nazi Maliki, Allawi, Muwaffaq Al-Rubaie, Iran,

Instead, I will just add a link about the latest on Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj overlocking and interlocking directorates and growing empire, which is, after all, what it is ALL about, anyway, related to the United Suckers and Assholes policies above and elsewhere as well.
Dana Gas plans drilling in the UK, Morroco, Norway and Egypt:

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