Friday, April 30, 2010


MAYDAY used three times is an internationally recognized distress signal requiring immediate attention and urgent help:



They are leading us down a stinking NAZI rat hole and barbarism.
Greece will have another GENERAL STRIKE on May 5.
May 1 events dovetail into May 5.

And, then, my next BIG question.
Who is, where are, your Lenins, Stalins, Bolshevik Party and their Program to SEIZE POWER as the NAZI imperialist states disintegrate, dissolve and crumble all around you, torn asunder by perpetual internecine wars, internal and external economic conflicts, rivalry, class divisions, chaos, sometimes known as anarchy??





Thursday, April 29, 2010


STILL NOT ONE WORD OF LABOR recognition, support, acknowledgment HERE regarding Greek events and/or elsewhere, for that matter.
A deafening silence.
Below a few draconian, code word, "austerity," measures advanced by the IMF and German dominated EU for Greece, and elsewhere in Europe, as they use, manufacture, debt to dismantle what little remains of their public sector, a sector certainly much more vibrant than anything here, which NEVER existed in the first place here in such broad depth and width and what little remains here, already, is and will continue to be dismantled.
For that matter, Europe will be geographically reconfigured and torn asunder again, as well.
What happens next in the greatest United Suckers and Assholes nation on the planet, I CARE NOT.
Their/our future is doomed, already, thanks to the collusion of all above and below.
They made their Faustian bargain, compromise, with the barbaric, primitive, NAZI, Fascist, reactionary and counter-revolutionary Devil and regimes.
It will get even better after our so-called demonstration, mid-term s-election process, in which our notorious AFL-CIA and SEIU will sink millions of members dollars into NAZI Democratic Party coffers and they will LOSE everything but the shirt on their backs.
Well deserved.
By the way, our NAZI affiliated AFL-CIA and SEIU ONCE AGAIN supports NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's fake, bogus, garbage financial reform legislation just as ACTIVELY as they did before with their shitty, crappy, NAZI Democratic health insurance bill and STIMULUS debt package sellout, sell off, giveaway, gift, boondoggle, bonanza, ALL ADVANCING private capital interests both here and abroad.
But, this is a demonstration s-election year when the nation gets to exercise their collective freedom to chose between NAZI Party One and Two, or, Column A or B, so our unions will make some perfunctory noises about workers, etc.
Ignore it/them.
Just like our millionaire Congressional club BOGUS hearing, spectacle, grilling one of their own, Goldman Sachs.
It is all staged theatre, posturing, to coincide with an election in November, 2010 and to divert attention away from ALL else.
So, let them die and go down with their NAZI slave masters and ship of state.
They deserve what they get:


And, an addendum.
At the end of my previous post, below, I exhorted people:

"Don't Worry. Be Happy."

But, I should have added:

"Don't Worry, Be Happy AND INVEST!"
To paraphrase, "Go East Young Man, Go East," when one's geographical compass point emanates from this side of the Atlantic Coast.

And, then repeat the phrase, ad nauseum:
"Praise Be to Allah..." while investing.

I selected one more out of the ubiquitous, proliferating bunch of Middle East/North Africa FUNDS into which SOME of you can place your unearned or hard earned shekels.
By the way, the following is available in Arabic, as well as English.
Indeed, anyone concerned about the health of the Arabic language and/or its disappearance need not have any worry.

I think these Funds are sanctified and blessed by religious authorities, i.e, they are kosher.
The Pope and Buddha blesses them as well.
Thus, your money is safe in GOD'S hands.
What more guarantee can one ask?

Is there any higher and better authority than Divinity?:


Finally, considering my consistent focus and attention since inception of my blog on burgeoning Middle East private capital enterprise like those of Citigroup-Turkey's Akbank happy conjugal marriage and celebration;
Iraqi Hamid Jafar's UAE based Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj Middle East empire and octopus;
Morgan-Cazenove advised Heritage Oil in Kurdistan;
Egypt's EFG-Hermes;
Morgan Stanley and Company First Persia Fund;
Israel's Nochi Dankner and Citigroup's Stanley Fischer Bank of Israel Governor;
Palestinian billionaires Masri and Khoury, (*for those who may have forgotten, I will provide one background link below,)
extending on to Yemen, Oman, to name just a few of the MAJOR profiteers and places, don't you think I deserve some commission and recognition for all my gratuitous advertisement??
Who else, aside from professional investors, have followed their adventures and exploits so assiduously as I?
Nor am I invited to their swanky soirees.
If you have been a reader of this blog for awhile, you certainly were forewarned and forearmed about developments with good, free investment advice.
You received your money's worth, which cost nothing, except, of course, for the victims lives, blood, jobs, resources lost and so on.

How you apply, what you do with, information is your problem and business, literally and figuratively

**And, here's my refresher, reminder, background link regarding billionaire Palestinians Masri, Khoury, and connections to/with Yemen, Gaza Gas Wars,


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, NAZI Iran occupied Iraq torture is getting some mass media publicity, FINALLY.
Why now and not before?
The reasons are obvious ones which I have had all along about Middle East regional and commercial integration, investment, power relationships and the geographic exigencies, necessity, urgency of Iraq/Iran regime change, congruency and mopping up.
Meanwhile, just as obvious, ALL the many specific, detailed reports I read about PRIVATE capital investment and speculative "development" extending from the greater Middle East/North Africa area through to South Asia, including, but, not limited to, of course, real estate and stock market bubbles, energy, natural resources, industrial production, etc.
Much too much for me to regurgitate, itemize, recapitulate.
All available throughout the internet.

The above fact seems totally compartmentalized, unrelated, disconnected, NOT integrated AND IGNORED as a whole as is/was everything else before and not of particular concern to ANYONE, despite the fact it, too, blatantly is in your face AND THE REASON FOR ALL HAPPENING ABOVE AND BELOW.
But, that's O.K.
Continue living happily in neutered, ostrich like oblivion.
Anyway, for those who prefer their information in neutral, sanitized, whitewashed versions, here is another analysis from one of our numerous institutional NAZI US State, CIA sponsored think tanks concerning Iran, the Middle East and Iraq from 2005, just to show I am neither prescient, clairvoyant nor a genius.
Elementary, my dear Watson, elementary!
Obviously, they do NOT explain events below the way I do.
They omit, distort essential facts, theory, history, such as torture, NAZI created Aryan Iran's interwoven background both with the US and Germany, covert operations, the former Iran-Iraq war, its purpose, sponsorship and initiation, WWII, class relationships, counter-revolution, competing and conflicting privatization details, specifics, imperialism, etc.
Nonetheless, as you can see, still, we do overlap or agree PREDICTABLY as to what is happening NOW in Iraq/Iran.
At least, more so than the fucking idiots and apologists, deniers and posturing COLLABORATORS everywhere.

We just arrive at our conclusion, destination, from differing directions, because THEY, unlike I, must take a more circuitous, torturous, literally and figuratively, nebulous, generalized, circumscribed and circumvented, rather than direct, path for plausible denial and propaganda purposes.
But, nonetheless, we arrive at the same place.

So, from


So, friends, just continue doing what you do best.
Go fight THEIR wars for THEM.
And, while at it, pay for it/them.
And, then, sit back and watch the global entertainment you sponsored, for example, real time fist fights in Ukraine's Parliament between competing Fascist interests.
And, then, watch resurgent NAZI Deutschland sock it to Greece with extortionist debt loan requirements.
And/or watch the EU disintegrate in an encore, repeat historical performance.
And so on.
If I have not enumerated or mentioned you or your nation, specifically, I apologize.
It does not mean you are not part of this great Hollywood, global production extravaganza.
No, indeed, they are equal opportunity employers.
Come on in, yawl.
Apply now.
They are hiring.
Some of you become extras, of course, and can play the part of dead and/or tortured people, victims and/or military, militia fighters, suicide bombers.
You disappear in the opening scenes. Your part is finished.
It requires minimal to no acting ability or credentials.
Novice, beginners, inexperienced are welcome.
Your 10 seconds or minutes of commercialized fame, according to Andy Warhol, is over. Done. Kaput!
Others become leading actors and actresses, superstars.
They live on to become famous and well rewarded.
Others are supporting cast members.
Sometimes, they too are rewarded.
Other times, they fall into oblivion. Unknown and forgotten.
Their careers finished.
And, so on.
A place for everybody and everyone in their place.
And, then, you can hum along that little tune,
"Don't worry. Be happy."
And, here's a uniquely apropos version of that tune.
Sing along with it:


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


What is referred to below as "white strikes" in Greece generally is known as a sit-down strike, here.

The most famous and first of its kind, sit-down strike, in all US history is our successful and historic 1936-1937 John L. Lewis led CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations) General Motors automobile sit down strike and UAW, United Auto Workers, organizing drive before the CIO and AFL joined hands together again in 1955 and morphed to become the post WWII AFL-CIA.

So, I will add a link below about the great "Flint Sit Down Strike," as its known, after the following report about Greece.
By the way, some astute remarks about dividend, interest rate spreads between Greece and Germany in the Comment Section below.
I heard the interest, dividend rate differential is greater than that mentioned below, although I can NOT attest to the veracity of hearsay information.
Have NOT done research on it myself.
AND as for United Suckers and Morons, the same sort of class attacks happening abroad, as in Greece, on public industry, services, "entitlements," etc., ARE SCHEDULED TO ACCELERATE AND INTENSIFY AFTER OUR ORCHESTRATED NAZI CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN OBOOMA DICTATORSHIP MIDTERM ELECTIONS:


And, now for a brief historical reminder and link regarding the world famous CIO and UAW 1936-37 GM Auto Flint Sit Down Strike, which established our first major US industrial union and set a pattern for others.
This subject is so VAST and DENSE I chose but one link as a STARTING point for those completely UNFAMILIAR with it.
If you follow the text to the bottom, you will see more references, footnotes and "external links."
And, then, you are on your own:


And, last but certainly NOT least, predictably:

"...More than 2,700 members of the Army National Guard in Idaho, Montana and Oregon are being sent to Iraq in a yearlong deployment this fall..."



So, while our global fake, ersatz "Left and Right Opposition," whose job it is to focus everyone's attention, energies and activities away on diversionary, sideline and manufactured issues, as a horse with blinders or tactics similar to that of a pickpocket thief only on a very scaled UP, grand version, the GLOBAL thief and pickpocket moves in for the kill in a UNITED and coordinated way!

Monday, April 26, 2010


As far as I know, Douri, mentioned below, is dead.

Douri's name has been resurrected numerous times for various purposes.
Anyway, what the following reinterpreted means simply minus doublespeak, rhetoric and propaganda is, that, there will be a full scale, covert, surrogate, counter-Iran military mopping up operation in Iraq, with US blessings, of course.
The present Iraq puppet government will disappear, along with Iran's militias, replaced by another puppet government, but, with different flavoring.
Allawi will become Iraq PM.
Some "former Baathists" and military will be reinstated.

Present Baghdad Oil Minister, Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, Sadr, Maliki, Ahmadimoron, their Revolutionary Guards and Sistani himself will disappear.
Iraq's recent bombings may have presaged that development.
A warning.
As for Syria, they are/will be supportive.
I have a link and reason why, one I highlighted in an earlier post, following the report below:



And, here is the other important indicator and development regarding Syria's cooperation, one I previously posted regarding "Syria and EFG-Hermes":


Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues rounding up her global Iran sanctions partners and ducks and building a cordon sanitaire.

And, see my earlier post today, below...


The writer, below, asks an important labor/class question:
referring to former SEIU President, Andy Stern [the Stern Gang] and CEO of Massey Coal Mine, Don Blankenship.

By the way, IF others could HEAR what I hear from MANY people such as that recounted below, it would amplify and reamplify the following many times over, ad nauseum.
A cacophony of voices would accompany this one example.
However, I will add just one comment to this otherwise fine, excellent critique.
The rhetorical question posed below "what is the difference" is, that, the latter, Blankenship, consistently represents private capital interests whereas the former, Stern, HYPOCRITICALLY AND CYNICALLY PRETENDS to represent LABOR but in reality OPERATE FOR PRIVATE CAPITAL.
The difference as that our unions directly CONTROL the class institutions and resources of organized labor as a whole and purports to speak in behalf of their class interests.
That's the OTHER BIG DIFFERENCE and WHY NO unified, militant opposition exists here UNTIL AND UNLESS this power relationship inverts, CHANGES, morphs, is CONFRONTED and CHALLENGED.
And, again, this is NOT a coincidental or accidental situation, but, an intentionally well planned and executed policy since the end of WWII so labor institutions and their vast resources and dues which go into Democratic Party coffers and pension funds into private corporations are controlled, neutralized, neutered, co-opted, to aid, assist and partner with NAZI/Fascist global counter-revolution, such as our most recent NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship's big TAX GIFT, GIVEAWAY, BOONDOGGLE, DEBT, HEALTH INSURANCE HEIST with NOT one militant, unified voice, action, opposition from our labor institutions raised!
The following comment is part of a labornotes conference this past weekend, as you will see at their website AND, I might add, as PART of this conference, labor's ongoing, long, international covert arm, our AFL-CIA's USLAW, US Labor Against War (FOR Anti-Communism, Privatization and Counter-Revolution etc.) is well represented, in attendance.
(For anyone unfamiliar with Blankenship, I will provide a random footnote following below):


And a footnote regarding Blankenship:


Also, one can notice an eerie silence on labor's part regarding Greece.
Not one word, utterance, action and/or recognition of direct support and solidarity with GREEK labor and their current RESISTANCE!!
You people SUCK!
You really stink to high heaven.
You turn my stomach in the same way as hearing and seeing NAZI Obooma and/or ANY other of our current crop of NAZI/Fascist media, government pundits, apologists and representatives.
It is, they are, debased, defaced, debauched, graven, deplorable and sickening beyond words.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


It's been reported after NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship TRASHED our PUBLICLY, taxpayer funded NASA space exploratory program in favor of PRIVATE corporate development, that our NAZI military launched a new space vehicle the purpose of which remains unidentified and mysterious.
My personal HUNCH, it MAY have something to do with laser and/or microwave space weapons.
If you follow the link below, it gives some POSSIBILITIES.
These programs have been known for some time and are not secret.
But, for what or which purposes the space vehicle was launched specifically nobody knows for sure.
All "up in the air":


Meanwhile, more political theatre as
loudmouth, indicted, mafia, former Illinois Democratic Governor, Blagojevich, whose trial FINALLY promises to open shortly, threatens to drag, subpoena, NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan CIA slave boy Obooma into court to testify.
All, of course, is political posturing, partisanship, maneuvering, timed to coincide with November's midterm elections, already promised to be a bloodbath for our resident NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan DICTATORSHIP.

HOWEVER, I will be more than happy to see NAZI trash can and SCUMBAG Obooma and his entire retinue hauled into court for partisan purposes since NO OTHER OPPOSITION EXISTS!

And, finally, more from Iraq's ongoing Secret Prisons, Torture and latest episode in NAZI Aryan Iran "Freedom Fighters."
Aside from WWII NAZIS, do not these exquisite, LEARNED, ACQUIRED torture techniques and disappearing bodies remind you/one of the more infamous, post WWII counter-revolutions and coups, namely, Chile's Allende, orchestrated by US Pentagon Plans Officer and former NAZI German General Fritz Kraemer and his star pupil, protege, Henry Kissinger of Kissinger Associates and NSC fame, etc.:


And, since Al-Rubaie's name was mentioned in the post/link above, I will refer BACK to a post I did about Rubaie in December 2008 AND October 2007 which gives meaning to that slightly modified old maxim, "one can judge a person, or country or government or institution, by the company they keep":


Friday, April 23, 2010


An addendum to my PREVIOUS POSTS BELOW.

Thought I would highlight this one link below because IF one lives in the Homeland of United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan CIA Slave Boy Obooma Dictatorship, little, if nothing about Greek OPPOSITION IS SHOWN and certainly, if you will notice, NOT outrightly acknowledged or supported by OUR FASCIST LED LABOR UNIONS.
So, a Greek protest slide show, below, with a few extra photos tossed in for good measure from previous events:


And, see my previous posts, just below...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


The following/above, "Food, Inc.," is an expose, documentary, about domination, MONOPOLY and strangulation by private, multinational corporations on US agriculture and food production and its concomitant rise with our toxic fast food industry.
The only thing in it with which I disagree is the conclusion, at the very end, I believe to be an erroneous and simplistic analogy to the tobacco, cigarette, industry, which, by the way, was attacked and exposed FIRST by George Seldes, the 1930s, 40s and 1950s independent muckraking journalist, who self-published his book, "FACTS AND FASCISM" in 1943, detailing the financiers and industrialists behind Europe's NAZI war machine, Hitler and Mussolini.
I have linked to Seldes book in previous posts, but, I will do so again, anyway.
It can not hurt to be repetitive about such subjects and I am sure it will sound both timely and familiar:


Now, back to the current documentary.

Tobacco is NOT food.
Tobacco is one item only and a luxury, an option.

And, also, we now have a resurgent NAZI world.

The solutions to the problems the filmmaker presents below will NOT come simply through/with/by individual consumer awareness and choice when it comes to the vast centrality and system of GLOBAL FOOD production, distribution, land ownership, capital requirements, competition, markets, income discrepancies and poverty.

I am NOT denigrating the value of personal, individual choice and education, awareness, wherever and whenever possible.
I wholeheartedly endorse, support it.
Certainly, it SHOULD be exercised for one's own health, if nothing else.
And, it definitely can and should be an organizing tool, not only on an individual level but on an INSTITUTIONAL level, where it really will impact.
The problems of unhealthy, poisonous, toxic to people, animals and the environment, industrial food production, distribution and consumption is not a singular problem, but, integral to how our entire system is organized.
With my caveat, a GOOD documentary:


And, following from previous posts, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it IS a duck!
So, if survivors from Iraq's secret prisons, as described below, LOOK LIKE and RESEMBLE those of NAZI Concentration Camp, Gas Chambers, Dachau, Auschwitz, that's because THEY ARE!!
From whom and how did their Iraq/Iranian captors LEARN their "skills," techniques??
Do you believe they improvised on their own?
Is it "self-taught?"

Do you think this stuff comes "NATURALLY??"
Is it "genetically endowed??":


And, to end on another really good irony I heard today.
I was hysterical, laughing out loud, when I first encountered it.
I am NOT sure, however, if the following report is reliable, BUT, I believe it could very well be.
That's why I bother to mention it with the CAVEAT I did NOT verify the way the proposed financial reform bill is interpreted below.
The following is a letter from a NY Conservative Party representative.
One of those who appears on Fox News, for example.
So, just ignore the ideological spin.
That is NOT the point.
A FACT in NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship's currently proposed financial reform legislation is that the highly exotic, speculative and lucrative financial derivatives market, INSTEAD OF MADE ILLEGAL, ABOLISHED, ELIMINATED, VERBOTEN, as I and any sane person would demand, will be "regulated," or, more appropriately, one should say, self-regulated.
AND under NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Dictatorship's current proposed financial reform bill and "regulation," according to the way it is reported below, the highly lucrative, speculative, trillion dollar derivative, casino industry and its profitable tax base from secondary monies generated, salaries, etc., themselves derivatives, now located in NYC's infamous Wall Street Stock Exchange will MOVE to Obooma's big time mafia HOME TOWN, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange!
I really do hope that interpretation of the proposed financial reform legislation below/above is factual.
They ALL deserve what they get.
"He who laughs last laughs best."
Best joke I've heard in a long time:


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


A sort of updated roundup to my previous posts.

King of the NAZI Dung, Sleaze and Compost Heap, Citigroup's Stanley Fischer, was reappointed Governor of the Bank of Israel.
Was there ever any question, any doubt about his future??

Certainly not in my mind.
And, concerning a post I did in February, 2009 regarding Israel's Nochi Dankner and his empire, Dankner's IDB firm and its potential partnership with Russia's Gazprom, a CURRENT update on that matter below.
I will link to my February, 2009 post on this subject after the following:


And, then, my PREVIOUS post from February, 2009, regarding the above:


In case you either are new to this subject or cannot recall it, follow the links from above and below backwards, including covert spook, operative, Nimrodi, another winner in the NAZI global privatization prize:


For some nice illustrations and reporting on other current NAZI mobsters who OWN Russia, there is always John Helmer's website:

As for here, what's to say?

Our Bullshit, State Dept manufactured Left and Fascist led labor unions partner with their corporate NAZI Democratic pay masters in crime and continue doing what they do best.

Ostrich like denial, collusion and obfuscation.
Suddenly, an upcoming politically motivated show trial, investigation announced regarding Goldman Sachs investment firm, instigated by their/our OWN SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission.
Another joke.
The fox guarding the hen house.

Apparently, Goldman Sachs was selected as a convenient sacrificial lamb, I suppose, in part, for United Suckers and Assholes upcoming November, 2010 midterm elections when their NAZI Democrats are expected to face an electoral bloodbath.
Additional speculation exists as to whether or not NAZI Morgan Stanley will benefit from Goldman's selective demise and/or legal problems.

But, NAZI CIA slave boy Obooma's Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan DICTATORSHIP remains UNTOUCHED, unscathed, of course.

Rewarded, instead.
Rewarded by whom?
For more good irony on this subject, United Suckers and Assholes Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, nominally representing US taxpayers, YESTERDAY, Tuesday, April 20, voted to approve ALL Citigroup nominated Board members!
US Treasury is now THE largest shareholder in Citigroup, with alittle over 25% common shares:


For anyone unfamiliar with Treasury Secretary Geithner's background, here's a plain vanilla wiki snapshot with the customary, usual associations, including NAZI Kissinger and the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, etc.:


However, a more specific link below from 2009 speculates about the reasons for Geithner's selection as Treasury Secretary AND specifically mentions Obooma's interconnectedness, that is, his CIA assignation.
I picked this link RANDOMLY.
Not because it is so great and special but because ANYONE could have figured out what he did, below, and, they did, including myself, with even greater historical and economic interconnectedness than that represented below:


Here is but one I selected out of many videos and reports from Tuesday's Citigroup annual shareholder meeting because it highlights the essential, quientessential paradoxical and contradictory cul-de-sac nature of this situation into which they dig you/us all deeper and deeper.
The person speaking in the video below is from CALPERS, California PUBLIC [MY emphasis] Employees Retirement System, the world's LARGEST pension fund AND major shareholder in Citigroup and other PRIVATE multinational firms:


Norway's public pension investment fund, I believe, is second or third in size behind Calpers on the global scene.
Norway, of course, through its energy firm DNO (and thus their pension fund) represents a major investor and interested party in the outcome of Northern Iraq, Kurdistan, the KRG.

Thus, nominally, ALL individual and collective United Suckers and Assholes TAXPAYERS now are MAJOR shareholders of Citigroup through their/our gargantuan taxpayer gift, largesse, boondoggle and OUR subsequent national indebtedness.

ALL US taxpayers can and should be AT CITIGROUP BOARD MEETINGS AND exercise OUR OPTION to LIQUIDATE, DIVEST OUR shares, prosecute their CEO, executives, Board, policies, investments, and NATIONALIZE their assets.

So, how is it US Treasury Secretary Geithner comes to REPRESENT OUR collective and individual interests?
Because United Suckers and Assholes taxpayers hand to Geithner on a silver platter, ALLOW, PERMIT Geithner to represent of ALL OF US.

It is all a total and complete joke, an in your face farce.

But, do you see/hear ANYONE on the streets wildly, militantly OBJECTING, demonstrating, yelling, striking, protesting about ANY of this either before, after or now?

No, of course not. Absolute passivity. Quiescence.
Because, as in ALL else from single payer to the above to foreign policy, our fucking labor unions SUPPORT the Democrats!
Instead of leading an opposition, they, along with their counterpart State and CIA manufactured ersatz Left, BLOCK a viable and unified opposition. This is HOW class opposition and labor unions are neutralized, coopted, along with their pension fund investments.
A self-conscious policy applied since the end of WWII.

Meanwhile, in contrast, back in Old World GREECE a WAVE OF MORE STRIKES in response to austerity measures and IMF plans:


And, the REASON WHY a SUDDEN "revelation" about torture and secret prisons in Iraq in the LA Times and not before, mentioned below.
Because it helps contribute to the legitimacy and necessity for REGIME CHANGE both in Iraq and Iran NOW.

As I have explained and forecast ALL ALONG, an explosion is inevitable to rid Iraq of its NAZI Aryan Iran Brown Shirts, SS, Gestapo, Revolutionary Guards, Ahmadimoron, their militias and Mullah Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, who seized with an iron grip Baghdad's coveted Oil Minister prize and will not let go.
"Diplomacy," i.e, carrots, sticks, threats, intimidation, negotiations, blackmail, elections, assassinations, sanctions, internal destabilization, etc., did/will/does NOT work.
The NAZI Aryan Iranian scumbags, thugs CREATED in the first place are not about to relinquish, share power and/or go quietly into the sunset.
So, a coordinated, escalating, ongoing campaign necessitated, one I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING ALL ALONG:


Finally, a reminder for ALL the world's suckers and assholes, especially those here, what it is ALL about "Alfie," what ties it together so neatly and nicely:


To end it all, a little parody, which one can apply to the above.

Lili Tomlin's CLASSIC skit, "One RingyDingy."
Sorry, do not know the exact year:


Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well, our numerous global chickens created under retrograde USSR counter-revolutionary policies, accelerated under United Suckers and Assholes NAZI Reagan Presidential Administration and their fanatical international tools and alliances, come home to roost now with a vengeance.
A term coined by spooks, Blowback?

Their insane, suicidal, self-destructive policy is/was DOOMED from the start because it swims against historical tides and currents and thus requires infinite, vast amounts of resources and energy to counter the ever increasing contradictory forces which they, themselves, unleash, all moving in opposite, opposing directions from/to one another.
A Herculean, Sisyphean task.
A black hole.

A self-
Between Iraq's invasion and the Middle East/North Africa sands and Eurasia, the death knell of our present counter-revolutionary, reactionary, resurrected NAZI/Fascist regimes and economic model is assured.
There is/will be revenge but, unfortunately, once again, only AFTER thousands, millions of NEEDLESS death, suffering, economic dislocation, upheaval, dissolution, disarray, etc.
Or extinction, annihilation, whichever comes first, one or the other.
A choice between the two.
I am not a global news service.
I do not have the resources to follow events everywhere.
Suffice it to say, everywhere I look on the globe at this moment accelerated destabilization, the repercussions of IMPERIALIST, irrational, reactionary, economic competition, territorial claims, counter claims, surrogate, covert armies, thugs, mercenaries and internal class conflict exists with NO end in sight.
The Middle East destabilization process opened with Iraq's invasion increases rather than decreases regional imperialist economic conflicts within and without jockeying, warring with one another for influence, thus, coups, counter-coups, violence, infighting, economic and systemic collapse.
Helped along by BIGGER and smaller LIES and fictions such as, but, not limited to the following:


The globe is awash in the stench of volcanic ash AND a competing Fascist/NAZI cesspool.
In Greece, more confrontations and strikes occur or scheduled as pundits here speculate about whether or not the EU and Euro will dissolve and cease to exist in its present incarnation.
And, I eagerly anticipate and await Turkey's May Day events.
I am not going to regurgitate the contours of what are OPEN and obvious European contradictions at the moment.
Another repeat historical performance.
Variations on an old theme.
Meanwhile, a comrade from Greece posted the following.
I am NO longer sure who is who, which groups represent whom or what, in terms of the proliferating presumed Left abroad.
But, I will re-post it anyway:

And, as well, this one, with English subtitles, although, I do NOT endorse Anarchism, since anarchism already is what we have:

Meanwhile, to dislocate the best laid plans of mice and men, nature intervenes as Iceland's volcanoes erupt, disrupting so-called, normal, daily life, that is, commercial activity in the air, throwing all into chaos and disarray and presaging similar POLITICAL and ECONOMIC disarray and meltdown in Iceland and elsewhere.
A symbolic and metaphorical omen.
An augur.
Some commentary about this at the usual Icelandic news site:

Iceland's volcano is but one miniscule NATURAL event in our ever changing, dynamic, explosive planet and universe.
And look what it does.
NOT having gazillion amounts of planes traveling in the sky at one time clogging up the atmosphere is quite refreshing once in a while.
Don't you think?

How about BOATS?
An alternative or additional form of travel.
Slow boats.
The way people used to travel.
Inexpensive, less polluting and some, many would argue, a more gratifying experience.
Of course, "time is money," now.

What will our commercially organized society ever do when more than one major natural catastrophe, disaster, occurs simultaneously.

Modern life as we/they know it will come to a halt, a standstill.

Just one large sun flare can knock out all earth's electricity and space satellites.
And, of course, as if to challenge nature's overwhelming forces, these reptilian brains engage in hubris, man made chaos, disaster and destruction, namely, war and increased militarization, as if they/we are invincible.

So, welcome back to the insidious, pathologically deranged, insane, utterly mad, diabolical world of Dr. Strangelove on multiple steroids:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I thought I would continue my somewhat humorous, satirical trajectory from today's earlier entry, just below this one, with an introductory salvo from the 1970s Saturday Night Live ORIGINAL TV cast apropos of the subject matter following.

For those unfamiliar with it, unfortunately, very few broadcasts of the fantastic, superlative, INITIAL SNL weekly TV program are available on youtube from which to choose.
But, I found this one, which more or less does a satisfactory job to introduce the links below.

So, first, from SNL:


And, now, flowing from the above, a toast to the world's suckers and assholes from here to the Middle East to Europe to eternity for making the following possible.
I really have to laugh.
It is a joke.

This stuff cannot be MORE IN YOUR FACE.
I cannot understand why I am NOT invited to their soirees, celebratory, social gatherings, jubilees, etc.
I certainly could join with them in a toast to the wonderful, glorious stupidity of ALL the world's WILLINGLY, VOLUNTARILY, suicidal, self-destructive suckers, assholes, whores combined who help make it all happen.
They certainly deserve recognition and a toast for their many accomplishments.
Without them, where would they/we be, below.
A note of thanks, appreciation, gratitude is in order.
So, I am doing it FOR THEM, since they seem to be ungracious about acknowledging their appreciation.
So, thank you all for your many sacrifices in order that we, below, can perpetuate, expand and enjoy our worldly splendor and wealth while you attain yours in the hereafter, perhaps.
Now, suckers and assholes, you can glance around the following, open the FILE links provided within, and peruse for the usual cast of characters, names and places.
Occasionally, there are some new names TO ME, like, for example, Haissam Arabi, mentioned below.
Did not know about him before.
So, first:

"Prospectus: Gulfmena Arab Opportunity Fund Limited":


And, then, "Bank of Alexandria Fixed Income Fund":


And, then, see my earlier post from today...


It is, was difficult to decide where to begin today's post, with the serious or the entertaining.

So, I decided lighthearted SATIRE first.
The clever young men in the link below, the Gregory Brothers, have devised a new form of political commentary.

It is not GREAT art, but, certainly much better than the subject matter they satire and ridicule, namely, our pathetic state of affairs, politics and media.
I could have used a direct youtube link, but I decided, instead, to feature a one hour C-Span interview which incorporates samples of their video work, as well.
You can pursue further on your own if you so desire.
Again, amusing, light, clever, entertaining, ingenious spoof:


While on the subject of satire and IRONY, after our great medical insurance giveaway, boondoggle and heist, championed by our fake Left Opposition and NAZI Obooma Democratic enthusiasts, most importantly, their AFL-CIA, I received an e-mail FROM THOSE VERY SAME SOURCES complaining that somewhere between 45,000 to 100,000 people CURRENTLY receiving Pennsylvania STATE existing, income based MEAGRE, partial, as it is, SUBSIDY medical insurance program for the "indigent, poor" are about to LOSE THEIR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE due, no doubt, to State debt and budget cuts or NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's medical reform giveaway, perhaps!
It's really a cruel joke, isn't it?
One must laugh.

So, now, moving away from the daily ironies of Homeland Insecurity while living in the belly of the NAZI beast and Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly, Theatre of the Absurd, to other serious fare, as promised, above.

This is a fascinating documentary I JUST viewed, although it has been around, apparently, for a couple of years.
The version I watched had English subtitles.
I cannot locate THAT one online after numerous searches.

Instead, I found the film available in SPANISH in 11 or 12 segments in the following link, but, it seems, no English language subtitles.
IF you can manage to understand some of it, it is well worth the effort.
And, SOME parts are interviews in English and other languages, as well.
Only one or two comments I would add.

When the USSR dissolved, it was another Maghreb of a different sort.
As Castro and/or other Cuban representatives said, paraphrasing him/them, the "SUN WENT DOWN, or, the SUN SET."

The outcome of the situation below in Africa would have been ENTIRELY different, as you can see from where the film ends, had NOT the Soviet Union disappeared when it did.
And, of course, OUR PAID TREACHEROUS, TRAITOR ally, Gorby's role in this despicable debacle, is already ALLUDED to in the film vis-a-vis these events:

"Cuba: An African Odyssey":


Two NOTES to add to the above film.

While a nice overall historical context, as always, more factors involved.

One, for example, from MEMORY, as I recall, the Chinese were in Africa as well, NOT mentioned in the documentary above.
And, I found the following youtube video which confirmed what I remembered:


The film apparently has two different names, the one above AND
"Cuba! Africa! Revolution!"

So, it is possible you MAY find an alternative English OR OTHER language subtitled version online somewhere else under its second name.

Monday, April 12, 2010


The Maghreb for Iraq, the US, "Old" Europe, morphs into its opposite, a SUNRISE for our former and present NAZIS in their newly minted MIDDLE EAST/NORTH AFRICA/ASIAN "emerging markets" which YOU ALL HELPED create, and, of course, the former USSR.

The so-called Arab GCC "STATES" ARE A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, a coordinating arm and Switzerland of the newly minted NAZI Middle East, North Africa, Asia "emerging markets," a sieve through which money sloshes:

"US$2 TRILLION GCC Projects Market Offers Opportunities for Global Construction and Investment Community"‏:


And, who are SOME of the NAZI/Fascist thugs, henchman, useful human tools, in this despicable, gargantuan, humongous saga of theft and betrayal, a direct continuum, extension from WWII and USSR, Soviet, counter-revolution?
Well, I like the photo and descriptions below.

It nicely represents the character of YOUR FREEDOM FIGHTERS EVERYWHERE.
Not just Iraq/Iran.

The photo encapsulates, sums it all up so neatly and nicely, even if one knows nothing about him/them.
"One picture is worth a thousand words."
Imagine meeting this fellow in a dark alley somewhere OTHER THAN IRAQ where he now roams about.
Prince Vad Tepes, son of Prince Dracul, of Transylvania.
(Apparently, Drac means Devil).
Certainly, you/I/one would run in the other direction as quickly as our little legs could carry us.

But, recall, as I repeatedly advise, these are the subhuman Reptilian brains, untermenschen, themselves dispensable, disposable, replaceable parts, Brownshirts, SS, pathological killers, hired guns, assassins, who do the dirty work for those like Rockefeller, Dupont, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Bremer, Kissinger, Jafar, et. al., who NEVER dirty or stain their hands and conscience with the direct face of murder, torture, blood, etc.

They have HIRED HELP like the Reptilian ilk below do THEIR dirty work for them, instead.
And, then, they have a PAID army of international collaborators, apologists, propagandists, historical revisionists, etc., to sanitize, obfuscate, launder and CLEAN UP their image and mess so that their deranged mass murders and drug pushers morph into Freedom Fighters:


And, here is another obliquely formulated warning, (last few sentences at the end), which I have followed all along regarding an upcoming High Noon confrontation at the O.K. Corral, unraveling and unfolding before everyone's eyes:


By the way, the US military base in the former SOVIET Central Asian Republic of Krygzystan, having experiencing another "revolution," conveniently relocated its operations to GUESS WHERE??


Kuwait presently is in an oil and territorial dispute, disagreement, with NAZI IRAN OCCUPIED IRAQ.

When the Berlin wall came tumbling down, the floodgates of NAZI Hell opened up and Pandora's Box spilled out its pernicious cornucopia of all the world's ills and evil!
Can Humpty Dumpty put it all back together again??

Saturday, April 10, 2010


So, what's a few more dead bodies in the Grand PRIVATIZING EYES ON THE PRIZE scheme!
I mean, how can those who FINANCED and profited from WWII top their 60 million or plus deaths, total global destruction, annihilation, systematic, industrialized extermination, slave labor, atom bomb, carpet bombing, dislocation and trauma they produced.
ALL to counter the USSR and overturn their revolution.
Can it get any better or worse?
Or, a continuum.

I found the timing of our most recent sensational wiki leaks video about Iraq and US killings curious, coincidental, considering the now OPEN and accelerating POWER STRUGGLE between Iraq's Quisling NAZI US Allawi puppet and NAZI created Aryan Iran Brown Shirt puppets Maliki/Sadr and their globalized Iran sanctions game and, of course, the much coveted Iraq Oil Minister, presently, Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, prize.

ALL FOR THE FOLLOWING and similar like it:

"MENA and South Asian Region Drivers of World Economic Growth"


Emerging markets and new speculative bubble, as THE NAZIS so proudly and OPENLY proclaim and announce it.
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.
And, Greece.
Remember Old World Greece?
What is happening or will happen to them next now that the IMF and/or Germany, EU, is about to have a hand, SOON, in strangling Greece?
What will THEY do?
And, now, more imperialist rivalries and manufactured coups in the Caucasus and Central Asia, back and forth.
Anytime "revolution," or, a coup, is televised you can be sure it is manufactured.
Just have to figure out for whom or whose, which purposes.
Another contested region adjacent to the Middle East.

As for the subject matter and QUESTION below about Iraq's dead and disappeared, unfortunately, it is hardly unique in history and war.
As to HOW names are/were selected, by whom and for which reasons, purposes, there can be and probably are multiple answers.
It certainly is a GOOD question.
But, complete, accurate answers will NOT be forthcoming, I am afraid.
One name, for example, NOT mentioned below is HAMID JAFAR, the well connected, awesome, prolific Jafar family network, octopus and traitor extraordinaire empire.
And, of course, US Bremer, mentioned below, was managing director for NAZI protege KISSINGER Associates from 1989 forwards.
Paul Bremer represents his NAZI Kissinger cartel interests well.
You can do searches on Bremer and come up with a very large "distinguished" background dossier, his international connections, etc.
Chalabi's family also a former prominent name in pre-Hussein/Baath Party Iraq and Middle East society, in general.
So, what does/did Chalabi get out of his collaborative, traitorous role?
What does he currently stand to lose, if anything?
More about all this after the link below:


Thanks to Edwin Black's book and research, it is now revealed, exposed HOW and THAT multinational IBM (International Business Machines) was INTEGRAL in the process of industrial, systematic extermination and selection in NAZI OCCUPIED Germany and elsewhere.
But, the REASONS for extermination were NOT the cause of WWII.
They are not one and the same.
An excuse, opportunity, by product for slave labor, theft, motivation and so on.

Recall Rwanda's relatively recent barbaric massacres?
WHO, which, colonial interests and their local allies profited from that one? US Secy of State, another Fascist Czech emigre import, Madeleine Albright, OR, another US government official, HONESTLY declared "we" did NOTHING to intervene BECAUSE the US does NOT have interests in Rwanda.
A rare, honest, straightforward, precise statement.
(By the way, mentioning both Czechoslovakia and the subject matter above, I am reminded of the BRILLIANT 1965 Czech movie,
"The Shop on Main Street.")

And, then, I thought, as another example, I would mention something else less well known, since the US Census currently is underway again at the moment.
US Census data was used here to help gather Japanese immigrants and residents for WWII internment camps.
One must dig deep into history to understand the multiple and often competing interests represented in Roosevelt's WWII US Administration, one of those being John J. McCloy, who promoted Japanese internment AND McCloy's multiple interests and alliances with NAZI economic clients throughout the globe and the Dulles Brothers, one of whom, John Foster Dulles, became Secretary of State and his brother, Allen Dulles, CIA Director under the subsequent Eisenhower Administration about which, once again, I will say more and add a footnote** link below.

But, first, an article about the US Census and WWII Japanese internment.
Something I wonder and do NOT know.
Was IBM perhaps involved with data gathering for the US Census then?
Would need to research it to find the answer:


Next, I will provide a nice book introduction, GLIMMER, INSIGHT into the HISTORIC NAZI economic interests and network to which I refer constantly, updated, of course, for the up and coming, aspiring noveau riche Fascist/NAZIS like Hamid Jafar of Dana Gas, FORMER USSR and NOW NAZI associated Russian mafia oligarchs, etc.
This is from Charles Higham's EXCELLENT
1983 book,
"Trading With the Enemy."

When you note/see the name MORGAN, below, you will certainly be familiar with it from MY posts:


The above pattern, phenomena is MUCH GREATER, insidious, pernicious than the word EVIL would imply to me.
In comparison, evil is banal, tame.
Recall illiterate Bush's butchered, moronic English language expression, the "evil doers."
It is much deeper than plane old vanilla evil.
Nothing happens to the "evil doers."
They simply maintain power and multiply. Continuity.
These are not individually perpetrated or spontaneous crimes of personal, sexual, emotional, familial passion, violence, envy, jealousy and/or economic desperation, poverty, robbery, theft, murder, etc.
These historic events are meticulously, consciously, methodically planned and executed, in BOTH senses of the word, acts of mass horror, terror, murder on a grand, global scale for the sole purpose of maintaining, expanding and perpetuating THEIR OWN PRIVATE ECONOMIC EMPIRE, FIEFDOM and SYSTEM predicated upon PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL, AGGRANDIZEMENT, PROFIT and GREED.
There is NO difference between the exigencies and realities of modern day NAZI/Fascist Capitalism and our former, all pervasive, global mercantile SLAVERY system.
EVERYONE is complicit from our AFL-CIA labor unions and their pension fund investments and covert collaboration to our apologists, just as was the economic supremacy and dominance of our preceding mercantile slave system.
All are part of it by virtue of breathing, living, eating, existing, the necessity to partake.
Even your mythological, isolated island paradise is NO longer isolated.
No one is "safe."
There is NO exit, no escape, until and unless one transforms, eliminates, reduces, NOT EXPANDS, the primitive economic MOTIVATION and property relationships behind it all.
Otherwise, ALL are TRAPPED in a self-perpetuating, existential, SUICIDAL, PATHOLOGICAL, DIABOLICAL cul-de-sac.

And, here is the **FOOTNOTE LINK** to which I referred above.
Some redundacy with the above, as you will see:


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well, the beat goes on in Iraq's killing fields.


And concomitant increase in income inequality, relative poverty.

You know the story by now, despite apologists, propagandists and collaborators in United Suckers and Assholes Homeland AND ABROAD who make lots of NOISE, but, as far as I know, talk only to themselves everywhere.
Our NAZI global collaborators "liberate" yet another progressive STATE adding to a long list, like they did previously with Afghanistan's manufactured Taliban "Freedom Fighters," Yugoslavia, USSR, Africa, etc., flattening states to the ground, throwing them "back to the stone age" and impoverishing EVERYONE but the wealthy, of course, privatizing, appropriating, raiding, seizing the remains of former state, nationalized assets, natural resources and industry.
With Iraq's current NAZI Quisling puppet government and political jockeying and maneuvering at the moment, Baghdad's key position, Oil Minister, remains still a highly coveted prize, tightly held onto by NAZI Iran Mullah Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani.

But, the international noose tightens and thickens around the necks of NAZI created Aryan Iran's present Mullah regime and Revolutionary Guard Brownshirts, whose greater commercial relationships and so they BELIEVE protection, extends from Europe to China.

The more 'they' feel threatened, squeezed, the greater becomes their desperate response, violent, repressive push back, which, in turn, necessitates ever greater, more, rather than less, force.

And, so goes the latest crescendoing imperialist Middle East conundrum:




There is not much more to say about it all than that above and my many, many previous posts on this subject.

Turkey's Huthala/scumbag PRIVATIZING AKP Erdogan continues supporting his NAZI Iran crony counterparts.

And, United Suckers and Assholes ersatz, fake Left continue doing what they do best, DENY, collaborate, excuse, appease, rationalize, fictionalize and stick their heads passively in the sand.
They are hardly alone, however.
Lastly, a short, approximate 20 minute discussion with the author of what I thought an interesting subject, "Kamikaze Diaries" from WWII Japan:


Saturday, April 3, 2010


As an additional postscript, afterthought or continuum from where I left off yesterday towards the bottom of my post regarding the above subject matter, I thought I would add a few more links.
Maybe, also, as a personal antidote to the depressing, demoralizing, human effluvia, garbage surrounding me now.

So, here is further, 1935 vintage footage with Mineworkers Union President, John L. Lewis, and other labor leaders, regarding their HISTORIC decision to SPLIT off, separate, the CIO from the AFL.
If you look on the right hand sidebar of the youtube link you will see their reunion 20 years later, 1955, which, to all intents and purposes, set its subsequent pattern and purpose as that of the AFL-


Then, I thought I would provide for anyone totally and completely unfamiliar with and ignorant of US labor history, just one reference as somewhere, a place, to start, begin out of VOLUMINOUS, dense material available, namely, Philip Foner.
Here is a wiki snapshot regarding Foner.
They do NOT mention below Foner also guest lectured at East Berlin's Humboldt University in the 1980s:


And, here is an excerpt of an online book I found, "Alexander Von Humboldt, A Metabiography," Page 129, mentioning Phil Foner at East Berlin's Humboldt University:


So, that is all for today's brief entry.
And, refer back to my post below...

Friday, April 2, 2010


Well, this time around in sleepy Philadelphia town, after a not too long ago, impotent public transportation strike supposedly about pension funds, we now have more local labor news and excitement, a NURSING strike at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia.
Oh, whoopee!! Jump for joy!
Now, IF you do not live in this arcane part of the world, it is truly difficult to explain the Byzantine maze of our splendiferous Health care/medical delivery FUNDING system/s.
That most decidedly is a PLURAL.
Many, many, multiple of plurals.
One of the world's 7 wonders.
The Taj Mahal pales in comparison.
For simplicity purposes, Philadelphia's Temple University and its affiliated Medical/Hospital system primarily receives public, STATE, taxpayer funds. In addition, the Hospital is or is not paid, accordingly, as the case may be, from our complex, arcane, labyrinth and maze, our Byzantine medical insurance system.
These taxpayer state funds do NOT cover all Temple University expenses, so, in addition, a hefty student tuition exists AND there have been growing "public-(for profit)private" institutional, corporate partnerships as well.
Two other MAJOR, large medical teaching institutions and complex facilities exist in the city in addition to Temple University and Hospital in North Philadelphia, Jefferson Hospital AND the greater Hospital, Medical system of the University of Pennsylvania, HUP, Hospital of the Univ of Penna.
BOTH above are COMPLETELY PRIVATE, although, the Univ of Penna receives GOBS of federal taxpayer RESEARCH monies AND the Univ of Penna pays NO local real estate taxes, despite the fact they are a sprawling, major, for-profit land owner and developer in the City and so on.
But, never mind.
These GLARING economic contradictions are NEVER contested.
Nobody above or below seems to care much about such discrepancies.
Anyway, back to the strike.
So, various issues involved, from benefits and pay to patient ratios and a controversial gag order not to discuss, disclose, criticize Hospital Administrative policies and/or patient care.
Both sides reached an impasse in the above after many months of negotiations and a strike was called.
So, Temple University Hospital nurses and support staff, approximately 1,500 give or take, are picketing and walking the streets now protesting against Temple's President and her/their policies.
A sane person MIGHT ask, where are the other health care workers throughout the City in this battle??
Don't they JOIN in support??
Nowhere to be seen.
After all, it is NOT THEIR problem! Not THEIR contract. Not THEIR battle.
BESIDES, MOST IMPORTANTLY, NONE of the city or nation's medical/health care workers, labor unions came out on the streets protesting AGAINST Obooma's HEALTH CARE INSURANCE GIVEAWAY and boondoggle.
NOR Obooma's trillion dollar taxpayer bogus "stimulus monies," gift, bank bailouts and debt.
So, MY
GUESS is that the REAL reason, motive behind a forced Temple Hospital/Medical labor stalemate, confrontation, POSSIBLY, ultimately, is to eliminate our quasi-State funded Temple Hospital system completely and PRIVATIZE it.
Or, perhaps, maybe, shut it down entirely.
Where will the patients and staff go?
Well, elsewhere, nowhere or on the street.
Too bad!!
Like everyone and everything else here.
They are expendable, redundant.
So, I respond to appeals for "solidarity, support," above by posing the following question, statement, admonition, go out in front of "Progressive" Democratic offices such as State Representative Pinocchio, about whom I have written much in the past who advocates a STATE Single Payer medical insurance System and/or THEIR national and local AFL-CIO offices and/or other local, NATIONAL AND STATE, GOVERNOR Rendell's office, for example, and protest!
Why bother with Temple's President and Administration.
She/they just carry out policy dictated from above, POLITICALLY.
So, unless and until our labor unionists ACTIVELY DENOUNCE, RENOUNCE, CRITICIZE, OPPOSE their own UNION labor leadership and its/their Democratic support and policies, they will get NO support from me and/or OTHERS.

In contrast, on the subject of labor strikes, back in Turkey, the following developments regarding FORMER STATE COMPANY, TEKEL, and its ongoing battle against PRIVATIZATION!!
Just the opposite.
So, fuck you all!
The chickens come home to roost.
Cluck, cluck, cluck, gobble, gobble, gobble:

Finally, I thought I would finish with a brief then and now retrospective.

I searched in vain online for video of former Mine Workers Union President John L. Lewis and his eloquent, vehement Congressional testimony AGAINST the 1947 Taft-Hartley (Slave) Labor Act, as Lewis so aptly described it.
Unfortunately, I could NOT find a video online.
So, instead, here is a glimpse of some vintage Lewis Congressional testimony about the Mine workers strikes during and after WWII:

And, then, a reminder from the multitudinous 1946 US labor strikes which precipitated a long sought after onerous, anti-Communist 1947 Taft-Hartley (Slave) Labor Law, in conjunction with our 1947 anti-Communist National Security Act.

Thus began our institutionalized, codified, legalized NON-ELECTED, shadow NAZI government and State Security apparatus, its proliferating alphabet agency soup, NSA, CIA, NSC, now Homeland Security, etc.

Following immediately upon the heals of the 1947 National Security Act in the early, mid 1950s, Congressman Joe McCarthy began his subversive, anti-Communist, HUAC, Congressional House Un-American Activities hearings, witch hunts, red baiting, labor purges, black listing, the Rosenberg trial and EXECUTION, character assassinations.
And, from then until now it has been a spiral ever downwards, replete with labor leader assassinations, (the Mine Workers, Teamsters), mafia infiltration, penetration, hostile takeovers, the long history of AFL-CIA collaboration, etc.
The rest, as the proverbial they say, is history: