Wednesday, October 21, 2009


First of all, let me say, with the exception of a handful of PRINCIPLED and courageous individuals, like Sal Rosselli, and people such as his/their NUHW organization, to which I have linked in previous posts, below, nothing would exist in this country but total and complete class betrayal, abdication, cooperation, capitulation, acquiescence, APPEASEMENT, compromise, opportunism and collaboration between and amongst our institutional, nominally organized, labor, class representatives and our Fascist/Nazi government objectives since the late 1940's, (1947 National Security Act), 1950's, McCarthy, US National Security State (NAZI) led anti-communist labor purges, replaced, neutered, and led, instead, by a coopted, cooperative, compliant, CIA, mafia front union hierarchy, very much involved in covert operations abroad, in Eastern Europe, particularly, tied together with the Democratic Party and whose pensions are invested in those same private corporations.

This pattern continues to the present day, best represented by our current, nauseating, SICK, debased, compromised Single Payer debacle, as well.

Consequently, I pay NO attention to ANY of the much ballyhooed, orchestrated, diversionary, tactics and theatrics designed to make one believe, both here and abroad, that some sort of independent class opposition and movement exists.

They function merely as diversionary distractions, noise, divide and conquer tactics, Quixotic, impotent battles, a useless waste of one's valuable time and energy.
If you see ANY of it/them on the media, ANYWHERE, you can be sure it is one of the above, a made for TV, manufactured, media operation.

The other distraction continues to be AWAY from the earthquake epi-center of the Iraq/Iran/Baghdad/KRG war conundrum, theatre of privatization and its upcoming, crescendoing Middle East events and competing, conflicting, imperialist factions, interests, explosion about which I have been writing for so long.
At this point, in addition to Single Payer, I pay NO attention whatsoever to ANY of the energy contracts presumably being signed, written, negotiated by Iraq's, so-called NAZI "puppet government," BECAUSE, AGAIN, EXCERPT here, link following below:

"...But there is no agreement in Iraq on who has authority to approve the deals. The oil ministry says cabinet ratification is enough. Some MPs say only parliament has the authority. Oil firms fear future governments could tear up old contracts..."


And, that FACT is at the nub, the heart of the intractable conflict, explosion, about which I have been writing for so long.

So, one of the NAZI BIG LIE, characterization, false dichotomy techniques, is to present Iran, or, Russia, or any other nation, as a principled opposition to the US, West, NATO, etc.

They ALL, presently, function as imperialist nations, NAZI/Fascist Dictatorships at this point, with specific, competing, particular private interests either benefiting or losing.

And, they proceed to ignore, deny and whitewash dehumanizing, brutal, barbarian tactics, no less so than the NAZIS in WWII or any/all other competing imperialist wars or projects of capital accumulation, exploitation, empire, etc., before and/or after WWII.

But, to present it in the fashion, the way I do, above, is like presenting Single Payer in the US the WAY I DO.

The logic, or, illogic, of the Big Lie and false dichotomy technique follows along, including the other Big, Biggest Lie, upon which others rest, historically, Stalin's role and the Soviet Union, the USSR, in WWII and afterwards.

PRIVATE, imperialist, NAZI/Fascist contradictions are the ANTITHESIS of the former USSR and its Communist, Bolshevik revolution and dictatorship.
They are polar, antithetical opposite forms of ownership and economic systems.
And THAT is THE bottom line.

Yet, consistently, the above categories are intentionally represented, or, misrepresented, construed, confused, defined by historical and theoretical revisionists, ideologues, apologists as one and the same.

With such logic or illogic, sophistry, obscurantism, certainly, I am sure, without a shadow of a doubt, the earth is flat and God created the entire Universe in 7 days, including all Earth's inhabitants.
And, just to illustrate ALL my points above, I thought I would link to someone else's article:

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