Sunday, March 28, 2010


Reported below some significant Greek happenings and commentary.
But, I'm afraid, the commentary is alittle too simplistic.
He/she needs to place these ominous and truly threatening Greek developments into greater CONTEXT, for example, immediately next door in former, now, irredentist, Yugoslavia AND FOR WHOM, WHICH, GREEDY PRIVATE, CORPORATE financial, economic interests and masters they/it all serves, AS I EXPLAIN REPETITIVELY IN MY POSTS:

To backtrack alittle.
If you recall, in 2008, during our obscene NAZI sponsored US Presidential Obooma pre-selection campaign, I said Obooma Presidential rallies reminded me of some lousy, commercialized, cheap, crappy imitations of Hitler Youth rallies, Leni Riefenstahl, replete with divisive RACISM,
And, to emphasize THIS POINT, I used the following link regarding former Yugoslav Croatian rock star, Marko Perkovic, AND I STILL DO:

For that matter, I consider such concert extravaganzas like those featured below in Morocco part and parcel, an extension of the same phenomena, descendants of techniques developed first and foremost by Hitler and their international Fascist, NAZI counter-revolutionary, reactionary partners and alliances:

Of course, Obooma and the others were/are sponsored by those very same international NAZI corporations and PRIVATE interests synonymous with our Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan umbrella under whom local and international partners, interests, investors, Board members, Directors, profiteers and their subsidiary criminal cartels exist.

And, here, in particular, our institutional, organized labor leadership ALLIES itself with those same criminal, private NAZI interests and THE main reason why NO PRINCIPLED, ORGANIZED, UNIFIED, CLASS OPPOSITION exists.
They, themselves, have become THE major tactical obstacles, impediments, stumbling blocks, walls that inhibit, prevent, divide and utilize their vast institutional resources to advance the goals of Fascist/NAZI privatization both here and abroad.
They dig themselves and all of us deeper and deeper into an inextricable economic cul-de-sac, a dependent, Fascist economic black hole, a swirling, explosive, incendiary vortex of no return.

This is why I support ANY section of US labor which attempts to challenge, disengage, disgorge, distance and/or separate themselves from our current AFL-CIA and SEIU straight jacket and/or their reactionary policies, such as the following:

But, I have NO illusions.
The above represents a glimmer of HOPE.

A drop in the proverbial bucket in a vast sea of counter-revolutionary, reactionary, international, explosive global Fascism.

Our barbaric, insane, pathological NAZI, Fascist global genie has been let loose out of its self-contained historical bottle with the dissolution of the USSR.
Our Fascist led labor unions MORTGAGE themselves and our entire working class they purportedly represent with self-destructive, suicidal behaviour, class betrayal, collusion, collaboration and appeasement to private capital, their pension fund investments and continued financial support for their NAZI Democratic partners.
Already, COLLECTIVELY, on a global level, we have RETURNED to the past and its world of perpetual, internecine, imperialist economic and military warfare, rivalry, power struggles, conflict, contradiction, competition, spending, an ever increasing spiral of downward social dissolution and decay.
In theory, at this point, ANYTHING is possible.
In the insane irrationality and exquisitely tortured logic, necessities and exigencies of dysfunctional, primitive, private capital accumulation, limitless personal greed and acquisitiveness, profit and speculation, THEY will annihilate us all and/or become extinct in pursuit of their elusive and illusive goal, or, we will survive only to arrive back at the place from which we started after untold, UNNECESSARY human pain and suffering.

As for Middle East competition, privatization, explosions, see my previous posts on this subject.

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