Friday, February 29, 2008


If you live in the US, the best of the pseudo-Left narratives TRYING to explain Kosovo's recent declaration of independence utilizes Camp Bondsteel and the AMBO (Albania, Macedonia,Bulgaria Oil) pipeline as underlying, ulterior motives for Kosovo's sudden actions.
But, all of the above was well known, advanced, planned A LONG, LONG TIME ago, with the Yugoslav war.
It does nothing to explain the questions I asked in my previous blog.
Why Kosovo independence NOW??
What was the immediate necessity?
What changed?
None of the narratives I've seen, above, bothers to note or mention Gazprom's recent deal with Serbia in late January, 2008, immediately after Serbia accommodated US/Iraq interests to wipe out Iraq's debts,
"Russia, Serbia, Sign South Stream Gas Pipeline Deal":

In addition to not mentioning the above gas deal, needless to say, our pseudo-Left does not bother noting, either, the renaissance of the Croatian Ustashe:

nor, of course, Nazi resurgence globally, including, I contend, right here in the nature of prototype Nazi organized Obama rallies, as well.
Equally unmentioned is Kuwait's recent financial dealings with Albania, (greater Albania, of course), further developments in the GCC countries, from whence everything else is currently flowing, and, now, Prince Alwaleed, the largest single investor in the ubiquitous, octupus corporation, Citigroup, is "receiving"the President of Bosnia.
In the following link, one can note the right hand side bar to see ALL those Prince Alwaleed has been receiving from around the globe, recently.
Prince Alwaleed is a very busy man and a very sociable fellow:

As part of the latest in the greatest story never told, an upcoming, April 2008, "Iraq Investment Summit in Dubai."
Where else, of course?
In Kansas, USA, perhaps?

And, as for Egypt's EFG-Hermes, their profits for 2007 were a whopping 82.5%!!
And, Dana Gas continues its expansion with the UAE.

John Helmer is always insightful in analyzing the struggles between Putin and the Statists, the re-nationalists, versus private interests and oligarchs in Russia.
Two important articles exist on this subject regarding Russian steel and Russian oligarchs.
First, John Helmers insightful narrative, then, the simpler one from the official Russian news agency on the same subject.
From Helmer first:

Then, the more straightforward one, "Gazprom to Control Coal and Electricity Markets":

Wouldn't it be nice, simple and straightforward if they/Putin merely re-appropriated everything which had been nationalized in the first place. Instead, he/they go thru this torturous, complicated, winding route, with half plus one state control, I suppose, to tantalize, placate and buy-off private interests.
Speaking of steel, right here, in the US, I nearly fell off my chair, when someone telephoned into C-Span, suggesting/demanding that "we," in the US "should nationalize our basic industries!!"
I am hoping he came upon this idea himself and was not reading my blog. Thus, for sure, I know at least two of us exist in the US.
He said he was located in California.
So, now, we have equal representation, one on each coast.
Of course, it should ALL be nationalized, our natural resources, our basic industries and certainly our defense industries not to mention health care. But, that's the "N" word and in this country, NO candidate, whatsoever, certainly no mafioso union leader, is going to raise the "N" word, even not Ralph Nader, I'm quite sure.
Anyone doing that will surely get their head blown off.

Now, returning to the subject of Turkey, Kurdistan, Iraq, Iran.
Turkey's recent, independent military intervention into northern Iraq/Kurdistan has threatened to upset the best laid plans of these Fascist mice and men.
Turkey's Fascist, Islamic, AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises" is aligned both with the other Fascist/criminal enterprises in Iran, the KRG, the US and their collective puppet regime in Baghdad.
This puts Turkey's military into opposition to the Fascist interests of the AKP, the KRG, the US and Iran and, of course, the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr.
The whole ball of wax is unraveling, thanks to Turkey's Kemalist military and NO THANKS TO ANYONE, WHATSOEVER IN THE US, except for my lonely, little blog, of course.
So, conflicting reports exist as to exactly what is occurring around Turkey's military and it's recent advance into Kurdistan.

Here's two, taken together, that I think best reflect what is happening, "Turkey, US, In Row Over Pullout":

And then," Turkish Army to Set Up Security Corridor in Iraq..."

Clearly what appears to have happened under US pressure is some sort of feigned compromise. A stalemate. Turkey's military declared a temporary halt, cease-fire in its active military assault while holding forth its possibility, at any moment, to reengage.
The sword of Damocles remains poised like low hanging fruit.

Now, since I began this blog discussing recent events in Kosovo, allow me, please,to go one step further and discuss both Kosovo and Iraq under the same breath.
For all those busy either just discovering, or, rediscovering Kosovo, Albania as the narco-terrorist state which they both are and have been since their inception, (see many articles on this subject by Prof. Chossudovsky, amongst others) in addition to the Nazi Croatian Ustashe revivalism that goes unmentioned except for Jared Israel's website,, these exact same folks can't manage to find and classify Turkey's AKP, the KRG, Baghdad's government, the "Butcher of Baghdad," Sadr, Maliki, Iran IN Iraq and the US as another Fascist/Nazi criminal puppet regime.
What is the difference between Kosovo/Albania, the former Yugoslavia's dismemberment and the following proposed division of Iraq?
"Shiite Leader Calls for Autonomous Shiite Region in Iraq," not to mention Kurdistan, above, as well:

The following, in conjunction with the preceding, "Maliki: Sadr Essential in the New Iraq":

Along with the voluminous information available at the following:


I might add, it has occurred to me the timing of Sadr's supposed "cease fire" coincides with American Presidential elections politics.
Will the supposed "ceasefire" terminate in November?

When I characterize the positions of the entire US pseudo-Left, fake Left, officially sponsored and led "peace movement" and Ramsey Clark at the so-called India Anti-Imperialist Conference and the ANSWER coalition and our 'liberals" as collaborationist's and apologists for Nazi, Fascist regimes, barbarism, torture, ethnic cleansing, genocide, I mean exactly what I'm saying.
This is not a minor distinction, "academic," intellectual hairsplitting.
This has real, big, giant repercussions in real people's lives, whose entire populations are traumatized, dislocated, displaced, pauperized, relocated.
Is there any difference between the situation of the diaspora of Iraqi refugees escaping from the barbaric, primitive Nazi style regimes of the Iranian/Kurdish/US/Israel sponsored criminal puppet government in Baghdad and that of Kosovo, Albania and the former Yugoslavia?

Of course, the greatest dismemberment was the former Soviet Union, which allowed for all else to follow.
Is it any surprise that the former Eastern Europe is a source of private Western investment and cheap labor. After all, isn't it the same plan as Hitler's, without tanks?

Where will it all stop?
At whose, which countries doorstep?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


In my previous blog of February 24, 2008, I had information about a recently concluded, all star studded cast at the International Finance Forum in Dubai.
But, another conference is scheduled, again, for April, 2008, with our newly discovered love affair at the "International Islamic Finance Forum" in Dubai, of course, where else.
As the following headline says, the "Gulf Mega-Sukuk Issues [are] A Rich Man's Club":

But, this particular conference is somewhat different from all the others, slightly unusual.
("Why is this night different from all others?")
Well, at this upcoming conference of rich men/women, an event called, "Guru Day" will be featured.
What and/or whom, pray tell, is Guru Day at this rich mans conference?
The answer is really good, precious, audacious, chutzpah, balls!
(Someone provide the Arabic equivalent?)
None other than, Prof. Yunus, the fellow from India's Grameen Bank, the Noble prize winner, the guy who throws out a few crumbs to the poor!
This is "rich."
He will be Guru for the Day at the rich mans club!!
If that is not appropriate, I do not know what is?!
That really sums it all up in a nutshell. Shades of Charles Dickens lives on.
It really does not get much better than this, does it?
I have a suggestion for all the Iraqi and Palestinian refugees living in Syria, Jordan, the Middle East.
Show up, storm this conference and demand your rights!!

partnership/acquisition with While on this subject, readers may recall my many previous blogs on Turkey's Akbank, Akbank'sCitigroup, and, as well, Iran's Parsian, the large celebration of this event at NYC's prestigious Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.
This was all last year around May, 2007, in my previous blog, to which I can't link, unfortunately.
Well, here's a followup on all this, "Akbank on Top in Brand Value":

In addition, Turkey's criminal, Islamic AKP government, who passion is to sell state enterprises, is still considering selling off/privatizing Turkey's highways and bridges!!
The last time I read they were considering selling water and lakes as well.
After wiping out the KRG, Ataturk's military needs to turn around and wipe out the AKP next and renationalize its industries and resources.
But, before returning to Istanbul, they need first to finish the job they started in Iraq by going on to Baghdad and wipe out the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr's militia.
Then, they can return to Istanbul to deal with the AKP.
Meanwhile, as I write, I'm aware, more riots ensue and tear gas in Bosnia as the Serbian opposition and resistance, the re-emergent ANTI-FASCISTS, who, of course, receive NO support from our fake, pseudo-American Left, attempt to storm the US consulate.
Putin/Russia/Gazprom continues it's previous gas agreement with Serbia.
While Putin/Russia is supporting Serbia, which is good, nonetheless, Russia recognizes, gives legitimacy and accepts the other Iranian/Kurdish/American puppet Nazi regime in Iraq.
Lukoil still wants its contracts.
And Putin/Gazprom plays footsie with Iran's Islamic Fascist regime and its puppet government in Iraq because Gazprom needs Iran to counter US influence and Nabucco.
This is a mistake.
Compromising with Fascism is like being alittle bit pregnant.

Monday, February 25, 2008


For joy, for joy.
It does my heart good to see Kemal Ataturk's military go marching into northern Iraq/Kurdistan region, bypassing US admonitions, upsetting the applecart, causing apoplexy amongst the plans of the Fascist KRG and the equally Fascist US government.
And, of course, simultaneous, militant resistance and opposition in Serbia reasserts itself around Nazi Kosovo/Albania expansionism.
And, equally good news out of Pakistan's resistance and the UK:

Nothing like this will happen in the US for all the reasons I've enumerated on my previous blogs, from the dominance of the pseudo-Left Ramsey Clark and ANSWER coalition
(see my February 20, 2008 entry on the subject of Ramsey Clark, the Milosevic trial, Ramsey Clark's role in the recent India International Anti-Imperialist Conference and their/his political resolutions )
to our Foundation/CFR/State Dept funded UFPJ, Democracy Now, an alphabet soup of organizations and individuals.
For a BRIEF recap on the preceding grouping and their funding, see the following:

Between these two flip sides of one another constitutes the American pseudo-Left, their agenda predetermined, preset, circumscribed and contained.
Of course, the labor/union movement, the most critical element, is also amongst the missing in the US, because it, too, is mafia controlled and co-opted, its pension monies invested into major corporate institutions, its hierarchy controls absolutely from the top down, rather than the bottom up.
How all the above came to be is tied up in the extensive history surrounding my entry of January 21, 2008, "American Pornography,"

supplanting the militant leadership and organizations that came out of the 1930s, 1940s with the above for purposes of a new "Cold War," "containment," and rollback of Communist victories everywhere as a consequence of WWII.
The fact that an opposition emerged in the US in the late 1960s, early 1970s, was primarily due to a universal, military DRAFT and large numbers of conscripted young men dying, maimed, wounded, debilitated in the Vietnam War.
That resistance, too, was contained, as much as possible, by the same interests, and, when necessary, assassinations and infiltration occurred causing disunity.
No permanent, lasting organization emerged from it.
Not like the union movement of the 1930s and 1940s, the CIO and its corresponding organized political parties.
Putting all the above factors together, the reader can now readily understand why I say no organized, independent resistance and opposition exists in the US and why none will exist for a long, long time to come.
This, for example, is why such a fundamental, basic issue as universal, SINGLE PAYER health care, NO INSURANCE COMPANIES, is NOT on the agenda of ANY US Presidential candidate or party or, more significantly, labor unions, EXCEPT for the small, independent parties and candidates, such as Ralph Nader and the Green Party.
Nor, of course, a general strike even a remote possibility here for any reason whatsoever.
Labor militancy does not exist.
Our unions are mere handmaidens for their corporate parents, sponsors and partners.
They stroll hand and hand together down the beaches of foreign countries in the privatization project and counter-revolution, as they functioned previously in Eastern Europe, a la Jay Lovestone.
And, certainly, the "N" word, NATIONALIZATION NEVER mentioned by any political party or candidate.
This is the reality of US society, such as it is, not wishful thinking or subjective fantasies.
In order to overcome, confront and/or change it, one must first analyze it correctly.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


It defies credulity and belief to me that recent events in the GCC are SIMPLY BEING TOTALLY IGNORED BY EVERYONE, except, of course, my lonely little blog.
Following are all press releases, thus, publicly advertised events, such as most of the information on my previous entries, developments I followed for years.
From the recently concluded and, of course, star-studded, well attended, Institute of International Finance conference in Dubai,
"Rapidly Increasing Links Seen Developing Between GCC & Key Financial Institutions & Global Economy & Capital Markets":

From my many previous posts related to Egypt's EFG-Hermes which is, in turn, connected to Citigroup and to the recent Egypt's EMG-BG-Palestine-Israel gas conflict and war, (see my post of January 27, 2008 regarding BG-EMG gas conflict),
"EFG-Hermes Expands Reach thru the Al Massy Fund":

Another pertinent statistic/fact, the largest investor in Egypt is the UAE and Egypt is the regions largest Arab market.
Don't ask me how "arab" is defined.
"They," in the press, use the descriptive term, not I.
I ASSUME it denotes Arab speaking.
Following along on the ever pertinent, pervasive, other MAJOR story, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil expansion, "Dana Gas and [Kuwaits] Ikarus Petroleum Enter Into Strategic Alliance":

This follows all my previous and many posts about the interconnected directorships of Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, Hamid Jafar, Crescent Oil contracts in northern Iraq, Kurdistan, as well as southern Iraq, Dana Gas and Iran, and the Pakistan Opportunity Fund, not to mention anything and all else.
Of course, if nobody manages to note any of the above, it is no wonder, as the same folks have been unable to find much of anything else, including the following about Sadr, Hezbollah, Iran in Iraq, etc.:

Meanwhile, Turkish troops continue pouring into northern Iraq, the Kurdistan region.
Fighting ensues.
Hurrah for Turkeys military! Go Ataturk!!
The Establishment, here, to put it mildly, became hysterical over these events, their possibilities, what it will/does portend for THEIR plans.
They are all working overtime to try to curb the Turkish military influence and independence. Barzani is hysterical.
The apples are spilling out everywhere, helter skelter.
And, back here, at the domestic homefront, Hillary Clinton, in one of the rare moments she said something worthwhile, accused the Republican strategist, Karl Rove, of helping orchestrate the Obama Nazi rallies.
(She did NOT use the term Nazi. I do.)
Lots of folks are discussing the use of "crossover" voting in the primaries by Republicans and "independents" to help the vacuous, straw man, the Nazi Obama, defeat the other Fascist, Hillary.
The only question in my mind is whether or not Obama is being intentionally set up by his Republican strategists to win the primaries in order to be brought down in the General Elections in November.
Meanwhile, Ralph Nader declared his independent candidacy for President, today.
I would like to caution everyone that I have not found Nader to be a very knowledgeable person on foreign affairs.
That does not seem to be his forte, whether by accident or design.
He's a generalist.
But, he's head and shoulders above all the others in domestic affairs and his independent campaign will certainly open up many doors.
He will raise issues and demands NOT discussed and he presents an alternative, a real choice, to people totally fed up and disgusted both with Democrats and Republicans.
Finally, in addition, following from previous posts and John Helmer's article, below,
(my blog of February 22, 2008) regarding Gazprom, Nigeria, Kosovo, the Baltics, etc.,
"US Commission of Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission) Holds Briefing with Edward Lucas former Moscow Bureau Chief of the Economist," and author of a recently published book, "The New Cold War":

If you haven't figured all this out by now, you are hopelessly dense.

Friday, February 22, 2008


In a previou
s blog, I asked the question, Why Kosovo NOW?
(See my blog entry from February 13, 2008).
I indicated that only last month in January, 2008, Serbia agreed to cancel Iraq's debts.
It seemed odd and self-destructive to me if the Serbian leadership offered to help out the West by cancelling Iraq's debt that the Serb leadership knew Kosovo would declare independence only a month later.
Would not debt cancellation be a bargaining chip, one would think?
Why would the Serbian leadership be that stupid?
What happened?
Were they double-crossed, completely useless and collaborationist?
I theorized in my blog of February 13 that the ONLY MAJOR event that took place between mid January 2008 and now was Serbia's deal with Russia's state owned Gazprom, and, thus, the urgency to block Gazprom with an independently declared Kosovo/Albania/NATO state.
Gazprom versus Nabucco.
Here's an article by the indefatigable John Helmer, ostensibly, in the heading, about Gazprom and Nigeria, but, as you will see when you read it, more on why the above seems to ME to be THE primary explanation for the SUDDEN urgency of events in Kosovo as well as further interconnections regarding Iran, the Baltics, and so forth.
Also at stake, however, it seems to me, in the following article, altho not specifically stated, is the meaning of "privatization" versus nationalization, IF Nigeria's industry were to ally itself with state run Gazprom instead of PRIVATE Western corporations:

Along similar lines, John Helmer has another piece about the Russian oligarchs versus Putin:

If anybody thinks I'm promoting Helmer, I am.
I think his articles are excellent.
I've never seen a bad one and I would encourage people to read him.
Meanwhile, as Private Establishment Plans unravel just about everywhere, particularly, Turkey, there is great haste and desperation, as was done in the former Soviet Union, for Turkey's Islamic AKP government to
"....Pick Up Pace of Reforms":

This comes simultaneous, of course, as Turkey's criminal Islamic AKP government recognizes the other criminal Islamic Kosovo government while Turkey's military moves in an opposite direction, completely overturning the regional applecart by penetrating Kurdistan, challenging Kurdistan's separatists and the PKK.
In my previous blog, below, February 20, 2008,
("Gulf House to Form First Energy Bank, Obama, Fascism, the Psuedo-Left") I demonstrated, once more, how the "Left is the Right" in this country regarding Ramsey Clark's previous role with Milosevic's trial and India's recent "anti-imperialist conference," his/their political resolutions supporting Kurdistan, Hezbollah, Iran, against Turkey, etc.
A direct extension or example of the same phenomena is amply demonstrated in the following discussion, another fictitious ethnic narrative, speaking hypocritically out of both and/or all sides of their mouths ( one of the speakers happens to be an advisor to Obama, as if it matters): a

It's not difficult to understand why nobody here bothers to support or mention Greeces's recent general strike and Turkey's historic demonstrations, nor, any real resistance anywhere, for that matter, including the obvious, coordinated events in the GCC.
Regarding the GCC and Kosovo, I had previously posted information that Kuwaiti representatives were busy recently making visits to Albania and setting up new laws to streamline investments in Albania.
Everybody understands that Kosovo will become part of a "greater Albania."
In case you still haven't gotten it, in our newfound Islamic love affair, "Islamic Equity Funds Triple in 5 Years":

And, here's an update on another group nobody here supports for reasons which ought to be obvious, by now, from all of the above and my preceeding blogs, "PTUDC in Canada":

But, of course, here, our Fascist, mafia unions can't manage to find, locate, notice, or support the Turkish or Greek general strikes, or, any others for that matter.
Instead, our unions, limited as they are, are busy, instead, investing their pension funds into the GCC, Pakistan and so on, and, of course, supporting Obama and the Democratic Party.
They can't even manage to support a single-payer health care system in the US.
And, hey, folks, if we can't have it, neither can you!
The idea is to bring the rest of the globe DOWN to this appalling, abysmal level.
Finally, I must add a postscript to a previous blog.
An astute observer mentioned to me that former NATO Commander Wesley Clark MAY, instead of getting a VP position as I had suggested, previously, become Defense Secretary in either an Obama or Clinton Presidency.
He might be right.
Either way, he's sure to be there, either VP or Defense, either Clinton or Obama.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Following my previous blog, below, from February 17, about the GCC Gulf House's declared 95% dividend, "Gulf Finance House to Form 'First Energy Bank' The Regions First Bank Tailored to the Energy Sector":

Further, "Iran Looks on UAE as 'Second Home":

And "UAE PM Holds Talks in Iran to Expand Ties":

Multiple sources exist on all of the above. I've picked just a few links for representative purposes, the simplest, easiest ones. Layla Anwar's blog, "arab woman newsbytes"
has further information and is reproduced on
And, Layla has the decided advantage I do NOT, access to Arab language sources.

While all this occurs, NOT covered in the US, AS WELL, is the flip side, ongoing, militant, organized labor resistance to Turkey's upcoming privatization at one of its state companies, Tebel, (not to mention their previous historic demonstrations against the AKP):

And, ongoing Eygptian labor resistance, as well as elsewhere, in the Gulf:

Further, Turkey's military continues its independent campaign upsetting the applecart,
"Turkey Mulls Land Operation Against PKK, Barzani Will Not Remain Silent":

The next "crisis," simultaneous to Kosovo, is now unfolding.
Egypt, of course, as well as Turkey's Islamic AKP is also busy privatizing. Turkey's Islamic AKP government, predictably, supported Kosovo independence. I wonder IF Cindy Sheehan was with the striking Egyptians as she was busy defending the Muslim Brotherhood?

(See my blog from February 14, regarding Cindy Sheehan and the Muslim Brotherhood): )

Speaking of the odd couple, the Muslim Brotherhood and Cindy Sheehan, I am going to discuss interconnection between ALL of the above and the response to my previous blog, February 16, which illicted an enormous response. All is interconnected.

In my previous blog about Obama, February 16, I linked, for comparison purposes, to information from the tenc website about Marko Perkovic's revived Nazi Croatian Ustashe rallies. ( )
However, the tenc website ALSO did some excellent work, previously, about Ramsey Clark's presence at the former trials of the Yugoslavian leader, Milosevic. From the tenc website, beginning with May, 2003 and following thru in a series of articles EXPOSING previous US Attorney General Ramsey Clark's psuedo defense role in the Milosevic trials:

Ramsey Clark, as noted, is/was attached to the "Left" International Action Center, here, in the US, and, they, in turn, to the ANSWER coaliton in the US, which sponsors lots of demonstrations.
Just this past year, only a few months ago, in November 27-29, 2007, the same Ramsey Clark was THE US representative and, apparently, from what I read, President, at an international,
"All India Anti-Imperlialist Forum," in India.
I want to draw EVERYONE'S attention to the "political resolutions" adopted at this presumed Left international forum, approximately half or two thirds down the text, note especially, those "political resolutions" numbered, #3, #4 and #5, (supporting Hizbullah, Nassrallah and Kurdistan, opposing Turkey):

It becomes abundantly clear just what purpose Ramsey Clark served at this conference. The same one that is being served BY ALL OF THE ABOVE taken together.
The "Left," in the US, is the Right.
It is incumbent upon everyone and anyone who attended the preceeding conference to DISAVOW, REPUDIATE and DISASSOCIATE themselves and/or their organizations, from the above political resolutions.
They are disastrous and counter-revolutionary ones.
As for the Obama Nazi like rallies, more of the same. The responses I've gotten have confirmed my observations. And, many, many more questions are being asked, as well, too many to enumerate on this blog.

Interestingly, Obama, who likes to insist he's the "great uniter," objectively functions to split the Democratic Party in a contentious fracas in mafia like style.
Nobody seems to notice this glaring subjective and objective contradiction.
Obama says he likes and wants to work with Republicans across the board....
What we need, however, is just the opposite, OPPOSITION, NOT "bi-partisan class collaboration."
Obama should just declare himself a Nazi Republican??
Let's cut to the chase.
Finally, as a footnote, something I have LONG suspected, former NATO Commander Wesley Clark will very likely get the Vice Presidential slot, no matter which Fascist is finally annointed.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


The headline, above, grabbed my attention. One cannot argue this represents a hefty dividend, a major feat. Here's the article:

So, I decided I would profile this investment group because of its outstanding achievement, above. However, it is but one of many I've been following out of the GCC octupus. Let's look at our illustrative example alittle more. Here's something from earlier in February, 2007, just about a year ago, "Britons to Lead Gulf Finance House Expansion":

This is the management team at their website, from which, if you search around it, you can find out all the many places they are investing and more:

Here's another article about their inception, I believe, from 2001, when, interestingly, just about one month after the events of 9/11, October 2001, they were inaugurated, "GF House: An Innovator in Islamic Investment." There happens to be one sentence, in passing, in the following lengthly piece which mentions that "Citicorp became the first conventional bank to establish a separate subsidiary operating on Islamic principles...":

This most recent headline about the Gulf House's astronomical dividend caught my attention, additionally, because it reminded me of a similar one I had first highlighted, initially, on my May 27, 2006 blog, "Pakistan Market up 800%" in which I tied together a division of
Abraaj Captial, BMA Pakistan Opportunity Fund with Iraq's Hamid Jafar, Iraq's Cresent Oil, Dana Gas, UAE, etc. IF the link works, hopefully:

There's little difference between what nobody could previously find and now.
Meanwhile, as I write this blog, I am acutely aware the insanely criminal government of Kosovo declared its independence and "Europe as we know it is over," according to the Russian media. But, in reality, that statement should/could have been made with the end of the Soviet Union. I can't say what does and doesn't appear in the general milieu, in the media, abroad. I can say, for sure, collaboration and resurgence of Nazism in the states of the former Soviet Union, especially, Yugoslavia, the Croatian Ustashe, Albania, Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Caucasus, etc., is NOT a topic of discussion in the US. The great, unwashed, American masses go along oblivious to such events. They do not even know its happening.
So, while Jared Israel divulged some important information on this subject at his website about Yugoslavia, and, I've had plenty, as well, on my previous blogspots about the Baltics, PACE, etc., here's but one more in a long, growing, frightening list about the "...Glorification of Nazism in Ukraine...":

And, altho voluminous material exists on the internet about Kosovo, I offer this one article because the main reason stated for Yugoslavia's dismemberment is/was the role of Yugoslavia's voluntary military withdrawal AND as an advisory to everyone else--most importantly--presently, the Turkish military, and the remnants of the Pan-Arab movement:

Resist! Resist! Resist!
As for the US, no organized, independent, class movement/structures exist, as I've shown repeatedly. Instead, total and complete class collaboration, cooptation, capitulation, mass ignorance, disinformation and confusion reignth instead.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


As an occasional diversion away from my usual posts, I couldn't help pondering the other day why or what it is, precisely, which makes the Obama phenomena so uniquely frightening to me. After all, Obama is just another in a long hit parade of hypocritical, political, corporate front men.
His advisers, contributors, are all of the same ilk as that of Hillary, McCain, Bush, Cheney, et al. They overlap.
He and they are marinated in sleaze.
Obama's Chicago background is terrible.
His wife, Michelle, is another corporate front woman.
And, Obama just got the endorsement of a real Mafia style union, "Change to Win."
So, what makes the Obama campaign any different than any of the others, I asked myself?
Bush is/was transparent, a total, complete, illiterate moron, a puppet who can't even read his own lines, unlike his predecessor, Reagan, who, at least, they realized when they picked him, is a professional actor, a perfect resume for the job.
Slick Willy, Bill Clinton, is, as was said, a marketable combination of all of the above articulate, entertaining, verbal.
A good front man.
Also, there are no questions as to just who and what McCain represents.
Ditto for Hillary.
So, I thought to myself, perhaps its just the vacuousness, platitudinous and preachy aspect of Obama's style that is so particularly nauseating and distasteful to me.
I can't stand seeing or hearing him.
It's like chalk squeaking on the blackboard.
But, then, I realized, that which I find frightening is something else, a descriptive word I used in a previous post.
I had previously used the word "zombies," to describe Obama rallies.
Obama's campaign and his followers have a cult like quality to them.
It's the whiff of demagoguery, reminiscent of Nazi/Fascist rallies and followers everywhere.
I then recalled how Jared Israel at The Emperors New Clothes website was describing the performances, concerts, and pictures of Croatian Ustashe Marko Perkovic.
( )
It was then that I realized why I found Obama's campaign so uniquely frightening.
The manner in which it is organized reminds me of the above.
I am not, in this entry, making the point in a well thought out, documented manner.
I'm really making it more to throw out the idea to see if anyone else observes this and thinks its correct.
I will wait until the campaign reaches closer to my doorstep to see just who is going to these rallies, how they are organized, for some first hand research.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Turkey's unilateral and independent minded military actions continue reverberating through corridors of US power upsetting their applecart, including plans for KRG separatism.

Thus, the following:
"Tension Rising in Ankara":

Turkey's domestic opposition to their "Islamic" AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises" continues mounting and resurfacing, refusing to die.
Bless Turkish nationalists, Kemalists and their opposition.
If Turkey's "Islamic" AKP government falls, collapses, militarily overturned, it would change the course of history forever and for everyone.
Implications of such an event would be far reaching, momentous, incalculable, dynamic. 

An entire Middle East project would collapse, along with everything else, an avalanche, a snowball of political and military related events cascading like dominoes throughout the Central Caucasus region, former Soviet Union, throughout the globe, as the series of reactionary Fascist/Nazi installed puppet governments disintegrates.
But, just to demonstrate to the rest of the world the utter, fantastic, incomprehensible stupidity, profound political ignorance of  "average" American citizens, following EXAMPLE from a more than "average" American is mind boggling, mind numbing, one that beggars belief:

What in God's name is Cindy Sheehan doing in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood???!!!
Who the hell put her up to this??
Was it Noam Chomsky and his ilk, perhaps?
Maybe same individual(s) who sold Venezuela's Chavez the Chomsky book which he waved around in the UN like an absolute fool and then proceeded to be suckered into his stupid referendum?
Whoever advise Chavez and Sheehan ought to be executed.
I do NOT meant that as a figure of speech.
I mean it literally.
They are spies, counterrevolutionaries and Fascist collaborators.
Morons, aiding and abetting the enemy, facilitating mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing.
If Cindy Sheehan wanted to do good, she could just cross over to the opposite side of the Mediterranean and join Turkish protests AGAINST their Islamic AKP.
Or, for that matter, join Iraq partisans, Baathists, nationalists, fighting against the "Islamic" brethren, the multitude of Iranian backed death squads, goons, militias, the Badr Brownshirts of Iraq's US installed regime.
THIS, the above, represents THE level of political awareness and sophistication in the US.
For all the endless amount of material I read on websites and blogs on the internet dissecting, explaining, elaborating, reiterating ad nauseum Fascist/Nazi aspects of interlocking US government/political/private and corporate economic interests, NONE attempts to ask or answer the question, WHY no effective organized opposition to above exists and "what is to be done."
No dialectical analysis and little, if any, history, at all.
Not an accident.

In my previous post from yesterday, I linked to a Greek general strike, (Cindy could also have done better joining them), which, as I said in that entry, would NEVER occur here.
THIS is the "missing link" in the US story.
There is an answer.
And, I've discussed it on previous entries.

Meanwhile, same day a Greek general strike occurs, coincidentally, Greek foreign minister, Dora Bakoyannis, gave a talk at the CSIS regarding the future of Southeast Europe.
If you want to access that talk, go to their website:

As for other chronic, intentional oversight, Kuwait and the US will be concluding a Free Trade Agreement shortly.
Another Arab Economic Summit in Kuwait in January, 2009.

And, here's one more "innocuous" tidbit, another insidious nail in the political and sectarian coffin,
"Jordon Imposes Visa Requirements on Iraq Refugees."
Aside from, "blaming the victim," note, in addition, in the following, it says to perform this visa service, Jordan contracted an unnamed "company in Iraq...a courier service..."!!??:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


In my entry of January 15, 2008, I showed Kuwait investing directly in Albania.
(I will link to the Jan 15 post subsequently, below).
While everybody discusses Kosovo's proposed CRIMINAL government and unilateral secession, once again, they seem not to notice CURRENT economic ties and relationship between Albania/Kosovo to other criminal governments, the GCC, Kuwait, acting as a conduit/surrogate.
At my previous blog, I had links about Manas Petroleum in Albania.
There is another, Bankers Petroleum.
Of course, in addition, the fight between Gazprom and Nabucco and then, lastly, the natural resources of Kosovo.
Yet, it seems very odd and contradictory given the present circumstances surrounding Kosovo that Serbia, just last month, cancelled Iraq's debts.
Here's the link to that story which I also had in a previous blog (January 17,2008) and, note the last few lines indicating a positive relationship between Milosevic and Hussein and who built what:

IF Serbia had contemplated that Kosovo would declare independence and separatism, why would Serbia have agreed to cancel Iraq's debts?
Certainly, they know everything I have on my blog and alot more.
Wouldn't it make sense to withhold it as a bargaining tool?
Maybe, an agreement was made which now was betrayed?
Or, was it a reversal necessitated at the last minute for some other reason?
To answer the last question, there would seem to be no other last minute change, no development necessitating a reversal other than a deal between Gazprom and Serbia.
That's the only major event that occurred between January 16 and now necessitating such momentous change.
Here's the direct link to my January 15, 2008 blog, referenced above:

And for the voluminous amount of material on Kosovo's criminal background, simply go to other websites such as: and/or

No sense in reinventing the wheel.
Meanwhile, here, back at the home front, occasionally listening to C-Span's early morning call-in program, the din and cacophony of voices keeps rising with people questioning Obama's clearly orchestrated meteoric rise.
Someone who called in apparently either figured it out himself, or, got a statistic that the number of people voting in the Democratic versus the Republican primaries is 4 to 1!!
(I cannot verify this persons statistic, one way or another.)
As he said, assuming it's correct, who are these voters, from whence are they coming?
Others have noted the complete void of substance, the zombie like phenomena of the rallies, any lack of criticism by the media and so on.
One might characterize the nebulous Obama the candidate of "All Things to All People."
Or, the "Feel Good Candidate."
Finally, as a PSA (Public Service Announcement) the following two items.
First, since Americans receive virtually no major foreign news, my congratulations and acknowledgement to those in Greece who are holding an extraordinarily militant GENERAL STRIKE over pension issues:

If the US had such an event, it would be tantamount to a revolution.
And, another note.
For those such as myself who regularly rely upon Layla Anwar's blog for reports from occupied Iraq, I was dismayed to find nothing since Friday.
I was made aware, however, there is a "computer problem."
So, hang in.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


There is no point in belaboring what I have had on my blogs for eons. It is quite clear nobody wishes to acknowledge what is a total and complete open secret, just like Iran's involvement in Iraq. Links are unneccesary. You can find this stuff almost everywhere on the internet. Russia agreed to forgive Iraq's debt. In return, Lukoil will be getting a cut of the pie. Putin is totally and completely compromised, held by the short hairs. Other than Gazprom, which, admittedly, is a big deal, Putin's ONLY ace up the sleeve, he's capitulated to his Fascist, oligarchic government. I'm waiting to see what happens, next, in Russia, with the Communist Party's Oleg Shenin running for President. That should be interesting.
Further, it is projected, as usual, in the GCC region, "Islamic" Bond sales could top $100 Billion by 2010.
It's in a report.
Meanwhile, in my previous blog from February 11, below, in Keith Harmon Snow's articles about Africa, he mentions Heritage Oil and Yemen, something I had had some time ago, myself, in one of my earlier blogs. Heritage, of course, is also in Kurdistan. I had MANY entries about Heritage and Kurdistan in my previous blogspot, particularly, asking the so-far unanswered question, Who is the Eagle Group of Iraq with whom Heritage partnered in Kurdistan from August 9, 2005. Since my previous blogspot continues to be blocked, for references on this one can go to Heritage's website and look under Press Releases for 2005,
Since that point, there have been some changes at Heritage. Mr. 5% Canadian Gulbenkian, a descendant of the original Iraq Petroleum Corp, who was it's director, resigned. And, interestingly, in conjunction with Keith's articles about Africa, below, Gulbenkian was replaced by Tony Buckingham of Energem in December 2006. In addition, recently, JP Morgan Cazenove Limited, a combination of the American JP Morgan and British Cazenove, have become advisors to Heritage in a future public listing on the Stock Exchange. As for the Eagle Group of Iraq, I still have no answers to the question above as to who they are/were and if that arrangement still exists.

On the stellar rise of the vacuous Great White Hope, the preacher man, Obama, while Keith Harmon Snow has good additional information on Obama's funding in his articles in my previous blog, as well as others in Obama's circle of "advisors," and, while I have pointed out the possibility of some strange occurences in the caucuses, there is the additional hypothesis that Obama is being pushed by Republican strategists/operatives for one or more of the following reasons, he would be more easily defeatable than Hillary in the upcoming, general November election and/or it helps to spread disarray and disunity in the Democratic Party, weakening it for the general election. Either way, its a win win for the Republicans. I've noticed Obama is getting pumped by the media. No questions asked. This election was supposed to be a slam dunk for the Democrats. Between the above and a total and complete lack of ANY position, domestic or international, other than functioning as Vichy Democrats, a handmaiden to the Fascist/Nazi American corporate state, they may very well lose it, after all is said and done.

Monday, February 11, 2008


The following article sums up neatly our Nabucco/South Stream/Gazprom conflict,

"Europe's Pipeline War":

Upcoming events in Kosovo, of course, as I have shown in previous blogs, closely related to the above.
And, I imagine, as well, forthcoming change in Italy's government possibly to alter the equation.
In addition, the following emanating out of the mouths of the Islamic AKP government in Turkey regarding collaboration between Islamic Iran and America's Nabucco pipeline,
"Turkey to Become Key Energy Player with Iran":

As you may recall, I had previous links to the fact that Iran, remember them, our "enemy," PROBABLY would be involved with Nabucco.
Then, in another un/under reported story, the ongoing, unabated, orchestrated, unabashed, happy partying and Islamic events in the GCC continue rolling merrily along.
Here is an upcoming, well attended, of course, February 16-18 "US-Islamic World Forum" in Doha, Qatar, at the Ritz-Carlton, (where else?):

Additionally, while other stock markets and corporations are tanking, those in the GCC are NOT.
They're just waiting and itching to re-invest their monies thru the back door of the GCC into the now depressed/suppressed bargain basement prices in other parts of the world after first orchestrating market collapse.

In the past, I highlighted a hedge firm Abraaj and its many interconnections, Dana Gas, etc.
In addition another called SHUAA which, combined together, create the largest brokerage firm in the Middle East region:

More exist, of course, but, I can only highlight a few, MOST PROMINENT.
Check out something called Investcorp, as well.
As I previously mentioned, the anti-Communist, global, pseudo-labor organization, ILO, is busily penetrating itself into the GCC and further and further into the Middle East.
The ILO just partnered with the World Bank in Jordan, a foretaste of things coming to the Middle East:

After privatizing, dispossessing and displacing people, the Middle East will complete its transition by becoming another cheap labor source.
Welcome all ye folks from previously state owned industries and nationalized economies, welcome ye to the glorious world of the free market.
Here's an upcoming " historic summit," in Dubai, of course, in April concerning privatizing Iraq's previous state industries:

As a minor aside to a larger story, Iran will list approximately 50 firms on Western stock exchanges, shortly, as Iran's privatization continues along.
(See the Tehran Times)
Meanwhile, as commented upon in my previous blog, February 6, below, "The Great White Hope," or, the preacher man, which I "hope" you can access, Obama, thinks its just fine and dandy that he will foster positive relationships with the "Islamic" world.
Never mind that's already happened.
And, since I am mentioning Obama, a number of folks who have telephoned into C-Span lately have also noted or come to the conclusion that "something smells rotten in the state of Denmark" about Obama's state primary caucus winnings.
I'm going to use Obama to segue into the following EXCELLENT article which appeared on uruknet by Keith Harmon Snow.
More articles available by the same author, including two about Darfur, to which I will link afterwards,
"Gertler's Bling Bang Torah Gang: Israel & The Ongoing Holocaust in Congo, Part 1":


Here are his Darfur pieces:

A fine example of what journalism could and SHOULD be.
And, as part of our new found Islamic love affair, or, silence, there is/was the abominable vote in Turkey this weekend.
As many articles say, more tension between Turkey's opposition and the AKP to ensue.
Again, the opposition can expect NO support or help from the US, except, of course, my lonely little blog.
Indeed, the US "opposition" and "resistance" is despicable, despicable in every single way, at every single opportunity.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Since my February 6 entry, which I posted below at my previous website, apparently, STILL CONTINUES to have sporadic difficulties with public access, I will recapitulate and reincorporate SOME of what I had in it, here, as well.
In my February 6 entry, I reiterated total and complete lack of support by ANYONE in the US, with the one possible, lone exception of myself, for Turkey's previous, HISTORIC massive demonstrations, millions upon millions of people, AGAINST the rise of a Fascist, "Islamic" AKP and their "passion to sell state enterprises," effectively deconstructing and taking a sledge hammer to the House that Ataturk built.
Further demonstrations occurring in Turkey, right now.
NO ORGANIZED support to Turkey's demonstrators forthcoming from US "opposition," whatsoever.
Expect none.
In my previous blog, also, I had linked to an article indicating an accelerated rate of foreign ownership in Turkey's stock exchange up to approximately 72%, since the AKP came to power. And, of course, in previous blogs, I had followed Citigroup's acquisition of Turkey's Akbank and many more Turkish privatizations and their economic interconnectedness, including Iran's Parsian Bank.
And, I said, the war between Turkey's independent minded military, nationalist, secular, Kemalist opposition and the Fascist KRG (Kurdistan Regional Govt) will accelerate, with deep implications both for Turkey, internally, and, regionally.
The confrontation and acceleration occurring.
The US ruling class now totally caught between the pincers of Turkey's military, which acts independently, much to US chagrin and hand wringing and US support for the KRG/PKK/AKP and further regional separatism and fragmentation.
Turkey's military completely overturned the applecart.
The Kirkuk referendum now postponed, presumably, another year or so.
I consider it an indefinite, vague, ambiguous postponement.
Oil contract authority still disputed between the KRG and Baghdad, with recriminations and threats on all sides.
referendum postponement, authority around oil contracts, the Between these three developments, increasing tension, escalating Turkish air strikes, KirkukKRG threatening to withdraw from the other Fascist, Iranian-American puppet central government in Baghdad, with further enormous implications.
Simultaneously, the explosive Fascist Kosovo and Albanian state issue comes to a boil.
(See my entry from Feb 4 on this blog regarding Kosovo links).
On the Baltic side, JBANC continues its efforts.
Consider the following NOT as a hypothetical alternative as its presented, but, rather, as strategy, "Amber Project Not Alternative to Nord Stream,"
(methinks he doth protest too much):

On JBANC's website, one can read Hillary's responses to JBANC's questionnaire sent to all Presidential candidates.
Only Hillary responded, but, you can rest assured, all other responses will be similar:

Meanwhile, as I previously pointed out, both Germany and France will participate in south Europe Nabucco gas pipeline project, with Iran indicating its desire to "possibly" participate, as well.
The Armenian issue also part and parcel of all this, with both Turkey and Russia opposed to the Armenian Genocide Resolution, sure to come up and voted for in the American Congress, this time around.
This will open up a further can of worms, a license to further regional destabilization, partition, fragmentation, disputed territorial claims, claims of economic reparation, etc. and so on.
In a somewhat related matter, in case you could not open my February 6 blog, I will reinsert a very ominous warning regarding Moldova, NATO, Russia, Communists, the apogee of counter-revolution, Fascist ethnic and political cleansing and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, from the editor of a newspaper, "Moldova Must Get Rid well":

Finally, in case you have not been able to access my previous blog from Feb 6, below, I will repeat a link I dedicated to the wonderful person who helped me at least partially unblock my previous blog AND to the Pan-Arab Baath Socialist Party and the true meaning of resistance. Here's a direct link, Elections in Pakistan, 2008:

In case you cannot open the above link for any reason, click on the embedded link in red type, "Accompanying Pamphlet" in the following "Elections in Pakistan, 2008,"
(it's the same as the preceding direct link):

As I said in my previous blog, do not expect any ORGANIZED US support to any of the above, resistance, opposition, whatever.
Nothing will be forthcoming, zero, except for a few lonely individuals, such as myself.

Monday, February 4, 2008


First, in the following link, a "Full House for Egypt Investment," once again, Abraaj Capital, as usual, well represented, as well as a detailed list, full roster, star studded cast presented below the following article:

For the troglodytes only, the important point I appear to have to spell out is, that, politicians come and go, but, these folks remain.
They are behind the scenes, pulling the strings, master puppeteers for whom the politicians merely serve at their pleasure or displeasure, well paid front men and women.
If it's displeasure, they are eliminated.
Anyone who does not understand this point understands nothing, of which plenty exist, apparently.
Aside from Egypt, one of THEIR other surrogate, GCC client states, Kuwait, expands its economic tentacles to Ukraine, as well as expansion of the GCC network to/with Georgia and Albania, to which I've linked in the past:

I will take a slight tangent from the above article concerning Egypt, which happens to mention OPIC, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.
In the comment section in one of Layla Anwar's previous blog entries, to which I linked, "Travesty," a sort of running dialogue ensued around the subject of Lebanon, France and who is winning.
Someone suggested that there is/was a competition between France and the US.
I cannot find any justification for this proposal.
What I claimed, and, still do, is Hariri lost and Citigroup won.
The privatization process in Lebanon now being coordinated by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, mentioned above, IN CONJUNCTION with Citigroup and JP Morgan.
Here's a link, for example, to Lebanon Telecommunications auction, one of many privatizations:

Moving on to the next subject from the above tangent, war about to expand.
Anyone not aware of Kosovo's coming independence must be living under a rock.
That latter category encompasses most Americans.
Amongst the many issues involved regarding Kosovo's independence Russia's Gazprom (South Stream), Gazprom's recent deal with Serbia's state entity versus private Western and US backed Nabucco.
Gaz de France JUST indicated it will be joining a US sponsored Nabucco pipeline project:

For more background on Kosovo, NATO, the criminal KLA and their role:

The only thing missing in the two articles above are recent developments and coordination in/with the GCC, wheeling and dealing I have been following for so long on my blog, "open secrets" to which I constantly refer and to which everyone appears to be oblivious.
And, I do mean EVERYONE.
The GCC clearly functions as a coordinated, economic investment center, network, hub, replicating patterns mentioned in the articles above dealing with Yugoslavia's dismemberment. Only, this time, it is not the KLA doing the dirty work, but, instead, collaboration between criminal, Iranian/American/Israeli militias, front men, death squads, Fascist/Nazi goons disguised by religion in Iraq and elsewhere.
Layla Anwar has expanded her blog and now has added another excellent service, "newsbytes," which, I'm glad to see, documenting much of this.
It is being picked up and utilized by other international sources, as well, not to mention uruknet:
Please look at it:

Friday, February 1, 2008


From the following press release, INCLUDING those in the RIGHT HAND BOX, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the largest single investor in Citigroup, has a very busy social life, receiving just about everybody from everywhere on the globe.

This time, Sweden.
So far, I have not been invited.
Perhaps, I should fly over and introduce myself.
I have much to say to him:

And, then, another prestigious extravaganza on the middle east free trade zone as everybody is being beaten, bombed, starved, killed, tortured by Islamic goon squads and a virtual panoply of hired guns, mercenaries, militias:

As I repeat, just about everybody who is anybody on the globe is wheeling and dealing in the GCC, presently.
"Rainmakers," as they often are called.
What is so utterly remarkable, amazing, astounding to me is that everything that's happening is totally transparent, and, yet, it goes unnoticed, unremarked upon by ALL pundits, ALL commentators, analysts and on and on.
It simply is not a factor, discounted, ignored, denied.
If this is not characteristic of an international conspiracy, I do not know what is.
It is blatantly, abundantly obvious.
It couldn't be more transparent.
Altho details can be argued, analyzed, disputed, the master plan is totally clear.
It can be easily followed from a multitude of public sources.
But, the entire world conspires to deny the obvious, because, all have economic gains in perpetuating this fiction.
Double, triple irony being, theoretically, we live in an "information age."
Yet, collusion, complicity and denial function as ever they have with a vengeance throughout history.
No different now from the past, just larger, greater, proportionally, as we live in an "information age."
Look, folks, "The Emperor Has No Clothes," shouts the child in the midst of the crowd as the Emperor passes by naked.
That's all I'm doing.
Here's one about Abraaj and a self-serving economic explanation as to why our US Fascist unions are in denial, about both Abraaj and everything else,
"Western Pension Funds Eye MENA [MiddleEastNorthAfrica] Equity":

No mystery as to cause.
Self-serving economic self-interest.
And another press release from Abraaj, the largest private equity fund in the MidEast:

These fictional narratives and denial ripple onwards and outwards into ever increasing and overlapping concentric circles, from Islamic investment, to official versions of 9/11, to US elections, choice, change, candidates, legitimizing criminal governments everywhere, and just about everything else.
Truth is an endangered species.
The GCC is getting it's first Chinese Bank.
Ukraine-Kuwait relationships expanding.
Royal Dutch Shell getting a possible contract for gas in southern Iraq to be distributed to the GCC for probable/possible further export.
Turkish-GCC ties expanding.
Gazprom being checkmated wherever and however possible.
And on and on.
I can't cover the entire globe singlehanded.