Monday, February 25, 2008


For joy, for joy.
It does my heart good to see Kemal Ataturk's military go marching into northern Iraq/Kurdistan region, bypassing US admonitions, upsetting the applecart, causing apoplexy amongst the plans of the Fascist KRG and the equally Fascist US government.
And, of course, simultaneous, militant resistance and opposition in Serbia reasserts itself around Nazi Kosovo/Albania expansionism.
And, equally good news out of Pakistan's resistance and the UK:

Nothing like this will happen in the US for all the reasons I've enumerated on my previous blogs, from the dominance of the pseudo-Left Ramsey Clark and ANSWER coalition
(see my February 20, 2008 entry on the subject of Ramsey Clark, the Milosevic trial, Ramsey Clark's role in the recent India International Anti-Imperialist Conference and their/his political resolutions )
to our Foundation/CFR/State Dept funded UFPJ, Democracy Now, an alphabet soup of organizations and individuals.
For a BRIEF recap on the preceding grouping and their funding, see the following:

Between these two flip sides of one another constitutes the American pseudo-Left, their agenda predetermined, preset, circumscribed and contained.
Of course, the labor/union movement, the most critical element, is also amongst the missing in the US, because it, too, is mafia controlled and co-opted, its pension monies invested into major corporate institutions, its hierarchy controls absolutely from the top down, rather than the bottom up.
How all the above came to be is tied up in the extensive history surrounding my entry of January 21, 2008, "American Pornography,"

supplanting the militant leadership and organizations that came out of the 1930s, 1940s with the above for purposes of a new "Cold War," "containment," and rollback of Communist victories everywhere as a consequence of WWII.
The fact that an opposition emerged in the US in the late 1960s, early 1970s, was primarily due to a universal, military DRAFT and large numbers of conscripted young men dying, maimed, wounded, debilitated in the Vietnam War.
That resistance, too, was contained, as much as possible, by the same interests, and, when necessary, assassinations and infiltration occurred causing disunity.
No permanent, lasting organization emerged from it.
Not like the union movement of the 1930s and 1940s, the CIO and its corresponding organized political parties.
Putting all the above factors together, the reader can now readily understand why I say no organized, independent resistance and opposition exists in the US and why none will exist for a long, long time to come.
This, for example, is why such a fundamental, basic issue as universal, SINGLE PAYER health care, NO INSURANCE COMPANIES, is NOT on the agenda of ANY US Presidential candidate or party or, more significantly, labor unions, EXCEPT for the small, independent parties and candidates, such as Ralph Nader and the Green Party.
Nor, of course, a general strike even a remote possibility here for any reason whatsoever.
Labor militancy does not exist.
Our unions are mere handmaidens for their corporate parents, sponsors and partners.
They stroll hand and hand together down the beaches of foreign countries in the privatization project and counter-revolution, as they functioned previously in Eastern Europe, a la Jay Lovestone.
And, certainly, the "N" word, NATIONALIZATION NEVER mentioned by any political party or candidate.
This is the reality of US society, such as it is, not wishful thinking or subjective fantasies.
In order to overcome, confront and/or change it, one must first analyze it correctly.