Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Following from previous posts regarding MECATAC, Hillary Clinton, former Iraq Parliament Speaker, Mashhadani and Iraq National Investment Commission conference, then, Pakistan's subsequent covert hit on Iran's Revolutionary Guards and recent speculation about Iraq's most current bombing, a number of developments lead to the same conclusion.
While the most recent bombings occured, Iraq's election law was supposed to have been debated/discussed/resolved in Parliament. Did NOT happen.
ALSO, importantly, Parliament was supposed to "grill" Baghdad Oil Minister and son-in-law of Iran's Mullah Sistani, Shahristani.
That, too, did NOT happen.

So, now, the following report:

"Shahristani Set For Showdown" (on Nov 11, according to the following):

Now, here's another report following from whom I said to be the prefered candidate in this horse race and the coalition, alliances surrounding him in my previous posts and above:
"Allawi-Mutlak Consolidation...":

And, here's something I found really interesting.
Apparently, "reports" exist in the Arab media, according to Layla's posts, that Hussein's daughter has been approached.
This does not surprise me and is absolutely, completely consistent with the above.
Actually, I had been wondering about her role for some time now.
But, as you can see from just a little snippet, glimpse, reminder, below, i
ndeed, she is a Baathist, but, a certain kind of Baathist, minus the nationalized, collectivized part of Baathism.
But, it is, along with the above, the Iranian and KRG virus antidote:

And, here is some more sabotage to add to everything else as Iraq violence spirals upwards towards its eventual denouement:
"Blast Rocks Kirkuk Export Link."
O.K. Guess who, which interests, dunnit:

The handwriting is SO CLEARLY on the wall.

The steps, the sequencing, the order, all leading to the inevitable conclusion.

As events escalate in Iraq/Iran, there is, as I said, a parallel, ongoing, related, shadow war, dance, regarding Russia, and its surrounding environs, SOME, not all, of which are detailed on Helmer's posts.
Again, necessary to figure out, know, who, which interests, gain, who, which interests lose and what or who is being traded off for whom, what, where, when, how, etc.
Here's alittle sample of what I mean:

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