Sunday, February 28, 2010


The following article appeared on a well known, international, supposedly Left, website, publication, CONFIRMING what I had LONG suspected.

It becomes the proverbial nail in the coffin.
This same website CONSISTENTLY IGNORES ALL NAZI created Aryan Iran atrocities and their role in Iraq.
They also defend Russia's present Fascist government and more in their distorted, slanted, biased, selective content, empty rhetoric and coverage.
The author, previously unknown to me, is Richard Tedor, a writer, spokesperson for an outright NAZI front organization in the US, which is why I am totally unfamiliar with him.
I NEVER read this NAZI garbage and propaganda, obviously.
I am unable at the moment to dig further into these associations, but, even a cursory look will be sufficient for the moment.
(For example, I can't help wondering if they/he have any association, affiliations with the equally bogus LaRouche group??)

FIRST, I will provide a VERY SHORT, THUMBNAIL, BRIEF entry in wiki about the NAZI Barnes Review, which has a link directly to their website on the bottom and, then, the article Tedor wrote in it to which I am referring.
So, wiki first:

Then, the article Richard Tedor wrote for his NAZI Barnes Review, REPUBLISHED at the following website:

Shameful is not a sufficient word to express the above phenomena.
I have no English words for such horrors.
I am at a loss for words.
I need literary help, please, in ANY language.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I saw a headline somewhere in response to Chile's earthquake something to the effect;

"Is Nature Out Of Control or Nature Out Of Control?"
Can you imagine postulating or framing such an absurd, preposterous question??!!
One can only be stupefied by the mind numbing disconnect between reality and our NAZI tabloid media and corporate government who are, themselves, OUT OF CONTROL.

They ALL are an affront to our collective intelligence and will destroy us and the planet with them in their pathological, greedy, parasitic, barbaric, inhumane, irrational quest for economic dominance and Faustian CONTROL, including nature!

In a few random notes from our NAZI Homeland, our lone, principled Single Payer advocates sustain their Quixotic battle.
They are to be applauded.

HOWEVER, they have NOT, AS YET, picketed and targeted our LABOR UNION LEADERSHIP, the AFL-CIA and SEIU, who collaborate with their NAZI Democratic partners in privatization everywhere so that NO PRINCIPLED, unified class opposition about ANYTHING exists.

And, the latest from our best CHANCE to break collaborative labor's institutional stranglehold:

To summarize it up, including Iraq, Turkey, Greece, etc.,(see my previous entries just below for THEIR trajectories which have NOT changed), another photo journalistic essay and more From the Former USSR, Russia, With Love, below.
MY sentiments precisely:

Thursday, February 25, 2010


A SHORT continuum, postscript, update to yesterday's entry about a negotiated agreement for Allawi's return as Iraq PM.
Of course, NOT ALL Iraqi's former army officers to be reinstated.

Quite clearly, the opportunist collaborators.
Must I explain the OBVIOUS:

And, then, a good report/analysis, amongst others available at Helmer's website, regarding Russia's Medvedev, which certainly relates to everywhere, Iraq, the Greater Middle East, Europe, etc.:

And, yesterday's post just below from which today's entry is a continuum, the Iraq Jack in the Box, or, the latest episode of "Allawi's Revenge..."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The trajectory below is abundantly clear.

Yemen military expenditures reported from January 2010 below already implemented and INCREASED.
The following does NOT include, itemize, additional COVERT operations in Yemen.
A sizable amount.

Likewise, in Lebanon.

And, of course, we have an ongoing not so covert operation in NAZI created Aryan Iran at the moment, as well:

All the above happening in response to the following.
Thanks to our inveterate Iraqi roving eye and freelance reporter for the excellent, detailed English language news roundup:

I will add alittle something additional to the above.
I have been following Mr. 5% of former IPC (Iraq Petroleum
Company) fame, Gulbenkian and Canada's Heritage Oil owner since their arrival in Kurdistan and its/their/his partnership with the mysterious, murky "Eagle Group of Iraq," presumably, Talabani and his KRG.
Heritage has gone through a number of twists, turns and permutations since arriving on the Iraq scene, including British mercenary Tony Buckingham's relatively recent acquisition of Heritage and Morgan Cazenove as Heritage advisers.
So, this is the latest development, a telling one, in a long sequencing of events:

And then the following report, with necessary spin, of course, regarding a possible deal, compromise, anointing Allawi Iraq PM, being, of course, the Mashhadani, MECATAC, Clinton circle I highlighted and forecast previously.
IF this turns out to be accurate, which I suspect, Iraq REMAINS still a MUCH contested battleground over prized territory, influence, energy contracts, revenue distribution, PRIVATIZATION.
For ALL who predicate and define EVERYTHING regarding Iraq on Iran as THE nub, heart, key problem, what will they now do/say about a Fascist Allawi, instead of Maliki, Iraq PM and its ongoing privatization?
Will they hang up their bags, quit, declare victory and go home??
Obviously not.
No matter which way one slices the Middle East pie/cake, it is a state of perpetual war, contested battleground.
For every hole plugged in the proverbial Iraq dike, another pops open:

Meanwhile, Afghanistan continues its diversionary side show status (WE did create the Fascist mercenary Taliban with Pakistan ISI and BCCI in the first place), AND, as well, it is the Eastern military front of NAZI Aryan Iran/Persia, which everybody conveniently forgets.

Already some high level NAZI Aryan Iran Revolutionary Guard assassinations indicating deep penetration and infiltration emanating from NAZI Aryan Iran's Eastern flank.

On Iraq/Iran's northern borders, an ongoing domestic battle continues, ensues, intensifies between Turkey's pseudo-Islamic NAZI AKP, "whose passion is to sell off and out state enterprises," partnered with Ahmadimoron, against Turkey's military and labor opposition, while the EU dissolves into militant labor strikes and opposition stretching from their southern shores, Turkey, Greece to Germany, France, Spain to Dutch government collapse, Iceland and Ireland.
And re-emergent Imperial NAZI Germany, the 800 pound gorilla roaming about Euroland, MAY not bail out Greek's NAZI government after all, but, instead, defer to the IMF!
On that subject, I found myself laughing, entertained, at the suggestion in #2 of the COMMENT SECTION, below, regarding NAZI German war reparations to GREECE!
Do not hold your breath, although, I am sure Merkel and Company gasped for air in horror at the very thought:

Here's another report about the same Greek/German flap suggested above:

And, then, the Balkans and Caucasus geography remains contested space, as well.
And, then, China and then...

But, the BIG BANG, the spark igniting this tinderbox remains Iraq/Iran represented above.

A current flurry of diplomatic activity hard at work lining up their international ducks for this eventuality, which is why the Allawi proposition floated above most likely is accurate.
Oh, yes, almost forgot.
Noticeably TWO countries missing from the above action report.
First, United Suckers and Assholes Alice-in-Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan CIA slave boy Obooma Dictatorship
BECAUSE they/we still have, as yet, NO PRINCIPLED, organized, unified class opposition and response thanks to our collaborative, criminal, Fascist led labor unions, their pension fund investments and fake, bogus, ersatz, manufactured Left.
Second conspicuously missing in action, Russia and all former Soviet Union countries.
Thanks, again, to John Helmer for this visual masterpiece below and historical reminder.

I always loved their banners, agitprop and art work:

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well, I apologize to the Dutch if I overlooked you.
Am only an individual, NOT a news service.

I have NO staff, support system/group and cannot follow events EVERYWHERE, especially the complex, shifting dynamics of a GREATER, re-emergent, European chessboard.
The emphasis in reports about the Dutch Government collapse appears to be disagreement over Dutch military involvement in Afghanistan, their withdrawal, and, then, reassurance NATO's mission and commitment in Afghanistan will NOT be diminished by a Dutch troop withdrawal.
HOWEVER, I have other questions surrounding timing and purposes for the Dutch Government collapse beside, or, in addition to, Dutch military participation in Afghanistan, which, after all, is negligible, only 2,000 or so troops.
First, Britain and the Netherlands are deeply immersed in ICELAND'S ongoing ICESAVE debt debacle, scandal and controversy, which, according to latest reports on the website below, the US has JUST absolved itself of ANY responsibility, influence, obligation, leverage and/or interest!!:

Next, NAZI,a well known WWII financial history, Royal Dutch Shell recently signed oil contracts with NAZI Baghdad's current Iranian Oil Minister, Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, now on the US shit list.
So, I am wondering HOW the above two factors MAY relate to the Dutch Government collapse, and/or, repercussions, aside from, or, in addition to, a Dutch military presence in Afghanistan, which, after all, is minimal, negligible.
And, then, of course, it raises, part and parcel, the entire question of EU, NATO, Euro unity and/or divisiveness, shifting power alignments and balance, intrinsically, inherently interwoven, considering all other developments occurring simultaneously.

So, I thought I would conclude on the point above with an historical reminder from an approximate one and a half hour discussion about a new book regarding the WWII Yalta Conference.
The following presents a combination of history, spin and OBVIOUS propaganda from our premiere, PRIVATELY endowed, educational institution, Harvard University, of Iraq Memory Project fame, home to former wealthy Iraq expatriates Kanan Makiya, Rend Rahim Francke (Merchantbridge) circle,
With that in mind, consider HOW it/he/they present the subject matter.
However, before listening/watching the video discussion below about Yalta, I ask your patience to indulge me with one anecdotal piece.
Anecdotes are NOT history, and, for that reason, I do NOT use them.
But, in this case, I will do so because it does add to the narrative below.
My 85 year old acquaintance, "A", who served in the US military in WWII as a young kid and a lowly, drafted G.I., happened to wind up translating when they finally reached Berlin because he knew some German, and, as "A" explained to me, most everyday in the morning first thing when they awoke his military superiors would give him/them, the troops, a pep talk about pursuing the Reds, the Bolsheviks NEXT.
As "A" told me, they were a conscript army made up of young, naive, innocent war weary kids and the ONLY thing they wanted to do was go home.

They were happy to be alive and more or less intact, in one piece, at that point.
There would have been rebellion, mutiny in the ranks had they been asked or made to pursue the war further than the task for which they believed they had come, i.e., defeating the NAZIS and Germany.

Besides, the Russians were ALLIES at that time.
So, how could they be asked to pursue the REDS?
And, with that anecdotal narrative, above, the following book discussion about the WWII Yalta Conference:

And, then, see today's earlier post just below...


Remember the slogan above?
Almost forgot, eh?
Our previous NAZI Presidential campaign mantra for our bought and purchased Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan CIA Obooma slave boy in the White House and his Hitler Youth Rallies.
So, here's another SMALL "Change You Can Believe" like the one above:

Cosmetic, superficial, like our elections, our politics, our media.

HOWEVER, BIG CHANGE emanates instead from Greece, below, in which you definitely CAN BELIEVE while France's TOTAL refinery workers ALSO strike en masse and a French TOTAL plant was occupied or seized:

And, I picked up the following tidbit of information from a COMMENT SECTION, LINK BELOW:

"...Chrisochoidis has just announced he’ll be permanently deploying 12,000 cops on the streets of Athens and other major cities: “a policeman will be passing by our front-door every 20 minutes”, he proclaimed proudly. Chilling…"


However, this militant, ORGANIZED opposition still does NOT STOP, REVERSE the hemorrhaging of wholesale, global, counter-revolutionary PRIVATIZATION everywhere.
But, it DOES disturb, threaten, challenge it.
It can get out of hand, escalate.
In Turkey, apparently, a hiccup occurred in their wholesale sell off and sell out of state industries:

Nor, of course, in Iraq/Iran, where the denouement of counter-revolutionary state privatization will ultimately no doubt be A DECLARATION OF WAR, "STATE OF EMERGENCY," CONSOLIDATION OF A NAZI DICTATORSHIP AND CORRESPONDING INTERNAL REPRESSION EVERYWHERE to meet all the many challenges and internal, external imperialist contradictions generated above and below.

So, as everybody spins the Iraq/Iran story to suit their purposes, the inexorable logic I have been following progresses NOT quietly.
Occasionally, such as in the links below, someone spins a fanciful narrative ALLUDING, OBLIQUELY, to a denouement I forecast on my blog, but, with the necessary, appropriate double, triple speak to OBSCURE, whitewash the specifics generating confrontation and horrific details:


Mission NOT accomplished in Iraq until the fat lady sings or until Ahmadimoron, his Revolutionary Guards and Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, Baghdad's current Persian Oil Minister, are replaced with a more congenial NAZI Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, First Persia Fund, Bank Melli, MECATAC, Mashhadani, Allawi, et. al. circle.

Meanwhile, back in the consolidating Alice-in-Wonderland Through the Looking Glass Darkly NAZI Dictatorship of Bread and Circuses, the masses remain enthralled by their tabloid media's most recent preoccupation with the soap opera confession and apology of a philandering golf player, Tiger Woods, in a made for TV show and tell.
Never mind their NAZI leaders, responsible for untold MILLIONS/BILLIONS of mass deaths, wholesale destruction, torture, devastation, war, rape, starvation, homelessness, poverty, debt, financial catastrophe, crisis, ruin, refugees, unemployment, dislocation, theft, robbery, resource appropriation, criminal financial conspiracies, drug running operations, money laundering, remain UNPROSECUTED, NO APOLOGIES NECESSARY, NO RETRIBUTION whatsoever.
Instead, they are rewarded with billions more taxpayer subsidies to continue doing what they do best, namely, the above.
So, my suggestion to Tiger Woods would be to say simply on national TV;
"I had a heck of a good time. Jolly good fun had by all.
NO apologies necessary.
And why the heck don't you assholes FOCUS ON THE OTHERS INSTEAD OF ME??"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Greek DEBT, although comparatively small is, nonetheless, BIG news, front page on our BUSINESS TV channel.
The Greek situation is somewhat akin to Iraq/Iran in the sense that both will explode in everyone's faces roughly around the same time.
Close proximity.
Everything spins apart simultaneously.
Greek debt of course emanates from the same CRIMINAL NAZI CONSPIRACY as elsewhere.
If Greece defaults the Euro and EU are finished.
And, the ripple effect, since nobody knows exactly who holds how much debt.
So, a line drawn in the Greek AND Middle East sands.
And, that line, I guarantee, means MORE, EVER GREATER WAR and CONFRONTATION.

There is no point repeating the obvious and the inevitable I have been following for so long.

Our PUBLIC theatre of surreal posturing, denial, collaboration in the face of reality, absurdity, propaganda, spin, doublespeak continues as the shit hits the fan EVERYWHERE.

Another hint.
Keep your eye on Lebanon.
Actually, now, you must keep your eye most everywhere on the Middle East as well as Europe for the sparks they most assuredly will be flying soon.

Lastly, I thought I would link below to a one hour TV documentary about OUR current contrived financial meltdown.

It certainly is NOT a comprehensive history.


But, I thought I would link to it for just one reason only.

It ILLUSTRATES, encapsulates, in a very, very SIMPLIFIED manner, the culture and pattern of denial, collusion, secrecy and HOW things and people REALLY operate around here, the WILLING CONSPIRACY AND the same PATTERNS exemplified below as that above now surrounding Iraq/Iran and the Middle East.
"surprises," like those below, in store for our asinine United Suckers and Assholes whose gaze summarily is diverted to an Afghanistan SKIRMISH while the real Middle East war continues unabated, which, as promised, guaranteed, forecast, I am waiting and watching unfold predictably:

Monday, February 15, 2010


My suspicions and hunches are now VERIFIED.
First came the Pink Elephant, Naomi Klein, her face featured prominently on Turkey's website, Hurriyet.
Then, simultaneously, numerous SUPPOSEDLY labor friendly websites have an orchestrated campaign regarding Turkey's Tekel workers.
And, now, comes the following.
The IMPORTANT note below is the international labor organization mentioned, ITUC.
I have much to add about the ITUC afterwards.
So, report, first, in which ITUC supposedly supports Turkey's Tekel workers:

Then, a little wiki background SNAPSHOT regarding ITUC formation:

And NOW, the coup de grace.

MY post from November, 2006 on my initial blog,, now blocked from public access.
Since it is unavailable for public view, due to circumstances BEYOND my control, once again, I will extract and reprint the information PERTINENT to this subject matter.
Some of the "missing" links from my November 2006 post do NOT work.
Nonetheless, I will include them all.

NOT HIGHLIGHTED in my initial entry below is the following paragraph which I extracted NOW from the SECOND LINK,, in the reprinted post below.
I want to bring it to attention beforehand since this is the nub, the heart of the matter.
The author/writers perspective, vantage point, whitewash, propaganda, spin is CLEAR, I HOPE:

"...The Cold War requires mention because this unification excludes the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), an organisation that became increasingly Communist because of the Cold War and then reproduced the misfortunes of its sponsoring bloc. A shell of its former self, it still has some following. This is largely sentimental insofar as WFTU is not demonstrably to the left of the ICFTU/WCL. For evidence of this consider the Beijing Consensus (2004), in which the WFTU was involved. In so far as WFTU still has affiliates that are extensions of the state in Communist (and certain Middle Eastern?) countries, it can hardly complain at its non-invitation to the party..." (, below)

So, from...

NOVEMBER 16, 2006

"...Part of the above "preparation," brings with it a new global labor organization, the ITUC, International Trade Union Confederation, MINUS the "Communist-dominated" WFTU:

For a slightly more sophisticated analysis, "International Union Merger of November 2006, Top-Down, Eurocentric and...Invisible?"


In both articles, above, about the new labor organization, France's CGT union, FOR EXAMPLE, is mentioned, either as a previously "unaffiliated," or, a "former WFTU" led union.

Regarding this, refer to my previous blog from May 16, 2005:

**see working link at bottom for this reprinted post**

For that matter, Iraq's largest trade union, which had been affiliated with the WFTU, was abolished after the American invasion. The implications of these labor policies are quite clear, a continuation of the AFL-CIA's international wing and the Jay Lovestone tradition, to neutralize, control and co-opt, for example, the "independent, WFTU-leaning" CFG and its militant opposition to French privatization, to counteract the possibilities for international labor solidarity, action and support against privatization, for nationalization or against de-nationalization.

(Regarding the Jay Lovestone tradition, see my blog from September 21, 2005:

This continuing policy is apparent in my previous blogs regarding Pakistan's privatization process and the role of American labor's, AFL-CIO(CIA), Pakistan investment policy versus American labor's di-vestment in Sudan, the latter intimately involved economically with both China and Russia state firms.
See my blog from May 27, 2006:

**see current link at the bottom for this post**

Let me be the first American to welcome France to the brave new world of the international arm of corporate America, the AFL-CIA, and the true meaning of the Democratic victory in the US..."

END of November, 2006 post excerpt.

Following are two current, working links in which I reprinted most/much of the information unavailable above:




Do me a favor, everyone, do NOT speak to me of Gaza, Palestine,
I do NOT wish to hear more hypocritical moral garbage spewing out of the mouths of the NAZI scumbags, carpetbaggers represented above, masquerading, parading, strutting their stuff globally as their opposite.
They are ALL NAZI WHORES, prostitutes, facilitators, collaborators, cohorts, enablers.
They are the WORST!!
They represent the long, covert ARM of the US State Department.
They function similar to, for example, Nasrallah or Ahmadimoron and his Islamic Fundamentalists and all other NAZI trash combined.
They, like insects and roaches, infect, reproduce and multiply themselves here, there and everywhere!
They are a scourge.

Like vermin and/or insect infestations, they need to be exterminated, SHOT DEAD ON ARRIVAL.
With friends like these, the enemy is in your midst.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I saw the entry, below, by General Hussein Anwar about Pan-Arab Nationalism and Baathism, today, AFTER my post from yesterday.
So, consider today's entry a postscript, continuum, addendum to my entry from yesterday.
Two quick thoughts on it and the subject matter.

A descriptive word, motivation, missing.
PERSONAL, PRIVATE PROPERTY, profit, acquisitiveness, capital accumulation.
Fundamental exploitation and inequality, upon which it is all predicated.
I will not attempt to reinvent the wheel and explain all history and HOW the capitalist system or mercantilism functions and THE crucial motivation of GREED contained within it all.
This is a cooking recipe of a different sort.
Everybody knows and anyone else can simply read the voluminous material from which this knowledge is derived, especially the BRILLIANT namesake of my blog.


BOTH Iraqi Anwar(s) (Layla and General Hussein, below) write and report passionately and eloquently about women, culture, double standards, passivity, torture, rape, NAZI Islamic Fundamentalism in Iraq, Iran and elsewhere.
There is one other VERY IMPORTANT reason the subject of women is far from a minor, side or extraneous issue, aside from its obvious barbarity, cruelty, pathological sadism and inhumanity.
Communist revolutions in North Korea, Cuba, Soviet Russia, China and partisans during WWII, were/are ACTIVELY defended by an ENTIRE MILITARIZED population and working class.
WOMEN represent half or more of that population.
If women, half your population, are KEPT subservient, repressed, suppressed, passive, divided, etc., then, the repercussions are obvious.
I will encapsulate a few thousand years history into one or two brief, pithy reminders.
Women were property, possessions, chattel slavery in one or another degree and form for the past few thousand years in most every culture.
This is common knowledge.
During wars, raids, plunder, in particular, they were raped, abducted and brutalized with impunity.
A LONG, sad history and pattern of such behaviour, alas.
Only relatively recently, within the past 100 to 300 years, cumulatively speaking, have women as a whole achieved the liberation REPRESENTED in the progressive movements above.
So, this is a VERY IMPORTANT reason why women MUST become culturally and politically ACTIVE co-equal partners and participants in ANY REVOLUTION.
It is MORE than theoretical.

If they do, half your population automatically is excluded from organized SELF-DEFENSE/OFFENSE and it is a recipe for eventual, garaunteed disaster.
NAZI created pseudo religious Fundamentalists everywhere KNOW and USE this inherently reactionary, artifically imposed, inferior/superior, divisive caste system to reinforce their goals.

But, any revolution which does NOT incorporate the above is immediately vulnerable.
And, now:

And, my post from yesterday...

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Here is Eine Kleine background music to accompany while you read Eine Kleine Geschichte (History) lesson below:


ALL OF A SUDDEN some of our commercial media discover Greece exists, concerned about upcoming confrontations and implications, ripple effects, throughout Europe and elsewhere, of course.
Prepping, inoculating and inculcating their audience ideologically.
Greece becomes the first canary in the reactionary European economic and political coal mine.

Meanwhile, apropos of the above, I remind EVERYONE the GREATER PURPOSE of our combined Middle East adventure as part of a larger, global, reactionary, counter-revolutionary enterprise.

The previous, progressive, Pan-Arab SOCIALIST movement and Iraq's Baath Arab SOCIALIST Party and its former USSR alignment AND THEIR MILITARY have been supplanted, fragmented, smashed, suppressed, repressed and metamorphosed into a different, self-defined, Pan-Arab Nationalism (NAZI) movement, agenda.
This time, the antithesis of the former one, a PRIVATE, regional, Arab economic integration.
The Middle East Free Trade zone and agreement.

The MAJOR fly, others exist also, of course, in the Middle East ointment, at the moment, is NAZI created Aryan Iran's Revolutionary Guards and Mullahs and their (Persian) IRAQ occupation and Sistani's son-in-law, Baghdad Oil Minister, Shahristani's opportunistic overreach and self-aggrandizement AND his/their/its international clientele, alliances and supporters.

But, our NAZI Aryan upstarts and pipsqueaks will be summarily dispensed and deposed.
Remember WHO paid their bills and made it possible for Iran's NAZI Huthala scumbags to occupy Iraq in the first place??

A lesson the NAZI Aryan Persian upstart pipsqueaks did NOT learn, apparently.
Never bite the NAZI hand that feeds you.
They should look at Zionist Israel, a junior and obedient partner in this enterprise.
THIS is THE power equation.

And, here is a reminder about Pan-Arab Nationalist (NAZI) Unity minus their significant Socialist part and the USSR.
In my first, initial, blog, I also carried MANY, MANY REPORTS on the proposed Middle East Free Trade Agreement/Zone:

Two postscripts to add.
I personally believe it was a good, fortunate, lucky thing Egypt's Nasser died early, prematurely, PRESUMABLY, from natural cause, a heart attack, at a relatively young age of 52.
Otherwise, I am quite sure, something untoward, like assassination, would have happened to him.
Additionally, one of THE major sticking points surrounding Turkish integration in Europe remains Turkey's INDEPENDENT, ideological minded, SUBSTANTIAL MILITARY.
Witness the many conflicts and character assassination between Turkey's military and it's NAZI AKP government "whose passion is to sell out and off state enterprises!"

Friday, February 12, 2010


First, I highlight what I regard a very significant development following my many previous posts about Turkey's game changing role in this most nauseating, revolting, sickening, disgusting, wholesale counter-revolutionary NAZI project.
I WAIT not patiently upon Turkey's military to ACT, as they promised, or, threatened, below!
The remainder of the COLLABORATIVE, despicable, traitorous NAZI scum that calls itself Government or Opposition elsewhere can drop dead.
Along with other information, in case you happen to miss it, I call your attention to a few sentences:

"...When asked the military’s opinion on changing the country’s present nation-state model into a federation, Başbuğ said the Turkish Armed Forces, or TSK, would never allow such a development.
“It cannot happen. Loose federative systems are also a matter of discussion in Europe. Isn’t France a nation-state? Britain? Or Germany?” he said. “It’s a philosophy. Existing problems can be solved within this philosophy...”

FROM: Please read ALL:

Meanwhile, I reprint below a comment in its entirety from a link, report, underneath it BECAUSE I really enjoyed the depiction in the last line and sentence (MY emphasis in BOLD AND RED) and I did NOT know whom to credit.
So, please see the link following for the source of this report:

"...Update3: The national union of teachers has announced its participation in the strike of the 24th of February, making the latter look like it is approaching the volume of a general strike. Also kiosks and corner shops have warned of rolling 24h strikes that would create great daily problems for consumers, demanding a reversal on extra tax imposed on tobacco as part of the austerity measures. At the same time, only hours after the bail-out, the greek government has been embarrassed by a long banner unfolded in front of the parliament by senior left-wing figures. The banner wrote: "No to the Stability Pact, European Workers Unite in Solidarity and Subversion"; the group was led by the highly influential ex-President of the Coalition of Radical Left, Mr Alavanos, who called Greece "the shit-hole of the Stability Pact"."

FROM: (Comment Section below):

In addition to the above, see MY post from yesterday, below, regarding a resurgent, 800 pound Imperial NAZI German gorilla throwing around its weight and stalking Europe, once again.

And more ongoing reports and updates from our inveterate roving Iraq/Middle East eye and translator.
Biden's doublespeak "success," referred to below, translates into its opposite, failure, disintegration and more military intervention and escalation.
The events reported GUARANTEE THEY DIG THEMSELVES DEEPER AND DEEPER INTO A CONFRONTATIONAL HOLE NOT desired or desirable by anyone except those doing the digging, i.e., NAZI Aryan Iran.
The US Senate, yesterday, voted unanimously for targeted sanctions on Iran's Revolutionary Guard.
They made a big deal of it with a press conference.
I will post/link to their SHORT Iran Sanctions Press Conference from yesterday after the following link:

And, US Senate Iran Sanctions Press Conference:

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Don't you just love it when events unfold so neatly, so predictably, like winter snow melting?

I mean, first, NAZI IMPERIAL German (EU) Greek debt bailout and LOAN proposal.
Blackmail, extortion, indentured slavery.
A pound of flesh equals a pound of Euros.
The Greek State no longer to exist.
To be dismantled, an extension of Greater Imperial Germany and their EU.

Hitler is chuckling from his grave, which, by the way, was NOT any German Berlin bunker but Argentina, instead.
Part of post WWII infamous NAZI Rat Line.

Enjoy, folks!
So many more upcoming episodes in this reality, reactionary, Great Game, Imperialist, Eurasian chessboard.
Like, for example...
NAZI Iran Iraq regional, Middle East showdown and March bogus Iraq elections, for which people literally are dying before voting begins.
Imagine what will happen afterwards. IF Iraq votes.
A significant act in THE Iraq dramatic centerpiece, however, currently unfolding in Iran.
Regime change, coups, I mean.
Demonstrations, counter demonstrations, assassinations, arrests, threats, intimidation, harrassment, torture, hangings, etc.
NAZI Pahlavi interests INTIMATELY involved in recent NAZI (Aryan) Persian orchestrated opposition, now given an appropriate color coded name like all others, Green Revolution, to counter present NAZI Aryan Islamic orchestrated demonstrations and their bused in supporters.
Since all play the same NAZI game, they know their own tricks and rules and it becomes a checkmate.
Or, stalemate.

I still place ALL my bets AND support on Turkey's military and Turkey's PRINCIPLED opposition and resistance.
The Turkish military MUST become offensive, move into Iraq, throw everyone out, clean house, including their own Huthala/scumbag NAZI AKP, join forces with Iraq's resistance and others and move on.
And, then, there is Russia's MILITARY.
Where the fuck is the RED ARMY??
What happened to them??
Did they evaporate into thin air like winter snow??

Russia's military, the RED ARMY, needs to OVERTHROW their present NAZI trash, slum landlords, and renationalize all that had been nationalized, previously.
For what did they fight, die and sacrifice in WWII, otherwise??
Meanwhile, another Huthala/scumbag religious opportunist, the Dalai Lama, utilized to counter NO longer RED, but, instead, Imperial China, allied with NAZI Iran in Iraq.
Fuck China, as well.
Whatever happens to them, happens.
Too bad.

For joy, for joy!!
Watch the many military, economic and natural dramas, debacles, catastrophes unfold, explode, implode and all fall down together!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
The weather outside is delightful..."
While the media waxes hysterical here about some winter snow in the Northeast US, long gone in another week or two, what happens next, ELSEWHERE, in Greece and Iraq, for example, will NOT evaporate or melt away like winter snow and extend its implications way beyond another week or two.
Nor is snow a tsunami, earthquake, volcano, fire, hurricane, war or man made disaster, etc.
Aside from a temporary annoyance, inconvenience, snow melts, evaporates, disappears.
NO blizzard is occurring in Hawaii, which would certainly be an extraordinary news event.
So, Congratulations from my previous post BOTH to Greece and Turkey:

Along with Greece comes the role and implications of a resurgent Imperial NAZI German bailout and whither the EU, a subject about which much ink and commentary is being spilled. I will not bother regurgitating what is elsewhere so abundant.

And, then, congratulations of a different, but, related sort.

The following prominent US Single Payer activist physicians voluntarily or involuntarily trading their faculty positions in Boston's million or perhaps billion dollar PRIVATELY endowed "prestigious" Harvard University with Kanan Makiya's and Rend Rahim Francke's (Merchantbridge) sponsored Iraq Memory Project, amongst others, for the PUBLICLY funded NYC University system.
Congratulations to BOTH for their PRINCIPLED action!:

While on the subject of Harvard's Fascist endowed university, I must LAUGH at the following report so typical of our collaborative, FASCIST led unions. The reason why. One sentence I excerpted below. Link follows. One can only ponder or wonder about the nature of the opposition as it is represented below.
MY emphasis in BOLD:

"...Saunders, who boasts a wall of diplomas from the National Labor College and Harvard’s Trade Union Program and elsewhere...

As for Iraq/Iran, the competing imperialist chickens come home to roost. Two further reports about Iraq, amongst volumes, again, state the obvious. The first one does NOT specifically name Iran in Iraq. It is oblique, like so much else. The second one, as usual, lays it out more specifically. And, as well, MY constant, consistent reminders of the MANY OTHER, NUMEROUS, COMPETING, REGIONAL, IMPERIALIST INTERESTS, FACTORS AND CLASS CONTRADICTIONS REPRESENTED ABOVE AND BELOW and UNLEASHED since the end of the USSR:\2010-02-10\kurd.htm


I leave it to the historically and theoretically challenged opportunists, ideologues, revisionists to figure out what they will do and how they will extricate from a fatal economic and military disaster into which they allowed all to be plunged AND CONTINUE their respective roles.
YOU helped birth and gave support to a resurgent NAZI Frankenstein monster.
The NAZI Frankenstein monster is YOUR baby now.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Azzaman ran a three part commentary discussing Iraq and its potential coups.
So? What else is new?
All they do above/below is restate the OBVIOUS and that which I have been following all along in my posts.
I will not bother refuting propaganda.
EVERYONE utilizes it, from here to abroad:\2010-02-05\kurd.htm

WHY we and OTHERS are at war and occupation all over the globe:

And, another OBVIOUS.
A PRINCIPLED self-defined global or local Opposition does NOT support, ignore, deny and defend privatization and counter-revolution in OVER HALF THE GLOBE'S land mass, namely, the former USSR and China AND NAZI occupied Baghdad.
Needless to say, NON recognition of counter-revolution in IRAQ and the greater Middle East follows suit from previous policies and patterns above.

So, THAT is why I MUST turn to people like John Helmer who actually acknowledges and reports on SOME of the NEFARIOUS shenanigans of Russia's PRESENT FASCIST OLIGARCH STATE, their investments at home, abroad, etc:

While I LIKE the following, I take issue with some aspect of the emphasis.
I ask the following question.

Point being, tactics and specifics vary from place to place, as necessary and applicable, but, purpose, desired outcome, the SAME.

No psuedo religious Islamic, Wahhabi, Zionist, Christian Fundamentalist groupings, "Al Queda" terrorists, mobilized, covertly financed and roaming about in Iceland, YET, at least. Perhaps, tactics still to be utilized??

Iraq's "Good," i.e., traitorous, collaborative, cooperative Baathists, Allawi and Company, Saddam's daughter, Hamid Jafar, etc., were promised something. Except for Hamid Jafar, they have been denied the fruits of their labor and collaboration. Instead, NAZI Iranian Mullah Sistani's son-in-law and Baghdad Oil Minister, Shahristani, and HIS/THEIR circle and Ahmadimoron and their NAZI Revolutionary Guards seized and usurped the process and will NOT let go. A THIRD group exists. Those on the ground in Iraq who maintain a PRINCIPLED resistance and opposition to ALL above. AND yet one more major, fundamental, totally IGNORED, DENIED fact influencing internal events. Namely, Iraq's brutal eight year war with NAZI Iran and now subsequent occupation by their enemy, Iran. I guess NAZI Germany's occupation of France was an equally inconsequential, non-event:

Elementary, my dear Watson, much too fundamental, simple, straightforward and obvious!! Better to complicate, fudge, obfuscate. So, an example of double, triple, quadruple speak, euphemisms, NAZI spin meisters, presented below. Amidst LOTS OF EMPTY VERBIAGE preceding it, focus on the very last sentence in the end, bottom paragraph, extracted below, and extrapolate from it meaning, substance and implications keeping in mind FACTS from my previous, somewhat redundant, posts and links:

"...The minimum the international community can now do is to send a clear signal that any attempt by the IHEC to override the decisions of the appeals court in individual cases next week will make it exceedingly difficult for the outside world to continue to classify Iraq as a “democracy” in any meaningful sense of the word, something which in turn will inevitably have a negative impact on foreign aid and investment."


Friday, February 5, 2010


"...Hiba Al-Shamaree was arrested and then transferred to the notorious, infamous Al-Kadhimiya prison, the sectarians favorite detention center where formidable torture and executions regularly take place.
She now detained by Nouri Al-Maliki's special forces - guards and secret service men.
As I am writing now, Hiba Al-Shamaree is being tortured, raped and threatened to be killed.
Are you going to do anything about that, in the name of your Democracy?"

I can tell you all, right now, the ONLY way ANY action will emanate from THIS government is to INUNDATE the US State Department, Hillary Clinton's office, with any and all forms of communication, VISIBLE and NOISY OUTSIDE ALL official and UNOFFICIAL US government offices, representative agencies, commercial publications, media, NGOS, etc., anywhere and everywhere on the globe.
ONLY high profile action, PRESSURE, embarrassment, will accomplish anything.
And, then, of course, Iran, as well.
The BOGUS, FAKE, COLLABORATIVE LEFT will do NOTHING to cooperate, absolutely NOTHING, except deny!
Iraq has fallen off the map, as far as they are concerned.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


AS PROMISED, "regime change" playing in a theater near you BOTH in NAZI occupied Iraq and Iran by any and all means necessary.
The fix is in, predetermined. OFFICIAL POLICY.
MECATAC, Allawi, Mashhadani and Hillary Clinton's international alliances at work.
Once that happens, ALL current Iraq energy contracts will become either null and void or up for reconsideration, interpretation, evaluation.
Iraq's on and off again provincial so-called elections may well become a contested, disputed one, much anticipated by the Middle East's current military escalation, assuming an election finally occurs:

Meanwhile, next door to NAZI occupied and equally PRIVATIZING Iraq and Iran, back in NAZI occupied privatizing Turkey, events unfold with equally great global and regional impact. Will Turkey's NAZI AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises," presently allied with NAZI Iran's Ahmadimoron, ALSO go down?? Will this be a controlled or uncontrolled demolition, implosion, explosion, event??:


AND, then, adjacent to NAZI occupied Turkey in NAZI occupied Greece, simultaneously:

Oh, but, wait. I must be doing something wrong.
According to most everyone, one event has nothing to do with another. Completely discreet, self-contained, individually distinct packets of energy and political entities.

Yes? No? True? False?

But, I do have A NEW point to add about Iraq/Iran, something, I am quite sure, will cause a wee bit of consternation and controversy.

BEFORE posting the following link about torture in Iraq, I am going to offer some SPECULATIVE CONJECTURE regarding President Hillary Clinton's motivations, background and her role in shaping and implementing US foreign POLICY objectives.
ONLY for those unaware, since most know it, BRIEFLY, Hillary Clinton DOES have a SIGNIFICANT legal background and career advocating for women and children, unlike our completely bogus, artificially manufactured CIA career Huthala/Scumbag in the White House.
Hillary's career has LONG been associated to/with an organization called the Children's Defense Fund:

Neither they nor she were flaming radicals.
But, they both did SOME good work.
Here's where MY speculative assessment comes in.
Hillary knows the same things you and I about the atrocities, torture techniques, intimidation, chamber of horrors, etc., in NAZI occupied Iraq, a sample following shortly below, at the end.

BUT, Hillary DOES have a commitment to women's and children's "issues." It is NOT just lip service on her part. She also knows and understands WHOM she represents and from whence POWER emanates in this country. So, Hillary makes a Faustian bargain.

Here is where I CONJECTURE.

From HILLARY'S point of view, more or less, she rationalizes the following way:

I represent WELL ALL YOUR NAZI economic interests abroad BUT, in return, you/we MUST do SOMETHING to ameliorate MANY of the atrocities and victimization being perpetrated against women and children in particular in Iraq and elsewhere.

In that way, as the power Elite like to say, "doing well becomes synonymous with doing good." Hillary's conscience can assuaged. She can feel she LEVERAGED her unique power position and opportunistic, self-serving pact with the Devil in return by DOING SOME GOOD for some people, in particular, women and children.
At least, or, at minimum, she accomplished SOMETHING positive in a sea of NAZI flotsam and jetsam, perfidy, degradation, barbarism and inhumanity. Furthermore, Hillary's position, as represented above, and official US objectives dovetail. They are NOT at odds with one another. They compliment, supplement, augment one another.

These repressive, regressive, barbaric NAZI TORTURE techniques and policies represent political liabilities for ALL parties concerned, except, of course, those present NAZI Iranian interests IN BAGHDAD, especially, Sistani's son-in-law, Baghdad Oil Minister Shahristani AND his/their allies. For OBVIOUS reasons I have explained over and over, they must go.

End of speculative conjecture.

I do NOT like to engage in such endeavors, usually. BUT, the ONLY part of the above narrative which actually represents conjecture and not fact is projecting a subjective motivation onto Hillary and a grand bargain, or, illusion, delusion, as I depicted above. But, I thought, IF accurate, it represents a piece of the explanatory puzzle. NOT the or a determining factor, for sure. But, an influence.
The rest is ALL FACTUAL.

So, BELOW is but one personal account, story, out of thousands, perhaps, millions, about torture IN IRAQ. Thanks and appreciation to ALL who help translate into English. There is VOLUMINOUS information in Arabic. An APPEAL, request for more voluntary translators from Arabic to English exists on numerous websites and blogs. I would happily help, but, unfortunately, my Arabic vocabulary is limited to approximately 3 words. BUT, I know THERE ARE MANY, MANY MORE IN CYBERSPACE on BOTH/ALL sides of the ocean who CAN HELP!! Arabic to English translation does NOT require literary masterpieces or perfection. It is NOT a test. Nobody is getting a grade. Just convey the information, content, as best as possible, even a brief synopsis, a few sentences, is better than nothing. Lousy grammar, spelling, etc., NOT IMPORTANT. DOES NOT MATTER. As long as WORDS, vocabulary are in English. The audience can easily understand and compensate. And, now, link: