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Above is the heading from below, a report about Iraq a couple of weeks ago, October 12.
Understatement, at the very least, and, that which I have been following for some time on my posts, since Sadr's first military confrontation and forced abdication.
Well, let's look at a name mentioned in the report below, Iranian Al-Rubaie, connected with/to Iran and Sadr, former Iraq National Security Advisor and Torturer in Chief, also dethroned, who addressed CSIS on October, 2007, when the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Iran-Contra cabal was in power and which I featured on one of my posts from my initial blog.

In turn, Sadr connected to the also deposed Chalabi.
To paraphrase a song about anatomy,
"The thigh bone is connected to the knee bone..." and so on.

(Here's the little children's ditty to which I refer, in case you do not know it: HERE

Or, if you prefer, two slightly different versions: HERE and HERE )

For reference and a refresher, in case anyone is interested, I will re-link to Torturer in Chief, Iranian Rubaie's, talk at CSIS below.

But, then, there is Allawi, mentioned below, definitely a preferred candidate in this horse race due to his good Wall St., Establishment connections and credentials, and Mashhadani, not mentioned below, but, former Iraq parliamentary speaker, connected with the MECATAC, Hillary Clinton, Iraq National Investment Commission crowd and event, which JUST occured this month only a few days ago and also featured on one of my posts.

And, of course, let's not forget, the all powerful Baghdad Oil Minister, Shahristani, son-in-law of NAZI Iran's Mullah Sistani, at the center of this conflict.
Can't get more intimate and cozy than those familial relationship.

And, the KRG Talabani/Barzani who do not wish to give up THEIR sole authority over Kirkuk, since that would terminate, curtail, impinge on THEIR budding personal energy empire and investments, amongst others, their partnership with British sleazebag and mercenary Tony Buckingham's Heritage Oil and Turkey's Genel Enerji.

But, recall, Turkey's white knight, their military, rides to the rescue and promised, assured they will INVADE and OCCUPY Northern Iraq IF Kirkuk is NOT integrated and stabilized in a territorially unified government and country.
Turkey's military will NOT accept an independent Kurdistan/Kirkuk.
So, the 800 pound military gorilla and game changer in the region, Turkey's military, sits not so quietly waiting in the wings, since they have been pounding, bombing the PKK for some time now, although, sitting here, you would never know it.

Keeping track of all these many moving people, parts, interests jumping around on the chessboard gets very complicated, especially since SOME, not all, names and characters are new to me and difficult ones and, of course, I have a major language disadvantage.
But, fortunately, I get alittle help and insight occasionally from other Arab sources, blogs, which make life a bit easier.

As to speculation about just who did the recent bombings in Iraq, one of two culprits emerge.

Either a message, reminder, from Iran's Shitty Shite proxies about the damage they can inflict IF they are sidelined in Iraq's upcoming elections OR vica-versa, since the targets were/are all Iranian proxies, as far as I know.
After all, we JUST had a major suicide bombing on Iran's Revolutionary Guards near the Pakistan border, indicating high level, deep penetration.
And some Iranian Revolutionary Guards were just arrested, captured, as well, on the Iran/Pak border area.
And, as the bombs exploded, Iraq's election law was postponed, once again.
Of course, as I have said, while everybody was blabbing about Israel bombing Iran, a rouse, the US opened a second front on Iran's Western side through its Pakistan ally.
Do recall, as I warned, promised, advised, and posted, Hillary Clinton is a FORMIDABLE adversary.
When she promises, admonishes someone, "there will be CONSEQUENCES", a phrase left intentionally vague and unspecified, there are and were CONSEQUENCES shortly thereafter, with more forthcoming.
And, now the article to which I refer, above/below:

And, as promised above, for reference, refresher, Iranian Torturer in Chief, Al-Rubaie's CSIS address in October, 2007:

And, then, an extra tidbit thrown in, reminder, below, for good measure, regarding Zurich Insurance, or, as I knew them, Zurich Reinsurance.

However, as T. Boone Pickens said, the US foot the bill, so, the US will decide who gets what.

All else are merely piggybacking opportunistically on the Middle East privatizing, speculative, orchestrated bubble, coordinated from the GCC, thanks to taxpayer largess of the greatest United Suckers and Assholes country on the planet, who continue subsidizing and making it all possible while, simultaneously, screwed in the rear pants by those same private corporations "making the world safe for THEIR own, reactionary, democracy, corporatocracy of private profits":
"Zurich Seeks Mideast Expansion Through Dubai":

In case you are unfamiliar with Zurich Insurance, here's alittle something about Zurich:

So, stay tuned.
Alot more fireworks forthcoming, just as I forecast and predicted some time ago, mopping up, regime change, congruency, long before Hillary came to office and basically promised the same in different words.

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