Friday, February 22, 2008


In a previou
s blog, I asked the question, Why Kosovo NOW?
(See my blog entry from February 13, 2008).
I indicated that only last month in January, 2008, Serbia agreed to cancel Iraq's debts.
It seemed odd and self-destructive to me if the Serbian leadership offered to help out the West by cancelling Iraq's debt that the Serb leadership knew Kosovo would declare independence only a month later.
Would not debt cancellation be a bargaining chip, one would think?
Why would the Serbian leadership be that stupid?
What happened?
Were they double-crossed, completely useless and collaborationist?
I theorized in my blog of February 13 that the ONLY MAJOR event that took place between mid January 2008 and now was Serbia's deal with Russia's state owned Gazprom, and, thus, the urgency to block Gazprom with an independently declared Kosovo/Albania/NATO state.
Gazprom versus Nabucco.
Here's an article by the indefatigable John Helmer, ostensibly, in the heading, about Gazprom and Nigeria, but, as you will see when you read it, more on why the above seems to ME to be THE primary explanation for the SUDDEN urgency of events in Kosovo as well as further interconnections regarding Iran, the Baltics, and so forth.
Also at stake, however, it seems to me, in the following article, altho not specifically stated, is the meaning of "privatization" versus nationalization, IF Nigeria's industry were to ally itself with state run Gazprom instead of PRIVATE Western corporations:

Along similar lines, John Helmer has another piece about the Russian oligarchs versus Putin:

If anybody thinks I'm promoting Helmer, I am.
I think his articles are excellent.
I've never seen a bad one and I would encourage people to read him.
Meanwhile, as Private Establishment Plans unravel just about everywhere, particularly, Turkey, there is great haste and desperation, as was done in the former Soviet Union, for Turkey's Islamic AKP government to
"....Pick Up Pace of Reforms":

This comes simultaneous, of course, as Turkey's criminal Islamic AKP government recognizes the other criminal Islamic Kosovo government while Turkey's military moves in an opposite direction, completely overturning the regional applecart by penetrating Kurdistan, challenging Kurdistan's separatists and the PKK.
In my previous blog, below, February 20, 2008,
("Gulf House to Form First Energy Bank, Obama, Fascism, the Psuedo-Left") I demonstrated, once more, how the "Left is the Right" in this country regarding Ramsey Clark's previous role with Milosevic's trial and India's recent "anti-imperialist conference," his/their political resolutions supporting Kurdistan, Hezbollah, Iran, against Turkey, etc.
A direct extension or example of the same phenomena is amply demonstrated in the following discussion, another fictitious ethnic narrative, speaking hypocritically out of both and/or all sides of their mouths ( one of the speakers happens to be an advisor to Obama, as if it matters): a

It's not difficult to understand why nobody here bothers to support or mention Greeces's recent general strike and Turkey's historic demonstrations, nor, any real resistance anywhere, for that matter, including the obvious, coordinated events in the GCC.
Regarding the GCC and Kosovo, I had previously posted information that Kuwaiti representatives were busy recently making visits to Albania and setting up new laws to streamline investments in Albania.
Everybody understands that Kosovo will become part of a "greater Albania."
In case you still haven't gotten it, in our newfound Islamic love affair, "Islamic Equity Funds Triple in 5 Years":

And, here's an update on another group nobody here supports for reasons which ought to be obvious, by now, from all of the above and my preceeding blogs, "PTUDC in Canada":

But, of course, here, our Fascist, mafia unions can't manage to find, locate, notice, or support the Turkish or Greek general strikes, or, any others for that matter.
Instead, our unions, limited as they are, are busy, instead, investing their pension funds into the GCC, Pakistan and so on, and, of course, supporting Obama and the Democratic Party.
They can't even manage to support a single-payer health care system in the US.
And, hey, folks, if we can't have it, neither can you!
The idea is to bring the rest of the globe DOWN to this appalling, abysmal level.
Finally, I must add a postscript to a previous blog.
An astute observer mentioned to me that former NATO Commander Wesley Clark MAY, instead of getting a VP position as I had suggested, previously, become Defense Secretary in either an Obama or Clinton Presidency.
He might be right.
Either way, he's sure to be there, either VP or Defense, either Clinton or Obama.