Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There is only one TV channel I try to watch in the morning.
The business channel.
Their perspective, viewpoint is straightforward.
No bones, if, ands or buts about it.
Dead bodies do NOT count. Nor much of anything else.
Just capital expansion, bottom line, profit, income, investment, returns.
Where the money goes and flows.
And, names.
So, for example, this morning I was mildly entertained and amused when they broadcast simultaneously back and forth from the Middle East, Jordan and Dubai, in particular, and Spain, to the US, replete with necessary camel and historic backdrops in Jordan.
And, an EMG-Hermes representative appeared.
But, to give you an idea of the CONTENT reported, I have a link below.
You can peruse their website further if you wish, of course.
THIS, as I have said repeatedly, is THE reason they are in Iraq, Iran and EVERYWHERE.
And, as I have said, dead bodies do NOT count in this endeavor, enterprise.
It functions like a steamroller.
Whomever and whatever stands in its/their way, simply is eliminated, flattened.
And, the rest of you better have YOUR eyes on the prize, namely, REVERSING, STOPPING, ROLLING BACK PRIVATIZATION.
Otherwise, you all are finished, with enough shovels, having dug your own graves :

And, in the Homeland of United Suckers and Assholes, here is a PARTIAL, not complete or comprehensive, list, rundown of those who HELP, AID AND ABET THE ABOVE PROJECT:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I took my post heading today, above, from an article about Middle East PRIVATIZATION, economic integration and its expansion to which I will link below.
THE people and article above/below understand fully the ULTIMATE purpose, objectives of their activities and goal.
Too bad for everyone else.
So, the first strategic shoe fell, Iraq's s-election process and, AS I FORECAST AND PREDICTED from Clinton's MECATAC, Mashhadani, crowd, Allawi was anointed winner and Iraq's new PM.
For PR, fig leaf, propaganda purposes, the international community now can declare illegitimate ANY attempts to undermine or overthrow Iraq's elected government and its official winner.
The next stage in the Middle East regime change and congruency scenario, as I have said all along, NAZI Iran so that Iraq's present Iranian oil minister, Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, disappears, along with all vestiges of their leverage and control in the region.
For some time now, an ONGOING, CONTINUOUS, DESTABILIZING CAMPAIGN IN AND SURROUNDING NAZI IRAN exists which intensifies, AS FORECAST by ALL concerned, predictably, with current events unfolding in Iraq.
US President, Secy of State, Hillary Clinton has been globe trotting during all this time, meeting with everyone and anyone she can find, making backroom bargains, deals, blackmail, extortion, pretzel contortions, etc. regarding cooperation on Iran sanctions.
By the way, it occurred to me that preventing refined gasoline from reaching Iran, aside from being a domestic commodity, ALSO is a military liability.
Thus, a full scale, destabilizing, covert and overt coup, regime change operation exists both inside and outside Iran, to which I have linked numerous times, replete with high level penetration, assassinations, etc.
So, when, for example, Mr. General Nebuchadnezzar discusses, below, what's to happen in Iraq, he fails to note THE ABOVE FACTORS IN ADDITION.
It is simply missing in most every one's analysis.
Everyone focuses on ONE OR THE OTHER, never adding all together.
As if Iraq were standing in splendid isolation.
It is TOTALLY impossible and inconceivable for the US and their allies to allow Iran's Revolutionary Guards to control the strategic, vital Arab Gulf waterways and its corresponding economic interests.
One cannot have, as I have stated repetitively AND the link below reaffirms, a "holistic" approach to Middle East economic integration and privatization and a free trade zone while SIMULTANEOUSLY a contentious, disputed situation and WARFARE exists smack in the geographic and economic middle of it all.
In addition, Turkey's military has MADE CLEAR they will NOT tolerate a divided Iraq and/or an independent Kurdistan. That means Kirkuk.
Turkey's military will INVADE. They will take action.
They have promised such.
Thus, as I have said in ALL my many previous posts, ALL FACTORS COMBINED TOGETHER make an explosion, an intractable conundrum.
NO DIPLOMATIC SOLUTION exists to the above.
Only a military one.
As a General and military man, Mr. Nebuchadnezzar, although spot on in many cases, should, however, understand the notion of military strategy, subterfuge and ruse.
One does NOT announce strategy, plans, intentions, to the world.
So, I cannot predict HOW and WHAT particular provocation or tactics PRECISELY will be utilized as a spark to eliminate, confront, defuse Iran's present Revolutionary Guard and their interests both in Iraq and Iran.
What appears evident to me, at least, is some sort of DESIGNATED provocation to coincide with an internal Iranian coup.
Iran's Revolutionary Guards are military pipsqueaks.
The ONLY leverage they have is Iraq, primarily, and their financed groups elsewhere in the Middle East.
Of course, this was already tested in Yemen.
As for an Israeli strike, it is possible, but, it would entail a coordinated internal and external military response and cascade of events.
Since IT is constantly being announced, I do not put too much emphasis on it. It is not reliable.
I am always reminded of the WWII Normandy D-Day invasion RUSE.
Everybody KNEW it was coming, but, a WELL orchestrated campaign of disinformation made it appear the place of invasion was somewhere other than the beaches at which it actually occurred.
That's why I do and can NOT second guess specifics of military strategy, targets and tactics.
As for timing, obviously, it must be relatively SOON, that is, within THIS YEAR and the upcoming months.
This cannot be dragged out much longer.
I pronounced Unser NAZI Fuhrer Obooma and Democrats DOA, Dead On Arrival, so, they can go down with the ship and be sacrificed, blamed, as necessary.
They and he are totally irrelevant, expendable and expedient.
So, first, here is Mr. General Nebuchadnezzar's blog, to which I referred above:

Then, the article about a Holistic Approach to the Middle East:

And, to re-emphasize MY and THE POINT of this entire Iraq, Middle East adventure, above/below, another article (amongst thousands) privatizing 240 State owned Iraqi firms.
THIS is THE/THEIR STATED, strategic purpose, goal.
Quite frankly, it is irrelevant to me whether or not they use Martians or manufactured NAZI created Aryan Iranians, former Persians, to achieve their STATED, STIPULATED purposes.
And, quite frankly, almost everyone, ALL who help, participate, collaborate, collude in denial and disinformation in this adventure, deception, from the dissolution of the former USSR to NAZI Iran's occupation of Iraq and so on SUCK.
You are ALL equally complicit and compromised:\2010-03-29\kurd.htm

Oh, yes, a domestic footnote to add to the obscenity above.
Guess who is/was JUST assigned to sell United Suckers and Assholes government Treasury, SO-CALLED ownership, investment shares of Citigroup, which YOUR taxpayer dollars bought?
If you did not IMMEDIATELY guess the correct answer to the preceding question you really are stupid morons and idiots, which you are, aside from doormats, also.
Who else??

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Reported below some significant Greek happenings and commentary.
But, I'm afraid, the commentary is alittle too simplistic.
He/she needs to place these ominous and truly threatening Greek developments into greater CONTEXT, for example, immediately next door in former, now, irredentist, Yugoslavia AND FOR WHOM, WHICH, GREEDY PRIVATE, CORPORATE financial, economic interests and masters they/it all serves, AS I EXPLAIN REPETITIVELY IN MY POSTS:

To backtrack alittle.
If you recall, in 2008, during our obscene NAZI sponsored US Presidential Obooma pre-selection campaign, I said Obooma Presidential rallies reminded me of some lousy, commercialized, cheap, crappy imitations of Hitler Youth rallies, Leni Riefenstahl, replete with divisive RACISM,
And, to emphasize THIS POINT, I used the following link regarding former Yugoslav Croatian rock star, Marko Perkovic, AND I STILL DO:

For that matter, I consider such concert extravaganzas like those featured below in Morocco part and parcel, an extension of the same phenomena, descendants of techniques developed first and foremost by Hitler and their international Fascist, NAZI counter-revolutionary, reactionary partners and alliances:

Of course, Obooma and the others were/are sponsored by those very same international NAZI corporations and PRIVATE interests synonymous with our Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan umbrella under whom local and international partners, interests, investors, Board members, Directors, profiteers and their subsidiary criminal cartels exist.

And, here, in particular, our institutional, organized labor leadership ALLIES itself with those same criminal, private NAZI interests and THE main reason why NO PRINCIPLED, ORGANIZED, UNIFIED, CLASS OPPOSITION exists.
They, themselves, have become THE major tactical obstacles, impediments, stumbling blocks, walls that inhibit, prevent, divide and utilize their vast institutional resources to advance the goals of Fascist/NAZI privatization both here and abroad.
They dig themselves and all of us deeper and deeper into an inextricable economic cul-de-sac, a dependent, Fascist economic black hole, a swirling, explosive, incendiary vortex of no return.

This is why I support ANY section of US labor which attempts to challenge, disengage, disgorge, distance and/or separate themselves from our current AFL-CIA and SEIU straight jacket and/or their reactionary policies, such as the following:

But, I have NO illusions.
The above represents a glimmer of HOPE.

A drop in the proverbial bucket in a vast sea of counter-revolutionary, reactionary, international, explosive global Fascism.

Our barbaric, insane, pathological NAZI, Fascist global genie has been let loose out of its self-contained historical bottle with the dissolution of the USSR.
Our Fascist led labor unions MORTGAGE themselves and our entire working class they purportedly represent with self-destructive, suicidal behaviour, class betrayal, collusion, collaboration and appeasement to private capital, their pension fund investments and continued financial support for their NAZI Democratic partners.
Already, COLLECTIVELY, on a global level, we have RETURNED to the past and its world of perpetual, internecine, imperialist economic and military warfare, rivalry, power struggles, conflict, contradiction, competition, spending, an ever increasing spiral of downward social dissolution and decay.
In theory, at this point, ANYTHING is possible.
In the insane irrationality and exquisitely tortured logic, necessities and exigencies of dysfunctional, primitive, private capital accumulation, limitless personal greed and acquisitiveness, profit and speculation, THEY will annihilate us all and/or become extinct in pursuit of their elusive and illusive goal, or, we will survive only to arrive back at the place from which we started after untold, UNNECESSARY human pain and suffering.

As for Middle East competition, privatization, explosions, see my previous posts on this subject.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


"Obviously...The weight effect."

Could not resist above/below commentary.

ALSO, see my previous entry from yesterday, just below...

Friday, March 26, 2010


Well, NAZI Wall Street connected Allawi declared Iraq's new/old PM.
NO surprise.
A PREDETERMINED outcome, event, IF you have been following my posts for awhile.
Next, the other shoe to fall.
Regime change in NAZI Iran, and, by extension, Iraq and Baghdad's Oil Minister, Shahristani, Sistani's son-in-law.
Sadr as well.
The whole NAZI Iranian Ahmadimoron Revolutionary Guard crowd, shebang to come toppling down.
On THAT note, other than I, the following pronounces POLICY, albeit, obliquely, indirectly:

And, then, a few more characters to introduce in this next and final chapter of PRIVATIZING the greater Middle East.
Like, the following:


And, a reminder of some further connections in this regard from my previous post:

Oh, yeah, almost forgot.

Another predetermined outcome.
The IMF and Greece.
Surprised anyone??

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today, I will juxtapose two different subjects, which, combined together, make ONE point, if you can see past your navel.
The second subject provides ME the necessary editorial commentary for the first one.
I could not do any better.
So, let me begin, first, on a somewhat lighter, humorous side.

Always a good place to start.
Below, is a very short, satirical video from a recognizable comedic face from the past, hopefully.
ALTHOUGH, a caveat.
I do NOT believe in, advocate or support a STATE Medical Single Payer solution since I believe it to be totally impractical, economically unfeasible, it flies in the face of state BUDGET cuts, income and revenue sources, AND, as such, it is another diversion, red herring, poor substitute and abdication to wholesale theft and grand larceny on a national scale.
Nonetheless, with that said, the satire is a good, funny one:

And, now, for theft of a different kind, but, really, as I said at the beginning, inextricably interwoven with the above, flip sides of the same coin, literally and figuratively, as I believe I have amply demonstrated and explained on ALL my many, previous posts.
In two parts with more coming:


Only one historical footnote to add to the above.
In 20th century history, NAZI artifact and culture looting was itself raised to an "art" form, a science, just as their systematic, methodical, industrial killing and murder machinery and technology.
This is common knowledge.
If you are not aware of this FACT, do your own research.

Monday, March 22, 2010


When the Berlin Wall fell and the USSR collapsed, it was an "HISTORIC MOMENT" said THEY who collaborated and celebrated their victory jubilantly. (*see footnote below*)
In reality, it was a CATASTROPHE and a FUNERAL!

Immediately thereafter, another HISTORIC MOMENT occurred.
Senior Bush #1, and his/their INTERNATIONAL coalition BOMBED, attacked and invaded Iraq.
A liberation.
In reality, it was a CATASTROPHE and a FUNERAL!

When the US and NATO BOMBED Yugoslavia, the first time a European country was bombed since WWII and AFTER the fall of the USSR, it was another HISTORIC MOMENT.
Some celebrated "Freedom, democracy."
Others knew it as a CATASTROPHE and a FUNERAL.

Unser Fuhrer Obooma's s-election, campaign and inauguration was celebrated as an "HISTORIC MOMENT" by the SAME people as those above.
In reality, a CATASTROPHE and a FUNERAL.

And, now, we have another HISTORIC MOMENT in the displaced Eurasian NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Oboomanation Alice-in-Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly Homeland Dictatorship.
I was treated to a spectacle of NAZIS ON PARADE on TV for the entire weekend!!
Medical, health care STOCKS are jubilant with their new found liberation and freedom!
They celebrate it by going UP, UP and AWAY!
Euphoria! Eureka!
Another bonanza, taxpayer subsidy and gift for THEM, like their corporate financial and energy friends above and Obooma's masters.

But, you may have noticed I missed another chronological "HISTORIC MOMENT" after the collapse of the USSR and the fall of the Berlin Wall.
So, let's backtrack slightly.
While our domestic NAZIS were ON PARADE on TV over this weekend in our obscene, collaborative Homeland Dictatorship, SIMULTANEOUSLY, the following developments occurring concurrently in that other place recently liberated.
Liberated, that is, as in ALL the above:

But, as in the above Iraq liberation case, do not celebrate yet.
Our obscene HISTORIC medical care and private corporate subsidy legislation may still go down in flames, where it belongs.
Congressional Republican opposition on technicalities continues and promised legal, Supreme Court challenges.
It is a monstrosity and SHOULD go down.
Since we have NO principled class opposition here, then, let it be at the hands of partisan politics, posturing, the courts and/or the legal system.
Medicare for ALL!
And, only one solution exists for everybody else as well.
And, I'm afraid the road to that solution here and abroad will come only over the dead bodies, corpses and defunct organization of our NAZI labor leadership and their collaborative institutional policies.

**As a further footnote on the followup, repercussions and consequences of USSR liberation and dissolution, as usual, go to:

Sunday, March 21, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I did a post regarding an UPCOMING, April, 2010, investment ForumdeParis at the Paris Stock Exchange.
I will link to that post, again, below.
But, I thought I would provide a few background links first to what has been labeled a NEW "Union for the Mediterranean."
And, of course, its inherent conflicts.
Much more French information is available on the internet, but, I stuck with English.
One of the reasons I mention it now, again, is the possibility being floated about establishment of a NEW INVESTMENT BANK dedicated to facilitating THE PURPOSE OF THIS UNION.
The significant names to remember in regard to the potential new bank are Henri Guaino, a member of Sarkozy's "team," and, Charles Milhaud.
I have a link for Charles Milhaud below.
You can search for Henri Guaino yourself.
So, I thought I would introduce the subject matter with an amusing twist from 2008 for those who prefer their information with Biblical, theological or astrological spin, I suppose.
Their basic, fundamental analysis is correct, minus the gratuitous theological deux ex machina:

And, then, a few more sketchy, thumbnail details from some non-Biblical and unsanctimonious real politik sources:

And, a link regarding the decidedly non-Biblical Charles Milhaud:

Lastly, my previous irreligious post:

And, my first, earlier entry for today...


The above/below reported on various news and web sites, blogs, commercial media, etc.
I chose a link RANDOMLY.
The source is not important.
An AFL-CIO (A) representative spoke today on NAZI Murdoch's Fox News TV channel, which should come as NO surprise to anyone since BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER!
Some ideological morons, numskulls, idiots and paid defenders OUT THERE MIGHT argue,
"What's the big deal? Just one issue."
IF you have been following my posts for some time, you will know this represents A PATTERN OF OPERATION AND WHY OUR NAZI affiliated AFL-CIA, SEIU umbrella led national labor organization HAVE NAILED SHUT THE HISTORICAL COFFIN and DOOMED themselves, us, the planet, at minimum, United Suckers and Assholes in particular, to historical oblivion in a never ending downward spiral and abyss.
The health care industry represents approximately one sixth of our nation's economy.
Domestic capitulation and CLASS collaboration on the part of the AFL-CIO(A) and their twin sister, SEIU, is total and complete ALONG WITH ALL it implies abroad.
It is NOT a schizophrenic pattern of operation, behaviour.
Once again, as in every single OPPORTUNITY that presents itself to LEAD and advance OVERALL class issues in social, global PROGRESS in a united front they took NO principled support for SINGLE PAYER and dissolution of our private medical insurance corporations, into which they invest THEIR UNION PENSION FUNDS AND EXPAND ABROAD.
Instead, they ACTIVELY use their millions of dollars of institutional RESOURCES AND COMPULSORY WORKERS DUES to abdicate, collaborate, appease and subvert ANY chance for organized opposition TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY.
If THEY AND THEIR POLICIES are NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE, disavowed, disowned, confronted and disassociated by their own rank and file with the support and help of OTHERS, then, they have committed suicide and shot themselves, us and everyone else in the foot and will take DOWN the world in the inexorable exigences of an insanely driven, irrational, barbaric, primitive, self-destructive economic system:

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Who woulda thunk it BELOW??
By the way, Banco Santander, Spain's major bank, about whom I do not write, generally, is another financial institution with murky Fascist/drug/criminal background, connections and pedigree, should one care to research HOW Spain's Santander rose to become one of the world's largest banks:

"...Mexico hired Bank of America Corp., HSBC Holdings Plc, ING Groep NV and Citigroup Inc.’s Banamex unit to manage a sale of 30-year inflation-linked peso bonds in the local market...
...Santander, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Grupo Financiero BBVA Bancomer -- which are listed as co-managers in the inflation- linked sale -- arranged the 10-year debt offering in February along with Bank of America..."


While on the Mexican subject, from November 2009 I highlighted a STRATEGIC, militant, labor struggle OPPOSING privatization of Mexico's state electric utility.
Once again, our NAZI US AFL-CIA, SEIU umbrella led labor organization were MIA, MISSING IN ACTION, solidarity and their support.

For that ongoing betrayal, first, a current report below about Mexican labor which mentions, obliquely, the fact it is TOO LATE NOW.
Mexico's privatization genie facilitated out of the bottle BY ALL ABOVE CONCERNED.
Afterwards, they cry over spilled milk.
The second link is the IMPORTANT November 2009 background information on Mexico's electrical labor battle.
So first link:

Next, the EXCELLENT ALL IMPORTANT NOVEMBER, 2009 background report.
NOT generated from here, but, somewhere else, of course.
ALWAYS somewhere else:

HERE, following suit above, still, yet, NOT ONE word of labor support, recognition, solidarity, acknowledgment to/with Greek anti-Fascist/NAZI labor opposition, struggles and partisans while the following just occurred in Greece, apparently:

Instead, our bogus NAZI collaborative, CIA and State Department manufactured Left and Labor opposition continues doing what they do best, organizing useless, impotent, meaningless demonstrations.
Sound and fury signifying nothing.
Theatre. Posturing. Diversion. Entertainment.
Like most everything else here.

While on a Greek roll today an interesting report below from Turkey about Greek bank investment, actually, from Bloomberg investment news.
Nothing unusual about this, except names with which I am unfamiliar.

The name of the global game is international market penetration, share, monopoly and expansion.
I do not know these particular Greek banks, but, I am quite sure IF I were to carefully study them, I would find their alliances and allegiances with other major players, such as the usual suspects, above.
There MUST be some concrete assets for them to own, buy, purchase, invest, underlying collateral to generate profit on their revolving door, recycled, inflated, speculative bubble and shell games.
Thanks to our NAZI led Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan/collaborative AFL-CIA/SEIU ORCHESTRATED, CONTINUED, CONTRIVED SOCIALIZED DEBT STATE and BANKRUPTCY OBOOMANATION, you/we/one can expect ALL ASSETS and SERVICES TO BE SOLD AND PRIVATIZED, from health, schools, post office, roads, water, transportation, municipal services, industry, natural resources, the air we breath, people, etc.
Everything already is mostly all privatized here, anyway.
A few QUASI/SEMI public services still remain, such as SOME of those above, tattered remnants of Roosevelt's 1930s New Deal Administration. Prime example and casus belli, our Senior Social (In)Security national system, pauperized, raided, threatened, eroded, under attack, pejoratively labelled "entitlements," as if our private corporations were NOT subsidized and entitled!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The following report about Allawi as Iraq PM is/was a FOREGONE conclusion, one I have been forecasting since my October, 2009 Hillary Clinton, Mashhadani, MECATAC entry, (footnoted below), and, well before if you have been following my blog for some time now in terms of Iraq/Iran regime change and congruency.
Likewise, more recent posts I did about the formation of EFG-Hermes and Morgan Stanley Syrian banking and investment funds.
The report below utilizes customary spin, doublespeak, of course.
Next, the other shoe to fall, NAZI Iran Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, Baghdad Oil Minister, as well as Ahmadimoron:

So, now, what will everyone say?
As, a reminder on this subject:

And, then, to add alittle more side humor to the above tragi-comedy, the latest note on our domestic issue regarding our Lady of Perpetual Single Payer medical health care insurance battle.

The reason I laughed aloud about the following report regarding Ohio Democratic Congressional State Representative Dennis Kucinich sudden turn about, as should everyone else if they had any gray matter remaining upstairs, is, that, Kucinich constantly is touted as our Great Progressive, our Great White Hope.

Completely, totally, ignored, missing, is the FACT Kucinich was a co-chair, co-founder of the virulent, anti-Communist Congressional JBANC (Joint Baltic American National Committee) AND Victims of Communism museum and memorial in Washington.
Everybody suffers convenient and collective amnesia about the above regarding Kucinich.
So, why is anyone surprised about the report below?
I NEVER took or take Kucinich seriously.
Totally EXPECTED, anticipated behaviour, like the above regarding Allawi,
Everything else is/was posturing, grandstanding, bravado, theater for PR political purposes:

And, as promised above, a reference footnote.
My October 2009 entry about MECATAC,

So, suckers and assholes around the globe:
Suck on it!
Stew in it!
Chew the shit above for breakfast, lunch and dinner like a cow!
Digest it over and over and over.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It is the gift that keeps on giving.
I mean, of course, Iceland's Icesave, Kaupthing raid, bankruptcy, debt scandal.
This time, however, reversed raiding from previous epochs took place.
I guess turn about, or, revenge, is fair play even if it comes 1,200 or 1,000 years late.
The current raiders are ALOT more sophisticated, slick, debonair, congenial, affable, polished in their plunder techniques as compared to their barbaric Norse forebears and kissing cousins, or, relatives, whose direct, brutal, terrifying and blunt methods are the stuff of novel and legend.
The net results are the same, however.
Just different tactics:

The short and sweet message of this modern day Norse saga is a simple one.

Either EVERYONE takes back, saves and/or expands what was once NATIONALIZED, SOCIALIZED natural resources, industry, social services or you become modern day slaves of debauched, private raiders, venture capital, profit and speculation.

No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
This proposition is NOT difficult to comprehend.
It is a very easy, simple one.
There is enormous human sacrifice involved.
Once lost, it is beyond catastrophe and disaster.
It is a human, global tragedy of biblical, unmitigated proportions.

So, I say to Turkey's military Generals AND Turkey's PRINCIPLED opposition below:
Act IMMEDIATELY to SAVE what is YOURS BEFORE it is too late:

Likewise, in the GREATER Middle East where more and more obscenity, RAPE of ALL kind, insult added to injury, piled up upon one another, in NAZI occupied Iraq:

Then, the LATEST from another volcanic hotspot, GREECE.
A deafening silence, as in ALL ABOVE cases as well:

Likewise, a deafening, sickening silence regarding the penultimate betrayal of the former USSR into the hands of NAZI profiteers.
For that despicable historical episode, one need, de minimis, to follow John Helmer's website and reporting:

Sunday, March 14, 2010


German captions.
Loose English translations.
For much more, see below.

[ Die Räuber, 1922] caption:
" I will exterminate everything around me that restricts me from being master"



As you may recall, in previous posts, I reported Moroccan troops were/are being used by US and its allies to fight in Yemen, reminiscent of Moroccan troop export and use in Spain by former Franco in the Spanish Civil War.

So, below, a Paris, Maghreb, Moroccan event not to be missed by the elite, of course.
NOT you and I.
By invitation only, I assume.
I was never invited to the former swanky Waldorf- Astoria event in NYC, either, to celebrate the happy conjugal marriage of Akbank and Citigroup. Snubbed. Still waiting.
I extracted this brief descriptive introductory paragraph from another website:


And, here's the info directly from the Paris Forum website.
It is in French, below, extremely simple, but, English also available:

And a previous event from November, 2008, which sets the stage for the upcoming April, 2010 Paris circus extraordinaire.
Apparently, Institute Amadeus, below, is a Moroccan "think tank" established in 2005 or 2008?:

About Amadeus Institute:


As for Iraq's sham and shameful s-elections, prevarications ongoing as US Secretary of State, really, President, Hillary Clinton, globe trots to secure SANCTIONS, building a cordon sanitaire to surround NAZI Iran's present Mullah government to help bring them down, thus, effecting congruent regime "change you can believe" BOTH in Iran and Iraq as I previously forecast, predicted.

Interestingly, reports, if true, exist that Iraq's present NAZI Iranian PM Maliki was shot, an assassination attempt.
That is certainly ONE amongst other ways to effect regime change.

And, Royal Dutch Shell, AFTER Dutch government collapse, reversed their previous policies, HALTING sales to Iran.
Do not cry for Royal Dutch Shell.
They have a nice consolation prize.
Royal Dutch Shell has a major GAS contract pending with Hamid Jafar's brother, Dhiya Jafar and his/their bailiwick as Director of Iraq's Southern Oil Company.

The Middle East JAFAR name truly is an awe inspiring and aspiring "all in the family" joint venture enterprise, a sprawling, burgeoning octopus, empire, like Rockefeller before him/them.

I have had VOLUMINOUS posts previously on UAE based Hamid Jafar's companies since inception, Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, Abraaj, these people and their internecine, multiple inter-connectedness.
Nonetheless, below is but one more snapshot for the uninitiated. Definitely, however, it is NOT exhaustive, comprehensive, complete, thorough.
It merely touches the obscene, traitorous Jafar surface.

If people get angry over the brutal, barbaric tactics of NAZI occupied Iraq Iranian henchmen, thugs, Brown shirts, Gestapo, torturers-in-chief, remember, the people below/above, are those MOST responsible for helping to BRING DOWN IRAQ.
They PROFIT MOST and BETRAY everyone, except themselves, of course, for their own lucrative gain.

They pull the puppet strings and for WHOM the DISPENSIBLE, DISPOSABLE NAZI thugs, Brown shirts, morons and idiots here, there and ABOVE serve, whether or not they know it:

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Forbes published its new list of global billionaires.
Just about every country represented on it.
ALL you suckers, assholes, morons, idiots READING THIS SUBSIDIZE, WORK AND DIE FOR these bastards, their EXPANSION and THEIR system of theft, exploitation, greed, rape, robbery, pillage, extortion, larceny on a GRAND, humongous, global scale.
Of course, this list is somewhat skewed as to HOW wealth is calculated and accumulated.
People and families like the Rockefeller dynasty, for example, do not rank at the very top, but, they/he/their family is inordinately powerful, represented in overlapping Board rooms and just about everywhere on the globe, domestically, from Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Exxon, very much to Saudi Arabia and the greater Middle East and so on.
They have their sticky financial fingers in just about every pie.
Furthermore, people like Bill Gates, for example, amassed his wealth due to an association with NAZI IBM.

Both the internet and software, developed initially with PUBLIC FUNDS, subsequently became PRIVATELY appropriated and commercialized.
And, of course, people like Mexico's Carlos Slim are attached to Citigroup and drug money laundering, as well as almost ALL others, including the Russian mafia oligarchy.

And, then, people like parasite Soros who speculate on national currencies also commodified, traded, bankrupted and indebted.
They represent only the top tier, so to speak.
Then, are the secondary and tertiary ones just below them and those who work for and serve their masters and reap the crumbs and benefits that fall off their master's table AND IDENTIFY WITH THEM:

For a brief reminder about BOTH Mexican Carlos Slim and others named above, a previous post:

Friday, March 12, 2010


It is extremely rare for me to highlight and subject others to some of the SPECIFIC domestic banalities of evil and degradation that passes for politics and culture in the homeland of United Suckers and Assholes NAZI occupied Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship.
But, this one time, I thought I would feature something that occurred, still unfolding, this past Tuesday night, March 9, on our electronic media.
Anyone who lives here does not need the following information.

But, for everyone else, IN A NUTSHELL, the interview following occurred on Fox TV with Democratic NY Congressman Eric Massa, who resigned.
Massa's OUTSPOKENNESS caused a controversy and scandal.
EVERYONE, I ASSUME, whether or not they live here, has some idea whom and what Rupert Murdoch's Fox TV station represents.
I do NOT need to explain that fact, I hope.
The interview below is being spun by EVERYONE.
And, I do mean everyone.
It is important to realize the following interview was broadcast live in prime time.

Since it happened in real time, NOT taped, it was NOT edited and sanitized.
Thus, it caught Glen Beck, Fox interviewer, OFF GUARD.
Beck's job is to SPIN, which he did as best he could.
I recommend you NOT focus on Beck.
Beck is NOT the point of my post.
Actually, it is amusing to me to watch HOW Beck, a Fox ideologue, squirms and attempts to control, alter, spin the message IN REAL TIME when he realizes what is being said is NOT the message they/he wanted or expected to hear.
It was out of their/his control.
Normally, ALL MEDIA here, print, electronic, is a choreographed, orchestrated dance.
So, this is why the spontaneity that occurred is so rare.
For that reason, when I heard it was to happen, I WATCHED IT MYSELF in real time.
The important person on whom to focus is MASSA and what HE says about the realities of politics here and SINGLE PAYER health care.
Basically, all Massa did was let the cat out of the bag to say the Emperor Has No Clothes.
Nothing beyond that.
Nothing sensational.
But, when one lives in a NAZI political house built upon carefully constructed Big and Little Lies, deception, self-deception, a Wizard of Oz world, one crack, one hole threatens, as THEY see it, to bring the entire edifice crumbling down around them.
Thus, EVERYONE, all Democratic political hacks, ideologues, apologists, culture warriors, etc., have come out of the woodwork and FOCUSED on the sexual aspect and titillation of Massa's story but NOT the other parts.
This is where and how SPIN and DAMAGE CONTROL comes in, takes over and covers the exposed crack, leaking hole, in the fictional political edifice.
It even has gone as far as a popular comedy, satirical program, like Jon Stewart's Daily Show, for example.
I do NOT watch these programs, but, I am aware of it since I did some searches on the internet.
Stewart, by the way, was an AVID supporter of Obooma.
He makes me sick.
They ALL are putrid, rancid, parochial, provincial, hypocritical sanctimonious apologists and scumbags.
They do not even know how dumb they are.
They believe they are smart and pat themselves on the back for being so clever.
Anyway, I am posting the interview following because I thought it nicely ILLUSTRATES the realities of domestic politics and banality here.
The interview is posted on youtube in 6 parts.
The first part is just below and the second part follows.
From the second link just below the first one, you can follow along the numbered segments on the right hand sidebar on youtube to part 6 and the end.
YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELVES, rather than the spin meisters telling you what to think:


Then, PART TWO, with additional segments listed on the right-hand sidebar:

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Abundant reports and photos emanating from today's Greek General Strike available on the many websites/blogs I listed previously.

I chose out of all the photos available ONLY this one below because it represents to me a VERY IMPORTANT POLITICAL statement regarding class solidarity.
It is from Athens Indymedia website, which has much more, along with:


Below today's photo, in contrast, I juxtaposed a REPRINT from a September, 2008 post I did which is JUST as true, and, more so now, as then, prior to our predetermined, NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Presidential Fuhrer, Hitler Youth Rallies and s-election in November, 2008:
από απο 5:47μμ, Πέμπτη 11 Μαρτίου 2010

A recap from my September 28, 2008 post:

A SHORT, by no means comprehensive, list of what we will NOT get from ANY of the twin Fascist Parties:

NO universal, single payer health care, whatsoever.

NO expansion, nationalization and public ownership of ANY of our worthwhile productive assets, heavy industries and natural resources.
NO guaranteed, expanded, universal, free, comprehensive lower and higher education program.

NO small tax, (.0001, that's 4 digits after the decimal point, for example), on every single financial transaction of private stocks and shares sold and bought on any and all stock markets throughout the US. (This, alone, would generate ENORMOUS monies based on volume traded every day).
NO guarantee of a full employment economy, based on all of the above and a reduced work week plus early, voluntary retirement.
NO guaranteed annual income.
NO guarantee of our limited, Social (in)Security quasi-retirement insurance system, it's expansion and monetarization
beyond it's present pauper status, and, correspondingly,
NO diminution or end to our Fascist union/labor policies to recycle and invest their workers pension monies into private, multinational, profit making, corporations.
NO nationalization of ALL industries related to defense and certainly, in conjunction,
NO decrease in our privatized, highly, lucrative, profitable Defense Industry, completely, 100% financed by working class taxpayer monies.

NO comparable decrease, withdrawal of global, military bases and expenditures throughout the globe, whose sole purpose is to expand and defend private capital, such as Morgan Stanley, Citigroup,
NO elimination of all personal income tax for individuals, couples, families, with combined incomes less than $50,000 and a GRADUATED, FLAT tax rate on combined income over $50,000. NO deductions, NO itemization.
NO nationalization of our money supply and elimination of our
PRIVATIZED, Federal Reserve system.
NO increase in the minimum wage to a decent living standard.
NO permanent elimination and prohibition of the many and numerously flavored, speculative, manipulative, abstract, exotic financial tools, such as short selling, derivatives, hedge funds, etc., which is one of the main reasons for our present liquidity crisis. As a matter of fact, they will be expanded throughout the globe and particularly the Middle East.
NO offshore funds, corporations, ownership and tax havens.

I repeat, the above is just for starters.
Whenever and wherever you see "NO," above, substitute the reverse policy and
you will have a good idea of what we presently have and will continue to get.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


First of all, Iraq.
It matters not who "wins" NAZI OCCUPIED Iraq's bullshit, contrived s-election process and "democratic" window dressing sideshow.
Allawi is the US predetermined, preferred Iraq PM candidate and Maliki, Shahristani are out.
They WILL FIGHT over this, no matter what the outcome of their bogus, contested Quisling election.
The above represents an intractable, imperialist conundrum I have been following all along which THEY, themselves, created in the first place, and, as such, it will ESCALATE like all other class and imperialist contradictions.
So, bombs ahoy!

By extension, NAZI created Aryan Iran's simultaneous CEASELESS internal covert battle to unseat their present Mullah regime and Ahmadimoron and his Revolutionary Guards will escalate to insure the ABOVE happens.
The diplomatic shuffle towards these ends continues unabated.
ONE out of MANY such examples.
Global maneuvering is too extensive for me to itemize:

Iran Sanctions:

Back in Greece, more developments AND some discussion towards the end/bottom about circumventing corrupt, collaborative trade union leadership.
More to say about this very CRUCIAL matter after this link
(with further GREEK updates at this same website):

And now for a more extensive analysis of Greek COLLABORATIVE Labor Union leadership:

This is a HUGE subject and corrupt labor leadership CAN NEITHER be ignored, circumvented and/or dismissed.
At the heart, it is the central CORE of the OBSTACLES, problem.
They/it MUST BE CHALLENGED, CONFRONTED, exposed, displaced, replaced, overthrown, abandoned, abolished and/or new unions and leadership established.
The existential ROOT political/economic CONTRADICTION, HERE, in United Suckers and Assholes Alice in Wonderland NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship lay in organized labor's CONTINUED INVESTMENT into and support of the NAZI Democratic Party AND their institutional labor pension fund investments into those same PRIVATE CORPORATIONS whom they supposedly oppose!!
CONTROL over institutional allocation of monies, resources, manpower, labor and policies is CRUCIAL!!
Which is why labor unions here have been systematically purged of PRINCIPLED political opposition in a leadership position and thus is labor "controlled."
Correspondingly, on an international level, "they," that is, our 1947 NSA, (National Security Act), our official NAZI anti-Communist institutionalized State organs, subsequently created the anti-Communist ILO, International Labor Organization, to counteract the WFTU, the Communist dominated World Federation of Trade Unions, and NOW a newly minted international labor union, ITUC, (Int'l Trade Union Confederation) about which I formerly wrote regarding Turkish intervention.

AND Iraq's former umbrella labor organization and WFTU affiliate was dismantled, now attached instead to the ILO, as well, our BOGUS, covert CIA labor front operation, US Labor Against War.
Previously at their disposal was our covert, CIA, labor lackeys, Solidarity, in Poland, to help dismantle the USSR.

For my previous post about ITUC formation and role, see the following:

The above explains why NOT ONE WORD of recognition, support, and/or solidarity exists STILL, YET, HERE for Partisan Greek labor from our official NAZI labor leadership, their mouthpieces, organs, State and CIA front organizations, manufactured Left and Opposition, NAZI AFL-CIA and SEIU labor collaborators.
Instead, the above labor whores, pimps, prostitutes ALL STILL ACTIVELY subvert a UNITED FRONT FOR NATIONAL SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE, not to mention support for TAXPAYER subsidies, bailouts and bogus stimulus packages to those same PRIVATE corporations who bankrupt and indebted US ALL to THEM!
As well, denial and collaboration about Iraq, Iran, the greater Middle East and privatization EVERYWHERE on the globe.
Instead, our criminal labor thugs march around in organized, staged PR events protesting this or that, patting themselves on the back, while ALL the hypocritical ENABLING POLICIES ABOVE REMAIN INTACT and NOBODY CHALLENGES them about/on it, except, of course, for people like those below at NUHW who are ATTEMPTING to break the chains, the straight jacket, that bind and mold them and us all:

Finally, I could not resist posting the following about Morgan Stanley and Syrian Banking.
It follows my previous link about EFG-Hermes and a Syrian Investment Fund.
I really Laughed Out Loud, chuckled, gasped when I read it.
This is a prime example of "democracy expanding":

In case you cannot recall EFG-Hermes Syria private investment fund, here is a link, once again:

To ALL my greater Middle East friends, including Israel, buy, better yet, steal, some bubbly champagne, have a party and toast your growing, new found freedom and liberation IN THE FOLLOWING WAY:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I thought I would take a momentary detour, side trip, today, to highlight, update some recent NAZI Zionist PRIVATIZATION developments continuing from previous entries.

In April, 2009 I did a post regarding a conflict at Israel's Bank Hapoalim between Citigroup Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer versus Danny Dankner.
So, here's the latest on that.
The winner, of course, FISCHER:

And, here is the post to which I refer above as a refresher:

Meanwhile, in Israel's Egypt/Gaza/Lebanon/Palestine Authority gas wars, another winner.

By the way, I hope everyone notices it was NOT until privatization that anybody developed and fought over offshore gas in Israel which everybody previously KNEW existed:

Now, for alittle reminder, refresher about Nimrodi, a previous post I did from 2005. Actually, it is a reprint from a 1994 article:

Finally, in accordance with the above, I thought I would add just one more article about Israel's ongoing port privatization, which, of course, is integral to the above economic development:

And, the beat goes on..and on...and on...yadda, Iraq, Iran, the greater Middle East, etc.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


The following FACTS from the Middle East speak PLAINLY enough for themselves in conjunction with Greek events.

"Egypt Plans To Sell Up To US$1.5 Billion Eurobonds, Says Finance Minister
Excerpt below. MY emphasis in BOLD. Link follows:

"...The ministry hired Morgan Stanley and HSBC Holding Plc to lead the bond sale, according to two people with direct knowledge of the deal who spoke to Bloomberg on condition of anonymity because the details haven’t been made public..."



And, then:

"Abraaj Capital, PIF [Palestine Investment Fund] Launch US$50 Million Private Equity Fund for Palestine SMEs


In case you have short memories and cannot remember one day to the next and certainly not past events from WWII, a few refreshers from some recent previous posts I did regarding all above and below:




I continuously predicted, forecast, a predetermined, prearranged, preordained Iraq s-election process, like here, with Allawi replacing Maliki as Iraq PM, a Morgan Stanley/Exxon/Citigroup/Deutsche Bank/Hamid Jafar/Abraaj/Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/EFG-Hermes circular NAZI Dictatorship and more imperialist infighting and war.

So, what will the numskulls and morons EVERYWHERE else say, do next?
ALL those stupid, ignorant, fucking assholes, suckers, slaves, supine doormats, collaborators, appeasers!!
Especially those who pontificate most about theory WITHOUT FACT and whose job it is to deny, obfuscate both fact and reality.

Some concluding remarks:


Saturday, March 6, 2010


I rounded up for future reference and brevity the eclectic sources and/or articles I posted previously about Greek events since they are constantly unfolding, changing and updated on the websites/blogs below.
See my earlier posts.

Be aware, there is a certain amount of duplication and cross reference. Also, the Comment Section SOMETIMES offers good insight and further links.
These are all NON-commercial links I have discovered in ENGLISH.

The rest, so to speak, "is Greek to me," unless it is a standard, commercial English language publication.

The first link, garizo.blogspot, has current photos of MANOLIS GLEZOS AND A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY of GLEZOS which I did not find anywhere else underneath the current photos.
That is why I linked to it.

The current photos appear elsewhere, but, not the GLEZOS biographical sketch.

I highlighted MANOLIS GLEZOS in earlier Greek events of DECEMBER, 2008.
I will LINK to a MUCH BETTER, long interview with MANOLIS GLEZOS from DECEMBER 2008 as a FOOTNOTE at the BOTTOM of today's entry:






Lastly, my footnote reference from
DECEMBER 2008, an interview with MANOLIS GLEZOS: