Friday, February 29, 2008


If you live in the US, the best of the pseudo-Left narratives TRYING to explain Kosovo's recent declaration of independence utilizes Camp Bondsteel and the AMBO (Albania, Macedonia,Bulgaria Oil) pipeline as underlying, ulterior motives for Kosovo's sudden actions.
But, all of the above was well known, advanced, planned A LONG, LONG TIME ago, with the Yugoslav war.
It does nothing to explain the questions I asked in my previous blog.
Why Kosovo independence NOW??
What was the immediate necessity?
What changed?
None of the narratives I've seen, above, bothers to note or mention Gazprom's recent deal with Serbia in late January, 2008, immediately after Serbia accommodated US/Iraq interests to wipe out Iraq's debts,
"Russia, Serbia, Sign South Stream Gas Pipeline Deal":

In addition to not mentioning the above gas deal, needless to say, our pseudo-Left does not bother noting, either, the renaissance of the Croatian Ustashe:

nor, of course, Nazi resurgence globally, including, I contend, right here in the nature of prototype Nazi organized Obama rallies, as well.
Equally unmentioned is Kuwait's recent financial dealings with Albania, (greater Albania, of course), further developments in the GCC countries, from whence everything else is currently flowing, and, now, Prince Alwaleed, the largest single investor in the ubiquitous, octupus corporation, Citigroup, is "receiving"the President of Bosnia.
In the following link, one can note the right hand side bar to see ALL those Prince Alwaleed has been receiving from around the globe, recently.
Prince Alwaleed is a very busy man and a very sociable fellow:

As part of the latest in the greatest story never told, an upcoming, April 2008, "Iraq Investment Summit in Dubai."
Where else, of course?
In Kansas, USA, perhaps?

And, as for Egypt's EFG-Hermes, their profits for 2007 were a whopping 82.5%!!
And, Dana Gas continues its expansion with the UAE.

John Helmer is always insightful in analyzing the struggles between Putin and the Statists, the re-nationalists, versus private interests and oligarchs in Russia.
Two important articles exist on this subject regarding Russian steel and Russian oligarchs.
First, John Helmers insightful narrative, then, the simpler one from the official Russian news agency on the same subject.
From Helmer first:

Then, the more straightforward one, "Gazprom to Control Coal and Electricity Markets":

Wouldn't it be nice, simple and straightforward if they/Putin merely re-appropriated everything which had been nationalized in the first place. Instead, he/they go thru this torturous, complicated, winding route, with half plus one state control, I suppose, to tantalize, placate and buy-off private interests.
Speaking of steel, right here, in the US, I nearly fell off my chair, when someone telephoned into C-Span, suggesting/demanding that "we," in the US "should nationalize our basic industries!!"
I am hoping he came upon this idea himself and was not reading my blog. Thus, for sure, I know at least two of us exist in the US.
He said he was located in California.
So, now, we have equal representation, one on each coast.
Of course, it should ALL be nationalized, our natural resources, our basic industries and certainly our defense industries not to mention health care. But, that's the "N" word and in this country, NO candidate, whatsoever, certainly no mafioso union leader, is going to raise the "N" word, even not Ralph Nader, I'm quite sure.
Anyone doing that will surely get their head blown off.

Now, returning to the subject of Turkey, Kurdistan, Iraq, Iran.
Turkey's recent, independent military intervention into northern Iraq/Kurdistan has threatened to upset the best laid plans of these Fascist mice and men.
Turkey's Fascist, Islamic, AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises" is aligned both with the other Fascist/criminal enterprises in Iran, the KRG, the US and their collective puppet regime in Baghdad.
This puts Turkey's military into opposition to the Fascist interests of the AKP, the KRG, the US and Iran and, of course, the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr.
The whole ball of wax is unraveling, thanks to Turkey's Kemalist military and NO THANKS TO ANYONE, WHATSOEVER IN THE US, except for my lonely, little blog, of course.
So, conflicting reports exist as to exactly what is occurring around Turkey's military and it's recent advance into Kurdistan.

Here's two, taken together, that I think best reflect what is happening, "Turkey, US, In Row Over Pullout":

And then," Turkish Army to Set Up Security Corridor in Iraq..."

Clearly what appears to have happened under US pressure is some sort of feigned compromise. A stalemate. Turkey's military declared a temporary halt, cease-fire in its active military assault while holding forth its possibility, at any moment, to reengage.
The sword of Damocles remains poised like low hanging fruit.

Now, since I began this blog discussing recent events in Kosovo, allow me, please,to go one step further and discuss both Kosovo and Iraq under the same breath.
For all those busy either just discovering, or, rediscovering Kosovo, Albania as the narco-terrorist state which they both are and have been since their inception, (see many articles on this subject by Prof. Chossudovsky, amongst others) in addition to the Nazi Croatian Ustashe revivalism that goes unmentioned except for Jared Israel's website,, these exact same folks can't manage to find and classify Turkey's AKP, the KRG, Baghdad's government, the "Butcher of Baghdad," Sadr, Maliki, Iran IN Iraq and the US as another Fascist/Nazi criminal puppet regime.
What is the difference between Kosovo/Albania, the former Yugoslavia's dismemberment and the following proposed division of Iraq?
"Shiite Leader Calls for Autonomous Shiite Region in Iraq," not to mention Kurdistan, above, as well:

The following, in conjunction with the preceding, "Maliki: Sadr Essential in the New Iraq":

Along with the voluminous information available at the following:


I might add, it has occurred to me the timing of Sadr's supposed "cease fire" coincides with American Presidential elections politics.
Will the supposed "ceasefire" terminate in November?

When I characterize the positions of the entire US pseudo-Left, fake Left, officially sponsored and led "peace movement" and Ramsey Clark at the so-called India Anti-Imperialist Conference and the ANSWER coalition and our 'liberals" as collaborationist's and apologists for Nazi, Fascist regimes, barbarism, torture, ethnic cleansing, genocide, I mean exactly what I'm saying.
This is not a minor distinction, "academic," intellectual hairsplitting.
This has real, big, giant repercussions in real people's lives, whose entire populations are traumatized, dislocated, displaced, pauperized, relocated.
Is there any difference between the situation of the diaspora of Iraqi refugees escaping from the barbaric, primitive Nazi style regimes of the Iranian/Kurdish/US/Israel sponsored criminal puppet government in Baghdad and that of Kosovo, Albania and the former Yugoslavia?

Of course, the greatest dismemberment was the former Soviet Union, which allowed for all else to follow.
Is it any surprise that the former Eastern Europe is a source of private Western investment and cheap labor. After all, isn't it the same plan as Hitler's, without tanks?

Where will it all stop?
At whose, which countries doorstep?