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Just a few weeks ago, this month, I posted alittle exercise about recent developments in Yemen connected possibly to/with an ongoing, persistent battle, lawsuit, between Palestinian billionaire Masri and Palestinian/Greek, Khoury and their/his company, CCC, and their overlapping connections, as well, with Gaza's previous Gas War winners and losers.
I will refresh everyone's memory and link to my posts at the bottom of this entry.
Meanwhile, it seems, not only was/am I correct about these connections and relations, but, as usual, they go far deeper than I can possibly research on my own.

Altho not well organized, I will, nonetheless, feature, highlight some further interwoven, interconnecting material.
Some are redundant, from previous posts, but, a few are new, to me, at least.
For example, in the following, apparently, England's Baroness Symons is an international advisor BOTH to CCC and, as well, Iraq's MERCHANTBRIDGE.
Hope you all recall the well connected Merchantbridge and wealthy Iraq emigre Basil Rahim, Director, associated with Harvard's Iraq Memory Project, Kenan Makiya, Rend Rahim Francke,

And, Carlyle Group, part of Merchantbridge.
Recall, amongst other connections, Merchantbridge was appointed to privatize Iraq's state firms:

And, now, glance at the following connections regarding CCC, Khoury, Masri, etc:

It appears Palestinian/Greek Khoury's CCC finally LOST their Yemen battle, lawsuit with Masri above:

But, currently, Iraq's Oil Ministry, do NOT know for sure if this means Iranian Mullah Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, is offering England's BP and Italy's ENI oil contracts.
Now, this COULD be related to the above connections OR it may be an attempt on Shahristani's part to BUY, BRIBE them in an effort to split an international coalition, noose, slowly, gradually, tightening around Iran/Iraq.

If so, it will not work.

It should be noted, in the first round of the Gaza Gas Wars, the losers were BG and their associates, PA and Khoury's CCC partners, although, they appear to have gotten a consolation prize, as you can see in one of my previous posts, below.
And, in the Yemeni oil deal, above, CCC and Khoury lost, again.
Here's a reminder/link to my previous post:

And, here's an interesting link which provides not only Baroness Symons interests, but, others as well:

Meanwhile, for REFERENCE, in case anyone is interested, I thought I would post some OLDER entries dealing with related subject matter, Gaza, PLO, Arafat, spooks, etc.:


And, a more current one, regarding Who Owns Israel:

Now, I have an important piece of advice and suggestion to others reading this blog with MORE, similar information, details, to add. I can do only so much, alone, myself, individually.

So, IF you have good info, I suggest, you share it with others in the comment section below and/or e-mail me.

As I have explained, many times over, these imperialist contradictions and rivalries will merely continue unfettered, unabated, unchained and unbridled, now that our GLOBAL, PRIVATIZING, IMPERIALIST genie has been let loose out of the bottle since the USSR dissolution.
The globe is reaping the bitter lemons, fruit, of a long sought after USSR counter-revolution and, now, Iraq.
Welcome back to the return of the barbaric, primitive world of private, capital accumulation, greed, vultures and speculators.
As for the most current Fascist GLOBAL attacks on labor and the working class and its corresponding state of NAZI perpetual warfare, I leave it to those on the FAKIR Left, Labor, Opposition who helped AID, ABET, FACILITATE, ENCOURAGE dissolution of the USSR, first and foremost, then, enabling Yugolavia and, now, Iraq, to solve the problems they created in the first place and reinvent that which they helped to destroy. This baby is your/their problem.
And, in case you doubt my characterizations, just glance at the first paragraph, sentences, below, about Iraq.
I will not bother even trying to deal with anything else.
Just use the lead paragraph as an instructive example which sets the tone for all else to me.
I have no words anymore to describe this unabashed, unprincipled phenomenoa.
The big and little lies, false characterizations, debasement, depravity, charade, excuses, rationalizations.
To me, it simply is too mindboggling, jawdropping, overwhelming, nauseating, sickening, repulsive, numbing.
I am at a loss for words.
I cannot stand to see or hear their completely hypocritical, cynical, duplicitous posturing, self-righteousness, morality propaganda, especially the scumbag in the White House.
It is like being, living, functioning in NAZI Germany.
The only thing left to do is leave, if you/one can.
United Suckers and Assholes is going nowhere but into the historical garbage bin, I might add, along with some others:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


BFF: Andy Stern and Rich Trumka, together again. Both the AFL-CIO and Change to Win backed a big protest rally outside the American Bankers Association conference in Chicago October 27. Photo: Jim West BFF: Andy Stern and Rich Trumka, together again. Both the AFL-CIO and Change to Win backed a big protest rally outside the American Bankers Association conference in Chicago October 27. Photo: Jim West.

Above photo from link below, with good comment underneath.
This is why I do NOT bother commenting repetitively any more than I already have on United Suckers and Assholes ONGOING, CONTINUED, FASCIST led, anti-Soviet, anti-Communist, fake, bogus, NON-EXISTENT organized, labor union leadership COLLABORATORS, non-opposition, wholesale sellout, selloff, capitulation, appeasement and opportunism depicted above.
And, of course, WHY we do NOT get national single payer health care, along with alot else.
They represent the dregs of humanity, the scum of the earth, along with their international partners in counter-revolution and privatization, the ENABLERS, mirror images of one another, represented in my post just below this one:



And, then, my post below...


Following from previous posts regarding MECATAC, Hillary Clinton, former Iraq Parliament Speaker, Mashhadani and Iraq National Investment Commission conference, then, Pakistan's subsequent covert hit on Iran's Revolutionary Guards and recent speculation about Iraq's most current bombing, a number of developments lead to the same conclusion.
While the most recent bombings occured, Iraq's election law was supposed to have been debated/discussed/resolved in Parliament. Did NOT happen.
ALSO, importantly, Parliament was supposed to "grill" Baghdad Oil Minister and son-in-law of Iran's Mullah Sistani, Shahristani.
That, too, did NOT happen.

So, now, the following report:

"Shahristani Set For Showdown" (on Nov 11, according to the following):

Now, here's another report following from whom I said to be the prefered candidate in this horse race and the coalition, alliances surrounding him in my previous posts and above:
"Allawi-Mutlak Consolidation...":

And, here's something I found really interesting.
Apparently, "reports" exist in the Arab media, according to Layla's posts, that Hussein's daughter has been approached.
This does not surprise me and is absolutely, completely consistent with the above.
Actually, I had been wondering about her role for some time now.
But, as you can see from just a little snippet, glimpse, reminder, below, i
ndeed, she is a Baathist, but, a certain kind of Baathist, minus the nationalized, collectivized part of Baathism.
But, it is, along with the above, the Iranian and KRG virus antidote:

And, here is some more sabotage to add to everything else as Iraq violence spirals upwards towards its eventual denouement:
"Blast Rocks Kirkuk Export Link."
O.K. Guess who, which interests, dunnit:

The handwriting is SO CLEARLY on the wall.

The steps, the sequencing, the order, all leading to the inevitable conclusion.

As events escalate in Iraq/Iran, there is, as I said, a parallel, ongoing, related, shadow war, dance, regarding Russia, and its surrounding environs, SOME, not all, of which are detailed on Helmer's posts.
Again, necessary to figure out, know, who, which interests, gain, who, which interests lose and what or who is being traded off for whom, what, where, when, how, etc.
Here's alittle sample of what I mean:

Monday, October 26, 2009


Above is the heading from below, a report about Iraq a couple of weeks ago, October 12.
Understatement, at the very least, and, that which I have been following for some time on my posts, since Sadr's first military confrontation and forced abdication.
Well, let's look at a name mentioned in the report below, Iranian Al-Rubaie, connected with/to Iran and Sadr, former Iraq National Security Advisor and Torturer in Chief, also dethroned, who addressed CSIS on October, 2007, when the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Iran-Contra cabal was in power and which I featured on one of my posts from my initial blog.

In turn, Sadr connected to the also deposed Chalabi.
To paraphrase a song about anatomy,
"The thigh bone is connected to the knee bone..." and so on.

(Here's the little children's ditty to which I refer, in case you do not know it: HERE

Or, if you prefer, two slightly different versions: HERE and HERE )

For reference and a refresher, in case anyone is interested, I will re-link to Torturer in Chief, Iranian Rubaie's, talk at CSIS below.

But, then, there is Allawi, mentioned below, definitely a preferred candidate in this horse race due to his good Wall St., Establishment connections and credentials, and Mashhadani, not mentioned below, but, former Iraq parliamentary speaker, connected with the MECATAC, Hillary Clinton, Iraq National Investment Commission crowd and event, which JUST occured this month only a few days ago and also featured on one of my posts.

And, of course, let's not forget, the all powerful Baghdad Oil Minister, Shahristani, son-in-law of NAZI Iran's Mullah Sistani, at the center of this conflict.
Can't get more intimate and cozy than those familial relationship.

And, the KRG Talabani/Barzani who do not wish to give up THEIR sole authority over Kirkuk, since that would terminate, curtail, impinge on THEIR budding personal energy empire and investments, amongst others, their partnership with British sleazebag and mercenary Tony Buckingham's Heritage Oil and Turkey's Genel Enerji.

But, recall, Turkey's white knight, their military, rides to the rescue and promised, assured they will INVADE and OCCUPY Northern Iraq IF Kirkuk is NOT integrated and stabilized in a territorially unified government and country.
Turkey's military will NOT accept an independent Kurdistan/Kirkuk.
So, the 800 pound military gorilla and game changer in the region, Turkey's military, sits not so quietly waiting in the wings, since they have been pounding, bombing the PKK for some time now, although, sitting here, you would never know it.

Keeping track of all these many moving people, parts, interests jumping around on the chessboard gets very complicated, especially since SOME, not all, names and characters are new to me and difficult ones and, of course, I have a major language disadvantage.
But, fortunately, I get alittle help and insight occasionally from other Arab sources, blogs, which make life a bit easier.

As to speculation about just who did the recent bombings in Iraq, one of two culprits emerge.

Either a message, reminder, from Iran's Shitty Shite proxies about the damage they can inflict IF they are sidelined in Iraq's upcoming elections OR vica-versa, since the targets were/are all Iranian proxies, as far as I know.
After all, we JUST had a major suicide bombing on Iran's Revolutionary Guards near the Pakistan border, indicating high level, deep penetration.
And some Iranian Revolutionary Guards were just arrested, captured, as well, on the Iran/Pak border area.
And, as the bombs exploded, Iraq's election law was postponed, once again.
Of course, as I have said, while everybody was blabbing about Israel bombing Iran, a rouse, the US opened a second front on Iran's Western side through its Pakistan ally.
Do recall, as I warned, promised, advised, and posted, Hillary Clinton is a FORMIDABLE adversary.
When she promises, admonishes someone, "there will be CONSEQUENCES", a phrase left intentionally vague and unspecified, there are and were CONSEQUENCES shortly thereafter, with more forthcoming.
And, now the article to which I refer, above/below:

And, as promised above, for reference, refresher, Iranian Torturer in Chief, Al-Rubaie's CSIS address in October, 2007:

And, then, an extra tidbit thrown in, reminder, below, for good measure, regarding Zurich Insurance, or, as I knew them, Zurich Reinsurance.

However, as T. Boone Pickens said, the US foot the bill, so, the US will decide who gets what.

All else are merely piggybacking opportunistically on the Middle East privatizing, speculative, orchestrated bubble, coordinated from the GCC, thanks to taxpayer largess of the greatest United Suckers and Assholes country on the planet, who continue subsidizing and making it all possible while, simultaneously, screwed in the rear pants by those same private corporations "making the world safe for THEIR own, reactionary, democracy, corporatocracy of private profits":
"Zurich Seeks Mideast Expansion Through Dubai":

In case you are unfamiliar with Zurich Insurance, here's alittle something about Zurich:

So, stay tuned.
Alot more fireworks forthcoming, just as I forecast and predicted some time ago, mopping up, regime change, congruency, long before Hillary came to office and basically promised the same in different words.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The inevitable KRG/Baghdad/Iran conundrum, explosion, contradictions, showdown, about which I have been writing for some time grinds forward inexorably with a few media outlets now making SOME warning proclamations, noises, of ominous possibilities, problems surrounding Iraq's on and off again, scheduled January 2010 "elections."
Too many reports exist at the moment for me to bother itemizing.

The Iraq War continues and continues and continues, unabated, about to become MORE highly charged and explosive than it is already.
More shocking and awful.

As T. Boone Pickens made eminently clear, the US paid and thus will DETERMINE who gets what in Iraq. He who pays the piper calls the tune. And, a few pipsqueak, upstart, NAZI Iranian Mullah and/or Ahmadimoron's Revolutionary Guards and/or two bit KRG pimps and their Peshmerga militias AND THEIR INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS, APOLOGISTS, COLLABORATORS, COHORTS are living in lala land if they actually believe they will or can call the shots.

So, mopping up, regime change, congruency and more fireworks in order, forthcoming, along with same regarding Afghanistan and US ally Pakistan working ALONGSIDE, with, the US and NATO.

They have to clean up ALL their many, messy crypto, fundamentalist, NAZI Islamic militias, regional drug lords, warlords which they created in the first place to "fight Communism" and are now impediments to privatization.

And, then, there is Russia, which remains an imperialist competitor and/or collaborator, to some extent, possibly, both.
But, one possible solution to the Russian dilemma ALSO is regime change, or, at least, a cosmetic one.
If the few industries still remaining in Russian State hands were completely privatized, or, re-privatized, as in the case of partially State owned Gazprom, which, I believe, is on the agenda, then, all would be well in the State of Denmark, no imperialist inconsistencies, no contradictions.
Russian problem disappears magically. Poof! Gone. Vanished.
Putin/Medvedev or someone else can go only one of two ways.
Either he/they RENATIONALIZE everything or they finish PRIVATIZING.
Partial State enterprise Gazprom monies currently are used to help subsidize their oligarchs.
I see nothing good coming from either of the two above but further privatization.

The US "Grand Bargain' is NOT about/with Iran, but, Russia.

Iran's Mullahs and Ahmadimoron are merely dispensable, disposable, nauseating, sickening, abysmal, petty, human garbage, scum, bargaining chips.

Of course, Iranian NAZI hired help, Mullahs, Fascist militias, criminal human dregs, will TRY to leverage their power in the Middle East and Iraq as much as possible to retain their present status.
But, as I have said, such entrenchment will work only to achieve the opposite ends.
They dig themselves in deeper and deeper and an ever greater cataclysm will ensue.
The present NAZI Iraq puppet government already is labelled, considered, a "caretaker one."

And, here are just a few of the POSSIBILITIES to consider regarding Russian and US collaboration, developments:

"Russian Giant Gazprom Eyes US Market":

Russia, Sakhalin, Exxon:

And, the following excerpt, regarding Russia, US, Shotkman, link follows:

"...The meeting is the latest in a series of signals from the Kremlin that Russia might be softening its notoriously Draconian stance on foreign investment in its oil and gas. Moscow has long insisted Yamal was off-limits to the Western majors, and that Russian giant OAO Gazprom would develop the region's resources on its own..."

There is more.
Meanwhile, a draconian, NAZI/Fascist, counter revolutionary, reactionary labor assault and its corresponding privatization continues advancing EVERYWHERE ON THE GLOBE, with, as yet, NO MAJOR, SIGNIFICANT, PRINCIPLED, organized led opposition, offensive, resistance, HERE, except for the few courageous individuals and people I have highlighted before, such as Sal Rosselli and his/their nascent, newly formed NUHW, challenging the SEIU Andy Stern led criminal gang and AFL-CIA hierarchy. See:

Friday, October 23, 2009


It truly gets better and better, doesn't it?
No end to outrageous irony in the bottomless pit of the GREATEST United Suckers and Assholes country on planet Earth.
Excerpt first, link following:

"...Defense Solutions Holding, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: DFSH), announced today that it entered agreements to represent one American-owned refinery group (3 refineries) and two Asian refinery groups (4 refineries) to secure oil contracts in Iraq..."

FROM the following, which includes OTHER countries, as well, in Europe and NATO:

Meanwhile, IF you peruse Defense Solutions homepage, above, it is quite fascinating.
I selected the following highlight especially for its one outstanding name below, Pennsylvania Congressman Curt Weldon:

Of course, the above ties in nicely with my previous posts below about the stated purpose of MECATAC, Hillary Clinton, etc. In case you've forgotten, here's at least their link:

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.
The other day, billionaire Texas oilman, T. Boone Pickens, told Congress and everyone else who would listen, that, the US should be the one to determine who gets what in Iraq, since they/we were/are the ones who paid for Iraq's NAZI counter-revolution.
Well, Pickens did not say it exactly like I do.
Pickens said nothing about NAZIS and counter-revolution.
But, he did say the rest.
I/one must admit, Pickens logic is straightforward enough.
No beating around the "Bush."
IN THAT SENSE, he is correct. Can't argue with his logic.
After all, for what other reason did WE go to war?
Oh, yeah, democracy, liberation, terrorism, nukes, etc.
Forgot about that stuff.
So have all the others, above, laughing all the way to the bank, financed by YOUR/OUR tax dollars.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yet another CRIMINAL, FASCIST, NAZI Iraq election coalition formed:


And below, more from the Iraq den of theives, Obama and Thamir Ghadhban, with a "discussion" about the SAME internecine conflicts I have been writing about for so long, regarding IRAN'S PRESENT IRAQ/BAGHDAD OIL MINISTER, SHAHRISTANI, SON IN LAW OF IRANIAN CRYPTO ISLAMIC NAZI MULLAH SISTANI, THE KRG contracts, BAGHDAD "dispute":

"...Ghadhban, who served as oil minister twice since 2003..."

Thamir Ghadhban with a Senator Barack Obama during a July 2008 visit to Baghdad.

Thamir Ghadhban with a Senator Barack Obama during a July 2008 visit to Baghdad.



Reminder from above:

Link about Sistani/Shahristani, Baghdad Oil Minister relationship and other connections:


In addition, there is Iraq's previous parliamentary speaker, Mashhadani and MECATAC and Hillary Clinton, whom I featured in previous posts and the Iraq National Investment Commission:


While other equally NAZI Scumbag, Germany:
Germany to Host Iraq Investment Conference: Embassy:


And the multinational Navy forces steam BACK to Southern Iraq, Basra area, TO PROTECT IRAQ'S SOUTHERN OIL TERMINALS.
Protect from whom and what, you may ask?:


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


First of all, let me say, with the exception of a handful of PRINCIPLED and courageous individuals, like Sal Rosselli, and people such as his/their NUHW organization, to which I have linked in previous posts, below, nothing would exist in this country but total and complete class betrayal, abdication, cooperation, capitulation, acquiescence, APPEASEMENT, compromise, opportunism and collaboration between and amongst our institutional, nominally organized, labor, class representatives and our Fascist/Nazi government objectives since the late 1940's, (1947 National Security Act), 1950's, McCarthy, US National Security State (NAZI) led anti-communist labor purges, replaced, neutered, and led, instead, by a coopted, cooperative, compliant, CIA, mafia front union hierarchy, very much involved in covert operations abroad, in Eastern Europe, particularly, tied together with the Democratic Party and whose pensions are invested in those same private corporations.

This pattern continues to the present day, best represented by our current, nauseating, SICK, debased, compromised Single Payer debacle, as well.

Consequently, I pay NO attention to ANY of the much ballyhooed, orchestrated, diversionary, tactics and theatrics designed to make one believe, both here and abroad, that some sort of independent class opposition and movement exists.

They function merely as diversionary distractions, noise, divide and conquer tactics, Quixotic, impotent battles, a useless waste of one's valuable time and energy.
If you see ANY of it/them on the media, ANYWHERE, you can be sure it is one of the above, a made for TV, manufactured, media operation.

The other distraction continues to be AWAY from the earthquake epi-center of the Iraq/Iran/Baghdad/KRG war conundrum, theatre of privatization and its upcoming, crescendoing Middle East events and competing, conflicting, imperialist factions, interests, explosion about which I have been writing for so long.
At this point, in addition to Single Payer, I pay NO attention whatsoever to ANY of the energy contracts presumably being signed, written, negotiated by Iraq's, so-called NAZI "puppet government," BECAUSE, AGAIN, EXCERPT here, link following below:

"...But there is no agreement in Iraq on who has authority to approve the deals. The oil ministry says cabinet ratification is enough. Some MPs say only parliament has the authority. Oil firms fear future governments could tear up old contracts..."


And, that FACT is at the nub, the heart of the intractable conflict, explosion, about which I have been writing for so long.

So, one of the NAZI BIG LIE, characterization, false dichotomy techniques, is to present Iran, or, Russia, or any other nation, as a principled opposition to the US, West, NATO, etc.

They ALL, presently, function as imperialist nations, NAZI/Fascist Dictatorships at this point, with specific, competing, particular private interests either benefiting or losing.

And, they proceed to ignore, deny and whitewash dehumanizing, brutal, barbarian tactics, no less so than the NAZIS in WWII or any/all other competing imperialist wars or projects of capital accumulation, exploitation, empire, etc., before and/or after WWII.

But, to present it in the fashion, the way I do, above, is like presenting Single Payer in the US the WAY I DO.

The logic, or, illogic, of the Big Lie and false dichotomy technique follows along, including the other Big, Biggest Lie, upon which others rest, historically, Stalin's role and the Soviet Union, the USSR, in WWII and afterwards.

PRIVATE, imperialist, NAZI/Fascist contradictions are the ANTITHESIS of the former USSR and its Communist, Bolshevik revolution and dictatorship.
They are polar, antithetical opposite forms of ownership and economic systems.
And THAT is THE bottom line.

Yet, consistently, the above categories are intentionally represented, or, misrepresented, construed, confused, defined by historical and theoretical revisionists, ideologues, apologists as one and the same.

With such logic or illogic, sophistry, obscurantism, certainly, I am sure, without a shadow of a doubt, the earth is flat and God created the entire Universe in 7 days, including all Earth's inhabitants.
And, just to illustrate ALL my points above, I thought I would link to someone else's article:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A national chain store exists here with the above name, which sells LOTS and LOTS of toys, judging by its name.
I do not know if it exists abroad also.
Now, I glanced below at the following link and LOL, laughed out loud.

Clearly, this must be a joke, I thought to myself, similar to my reaction when Venezuela's Hugo Chavez began waving around Chomsky's little "red" book in the U.N.
Hope you all recall that incident?
Ancient history, by now.
I knew that to be the beginning of the end for Chavez.
If he had not already been so, for sure, Chavez was then compromised by our ersatz, covert, CIA, State, Foundation sponsored fake Left/Opposition, encouraged as "advisors, friendly contacts, etc."
As I have said, with friends like these, you do not need enemies.

Of course, what is proposed below follows directly on the heels of Nader's recent insane, inane proposals about the super rich being our only hope and saviour.
And, now, this.
The one state solution for single payer returns with a vengeance.

Well, obviously, once again, it nicely avoids, circumvents direct CONFRONTATION, OPPOSITION either with our Federally funded NAZI tax dollar budget, AND/OR, our corrupt labor union support for both.
Both off the hook.
Unchallenged in this mirage, another red herring, like the bogus national public option plan they all support/ed.

However, of all states suggested below, ironically and comically, if one is familiar with the politics and economics in Pennsylvania, it is truly a farcical, ludicrous and preposterous proposal.
Pennsylvania is actually a quite reactionary, conservative state, nothing at all resembling California or NY.
It's largest city, Philadelphia, does NOT even have a MAJOR, significant, substantial, higher, or, lower, PUBLIC educational, university, or transportation system, in comparison to NY or California, let alone health care.
Both the State and City are overwhelmingly dominated by PRIVATE economic interests, all across the board.
In comparison either to California or NY, for example, what exists of a public system is a poor stepchild, which, once again, does and will NOT magically turn into Cinderella with a good, kind fairy God Mother and wave of the wand.
The Pennsylvania state budget and legislature is always crying poverty, feuding about taxes, funding, etc., etc.
ENORMOUS battles ensue consistently over the State's chronically LIMITED funding for equally limited public transportation.
The lower, elementary public school system is an embattled one, with private charter schools on the ascendency.
Libraries are closing, etc.,etc.
I could go on forever like this.

Additionally, since we ALREADY have one NATIONAL senior citizen medical insurance system, Medicare, limited though it be, it would seem to me once more under the above/below proposal, of necessity, a TWO tier health care insurance system would exist, a State one for those excluded by Medicare, the other for the senior citizens in a NATIONAL Medicare system!
Or, would our seniors be asked, expected, to give up their NATIONAL Medicare system, again, under attack??!!!
Another absolutely crazy proposal, designed, basically, to circumvent a PRINCIPLED position.

So, the name mentioned below ought to read Pinnochio, not Pennachio, another one of our illustrious, so-called, eternally progressive, "liberal" Democrats.

The suggestion below is as shameful as the rest of this abysmal, obscene, doormat nation of compromised, UNPRINCIPLED, Fascist colluders, collaborators, apologists, but, particularly so, BECAUSE, the campaign below began very well representing THE/A correct PRINCIPLED position:

Nothing else, nothing less.

NO compromise with Fascism, which is exactly what the following represents.
But, this is what, how and why the PROCESS, the struggle, the battle, in each and every instance, gets dumbed and numbed down, coopted, reduced, compromised, again and again, mostly, primarily, due to the unbridled, UNPRINCIPLED, coopted, institutionalized, position of our official class representatives, organized labor.
It is one thing to lose a PRINCIPLED battle.
It is another to have NO PRINCIPLES at all:

Monday, October 19, 2009


Well, following my previous posts, warnings, promises, below, (SEE MECATAC, Hillary Clinton, etc.), regarding US policy and ESCALATING mopping up, regime change, congruency in Iraq/Iran, while everyone's gaze is INTENTIONALLY deflected, diverted away onto what Israel may or may not do, or, Afghanistan, there is/was a BIG tactical SURPRISE hit on Iran's EASTERN flank, border, emanating from US ally Pakistan.

In case anyone has not noticed it, it is Iran, not the US, now sandwiched between a TWO front war theatre, Iraq on their Western side, Pakistan in the East.
The US has adroitly turned the tables on Iran's Revolutionary Guard regime in a CLEVER, SURPRISE, ANNOUNCED move, provocation, while everybody is busy blathering about Israel and/or Afghanistan.
And, furthermore, the US can claim plausible deniability.

So far, NO mention has been made by ANYBODY, except me, of course, about the connection of these events to/with Iran's crypto Islamic NAZI Revolutionary Guards and militias IN Iraq, Iraq's upcoming elections and forthcoming Middle East EXPLOSION.

Additionally, Iran's present NAZI Islamic Mullah Revolutionary Guard regime MUST, IN ONE WAY or another, respond to such a PROVOCATION.
Catch-22. Checkmate.
Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
If they retaliate, ANYWHERE, it becomes cannon fodder, casus belli, for further action, sanctions, international isolation, etc.
If they do not respond, they are compromised.
Either way, they lose.

And, for more about the UPCOMING, INEVITABLE Iraq/Iran regime change, mopping up, congruency, BIG BANG scenario, a few selective, representative headlines, of which there are too many for me to itemize, in addition, of course, to the recent, ongoing, "expose" of Galbraith and DNO:

"Heritage Hit By Ending of Oil Exports":

"Iraq Lawmakers Warn On Oil Deals."

This story is reported in many different versions by numerous sources now.
I simply chose one link randomly.
But, of course, I have been saying this on MY BLOG for some time now.
All they are doing is recapitulating what I have been forecasting FOR REASONS I have explained repeatedly on this blog:

Italian ENI is having "second thoughts,":

Sinopec Drops from Iraqi Oil Bidding:

And so on.

Meanwhile, once again, as a "Public Service Announcement," so to speak, I have linked, below, to PRESIDENT Hillary CLINTON'S State Dept Press Conference, Briefing, about US Sudan policy, today.
It is/was carried on C-Span and is available through their website.

But, here is a direct link.
Once again, pay attention to PRESIDENT Clinton for official US POLICY and less, relatively speaking, doublespeak.
Forget all euphemistic, amorphous, vague terms.
When Clinton PROMISES "consequences," as she did regarding Iran, you can take that promise to the bank:

Sunday, October 18, 2009


"Hope springs eternal in the human breast," or, so it is said.

But, the following link, below, represents REAL, CONCRETE, MATERIAL, not ephemeral, cause for HOPE and CHANGE in United Assholes and Suckers present NAZI occupied White House, corporate, Obooma Dictatorship:

I have posted information about this struggle on my blog previously.
But, you can refer backwards for refreshers, reminders to the links below as well as further reading on NUHW's own website, link embedded ABOVE:

Speaking of another kind of change, curious, isn't it, the timing and place of the assassinations, suicide bombings, on HIGH RANKING NAZI ersatz Islamic Iranian Revolutionary Guards, coincidental to/with the events posted just below and after Hillary's Russian trip?
Certainly indicates HIGH LEVEL, DEEP penetration to me.
That's one amongst many tactics in their arsnel, tool kit of mopping up, congruency and regime change.
And, of course, Pakistan's military is now involved, all around.
After all, all these Islamic militias, drug/war lords, Taliban, etc., were OUR covert creations, operations, in the first place, funded and created through Pakistan's ISI, BCCI, Saudis, CIA, etc.
Now, all of Pakistan, Afghanistan is to be privatized, along with their as yet unbuilt TAP pipeline and the ports they will serve.
"Gotta" do some big time mopping up all around, as a mafia don would say.
And, in case you missed it or are really, really dumb, dense, stupid, here's a reminder, the opening sentence from MECATAC'S homepage website.
The boldface is NOT MY emphasis.

"MECATAC has been established as a consulting company after a long talk with the U.S. Department of Defense Task Force to Improve Business and Stability Operations in Iraq..."
See my post just below...


The acronym above/below, MECATAC, stands for the following organization and statement of principle, if one can use that word, purpose, provided on their homepage:

In case you missed it, above, here is an important individual, former Iraq Parliamentary speaker, Mashhadani, associated with the above/proceeding organization, MECATAC, and "forming a new political party for 2010 elections":

Below, JUST alittle RANDOM snippet for anyone who has absolutely no idea who is Mashhadani:

I will leave it to others to do their own research and fill in the void, propaganda gap, with more specific, knowledgeable, detailed background, etc.

Point here being, in only a few days from now, October 19-21, 2009, a high powered, US State Department sponsored, Iraq Business and Investment Conference will be held in Washington, DC.
And, as you will see mentioned below, Sami Al-Araji, Chairman of the Iraq National Investment Commission is associated with the above organization, MECATAC.
An interview with Al-Araji is available on the MECATAC website, if you happened to have noticed and read it.
Here is the somewhat vague agenda, so far, for the upcoming Iraq Business conference:

And, here is the Iraq National Investment Commission website:

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I thought I would take alittle diversionary side trip, stroll, tour today, to perform a seemingly tangential exercise, task, but one which demonstrates a point quite nicely, I think.

So, I imagine, you, the reader, wherever, whomever you are, and I, as well, have certainly been hearing, reading about fighting and/or riots, disturbances in Yemen recently.

I do NOT, myself, personally, know what is happening in Yemen, that is, precisely who is sponsoring the disturbances, causes, noises, issues, who benefits, the reasons, background, etc.

But, let's look at some CURSORY information I gathered below from only a FEW searches for some CLUES as to POSSIBLE suspects, culprits and OVERLAPPING VESTED INTERESTS and CONFLICTS.

And, then, as you will see, it all links BACKWARDS, overlaps, to a previous conflict, the Gaza Gas wars.

So, first alittle reminder, snapshot, of the principal actors involved in this regional, but, really global, drama.
Much of this information should not be new by now IF you are astute readers of this blog.
But, just a cursory SNAPSHOT reminder, review.

First, from wiki, introducing a new person to myself, at least, Palestinian born, multi-billionaire, Munib Masri:

And, then, we go to Arab/Palestinian/Lebanon/Greek CCC, Consolidated Contractors Company.
They are old hat, involved with what I labeled previously the Gaza Gas Wars:

And, now, having set the stage, we travel onwards in the second act to Yemen and a conflict between the two principal actors named above, from 2007 :

Then, following along to January, 2008:

And, on to April 2008:

And, finally, October, 2008:

Here's some further background info about CCC, the Khoury family, apparently, constructing Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison, etc.
Like I said, I featured much of this information on previous posts in relation to the Gaza Gas Wars.
There is one very important note of distinction to be emphasized in the following article, however.
Khoury, the CCC, have at their personal disposal NO state army, whereas the function of ALL present day militaries is to extend power, leverage, to help advance, promote, defend, expand, protect these private fortunes, empires, corporations:

Now, I will link, below, to my previous post regarding the Gaza Gas Wars and all the actors above as a reminder, in case you have forgotten.
But, before I do that, one caveat regarding Yemen.
Be aware, other famous interconnected, overlapping actors exist in this drama, as well.
For example, Exxon and Hunt, who have a long, notorious history in Yemen and recently lost a Yemeni lawsuit.
Nor are they alone:

Now, as promised, a reminder from a previous entry about the Gaza Gas Wars in which CCC, Khoury overlap with the PA/BG offshore gas deal and all lost out, at least, in the first military go round, to Egypt's EMG/Israel partnership.
You must wind your way backwards through the embedded links to see the overlapping AND CONFLICTING/COMPETING interests represented above/below:

And, so goes internecine, imperialist warfare, conflict, strategic competition AND the sands of shifting alliances.

The more detailed information one has regarding specific investment interests and those who stand to benefit or lose from them, the more one understands who is fighting or sponsoring whom, why, for which, whose reasons, purpose, etc.

Or, at least, you can get a reasonably good supposition.

In the fluid, dynamic, moving, imperialist world of the PRIVATIZING, competing chessboard, today's friends can just as easily become tomorrows enemies as everybody juggles for strategic position, empire, market and fortune.
And, lastly, as part of this exercise, I will add two other links.

First, a handy dandy Forbes magazine roundup of names and interests with which one should become familiar, if not already so:

And, then, the folks below, also, whom I mention only because they, too, are another competing, up and coming, imperialist interest, the opportunistic, aspiring "wannabes" to the above, but, do the hands on dirty work for them, the hired guns, and, also, because these present day crypto Islamic NAZIS are presented as something other than what they are so clearly.
But, they have outlived their usefulness:

Friday, October 16, 2009


Well, United Suckers and Assholes Single Payer medical care insurance opposition melted away like snow, evaporated, due, PRIMARILY, first and foremost, to United Suckers and Assholes collaborative, organized, institutionalized, CORRUPT, class representatives, their twin, sister, AFL-CIA and SEIU, Andy Stern gang, "Change to Win," labor unions and their ACTIVE divide and conquer tactics, support for their NAZI Obooma Dictatorship's bogus, red herring, public option alternative.

Of course, nobody here wishes to present it in this fashion, since that would NECESSITATE reality therapy and some sort of confrontational change.
NOBODY is prepared to do that.
As one of those pithy descriptive adages states, "go along to get along."
Thus, as forecast, as day follows night, NO unified, militant, principled, class action OF ANY SORT WHATSOEVER FOR SINGLE PAYER.

Instead, now, we have some so-called alternative, ersatz progressives lobbying for Single Payer STATE BY STATE, a totally unrealistic, unfeasible project by any rational standard, and, thus, a really good excuse, a way to avoid, circumvent, rationalize lack of principled class confrontation as represented above and complete, total, despicable labor, class, abdication, betrayal, collaboration, collusion and capitulation to/with Fascism.

NO CHALLENGE, no threat to, no responsibility for, the UNPRINCIPLED behavior of our organized, institutionalized class representatives, and/or, TRILLIONS of tax dollars nationally allocated, down the drain, to subsidize private corporations, their expansion abroad, the military, etc.:

But, take heart. All is not lost.
In contrast to the above, here's something else from a different place entirely.
A tale of two or more worlds parted not simply by geographical accident, a liquid ocean, but, much, much more profound:

And, finally, a special little musical tribute also from another time, place and world.
A marvelous rendition of a Pete Seeger song below sung by one of my favorites.
An English language version alternative is available on the right hand sidebar, if you prefer.

But, somehow, I think it works much better sung this way:

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The above/below about the Israeli flag flying in the UAE, and, following articles say it all to me:

In addition, out of the horse's mouth of the infamous, well connected, Carlyle Group in Dubai, of course.

Where else?
These NAZIS are so predictably self-confident and proud in their Dictatorships that they openly make such statements and pronouncements in public, Press Releases, etc.

But, of course, why should they not be self-confident since YOU ALL, United Suckers and Assholes working class, are helping finance and enable THEIR counter-revolutionary project, above, along with our bogus, fake, ersatz, manufactured, impotent Left/Opposition:

"Saudi, Turkey to Lead Middle East Private Equity":
A few choice excerpts, link following.
MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...[Carlyle Director] Rubenstein was speaking at the Super Return conference, the annual gathering of the private equity industry in Dubai....
....Rubenstein also singled out Iraq, which in coming years could become a more important investment target... "As the economy recovers from the war you'll see more capital flowing in," he said..."

But, you also can go directly to one of many sources like the preceding for more blatant, in your face, international investment conferences and news, reports, studies from Dubai, of course.
After all YOU too are silent partners in the above/below criminal, barbaric NAZI enterprise.
You pay for it in more ways than one, mostly, through nationalizing debt with working class tax subsidies, gifts, giveaways and military expenditures, war, deaths, AND, IF you happen to be one of those many individuals in a private pension fund euphemistically called institutional investors, you, too, ARE, indeed, very much a SILENT partner in the "successful" outcome of this criminal enterprise:

And, below is what or who you help finance, but, unfortunately for them, NOW, must be moderated, ameliorated, liquidated, eliminated, contained in order to achieve the desired goals above, i.e, t
he mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario in Iraq/Iran about which I write.
It could not happen to nicer people, however.
Poetic justice, one might say.
Below is a concise roundup, an invaluable English language service, translation, about Maliki's background.

Many thanks for providing this for those, such as myself, who cannot access primary Arabic sources, and, am NOT familiar with ALL the many splendiferous details, specific horrors, trail of blood, for EVERYONE involved in the Middle East.
Cannot know everything about everyone, everywhere and ALL world history combined together.
Helps fill in gaps, missing links and holes in the narrative.

Of course, the people like Maliki and those represented below, are merely petty criminal, mafia, drug lords, gangsters, hired help, NAZI thugs, barbarians, goon squad, etc., for THE CONTINUED PERPETUATION, EXISTENCE, SUCCESS OF THOSE ABOVE.

As such, they, like Hitler's Brown Shirts, are expendable, disposable, replaceable, interchangeable human commodities, once they have achieved the desired purposes FOR THOSE ABOVE, who, themselves, NEVER dirty their own hands, are personally in danger, attacked, liquidated, killed, assassinated, etc., except, of course, in such historical instances as the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, Chinese Communist Revolution and others around the globe subsequently UNDERMINED AND/OR OVERTURNED:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ongoing revelations continue about Galbraith's involvement and investment with Norway's DNO in northern Iraq, below.
Of course, timing is NOT an accident, as I have explained.

HOWEVER, the explanation for everything everywhere lies within the specific details of the ECONOMICS, FINANCE, MONEY, INVESTMENTS that EVERYONE stands to gain or lose, in our global, reactionary, counter-revolutionary, imperialist warfare and privatization scheme.

Iraq is not an isolated event.

Galbraith is but the latest Iraq Mr. 5%.
Everyone should recall by now Canadian oil company Heritage and its previous owner, Gulbenkian, and his partnership with the mysterious Eagle Group of Iraq, for example.

Galbraith took a page out of the history lesson from Heritage's Gulbenkian who, himself, was FORMER Mr. 5% of Iraq's ORIGINAL oil company, previous to its nationalization.

Of course, Heritage NOW has a combined ownership of notorious British mercenary and sleazebag Tony Buckingham, along with nominal "state" KRG representatives, i.e., Talabani and Barzani, Turkish investors Genel Enerji, and other investors, directors, interested parties, which can be ascertained from Heritage's own website and the ubiquitous Morgan Cazenove as Heritage "advisers."
So, link about Galbraith, DNO followup:

But, the intractable, irresolvable, contradictory authority and explosion represented above/below between the KRG/Baghdad/Iran conundrum continues playing itself out, festering, unabated and cannot be wished away, no matter what anyone says, ignores or denies.

The conflict has its own momentum, denouement, precisely, a deadline of January, 2010, if not before then.
And that upcoming explosion stands BEHIND ALL present flurry of diplomatic activity between Israeli Defense Minister Barak's sudden interest and visit to Poland and the Czech Republic, dual track diplomacy, almost concurrent with Hillary Clinton's talks in Russia.
The last time a high ranking Israeli official went on a sneak trip alone to Russia just a few days, weeks ago, Russia suddenly came on board around Iran sanctions.
So, a very curious, odd, sudden, seemingly, public reversal:

One can only speculate on what is/was being negotiated, bargained by Barak, but, for sure, it is related to the above.

Of course, Israel ALSO is selling/pedaling military hardware to Poland, which should be a message to Russia.

And, curiously, depending on which contradictory, vague, doublespeak report one reads about Hillary Clinton and Medvedev and Iran sanctions, (forget the nukes, it's the above), the following report mentions timing related to the UN, which I found an intriguing tidbit BECAUSE...following this article...:

...BECAUSE, the following two excerpted paragraphs relate both to the UN and upcoming, contested Iraq elections:

"....Approximately three months before the scheduled parliamentary elections, the Council of Representatives has not yet come to consensus on an election law," they said...
...Any attempt to postpone the coming election will lead to a constitutional vacuum that this country will face, because the current Iraqi parliament will lose its legitimacy after January 16, 2010, which will cause a wave of chaos in this country that could ruin all that we've achieved," al-Maliki said in a statement on Tuesday....

As I have said, there is NO way around the unavoidable Baghdad/Iran/KRG confrontation, mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario represented above.
There is no "diplomatic solution."
The conflict can and will NOT continue indefinitely.
And, that resolution, in my opinion, MUST have a military dimension, which is totally obvious and why the Middle East is quickly becoming an ever escalating armed camp.

Recall, as well, Turkey's military has made their position perfectly clear and unambiguous about the unacceptable status of an independent Kirkuk and a fragmented, partitioned, unstable, contested Iraq.

The present Iraq/Iran government with whom everyone is negotiating is going to look very different in alittle while.

All present Iraq commercial activity, contracts, dealings, posturing, etc., is not worth the paper on which it is currently being written or proposed, as I have previously said and which, indeed, so far, has held true,
There is no exit, no way out.
It is a cul-de-sac.
The question what sort of confrontation, dimensions, will be determined in the upcoming few months.
In answer to the above, I do not believe Putin and/or Medvedev are suicidal.
Neither desire an uncontrolled demolition, explosion in their backyard.
Given the above, what sort of POSSIBLE scenarios MIGHT one contemplate under official auspices, umbrella, cover, "sanctioned" by the UN, AS SUGGESTED, HINTED above regarding an Iraq election or government deemed illegitimate and "in chaos, free fall?"
There are many previous examples that come to mind, Yugoslavia being but one.
A few things are sure, however.
A military dimension is imperative in ANY solution.
The Iraq government as it presently exists will NOT exist in 6 months to a year from now.
It will look very different.
Likewise, Iran's current NAZI crypto-Islamic Mullah Dictatorship.
Sanctions and pressure on Iran's present NAZI psuedo Islamic regime are ongoing and expanding, despite Russia's public statements, or, posture to the contrary.
And, Russia either will actively or passively cooperate, or, face the real, distinct possibility of further regional conflagration, escalation, engulfment, entanglement and all out warfare and annihilation or obliteration, which, for sure, certainly is not in their interests.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Here are just a FEW of the many global events from an ongoing, ESCALATING, INTENSIFYING, orchestrated, NAZI/Fascist privatization anschluss and terror unleashed first by the horrific, obscene, abysmal dissolution of the USSR.
In Greece:

In Turkey:

In Mexico:

"Mexico Shuts Down State Run Power Company," which was reported previously at the labornotes website, to which I will link, once again, below:

And, here is the labornotes link to which I refer above and our TYPICAL AFL-CIA, SEIU despicable divide and conquer, betrayal, collusion and collaboration pattern of behaviour:

MEANWHILE, just a few days before the above, coincidentally, another set of NAZI thugs and scumbags met together:

"Mexico Meets UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah Zayed al Nahyan":,_officials/37826.htm

And the privatization juggernaut rolls on in Russia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, the greater Middle East, Iceland, etc.,etc.
Take your pick which kind of battle you prefer.
A direct, outside, NAZI Iran/US/Kurdish military intervention, occupation and terror regime in Iraq, or, extortion, blackmail, threats, criminal financial subterfuge, in Iceland, for example, or, a massive covert domestic and military one in Afghanistan and overt coup in what was once the former Soviet Union and/or direct capitulation, collaboration, cooptation, debasement and involvement of United Suckers and Assholes organized, institutionalized labor unions in ALL the above.

And, then, afterwards, come back and talk to me about human rights abuses and other empty rhetoric.
And why the historical characteristic NAZISM/FASCISM is not an applicable one.
"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King."

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Clearly, the following below/above represents the beginning of the end, the internationally ORCHESTRATED culmination of the INTRACTABLE KRG/Baghdad/Iran confrontation, reaching its apex, climax.
Timing of the following scandalous expose about Galbraith and DNO is NOT an accident.
Most clearly, it was known previously.
All of this, including the article and link following this one about Iran's Revolutionary Guard is part of a mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario I forecast sometime ago MUST/WILL happen, accelerating within the upcoming months:

Additionally, for example, below:
"Iran Probes 7.9 bln Dollar Privatisation Deal":
Excerpt first, link following, MY emphasis in BOLD:

"TEHRAN, Oct 10, 2009 (AFP) - Iran is probing the 7.9 billion dollar privatisation of a state-owned telecoms company after allegations one of the buyers was linked to the elite Revolutionary Guards Corps, media reports said on Saturday...."

And, then, of course, strict, severe, Iranian sanctions to be imposed, as well.
And, my post just below about the REAL timing of US Iraq troop withdrawals, PENDING developments in Iraq in January, 2010...

Friday, October 9, 2009


Two posts today.
This and the one below.
Thus, the following link regarding the KRG/Baghdad/Iran Middle East Big Bang explosion, conundrum, mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario.
Nothing changed for the better.
Merely recalcitrant intensification of everyone's position, instead.
Read the fine print and doublespeak carefully:

And, my entry below...