Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The following report about Allawi as Iraq PM is/was a FOREGONE conclusion, one I have been forecasting since my October, 2009 Hillary Clinton, Mashhadani, MECATAC entry, (footnoted below), and, well before if you have been following my blog for some time now in terms of Iraq/Iran regime change and congruency.
Likewise, more recent posts I did about the formation of EFG-Hermes and Morgan Stanley Syrian banking and investment funds.
The report below utilizes customary spin, doublespeak, of course.
Next, the other shoe to fall, NAZI Iran Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, Baghdad Oil Minister, as well as Ahmadimoron:

So, now, what will everyone say?
As, a reminder on this subject:

And, then, to add alittle more side humor to the above tragi-comedy, the latest note on our domestic issue regarding our Lady of Perpetual Single Payer medical health care insurance battle.

The reason I laughed aloud about the following report regarding Ohio Democratic Congressional State Representative Dennis Kucinich sudden turn about, as should everyone else if they had any gray matter remaining upstairs, is, that, Kucinich constantly is touted as our Great Progressive, our Great White Hope.

Completely, totally, ignored, missing, is the FACT Kucinich was a co-chair, co-founder of the virulent, anti-Communist Congressional JBANC (Joint Baltic American National Committee) AND Victims of Communism museum and memorial in Washington.
Everybody suffers convenient and collective amnesia about the above regarding Kucinich.
So, why is anyone surprised about the report below?
I NEVER took or take Kucinich seriously.
Totally EXPECTED, anticipated behaviour, like the above regarding Allawi,
Everything else is/was posturing, grandstanding, bravado, theater for PR political purposes:

And, as promised above, a reference footnote.
My October 2009 entry about MECATAC,

So, suckers and assholes around the globe:
Suck on it!
Stew in it!
Chew the shit above for breakfast, lunch and dinner like a cow!
Digest it over and over and over.

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