Sunday, February 17, 2008


The headline, above, grabbed my attention. One cannot argue this represents a hefty dividend, a major feat. Here's the article:

So, I decided I would profile this investment group because of its outstanding achievement, above. However, it is but one of many I've been following out of the GCC octupus. Let's look at our illustrative example alittle more. Here's something from earlier in February, 2007, just about a year ago, "Britons to Lead Gulf Finance House Expansion":

This is the management team at their website, from which, if you search around it, you can find out all the many places they are investing and more:

Here's another article about their inception, I believe, from 2001, when, interestingly, just about one month after the events of 9/11, October 2001, they were inaugurated, "GF House: An Innovator in Islamic Investment." There happens to be one sentence, in passing, in the following lengthly piece which mentions that "Citicorp became the first conventional bank to establish a separate subsidiary operating on Islamic principles...":

This most recent headline about the Gulf House's astronomical dividend caught my attention, additionally, because it reminded me of a similar one I had first highlighted, initially, on my May 27, 2006 blog, "Pakistan Market up 800%" in which I tied together a division of
Abraaj Captial, BMA Pakistan Opportunity Fund with Iraq's Hamid Jafar, Iraq's Cresent Oil, Dana Gas, UAE, etc. IF the link works, hopefully:

There's little difference between what nobody could previously find and now.
Meanwhile, as I write this blog, I am acutely aware the insanely criminal government of Kosovo declared its independence and "Europe as we know it is over," according to the Russian media. But, in reality, that statement should/could have been made with the end of the Soviet Union. I can't say what does and doesn't appear in the general milieu, in the media, abroad. I can say, for sure, collaboration and resurgence of Nazism in the states of the former Soviet Union, especially, Yugoslavia, the Croatian Ustashe, Albania, Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Caucasus, etc., is NOT a topic of discussion in the US. The great, unwashed, American masses go along oblivious to such events. They do not even know its happening.
So, while Jared Israel divulged some important information on this subject at his website about Yugoslavia, and, I've had plenty, as well, on my previous blogspots about the Baltics, PACE, etc., here's but one more in a long, growing, frightening list about the "...Glorification of Nazism in Ukraine...":

And, altho voluminous material exists on the internet about Kosovo, I offer this one article because the main reason stated for Yugoslavia's dismemberment is/was the role of Yugoslavia's voluntary military withdrawal AND as an advisory to everyone else--most importantly--presently, the Turkish military, and the remnants of the Pan-Arab movement:

Resist! Resist! Resist!
As for the US, no organized, independent, class movement/structures exist, as I've shown repeatedly. Instead, total and complete class collaboration, cooptation, capitulation, mass ignorance, disinformation and confusion reignth instead.