Saturday, October 10, 2009


Clearly, the following below/above represents the beginning of the end, the internationally ORCHESTRATED culmination of the INTRACTABLE KRG/Baghdad/Iran confrontation, reaching its apex, climax.
Timing of the following scandalous expose about Galbraith and DNO is NOT an accident.
Most clearly, it was known previously.
All of this, including the article and link following this one about Iran's Revolutionary Guard is part of a mopping up, regime change, congruency scenario I forecast sometime ago MUST/WILL happen, accelerating within the upcoming months:

Additionally, for example, below:
"Iran Probes 7.9 bln Dollar Privatisation Deal":
Excerpt first, link following, MY emphasis in BOLD:

"TEHRAN, Oct 10, 2009 (AFP) - Iran is probing the 7.9 billion dollar privatisation of a state-owned telecoms company after allegations one of the buyers was linked to the elite Revolutionary Guards Corps, media reports said on Saturday...."

And, then, of course, strict, severe, Iranian sanctions to be imposed, as well.
And, my post just below about the REAL timing of US Iraq troop withdrawals, PENDING developments in Iraq in January, 2010...

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