Wednesday, March 10, 2010


First of all, Iraq.
It matters not who "wins" NAZI OCCUPIED Iraq's bullshit, contrived s-election process and "democratic" window dressing sideshow.
Allawi is the US predetermined, preferred Iraq PM candidate and Maliki, Shahristani are out.
They WILL FIGHT over this, no matter what the outcome of their bogus, contested Quisling election.
The above represents an intractable, imperialist conundrum I have been following all along which THEY, themselves, created in the first place, and, as such, it will ESCALATE like all other class and imperialist contradictions.
So, bombs ahoy!

By extension, NAZI created Aryan Iran's simultaneous CEASELESS internal covert battle to unseat their present Mullah regime and Ahmadimoron and his Revolutionary Guards will escalate to insure the ABOVE happens.
The diplomatic shuffle towards these ends continues unabated.
ONE out of MANY such examples.
Global maneuvering is too extensive for me to itemize:

Iran Sanctions:

Back in Greece, more developments AND some discussion towards the end/bottom about circumventing corrupt, collaborative trade union leadership.
More to say about this very CRUCIAL matter after this link
(with further GREEK updates at this same website):

And now for a more extensive analysis of Greek COLLABORATIVE Labor Union leadership:

This is a HUGE subject and corrupt labor leadership CAN NEITHER be ignored, circumvented and/or dismissed.
At the heart, it is the central CORE of the OBSTACLES, problem.
They/it MUST BE CHALLENGED, CONFRONTED, exposed, displaced, replaced, overthrown, abandoned, abolished and/or new unions and leadership established.
The existential ROOT political/economic CONTRADICTION, HERE, in United Suckers and Assholes Alice in Wonderland NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship lay in organized labor's CONTINUED INVESTMENT into and support of the NAZI Democratic Party AND their institutional labor pension fund investments into those same PRIVATE CORPORATIONS whom they supposedly oppose!!
CONTROL over institutional allocation of monies, resources, manpower, labor and policies is CRUCIAL!!
Which is why labor unions here have been systematically purged of PRINCIPLED political opposition in a leadership position and thus is labor "controlled."
Correspondingly, on an international level, "they," that is, our 1947 NSA, (National Security Act), our official NAZI anti-Communist institutionalized State organs, subsequently created the anti-Communist ILO, International Labor Organization, to counteract the WFTU, the Communist dominated World Federation of Trade Unions, and NOW a newly minted international labor union, ITUC, (Int'l Trade Union Confederation) about which I formerly wrote regarding Turkish intervention.

AND Iraq's former umbrella labor organization and WFTU affiliate was dismantled, now attached instead to the ILO, as well, our BOGUS, covert CIA labor front operation, US Labor Against War.
Previously at their disposal was our covert, CIA, labor lackeys, Solidarity, in Poland, to help dismantle the USSR.

For my previous post about ITUC formation and role, see the following:

The above explains why NOT ONE WORD of recognition, support, and/or solidarity exists STILL, YET, HERE for Partisan Greek labor from our official NAZI labor leadership, their mouthpieces, organs, State and CIA front organizations, manufactured Left and Opposition, NAZI AFL-CIA and SEIU labor collaborators.
Instead, the above labor whores, pimps, prostitutes ALL STILL ACTIVELY subvert a UNITED FRONT FOR NATIONAL SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE, not to mention support for TAXPAYER subsidies, bailouts and bogus stimulus packages to those same PRIVATE corporations who bankrupt and indebted US ALL to THEM!
As well, denial and collaboration about Iraq, Iran, the greater Middle East and privatization EVERYWHERE on the globe.
Instead, our criminal labor thugs march around in organized, staged PR events protesting this or that, patting themselves on the back, while ALL the hypocritical ENABLING POLICIES ABOVE REMAIN INTACT and NOBODY CHALLENGES them about/on it, except, of course, for people like those below at NUHW who are ATTEMPTING to break the chains, the straight jacket, that bind and mold them and us all:

Finally, I could not resist posting the following about Morgan Stanley and Syrian Banking.
It follows my previous link about EFG-Hermes and a Syrian Investment Fund.
I really Laughed Out Loud, chuckled, gasped when I read it.
This is a prime example of "democracy expanding":

In case you cannot recall EFG-Hermes Syria private investment fund, here is a link, once again:

To ALL my greater Middle East friends, including Israel, buy, better yet, steal, some bubbly champagne, have a party and toast your growing, new found freedom and liberation IN THE FOLLOWING WAY:

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