Sunday, February 24, 2008


It defies credulity and belief to me that recent events in the GCC are SIMPLY BEING TOTALLY IGNORED BY EVERYONE, except, of course, my lonely little blog.
Following are all press releases, thus, publicly advertised events, such as most of the information on my previous entries, developments I followed for years.
From the recently concluded and, of course, star-studded, well attended, Institute of International Finance conference in Dubai,
"Rapidly Increasing Links Seen Developing Between GCC & Key Financial Institutions & Global Economy & Capital Markets":

From my many previous posts related to Egypt's EFG-Hermes which is, in turn, connected to Citigroup and to the recent Egypt's EMG-BG-Palestine-Israel gas conflict and war, (see my post of January 27, 2008 regarding BG-EMG gas conflict),
"EFG-Hermes Expands Reach thru the Al Massy Fund":

Another pertinent statistic/fact, the largest investor in Egypt is the UAE and Egypt is the regions largest Arab market.
Don't ask me how "arab" is defined.
"They," in the press, use the descriptive term, not I.
I ASSUME it denotes Arab speaking.
Following along on the ever pertinent, pervasive, other MAJOR story, Dana Gas/Crescent Oil expansion, "Dana Gas and [Kuwaits] Ikarus Petroleum Enter Into Strategic Alliance":

This follows all my previous and many posts about the interconnected directorships of Dana Gas, Crescent Oil, Hamid Jafar, Crescent Oil contracts in northern Iraq, Kurdistan, as well as southern Iraq, Dana Gas and Iran, and the Pakistan Opportunity Fund, not to mention anything and all else.
Of course, if nobody manages to note any of the above, it is no wonder, as the same folks have been unable to find much of anything else, including the following about Sadr, Hezbollah, Iran in Iraq, etc.:

Meanwhile, Turkish troops continue pouring into northern Iraq, the Kurdistan region.
Fighting ensues.
Hurrah for Turkeys military! Go Ataturk!!
The Establishment, here, to put it mildly, became hysterical over these events, their possibilities, what it will/does portend for THEIR plans.
They are all working overtime to try to curb the Turkish military influence and independence. Barzani is hysterical.
The apples are spilling out everywhere, helter skelter.
And, back here, at the domestic homefront, Hillary Clinton, in one of the rare moments she said something worthwhile, accused the Republican strategist, Karl Rove, of helping orchestrate the Obama Nazi rallies.
(She did NOT use the term Nazi. I do.)
Lots of folks are discussing the use of "crossover" voting in the primaries by Republicans and "independents" to help the vacuous, straw man, the Nazi Obama, defeat the other Fascist, Hillary.
The only question in my mind is whether or not Obama is being intentionally set up by his Republican strategists to win the primaries in order to be brought down in the General Elections in November.
Meanwhile, Ralph Nader declared his independent candidacy for President, today.
I would like to caution everyone that I have not found Nader to be a very knowledgeable person on foreign affairs.
That does not seem to be his forte, whether by accident or design.
He's a generalist.
But, he's head and shoulders above all the others in domestic affairs and his independent campaign will certainly open up many doors.
He will raise issues and demands NOT discussed and he presents an alternative, a real choice, to people totally fed up and disgusted both with Democrats and Republicans.
Finally, in addition, following from previous posts and John Helmer's article, below,
(my blog of February 22, 2008) regarding Gazprom, Nigeria, Kosovo, the Baltics, etc.,
"US Commission of Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission) Holds Briefing with Edward Lucas former Moscow Bureau Chief of the Economist," and author of a recently published book, "The New Cold War":

If you haven't figured all this out by now, you are hopelessly dense.