Tuesday, February 12, 2008


There is no point in belaboring what I have had on my blogs for eons. It is quite clear nobody wishes to acknowledge what is a total and complete open secret, just like Iran's involvement in Iraq. Links are unneccesary. You can find this stuff almost everywhere on the internet. Russia agreed to forgive Iraq's debt. In return, Lukoil will be getting a cut of the pie. Putin is totally and completely compromised, held by the short hairs. Other than Gazprom, which, admittedly, is a big deal, Putin's ONLY ace up the sleeve, he's capitulated to his Fascist, oligarchic government. I'm waiting to see what happens, next, in Russia, with the Communist Party's Oleg Shenin running for President. That should be interesting.
Further, it is projected, as usual, in the GCC region, "Islamic" Bond sales could top $100 Billion by 2010.
It's in a report.
Meanwhile, in my previous blog from February 11, below, in Keith Harmon Snow's articles about Africa, he mentions Heritage Oil and Yemen, something I had had some time ago, myself, in one of my earlier blogs. Heritage, of course, is also in Kurdistan. I had MANY entries about Heritage and Kurdistan in my previous blogspot, particularly, asking the so-far unanswered question, Who is the Eagle Group of Iraq with whom Heritage partnered in Kurdistan from August 9, 2005. Since my previous blogspot continues to be blocked, for references on this one can go to Heritage's website and look under Press Releases for 2005, http://www.heritageoilcorp.com/
Since that point, there have been some changes at Heritage. Mr. 5% Canadian Gulbenkian, a descendant of the original Iraq Petroleum Corp, who was it's director, resigned. And, interestingly, in conjunction with Keith's articles about Africa, below, Gulbenkian was replaced by Tony Buckingham of Energem in December 2006. In addition, recently, JP Morgan Cazenove Limited, a combination of the American JP Morgan and British Cazenove, have become advisors to Heritage in a future public listing on the Stock Exchange. As for the Eagle Group of Iraq, I still have no answers to the question above as to who they are/were and if that arrangement still exists.

On the stellar rise of the vacuous Great White Hope, the preacher man, Obama, while Keith Harmon Snow has good additional information on Obama's funding in his articles in my previous blog, as well as others in Obama's circle of "advisors," and, while I have pointed out the possibility of some strange occurences in the caucuses, there is the additional hypothesis that Obama is being pushed by Republican strategists/operatives for one or more of the following reasons, he would be more easily defeatable than Hillary in the upcoming, general November election and/or it helps to spread disarray and disunity in the Democratic Party, weakening it for the general election. Either way, its a win win for the Republicans. I've noticed Obama is getting pumped by the media. No questions asked. This election was supposed to be a slam dunk for the Democrats. Between the above and a total and complete lack of ANY position, domestic or international, other than functioning as Vichy Democrats, a handmaiden to the Fascist/Nazi American corporate state, they may very well lose it, after all is said and done.