Tuesday, October 6, 2009


First, of course, next episode in Turkey's heroic, ONGOING saga of PRINCIPLED resistance and opposition I have been following for SO LONG on my blog.
NO SURPRISE about their most recent IMF battles in Istanbul's streets:


Of course, NO SUPPORT, solidarity or recognition forthcoming here.
And, behind the battle in Istanbul's streets and IMF/World Bank meeting EXPANSION, some of the following developments occur.

Iraq to get IMF loans.

So will Turkey, despite noises to the contrary.
Following report on IMF Turkish loans:


Then, even tiny Israel is in on the act, contributing to the IMF, no doubt, thanks to NAZI Citigroup Governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer, the MOST POWERFUL individual in our Israeli fiefdom and tiny enclave:


And, I thought this heading a good one:
"Iraq Is New Emerging Realty Market in Mideast."
Geez, who woulda thunk that, considering all the violence at the moment:


And, here's a few more I thought I would throw in for good luck.

I reiterate, for every one link I highlight, thousands more exist from which I could choose.
So...let's go on a short, whirlwind, thumbnail, tour-de-force...

"Emerging Markets Set to Lead Global Economic Recovery, Says HSBC Index."
Geez, just like Iraq's emerging realty market, what a surprise.
Who woulda thunk it?:


And, about the above reference to HSBC, alittle more:

"50 MENA Companies Meet International Investors at HSBC MENA Investment Forum".

In the excerpt below I highlighted IN BOLDFACE what I consider to be THE single, most pertinent factor related to our present day hypocritical class relationship in United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship and WHY nothing happens, NO MILITANT OPPOSITION, PRINCIPLED CLASS RESISTANCE, etc.:

"...DUBAI 6th October 2009:

Fifty listed companies from seven countries across Middle East and North Africa came together to hold high-level meetings with investors from around the world in Dubai this week.

The third HSBC Bank Middle East MENA Investor Forum saw companies presenting over three days to more than 120 individuals from investment managers, fund managers, hedge funds and pension funds from around the world..."


Just for the heck of it, here's one more:

"H.E Ahmed Humaid Al Tayer receives JP Morgan Chase's Chairman":


Meanwhile, back here in the home of the greatest United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Dictatorship on the globe, I get daily personal reports, gripes and grumbling, feedback, from various individual employees about labor issues, union treachery, betrayal, disgust, despair, backstabbing, collaboration, collusion, impotence, defeat, apathy, demoralization, capitulation, especially, the AFT, National American Federation of Teachers union, AFL-CIA, which was helpful in organizing Polish Solidarity AGAINST the USSR.

Following along the lines above, I thought it an interesting report, below, about what is happening in Puerto Rico, considering the exact same process occurs here, aided and abetted by those same unions, the ones supporting the bogus Obooma health care public option plan opposing and effectively splitting, defeating a UNIFIED, NATIONAL, SINGLE PAYER medical insurance front:


So, rest assured everyone, workers of the world, you have to look forward only to upcoming, multiplying, intensifying class contradictions in a state of global, perpetual, imperialist warfare.

How does that truism go? One takes a long, circuitous, torturous journey only to return to the place from which one started. Back to the future.

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