Monday, October 19, 2009


Well, following my previous posts, warnings, promises, below, (SEE MECATAC, Hillary Clinton, etc.), regarding US policy and ESCALATING mopping up, regime change, congruency in Iraq/Iran, while everyone's gaze is INTENTIONALLY deflected, diverted away onto what Israel may or may not do, or, Afghanistan, there is/was a BIG tactical SURPRISE hit on Iran's EASTERN flank, border, emanating from US ally Pakistan.

In case anyone has not noticed it, it is Iran, not the US, now sandwiched between a TWO front war theatre, Iraq on their Western side, Pakistan in the East.
The US has adroitly turned the tables on Iran's Revolutionary Guard regime in a CLEVER, SURPRISE, ANNOUNCED move, provocation, while everybody is busy blathering about Israel and/or Afghanistan.
And, furthermore, the US can claim plausible deniability.

So far, NO mention has been made by ANYBODY, except me, of course, about the connection of these events to/with Iran's crypto Islamic NAZI Revolutionary Guards and militias IN Iraq, Iraq's upcoming elections and forthcoming Middle East EXPLOSION.

Additionally, Iran's present NAZI Islamic Mullah Revolutionary Guard regime MUST, IN ONE WAY or another, respond to such a PROVOCATION.
Catch-22. Checkmate.
Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
If they retaliate, ANYWHERE, it becomes cannon fodder, casus belli, for further action, sanctions, international isolation, etc.
If they do not respond, they are compromised.
Either way, they lose.

And, for more about the UPCOMING, INEVITABLE Iraq/Iran regime change, mopping up, congruency, BIG BANG scenario, a few selective, representative headlines, of which there are too many for me to itemize, in addition, of course, to the recent, ongoing, "expose" of Galbraith and DNO:

"Heritage Hit By Ending of Oil Exports":

"Iraq Lawmakers Warn On Oil Deals."

This story is reported in many different versions by numerous sources now.
I simply chose one link randomly.
But, of course, I have been saying this on MY BLOG for some time now.
All they are doing is recapitulating what I have been forecasting FOR REASONS I have explained repeatedly on this blog:

Italian ENI is having "second thoughts,":

Sinopec Drops from Iraqi Oil Bidding:

And so on.

Meanwhile, once again, as a "Public Service Announcement," so to speak, I have linked, below, to PRESIDENT Hillary CLINTON'S State Dept Press Conference, Briefing, about US Sudan policy, today.
It is/was carried on C-Span and is available through their website.

But, here is a direct link.
Once again, pay attention to PRESIDENT Clinton for official US POLICY and less, relatively speaking, doublespeak.
Forget all euphemistic, amorphous, vague terms.
When Clinton PROMISES "consequences," as she did regarding Iran, you can take that promise to the bank:

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