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Well, I apologize to the Dutch if I overlooked you.
Am only an individual, NOT a news service.

I have NO staff, support system/group and cannot follow events EVERYWHERE, especially the complex, shifting dynamics of a GREATER, re-emergent, European chessboard.
The emphasis in reports about the Dutch Government collapse appears to be disagreement over Dutch military involvement in Afghanistan, their withdrawal, and, then, reassurance NATO's mission and commitment in Afghanistan will NOT be diminished by a Dutch troop withdrawal.
HOWEVER, I have other questions surrounding timing and purposes for the Dutch Government collapse beside, or, in addition to, Dutch military participation in Afghanistan, which, after all, is negligible, only 2,000 or so troops.
First, Britain and the Netherlands are deeply immersed in ICELAND'S ongoing ICESAVE debt debacle, scandal and controversy, which, according to latest reports on the website below, the US has JUST absolved itself of ANY responsibility, influence, obligation, leverage and/or interest!!:

Next, NAZI,a well known WWII financial history, Royal Dutch Shell recently signed oil contracts with NAZI Baghdad's current Iranian Oil Minister, Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, now on the US shit list.
So, I am wondering HOW the above two factors MAY relate to the Dutch Government collapse, and/or, repercussions, aside from, or, in addition to, a Dutch military presence in Afghanistan, which, after all, is minimal, negligible.
And, then, of course, it raises, part and parcel, the entire question of EU, NATO, Euro unity and/or divisiveness, shifting power alignments and balance, intrinsically, inherently interwoven, considering all other developments occurring simultaneously.

So, I thought I would conclude on the point above with an historical reminder from an approximate one and a half hour discussion about a new book regarding the WWII Yalta Conference.
The following presents a combination of history, spin and OBVIOUS propaganda from our premiere, PRIVATELY endowed, educational institution, Harvard University, of Iraq Memory Project fame, home to former wealthy Iraq expatriates Kanan Makiya, Rend Rahim Francke (Merchantbridge) circle,
With that in mind, consider HOW it/he/they present the subject matter.
However, before listening/watching the video discussion below about Yalta, I ask your patience to indulge me with one anecdotal piece.
Anecdotes are NOT history, and, for that reason, I do NOT use them.
But, in this case, I will do so because it does add to the narrative below.
My 85 year old acquaintance, "A", who served in the US military in WWII as a young kid and a lowly, drafted G.I., happened to wind up translating when they finally reached Berlin because he knew some German, and, as "A" explained to me, most everyday in the morning first thing when they awoke his military superiors would give him/them, the troops, a pep talk about pursuing the Reds, the Bolsheviks NEXT.
As "A" told me, they were a conscript army made up of young, naive, innocent war weary kids and the ONLY thing they wanted to do was go home.

They were happy to be alive and more or less intact, in one piece, at that point.
There would have been rebellion, mutiny in the ranks had they been asked or made to pursue the war further than the task for which they believed they had come, i.e., defeating the NAZIS and Germany.

Besides, the Russians were ALLIES at that time.
So, how could they be asked to pursue the REDS?
And, with that anecdotal narrative, above, the following book discussion about the WWII Yalta Conference:

And, then, see today's earlier post just below...

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