Monday, February 4, 2008


First, in the following link, a "Full House for Egypt Investment," once again, Abraaj Capital, as usual, well represented, as well as a detailed list, full roster, star studded cast presented below the following article:

For the troglodytes only, the important point I appear to have to spell out is, that, politicians come and go, but, these folks remain.
They are behind the scenes, pulling the strings, master puppeteers for whom the politicians merely serve at their pleasure or displeasure, well paid front men and women.
If it's displeasure, they are eliminated.
Anyone who does not understand this point understands nothing, of which plenty exist, apparently.
Aside from Egypt, one of THEIR other surrogate, GCC client states, Kuwait, expands its economic tentacles to Ukraine, as well as expansion of the GCC network to/with Georgia and Albania, to which I've linked in the past:

I will take a slight tangent from the above article concerning Egypt, which happens to mention OPIC, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.
In the comment section in one of Layla Anwar's previous blog entries, to which I linked, "Travesty," a sort of running dialogue ensued around the subject of Lebanon, France and who is winning.
Someone suggested that there is/was a competition between France and the US.
I cannot find any justification for this proposal.
What I claimed, and, still do, is Hariri lost and Citigroup won.
The privatization process in Lebanon now being coordinated by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, mentioned above, IN CONJUNCTION with Citigroup and JP Morgan.
Here's a link, for example, to Lebanon Telecommunications auction, one of many privatizations:

Moving on to the next subject from the above tangent, war about to expand.
Anyone not aware of Kosovo's coming independence must be living under a rock.
That latter category encompasses most Americans.
Amongst the many issues involved regarding Kosovo's independence Russia's Gazprom (South Stream), Gazprom's recent deal with Serbia's state entity versus private Western and US backed Nabucco.
Gaz de France JUST indicated it will be joining a US sponsored Nabucco pipeline project:

For more background on Kosovo, NATO, the criminal KLA and their role:

The only thing missing in the two articles above are recent developments and coordination in/with the GCC, wheeling and dealing I have been following for so long on my blog, "open secrets" to which I constantly refer and to which everyone appears to be oblivious.
And, I do mean EVERYONE.
The GCC clearly functions as a coordinated, economic investment center, network, hub, replicating patterns mentioned in the articles above dealing with Yugoslavia's dismemberment. Only, this time, it is not the KLA doing the dirty work, but, instead, collaboration between criminal, Iranian/American/Israeli militias, front men, death squads, Fascist/Nazi goons disguised by religion in Iraq and elsewhere.
Layla Anwar has expanded her blog and now has added another excellent service, "newsbytes," which, I'm glad to see, documenting much of this.
It is being picked up and utilized by other international sources, as well, not to mention uruknet:
Please look at it: