Monday, October 12, 2009


Here are just a FEW of the many global events from an ongoing, ESCALATING, INTENSIFYING, orchestrated, NAZI/Fascist privatization anschluss and terror unleashed first by the horrific, obscene, abysmal dissolution of the USSR.
In Greece:

In Turkey:

In Mexico:

"Mexico Shuts Down State Run Power Company," which was reported previously at the labornotes website, to which I will link, once again, below:

And, here is the labornotes link to which I refer above and our TYPICAL AFL-CIA, SEIU despicable divide and conquer, betrayal, collusion and collaboration pattern of behaviour:

MEANWHILE, just a few days before the above, coincidentally, another set of NAZI thugs and scumbags met together:

"Mexico Meets UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah Zayed al Nahyan":,_officials/37826.htm

And the privatization juggernaut rolls on in Russia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, the greater Middle East, Iceland, etc.,etc.
Take your pick which kind of battle you prefer.
A direct, outside, NAZI Iran/US/Kurdish military intervention, occupation and terror regime in Iraq, or, extortion, blackmail, threats, criminal financial subterfuge, in Iceland, for example, or, a massive covert domestic and military one in Afghanistan and overt coup in what was once the former Soviet Union and/or direct capitulation, collaboration, cooptation, debasement and involvement of United Suckers and Assholes organized, institutionalized labor unions in ALL the above.

And, then, afterwards, come back and talk to me about human rights abuses and other empty rhetoric.
And why the historical characteristic NAZISM/FASCISM is not an applicable one.
"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King."

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