Sunday, February 28, 2010


The following article appeared on a well known, international, supposedly Left, website, publication, CONFIRMING what I had LONG suspected.

It becomes the proverbial nail in the coffin.
This same website CONSISTENTLY IGNORES ALL NAZI created Aryan Iran atrocities and their role in Iraq.
They also defend Russia's present Fascist government and more in their distorted, slanted, biased, selective content, empty rhetoric and coverage.
The author, previously unknown to me, is Richard Tedor, a writer, spokesperson for an outright NAZI front organization in the US, which is why I am totally unfamiliar with him.
I NEVER read this NAZI garbage and propaganda, obviously.
I am unable at the moment to dig further into these associations, but, even a cursory look will be sufficient for the moment.
(For example, I can't help wondering if they/he have any association, affiliations with the equally bogus LaRouche group??)

FIRST, I will provide a VERY SHORT, THUMBNAIL, BRIEF entry in wiki about the NAZI Barnes Review, which has a link directly to their website on the bottom and, then, the article Tedor wrote in it to which I am referring.
So, wiki first:

Then, the article Richard Tedor wrote for his NAZI Barnes Review, REPUBLISHED at the following website:

Shameful is not a sufficient word to express the above phenomena.
I have no English words for such horrors.
I am at a loss for words.
I need literary help, please, in ANY language.

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