Saturday, February 27, 2010


I saw a headline somewhere in response to Chile's earthquake something to the effect;

"Is Nature Out Of Control or Nature Out Of Control?"
Can you imagine postulating or framing such an absurd, preposterous question??!!
One can only be stupefied by the mind numbing disconnect between reality and our NAZI tabloid media and corporate government who are, themselves, OUT OF CONTROL.

They ALL are an affront to our collective intelligence and will destroy us and the planet with them in their pathological, greedy, parasitic, barbaric, inhumane, irrational quest for economic dominance and Faustian CONTROL, including nature!

In a few random notes from our NAZI Homeland, our lone, principled Single Payer advocates sustain their Quixotic battle.
They are to be applauded.

HOWEVER, they have NOT, AS YET, picketed and targeted our LABOR UNION LEADERSHIP, the AFL-CIA and SEIU, who collaborate with their NAZI Democratic partners in privatization everywhere so that NO PRINCIPLED, unified class opposition about ANYTHING exists.

And, the latest from our best CHANCE to break collaborative labor's institutional stranglehold:

To summarize it up, including Iraq, Turkey, Greece, etc.,(see my previous entries just below for THEIR trajectories which have NOT changed), another photo journalistic essay and more From the Former USSR, Russia, With Love, below.
MY sentiments precisely:

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Danbo Jones said...

Don't you just love headlines in the press these days. I've had the same reaction almost daily for the last 15 years...