Saturday, November 28, 2009


Everybody, PERHAPS, may have noticed that the GCC Dubai speculative bubble collapse coincided with a holiday weekend both here and in the Middle East.
Of course, nobody, except those in the know, here, understood its significance.
The "average" Joe Schmo hasn't an inkling what Dubai's collapse means and could care less, as long as it does NOT affect him/her/them.
Of course, it DOES affect them all.
But, they know not.

The collapse comes not as a complete surprise, since I have been documenting these OPEN secrets, the GCC Dubai speculative bubble, broadcast, advertised, encouraged investment frenzy, for years, now, which everybody conveniently chose to ignore.
So, the Bubble collapse was not exactly a surprise, but, the timing and announcement was a carefully planned event.

HOWEVER, ANOTHER, ADDITIONAL MAJOR factor contributing to our overall, general despair, malaise, dislocation, economic, political and military instability, upheaval and impacting on events in Dubai, NOT mentioned, here, at least, is the Middle East escalating war, conundrum, showdown.

India's new government, bought in on the heels of Mumbai's previously arranged, coordinated terror attack, was just courted and feted by our US NAZI Dictatorship and voted for UN sanctions against NAZI Iran AND then India is invited to invest in Iraq:

Related to the above and ALL I have been following, another hair raising report about Iraq and NAZI Iran:

There will be NO peace, NO justice, NO resolution in the Middle East, or anywhere else, for that matter, unless and until EVERYONE STOPS collaborating, denying, excusing, apologizing, rationalizing ANY of the ABOVE realities and parties, participants, interests.
The ONLY possible chance to change course, alter direction is through acknowledgement.

As such, as in most everything else about which I write, including the former USSR, we are rushing headlong into a collective self-destruct path, a cul-de-sac of no return, an abyss of barbaric, primitive, inhumane proportions, NAZI terror, horror, atrocities and ultimate historical oblivion.
I can not help but hearing the words of J. Robert Oppenheimer's quote resonating in my mind:
"Now, I am become Death..."

As a country, a people, a nation, A WORLD HUMANITY, we have ALL allowed ourselves, allowed THEM, to turn back the clock, to return us to the bottom of the historical abyss, to expand THEIR short term greed, profit, immediate personal aggrandizement and opportunism.
An addict does and can not change, cure, solve his/her/their behaviour unless and until they first ACKNOWLEDGE their addiction.
Truth is imperative. And, then, actions based on fact not fiction.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


The NAZI circle keeps enlarging and engorging itself like a mushrooming atomic cloud and the ticking time bomb which it is, and, will explode or implode as such.

Now, the Rice Hadley Group, adding to all the others, links below.

And, I thought I would select just two out of my many previous posts as a brief reminder about SOME of these blossoming imperialist marriages, interconnections, CONFLICTS, competing rivalries.

Many more posts available, if you care to sift backwards on my blog.
So, first, Rice Hadley Group:

And, alittle something more about oxymoron USIP, US Intitute of Peace, really, War, mentioned above:

And, for refreshers, two posts I did previously:


And, then, there is Khalilzad and Garner, whom I mentioned in a previous post of November 11, 2009. Here's the pertinent excerpt from that post:

"...Mr Khalilzad’s Khalilzad Associates this year set up offices in Baghdad and the northern Kurdish city of Erbil from which it is advising companies wanting to do business in Iraq...
...Mr Garner, the de-facto US governor of Iraq after the war, sat on the board of Vast Exploration when it bought 37 per cent of a Kurdistan oil block two years ago and remains an adviser to the Canadian company. “Jay is very well known in Kurdistan and Iraq and it was useful to the company,” said a spokesman for Vast...."


For good measure, I thought I would toss in something extra about the newly minted Trade Bank of Iraq, also. Remember them?:

Here's something from their website, in case you've forgotten it.
Of course, the Trade Bank of Iraq and Merchantbridge are incestuously intertwined at the hip, along with Iraq's wealthy expatriate, reactionary, counter-revolutionary Fascist emigre community and Harvard's former Iraq Memory Project, Kanan Makiya, Rend Rahim Francke, etc.
So, here's alittle reminder about the Trade Bank of Iraq from their website, which features JP Morgan, prominently, front and center, amongst their international consortium.
Whenever and wherever one sees the name JP Morgan or Morgan Chase death and destruction ensue:

And, then, for the heck of it, alittle reminder about Merchantbridge and its overlapping international connections from 2005. The information at the bottom is dense.
I cannot follow ALL the many international directions in which these names lead.
Just for example, Rafidain Bank, mentioned below, WAS, at one time, the Chalabi family's PRIVATE bank.
I am not sure IF it is one and the same bank now, however.
Likewise, I do not know IF Abdel Al-Ani, named below, is associated with Harith Al-Ani, President of MECATAC:

So, assholes, idiots and suckers of the world, unite.

You have nothing but your respective assholes and chains to lose.
They are leading you all down a garden path into a NAZI historical toilet bowl whereupon we all will be flushed down the historical drain as the debased, barbaric human garbage, debris, they represent, but, not before much UNNECESSARY death, destruction and dislocation ensues.

The choice is YOURS to make, either by action, inaction and/or collaboration.
It's already much too late.
As Malcolm X said, "the chickens come home to roost."
Our one Single Payer Medical Insurance advocates and organization ( )
bravely upholds and maintains their unified, PRINCIPLED position, BUT, still missing in ACTION, our labor UNIONS, AFL-CIA/SEIU who ACTIVELY utilize their much larger, greater, more powerful resources to lobby, agitate and organize against Single Payer and for OBOOMA'S bogus, red herring, divide and conquer Medical Insurance plan.
Just as Baghdad's Oil Ministry controls the flow, allotment and dispensation of national oil income, and, thus, exercises inordinate power, including Iraq's union clones, our collaborative national US labor union officials determine for whom, how, when and where their collective financial resources are dispensed, allocated and pension funds invested.
Until and unless this present power relationship and balance is CONFRONTED, CHALLENGED, ALTERED, CHANGED, NOTHING HERE WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER, significantly.
THEY represent THE MAJOR obstacle, impediment to a unified class position and a principled, cohesive, institutionalized, organized, independent class opposition.
Until THEIR policies change, THEIR offices are the ones that must be occupied, picketed, their power challenged and wrested away from them, along with, in addition to, anything and anyone else.

And, for more positive, exemplary notes on THAT issue, above, on this national, TURKEY Day holiday, see my post below regarding TURKEY...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Civil servants protest in Istanbul. DHA photo

An addendum to today's post, just BELOW this one.
Once again, Turkey's OPPOSITION comes to the rescue.
To celebrate and honor our jingoistic, mythological national holiday, HERE, Thanksgiving, November 26, tomorrow, otherwise known as Turkey Day, since that is the traditional food consumed, MY FAVORITE OPPOSITION IN THE NATION OF TURKEY:
(Photo gallery in link below):

Of course, I have done MANY previous posts about Turkey's regional role, privatization, Akbank's partnership with Citigroup, Iran's Parsian bank,, Turkey's militant May Day events and potential to entirely upset POSITIVELY the regional, privatizing applecart and enterprise.
Cannot recap all of it here.

And, see today's second, previous post, below this one...


The Middle East arms bazaar and buildup I have been documenting for some time now is noted, finally, by a FEW people other than myself, here.
Below is a SAMPLE of what I mean:

And, coincidentally, our surrogate, proxy, Iran/US/Arab/Saudi/Yemen war escalates, spirals or descends into oblivion, chaos, human disaster, depending on your perspective.

The Guardian of London, amongst others, have numerous articles about the Yemeni WAR, fighting and its escalation.
So, I figured I would add just this one link for our United Suckers and Assholes morons:

"Jordan Sends Commandos to Join War on [Yemen] Houthi Fighters":

I will provide further background reminder, refresher link, about the numerous competing economic interests in Yemen, as a footnote, below.
Meanwhile, predictably, Iraq's on and off again election is on or off, depending on which time and day one reads the reports.
It appears to be off, again.
Really makes no difference either way.
The escalating, spiraling Big Bang Baghdad/KRG/Iran showdown, mopping up, regime change, intractable conundrum, handwriting is on the wall.
And, correspondingly, Iraq's presumed negotiated oil contracts keep changing along with the shifting MidEast sands, depending upon day, time, recent developments and circumstances.

Here, for example, are but two links about British African mercenary, Tony Buckingham's Heritage Oil/KRG partnership and Heritage's sale of their African Uganda interests to Italy's ENI.
Recall, Heritage advised by Morgan Cazenove.
And, Heritage potential merger with Turkey's Genel Energy meanwhile dissolved.

Of course, Turkey's crypto, psuedo NAZI Islamic AKP allied with Iran's present NAZI Islamic government and Heritage's KRG receives NO money from Iranian Baghdad Oil Minister, Shahristani, Mullah Sistani's son-in-law, in the ongoing disputes over oil contracts, authority and Kirkuk presently:


And, for more on the OBVIOUS showdown and intractable conflicts regarding Iran's Baghdad Oil Minister and Mullah Sistani's son-in-law, Shahristani, here's one of the latest on that:\2009-11-23\kurd.htm

The main theatre of war continues above unabated, which is why almost NOTHING, little, if anything, gets said here about it.
Total and complete denial, disinformation, misinformation, silence, collaboration.
We ALL are immersed in an escalating Gulf/Middle East war that already is ENGULFING everyone and nobody here even knows it YET.
Instead, their attention is diverted and focused intentionally away to the Afghanistan side, another red herring.
The timing of the so-called decision whether or not to send troops to Afghanistan noticeably coincides with developments in Iraq/Iran, the Middle East, NOT the other way around.

And, then, we will find ourselves enGULFED in a much larger scenario that will encompass everyone and be a total, complete surprise to the myopic ostriches and collaborators, here.

Speaking of which, a reminder, below, about our forthcoming, traditional, Thanskgiving Day holiday, feast, dinner on November 26.
May you all choke on your food, which, coincidentally, is turkey:

And, footnote mentioned above regarding Yemen economic background:

Monday, November 23, 2009


This is a public service announcement, a free synopsis, recapitulation, editorial commentary and explanation, for the KNOW NOTHING, knee-jerk, empty headed rhetoric, armchair, self-righteous, politically correct, SUICIDAL fools and idiots, pundits, here and anywhere else, making stupid, empty, political noises, analysis, commentaries, obscene gestures about our previous, pre-selected, pre-ordained, fixed, US Obooma Presidential campaign and Republican VP candidate, controversial former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin.
First of all, as I wrote in earlier posts, the Democrats are D.O.A., Dead On Arrival, which is exactly what happened and transpiring as I write.
They are politically finished. Done. Dead as a doornail.
No one BUT THEMSELVES and their fellow travellor, collaborative, Fascist, trade union leadership, AFL-CIA/SEIU leadership, and, the dummy, front, ersatz, bogus, CIA, private foundation sponsored Left, opposition, groupings to blame.
Incidentally, as a trivia, allegations that the "community group" ACORN is/was a "front" organization and helped Democratic, partisan, Presidential ballot stuffing is absolutely true.
Additionally, the screaming, yelling, shouting idiots, Andy Stern's SEIU vitriolic mob, gangsters, thugs, the same ones now throwing eggs and bottles at Sal Rosselli's new medical workers union, NUHW, were present for most, many Sarah Palin events, obstructing, drowning her/it out, etc.
And, then, the very first thing their/our NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Dictatorship ANNOINTED, petty, CIA slave boy, Obooma did when his/their campaign, eventually MANIPULATED, LOADED THE Democratic primaries and caucuses to wrest away the Presidential nomination from Hillary Clinton, was to TRASH PUBLIC CAMPAIGN FINANCING, which McCain/Palin DID NOT DO!
It became the most expensive Presidential campaign in all US history.
That should have said it all if you were too stupid to understand the rest.
Whether or not one supports/ed Hillary Clinton, the Democratic PRIMARY PROCESS WAS DESPICABLY ILLEGITIMATE, an obviously manipulated and manufactured affair, aided and abetted, as some have said, by Republican interests and operatives.
Lots of resentment, rage, anger still bubbling beneath the surface about those dirty tactics.
But, nobody is interested in exploring and EXPOSING those events, dirty tricks and laundry.
After all, we would not want to expose our electoral process, charade, for what it is.
And, after dirty, underhanded, primary tactics, subsequent trashing of public campaign financing, then, we all had to be exposed to the nauseating, sickening, abominable, pre-orchestrated, certainly experienced, rehashed NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma Hitler Youth rallies, obscurantist slogans, adulation, poor imitations of Leni Riefenstahl's techniques, God like posters, photos, images, etc., etc.
Now, those are just a few of the obvious highlights in the Big and Little Lies former US Presidential campaign.
Additionally, of course, there was a backlash to moron NAZI Bush and his Republican NAZI entourage.
But, that did not determine or assure the Presidential election outcome.
And, then, for good measure, our NAZI orchestrated Obooma crowd cynically utilized, employed, back stabbing RACIST attacks, innuendos, assaults, slurs, to promote THEIR little bought and paid for slave BOY in the White House.
THE ANTITHESIS OF THE UNITY THEY/HE PURPORTED TO REPRESENT. Divisive, like ethno-sectarian categories utiltized elsewhere on the globe. And, very dangerous.
And, as a consequence, there will be a justifiable backlash.
Of course, all this was done in the name of PR and IMAGERY to promote the idea of "Change, Difference" and distinguish itself from previous NAZI, anti-Communist, reactionary, US Administrations, post WWII history, tactics, etc., i.e, a domestic and global exercise and demonstration of Democracy in action.
And, then, of course, as predicted, the carefully crafted and constructed mirage all fell apart over substantial issues shortly after assuming office.
So, AS I SAID IN EARLIER POSTS AND REPEAT, HERE, the Democrats are pronounced Dead on Arrival at the White House and Congress.
And, thus, instead, we now have the Sarah Palin rising star, who, I can assure everyone is NO WORSE.
Different, but, not worse.
The problem "they," the professional political/economic Establishment, HAD, and, continue experiencing, with Sarah Palin and her family, hubby, is that she/they are/were her/their OWN person/s.
Not a manufactured, bought, owned and paid for, pre-selected, groomed, annointed, professional, career politician and artificial product.
Palin was a genuine political upstart, ingenue, that accidentally was able to jump into high state office in a place like Alaska, which, although thoroughly corrupt, is still much less populated, rural, highly personalized, intimate, so, a confluence of circumstances and a grass roots coalition, including revulsion at the corruption on high levels, enabled her to catapult to Governor.
Thus, she potentially set a dangerous precedent, an unmanageable, uncontrollable problem.
And, she believes her own rhetoric.
She/they might actually have an idea, a thought, of her/their own and DO something unanticipated, unexpected. I say 'they' because hubby is very much involved and a person in his own right and has personal experience working with/for the oil companies.
Indeed, that was precisely her track record for her brief term as Governor in Alaska vis-a-vis Exxon and her negotiations with Alaska's respective transnational energy companies to build a Trans-Canada gas pipeline, challenging Exxon's ultimate authority and monopoly.
Exxon is/was NOT a happy member of the Palin fan club or enthusiastic cheerleader.
She drove a hard bargain FOR HER ALASKAN CONSTITUENTS, whom SHE said she represented, first and foremost.
Under "free market" ideology, in practice, she saw herself as their "CEO," which is exactly how she phrased it, for her Alaskan constituents, shareholders, whom she represented as Governor.
And, those shareholders, constituents, collectively OWN the natural resources under the ground in Alaska.
Thus, she sought FOR THEM a FAIR, good, equitable deal vis-a-vis the private energy companies.
As she expressed it, a "partnership" of equals.
Unfortunately, she did/could not, under her own Gestalt, take the next logical step to advocate for a complete, total, encompassing public energy utility, pipeline and natural resources, not just the natural resources underneath the ground.
She left extraction of those natural resources in the hands of the private corporations.
Nonetheless, within the above context, she was independent, not bought, paid for and owned by the energy companies.
They could not dictate terms and buy her off.
She was not for sale.
Of course, NONE of the above was a major or even minor topic of discussion during our endless exercise in democracy and Presidential campaigns.
Instead, the tabloid media and our bogus, ersatz, fake Left focused on non-substantial issues, parroting personal innuendos, ad hominen attacks, anecdotal garbage, trivia, falsifications, misrepresentations, distortion and brutal character assassination.
These sorts of tactics were employed, as well, in the Democractic primaries to eliminate Hillary Clinton.
Thus, the Presidential campaign dialogue never became a debate of substance on Palin's Alaska record, issues and background vis-a-vis the energy industry.
TOTALLY SQUANDERED opportunity, as everthing and all else, here.
So, IF our institutional, organized working class labor unions actually represented a PRINCIPLED movement and OPPOSITION, here, which they do NOT, then, someone like Sarah Palin would be embraced, EDUCATED, enlightened, dialogued with and enticed, encouraged to join up, align with them, rather than the other way around, attacked, mocked and isolated.
But, such is NOT the case, which is why I say, along with their other despicable PATTERNS of collaborative Fascist behaviour, opportunism and appeasement, our institutional, organized class representatives and their respective clones and ersatz Left commit collective class SUICIDE.
So, Sarah Palin and her family, by default, come to represent opposition, independence, and she already is and will be further educated and embraced by those with opportunistic goals on the Right, utilized ideologically and symbolically, whether or not she knows it, to advance their agenda.
She is NOT ideologically consistent, nor, obviously, a theoretical and historically deep thinker.
But, clearly, she is being prepped, advised and tutored, already.
And, NOT in ways I would like or prefer.
She remains a work in progress, and, as I said, once the covert and overt professional operatives and surrogates get their hands on her, if she is not already, she will be a lost cause, whether or not she is conscious of it.
But, no matter what, she is NO worse than the others in the sense that what you see is what you get.
She actually believes what she says, unlike the others, who do not believe a word of it.
For them, it's all cynical, hypocritical, hyperbole, posturing.
Indeed, that is one of the main reasons why she became so popular and a working class SYMBOL, by default.
Within her own, narrow, simplistic frame of reference, she is/was honest, genuine, NOT duplicitous.
Still, it is important to understand she does NOT represent a coherent, consistent, PRINCIPLED class position, opposition, movement, organization, framework.
Far from it.
But, THEY, in turn, have abdicated their historical class role and responsibilities, which is how and why a homegrown and ecclectic novice like Palin can come along and fill such a void, a vacuum, SYMBOLICALLY.
Of course, her naievete, independence, unpredictabilty is also why they must ameliorate or control or handle her before they let her into office.
She will be groomed.
The point of this post is diagnostic.
Sarah Palin is NOT THE problem.
To malign, focus on and characterize her as such is wrong, disingenous, unhelpful, misleading.
The PROBLEM is the political void, vacuum, the why and how it exists and WHO is to blame for it.
Palin did NOT cause the vacuum.
Palin merely stepped in to fill a void, a vacuum which exists and both nature and politics abhor.
Palin is a vessel, a symptom, a symbol, an expression, a cultural refraction of that void, the specifics of the person, individual, one can deconstruct and analysis forever.
But, unless and until THE underlying, fundamental problem and substance of the void is addressed, resolved, changed, altered, it matters not WHO fills it.
It is a difference of style, but, not substance.
The void remains.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Two posts, today. This and one below.
Heading above from link following.
Need I say more??
Where is the OUTCRY??
Where is there even recognition??
Here, I mean, or, anywhere else?
Not a word of objection or recognition uttered here.
So, I say to all our "Good German" ostriches, here and everywhere, abroad, who cares a shit about your jobs, pensions, homes, schools, education!
If you get kicked in the collective asses, you deserve it.
You work hard to obtain and live in a state of perpetual denial and collective, mass collaboration, especially, of course, here.
Now, turn around and go kick your Fascist unions and their NAZI Democratic partners in the ass.

Until then, do not concern others with your trials and tribulations:

And, then, below...


In the world's greatest United Suckers and Assholes Homeland State of California, some major demonstrations and protests occurred last week concerning a 1/3 tuition fee hike in their higher, State, educational university system, its overall privatization and concomitant labor issues.
Instructors, professors, students, labor, other sympathizers walked out of classes, picketed, boycotted, barricaded, got arrested, etc.
Presented here are some of the issues involved, in two separate links, so you can contrast and compare, if you wish.
I especially prefer the first link below, however, because of the cynical audacity and hypocrisy represented by our newfound AFT labor leader's MILITANCY, neglecting, forgetting to mention that former AFT President Albert Shanker FIRST championed privately operated "public" charter schools, thus, helping erode, weaken public education (I will post/link to Shanker's position on Charter Schools in a footnote at the end), AND, the AFT proudly advertises their covert support for their anti-Communist trade union movements abroad in Eastern Europe, like Poland, and elsewhere, in their quarterly glossy publication, AND, the AFT ACTIVELY, like all other AFL-CIA unions, supported/s our current NAZI Democratic Obooma Dictatorship, AND, they subsequently, like all other unions, did NOTHING to oppose, but, instead, SUPPORTED NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's bogus stimulus, tax gift, giveaways, boondoggles, AND, of course, ALSO, ALL, including the AFT, invest their pension funds in the same multinational private corporations supposedly screwing them and ALL OF US AND, of course, they have done nothing to support, but, actively subvert, instead, Single Payer medical insurance.
But, no matter these fundamental contradictions.

Now, THEY are the ones directly screwed and are asking us for support!!
Of course, one must realize still this is NOT FREE higher education about which we are talking, as you will see below.
It is a hybrid system of private and State subsidized higher education at significantly less cost than the outright private schools, which, by the way, often get federal and/or local tax subsidies in a variety of ways with NO objections from ANY named above.
In other words, a two tiered and separate but unequal private versus public educational system, as in most else.

So, returning to below, like our recent, aborted, Philadelphia transit strike, what will they win??
What will they accomplish??
And, more importantly, HOW??
Well, they really have no power, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word.
The whole point of this exercise is to get rid of the state's obligation for public education.
This is Fascism.
This is THEIR goal.
The untermenschen, useless eaters, redundant labor force, which they represent, do not count.
They are irrelevant. Meaningless.

So, if they object, boycott, stay home, protest, etc., that suits the Fascists just fine, precisely their objective.
Who hurts most by NOT participating?
Does commerce, industry and production, essential services come to a standstill?
Grind to a halt??
So, who gives a shit, except themselves, of course.

Where is their leverage??
Now, IF our institutional, organized labor class representatives were PRINCIPLED and NOT contradictory, and, united, unified in ALL THINGS PUBLIC, supporting, demanding, protecting, defending, advancing, on a national and local level, Single Payer Health Care, public PENSION funding, public education, transportation, nationalized industry, resources, then, they would have total and complete support, leverage, sympathy, etc.
But, not this way.
It's a rhetorical question, suggestion.
Obviously, they will NOT, for all the reasons stated.
So, too bad if they lose their jobs, education, union negotiated private medical insurance and pension funds.

C'est la vie.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
Perhaps, they can apply for new jobs in the burgeoning, new, Middle East empire and transforming, privatizing bubble their NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/
Morgan Obooma Dictatorship stimulus and tax dollar giveaways are supporting and subsidizing.
Or, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, those many places around the globe they helped, and, continue covert and overt counter-revolutionary, Fascist collaboration, to liberate from the yoke of Communist oppression and Dictatorship:


UNTIL AND UNLESS their/our OWN, domestic, institutionalized, class, labor union policies represented ABOVE are confronted, challenged, directly, changed, altered, significantly, the imperialist project and contradictions, abroad, represented in Iraq, below, BY ALL IMPERIALIST POWERS COMBINED, will CONTINUE UNABATED.
They will NOT be challenged at home in any meaningful, significant way.
The stakes are simply TOO HIGH, ENORMOUS.
They will fight to their deaths and ultimate extinction, like the dinosaurs.
Domestic and foreign policy and POWER, LEVERAGE is inextricably intertwined.
If you exercise NO progressive, positive power, influence, leverage, at home, then, you cannot be expected to exercise power, leverage, abroad to influence events progressively, positively.
The domestic and foreign power relationship of organized labor is congruent, not schizophrenic, the latter being contingent upon the former.
So, while the broader Middle East KRG/Baghdad/Iran conundrum, IMPEDIMENT grinds inexorably forward and is NOT overtly stated, discussed below, indeed, assiduously avoided, it is clear to me the outcome is a pre-determined one, implied by some of the names of the discussants in the following in conjunction with overlapping information on my previous posts.
One can expect NO help from ANYONE here, since the handmaidens of the anti-Communist Left abroad and at home are busy diverting every one's attention away from the power realities represented above, thus, avoiding, preventing, any internal major policy, power confrontation, showdown or shift.
Instead, the ersatz, CIA, manufactured Left here continues their assigned job diverting attention away from the above, for example, onto their favorite, constructed morality tale of the omnipotent, big, BAD, Jews/Zionist conspiracy, Lobby, and Good, poor, suffering Palestinians, (David and Goliath), in reality, vassal states and peoples BOTH, victims all, caught in the Great Power imperialist game above and below, thus, cynically, opportunistically manipulated and exploited by the bogus, "humanitarian" Left for their own ulterior purposes, conveniently ignoring the following:

And, here's the FOOTNOTE to which I referred above regarding former AFT President Shanker and his position on privately operated, but, so-called, public, charter schools, i.e., public/private partnerships, like our proposed publicly subsidized, but, for profit, PRIVATE health insurance options:

Friday, November 20, 2009


I had planned initially to begin today's post on an international theme.
But, then, I came across the report, below, first link, about United Suckers and Assholes AFL-CIO (CIA) umbrella labor organization and Single Payer Medical insurance.
It is/was so stupendous, mindboggling, jawdropping, despicable, incredulous, ludicrous that I laughed out loud and HAD to comment, first, on it, instead.
How can ANYONE take these people below seriously?
IS IT ANY WONDER NOBODY HERE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT OUR CORRUPT LABOR UNIONS and almost everyone outside hates their guts??

This is MY simple, obvious answer to the idiots who could and still can not understand why Sarah Palin and her family became and still DO represent MORE GENUINE working class symbols then the assholes supposedly representing them/us below.
If ever there is/was a perfect example of the WHY and HOW and TORTURED LOGIC, REASONS, EXCUSES NO CHANGE OCCURS/WILL OCCUR in United Suckers and Assholes greatest NAZI Dictatorship on the planet, IT IS BELOW.
Just read these blatant, absolute, outright LIES, intellectual sophistry, lame excuses, justifications, threats, arm twisting, intimidation and rationalizations for UNPRINCIPLED CLASS COMPROMISE, OPPORTUNISM, FASCIST COLLABORATION AND APPEASEMENT!!
And, then, to top it off, THE END, the conclusion!!
The audacity of these people is overwhelming!!
Alice in Wonderland through the Looking Glass Darkly.
Where else, but, here??
Oh, yes...there is someplace else, following just below this pristine example:

And, now, to the OTHER place alluded to above, and, what I initially planned to begin this post.

Generally, I feature videos at the end of a post.
But, in this instance, I wish to begin with a very, very BRIEF video link, a reminder, juxtaposition of THEN...:

...And NOW:

Of course, more exquisitely tortured sellouts and selloffs featured on the above website.

Meanwhile, as for the Middle East, Iran/Baghdad/KRG imperialist mopping up, conundrum, showdown, regime change, congruency scenario, the following events will impact forthcoming regional explosive developments. Note, the appointment and posts, mentioned below, come into effect as of December 1, altho the new EU President is effective January 1, while imperialist jockeying and rivalry for place, advantage, strategic positioning, leverage, continues unabated and unashamed.
Indeed, escalating:

Thursday, November 19, 2009


As promised, next episode of shocking and awful in the unfolding saga of Iraq/Iran/KRG Middle East imperialist transformation, regime change, congruency, mopping up and WWIII.
United Suckers and Assholes will not even know what him them, much less why, they are so totally and completely brainwashed, propagandized, ignorant and manipulated.


By the way, a little side note, wishful thinking on my part.
With any luck, our petty, nauseating, sickening, grinning, impotent, little scumbag and CIA slave boy in the White House will STAY AWAY and never return.
He's YOURS. The world. A gift from US to YOU.
Take him, PLEASE.
I notice he has his with him at all times, discreetly, quietly, in the background at all important foreign events and meetings, his handler and mommy holding his hand, Hillary Clinton, like Bush, before, with Condi Rice.
Oh, yeah, and NO more pre-arranged, orchestrated, enthusiastic, photogenic NAZI youth rallies, thank god.

He just slips quietly in and out, everywhere, now.
Hopefully, drawing NO more attention than necessary upon himself.
I still think it would be much better, honest and to the point to make a Sesame Street puppet like Big Bird our President.

At least I enjoy Big Bird.
What's not to like about a PUPPET?

So, back to WWIII.
Here we go, completely comprehensible, predictable, understandable, forecast, IF you have been following my posts and links all along:

Further, regarding Iraq.

This is the same as delivering it to ourselves:
ATK Delivers Third AC-208 'Combat Caravan' Aircraft to Iraqi Air Force:

And, once again, United Suckers and Assholes of the World, as the lyric of the pop tune goes, "What are we fighting for..."
Answer, refrain, FOR THEM, just in case you forget it is NOT only Iraq:

"India's 100 Richest Worth 25% of GDP":

And, back home at the epicenter of the NAZI Dictatorship, the following is about as good as it is going to get here regarding our nascent, organized labor opposition and resistance.
Better support them.

It's our ONLY, last and thus, best, hope.
Much too little, much too late, I am afraid.
The cat is out of the bag, the milk has been spilled.
But, better than nothing, better now than never.
Mafia, criminal Andy Stern gang's SEIU is/was/continues to be NAZI Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan Obooma's primary organized labor supporter and ACTIVE proponent of our bogus, red herring, public option medical insurance plan used to torpedo Single Payer.
Of course, as I have highlighted below in many posts, our entire national organized labor umbrella organization, AFL-CIA (CIO), has abdicated their role supporting Single Payer, not to mention their consistent support for anti-Communist front groupings on a global arena and their pension fund investments in those same private corporations.
So, wresting, or, contesting leadership away from them represents a MAJOR POWER STRUGGLE, threat, upheaval to the Establishment, nothing short of an earthquake:

Lastly, for those who prefer a state of anarchy, disintegration, dismemberment and permanent revolution, you have plenty of it now and for the long and short term foreseeable future, only to have to return, ultimately, to the place from which you started and helped to destroy.

So, sit back, enjoy the fruits of YOUR labor!
Alittle reminder on that last note:


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


the march reaching the American Embassy


Image can be significantly enlarged at following link:

"...This is a first posting on the developing situation in Athens where the 36th anniversary of the Polytechnic Uprising against the colonels' junta has been marked by long and sustained battles with the police during which hundreds of people have been detained. At the time of writing all central Athens is off bounds..."


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The denouement of this post, theme, a treat, is at the end.
Stay with it.

An independent documentary has recently been released about Iceland's latest swindle and boondoggle, their new, private aluminium corporation, "Dreamland."
I picked up the following trailer about the film from the
Have not seen it yet, myself.
I sure hope it will show up, however, here, in the US and elsewhere, as well:

But, there's ANOTHER MURKY PRIVATE aluminum corporation, similar to Iceland's gigantic ripoff, above, namely, Russia's NAZI Rusal.
Apparently, 70 NAZI financial institutions, more or less, involved with Rusal's financing.

But, I especially enjoy in John Helmer's report, below, the replies he receives from my two favorite, impeccable lineage, NAZI institutions, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley, others mentioned, of course, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, BNP.
So, tiny Iceland is in good company amongst Big Time NAZIS:

And, then, speaking of NAZIS and Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank,, another kind of manufactured Dreamland, or, should be named, instead, NIGHTMARE LAND, Iraq:

And, now, add to the above growing, long, global list, Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Germany.
What a happy bunch of NAZIS ALL we band of brothers.
Apparently, our manufactured NAZI Yemeni religious Fundamentalist Houthi spokesperson happens, of all places, to be living in GERMANY.
What a fascinating coincidence:

Now, I have documented on numerous former posts, the major conflicting, competing, overlapping interests and economic investments in Yemen, between Dana Gas, US oil majors Hunt and Exxon, Palestinian billionaires Masri versus Khoury, extending to Iraq's Merchantbridge, Gaza, major UK investors, Dubai's new Yemen Stock Exchange AND the regional leverage NAZI Iran's Mullahs and Revolutionary Guards utilize to preserve their present status and control both in Iran and by extension, Baghdad.
However, I did find it interesting, considering our resident NAZI Islamist Yemeni Houthi spokesperson in Germany, the following assertion from a 2004 article, the very last sentence:

"...Could his regime be the next to fall after Saddam Hussein’s? And if so, will the Yemeni people be entitled to some $20 billion stashed away in German and Dutch banks?"

So, I will leave it to you all to ponder that one.

Meanwhile, the NAZI Iran/Baghdad/KRG conundrum marches along to the sound of their own drummer.
No resolution forthcoming until NAZI occupied Iraq's upcoming election, BIG BANG, explosion, confrontation scenario.
Violence, deaths, killings, assassinations, bombs, too many, too numerous, too overwhelming to itemize.
But, Iraq's elections continue to be an on and off again, affair, despite reports to the contrary.

And, of course, Iraq's election, whether or not it happens, is NOT the end, but, merely the next chapter in this shocking and awful NAZI invasion, occupation and imperialist drama, the one that NAZI occupied US Labor Against War has written off as finished, a done deal, together with their newly minted, cloned, AFL-CIA, ILO affiliated, infant, Iraq Oil Union and its advisor, Munir Chalabi, yelling about Baathists.

Continuing along from the above, regarding United Suckers and Assholes HYPOCRITICAL AFL-CIA role, I excerpted the following from a recent post about our betrayed Single Payer Medical Insurance movement, here, in the world's greatest United Suckers and Asshole country.
Link follows, BUT, while Ohio Democratic Representative Kucinich, mentioned below, can afford to vote his conscience and look like he's progressive, REMINDER, Kucinich is CO-FOUNDER of the VIRULENT, reactionary, counter-revolutionary, anti-Communist, Congressional Baltic Caucus, JBANC, Joint Baltic American National Committee, AND, Victims of Communism.
So, what I have excerpted below merely follows from that OBSCURED, NEGLECTED, UNMENTIONED fact, above.

It is internally consistent, along with our ALF-CIA, ILO, new Iraq labor union:

"...Michael Lighty, of the California Nurses Association and a Health Care Now board member, told the gathering that while his union and other member unions were not in a position to come out in opposition to the Obama health care legislation – there was nothing stopping Health Care Now from doing it.

When asked why the unions did come out in opposition to the bill, Lighty said that each union – included the nurses – got something out of the legislation.

Another union leader told the gathering that the real reason was that the unions didn’t want to offend their friend in the White House..."

And, NOW, as promised at the top, beginning, in contrast to, or, consistent with, the above, the denouement, another, different kind of Dreamland.
A video of labor leader Arthur Scargill from Britian's NUM speaking about their historic 1984 strike.

It is appxly an hour and one must listen in its entirety to appreciate it, most definitely a treat and something in it for almost everyone.
I want to make ONLY one comment, before listening.
Scargill mentions Norway.
Unfortunately, Norway's DNO ALSO is a participant in Iraq's economic privatization and dismemberment:

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I laughed out loud when I saw/read this, below.
So, I had to share the joke with a larger audience.
Speaking, writing, below, is our favorite, MUNIR CHALABI, advisor to the UK Labor Against War, and, by extension, US AFL-CIA, anti-Communist, Labor Against War front organization.
I extracted two juicy paragraphs to highlight.
The first one should be obvious, the second one equally obvious, but, a footnote.
I truly laughed aloud at the unabashed, unashamed, blatant audacity and hypocrisy represented by his/their supposed union's statement and the TYPICAL pattern of Iraq's newly minted, AFL-CIA, ILO, affiliated, mirror image, labor union clones.
It is farce of the first magnitude, like here:

"...what guarantee do we have that Dr. Shahristani will even be the Federal Oil minister after the up-coming general election in January 2010, and that he won't be replaced by the IOC's and KRG's favored Mr. Thamir Al Ghadban?
And even with the assumption that he will be re-appointed oil minister after the January general election, knowing the background of the Iraqi political arena which is founded on compromises with the KRG in Irbil, what guarantee do they have that he will be able to achieve his goals?...

....5. During a telephone interview on the November 5, 2009 with Mr. Hassan Jumma, the leader of the Iraqi oil workers' union (IFOU) confirmed that the union opposes and will continue to oppose both the 1st and 2nd bid rounds.
[7] It is important that Iraqi oil experts take into consideration the views of the oil and gas workers, engineers and oil field experts who are the backbone of these industries and who will be the first to be affected by any such policies..."

In contrast to the above, I discovered someone ELSE discussing Iraq, in English, AND following this link, below, an important appeal from the same organization to which the speaker, below, is attached.
You must follow her talk, below, in 6 parts:

Then, the appeal:

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Three posts today. This one and two below.
Making up for lost time and the now escalating, OPENLY explosive situation simmering all along NOT beneath the surface, but, unknown to most brainwashed idiots here.
As you can easily see below NAZI Iran, and, by extension, Baghdad, will be getting a new government, as per mopping up, regime change, congruency.
The Pahlavi interests are well represented below.
But, of course, IF one does not comprehend the economic contradictions I have been following all along, then, it becomes unintelligible.
I did warn, advise, forecast, tell you all in previous posts that Morgan Stanley HISTORICALLY is always at the very top of the NAZI garbage heap.
Their insidious NAZI credentials are impeccable.

So, purview some of the following:

And, representing the new Iranian front group named above established in the US, Action for Democracy in Iran and Iran's Massali, is another former US Major General, also named above, Haake and Associates.
Do recall the info I had about MECATAC, then, Garner and Khalilzad--reminder:


And, now, add in to the above mix, recipe:

So, ships ahoy and bombs away.

And, see my previous two posts below...


Many thanks to the following, below, for posting an IMPORTANT roundup of recent Yemen developments.
Insightful and helpful, to me, at least.
Before or after reading below, recall, consider, contrast, compare and overlap, the information presented in previous posts I did about Yemen and its competing, economic interests, such as, but not limited to, US major oil giants, Exxon and Hunt, Palestinian's two major billionaires, Masri and Khoury's CCC, which extends to Gaza, Hamid Jafar's Dana Gas octopus, GCC/Dubai help in establishing a Yemen stock exchange, etc.
Here's a reminder, altho, I suggest you read the BOTTOM link FIRST, then return back to this one:

The battle within, between, Iran, proper, then, by extension, NAZI Iranian Mullah Sistani's son-in-law, Baghdad Oil Minister, Shahristani, NAZI Iranian Mullah Khameni and his grandson, Hakeem, and the KRG and Iraq's Parliament, involves the very survival of the Iranian NAZI Mullahs and their Revolutionary Guard regime and thus extends outwards, elsewhere, WHERE NAZI IRAN HAS LEVERAGE, throughout the region as part and parcel of a necessary mopping up, congruency, regime change scenario for ALL the disparate elements created, Islamists, etc., in the first place, to "fight Communism" and dissolve the USSR.
Let's recall, the premise on which all else is predicated is/was, FIRST AND FOREMOST, DISSOLUTION OF THE USSR.
BUT, NOW ALL ELSE MUST be disbanded, liquidated, also.

They, too, have become impediments to privatization.
As I have forecast, "they will not go lightly into the sunset."
They have become, within themselves, elements within other competing, contradictory, imperialist factions, thus, setting up an ever spiraling, escalating, increasing, onwards, upwards and outwards, perpetual, limitless conflict, drawing more and more into a manufactured swirling vortex.
Recall, also, I have been following the Middle East rearmament up to and including their teeth FOR A REASON.
They are not the only area on the globe.
As far as NAZI Iran's Mullahs and Revolutionary Guards, i.e., Islamic SS, Gestapo, Brown Shirts, etc., they are ACTING IN THEIR OWN ECONOMIC SELFISH, SELF-INTERESTS AND PRESERVATION, just as are ALL the others above.
But, they have regional leverage, power, which they are exercising.
Thus, they are helping expand the conflict.
And, EVERYONE SUPPORTING, apologizing, denying the preceding power relationships, exacerbates the very process they say they are against.

I will add one more factor to the following.
The events surrounding the recent Fort Hood, Texas shooting is now spuriously and conveniently connected to/with Yemen.
I have not even mentioned Russia, which, represented by the Medvedev VERSUS Sechin circle, warns/promises he/they will EXPAND Russian privatization further and/or revisit it.
Thus more explosive developments to come.
This is why, for example, Mr. "Evil Empire" himself, Chomsky, and the ersatz, fake, anti-Communist (Evil Empire) Left coterie Chomsky represents, currently, is busy globe trotting to promote, perpetuate, expand his/their bogus theories, disinformation and diversion AWAY from the realities represented above AND below.

And, this is why I have said, promised, forewarned is forearmed.

Do NOT pretend or feign ignorance, that you did not know or collaborate WITH resurgent NAZI Germany, Europe, US, EuraAsia, Africa, Latin America.
WWIII is now at YOUR/OUR/EVERYONE'S DOORSTEP as we descend into the chaos, hell, disintegration and oblivion commensurate with the exigencies of retrograde, regressive, primitive, barbaric, imperialist rivalry, counter-revolution, conquest and war:

And, see my other post below on Mexico for more on this subject...


In my previous post, a few days ago, November 10, I linked to the following, regarding the Mexican Electrical Workers, privatization and an upcoming labor action scheduled for November 11:

I am glad to see Mexico's November 11 events have been reported and followed below.
HOWEVER, as one can clearly see expressed, both from above and, below, the power realities, no pun intended.
Nothing less than absolute PRINCIPLED unity, militancy, overwhelming force, and international solidarity, COMBINED, can stop, alter, change, reverse the course of the global NAZI privatization juggernaut, tactically missing both there and here by virtue of their/our divisive, collaborative, Fascist led labor unions, not by accident, obviously, but, by design:

Here, for example, when an historic opportunity presented itself for Single Payer Health Care, handed to us and our mafia labor leadership on a silver platter, the latter DID NOTHING BUT TO ACTIVELY DENY AND SUBVERT it, us and ultimately themselves.
Any tactic necessary to AVOID DIRECT CONFRONTATION.
Total and complete betrayal, capitulation.
They threw all of us under the bus and into the garbage can, AS USUAL.
This is THEIR consistent, opportunistic, unprincipled, collaborative pattern. Every single opportunity that presents itself from Single Payer to private pension fund investment to the bogus Obooma stimulus package, tax gifts and giveaways to Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and friends, our labor leadership collaborates to SUPPORT IT/THEM AND DO NOTHING in opposition.
Thus, as they sow, shall they reap.
The chickens come home to roost, as Malcolm X said, referring to the Kennedy Assassination, before he, himself, was shot dead by agents of his own bogus, drug, criminal and CIA FRONT GROUP, Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, all Obooma supporters.
And, of course, this pattern, in various forms and degrees, follows everywhere abroad, as well.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I begin with a well known, illustrative parable.
As you will see, following the parable, below, like the elephant, ALL are parts of the same, disjointed phenomena, system, though they may appear disparate, separate, unrelated:

So, we have below the following report about a "human rights" disaster, catastrophe, in northern Iraq, referred to as Kurdistan.
I am well aware "human rights," in itself, is an oft abused and misused politically expedient term and ideologically manufactured category, depending on who finances the report, purposes, circumstances, etc.
But, the events occurring in this instance are accurate, whatever term one uses, aside from the fact NAZI Iran/Persia is NOT mentioned by name, sanitized from the narrative, instead, Arabs:

And, then, I juxtapose the above with the following about Dana Gas:

The second factor is CAUSALLY related to the first one.
There are thousands of other examples.
But, I chose those two randomly.

The point about the elephant parable is, who/what caused the OVERALL situation in Iraq represented by those two examples above?

The other analogy is disease.

Disease has MULTIPLE symptoms.
One can attempt to treat, diagnose and perhaps contain secondary, tertiary symptoms, palliative care, and simply leave intact or deny the underlying, fundamental etiology, the consequences of which are well known.

And, so, on that brief, happy note and pensive riddle, I end with the following editorial commentary from another country whose former and ongoing state dissolution enabled our currently deranged, diseased and fractured world to exist, expand and spread its contagious, pathological wings, without which, none of the above could have happened:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


All factors about which I have been writing for some time now regarding Iraq/Iran simply continue escalating upwards, as anticipated, spilling over to everywhere else in the Middle East and surrounding regions.
The nub of the imperialist conflict, contradiction, conundrum which I have been following for some time now, is contained in the following, with Iraq's upcoming, scheduled, so-called January elections as the next explosive development of a shocking and awful scenario and resurgent global NAZISM and Fascism.
And, everybody in the area involved is jockeying for position.
And, most/many have GUNS, including Turkey's military, whom, I repeat, have an HISTORIC potential role to overturn, upset and reverse the entire privatizing applecart.
I STRONGLY urge the Turkish military to exercise their powers both internally and externally, combined with internal and external opposition and resistance.
NO government anywhere on the globe, at the moment, has popular support or working class representation, except, perhaps, North Korea and Cuba.
They are all variants of counter-revolutionary, reactionary, global privatization, collaboration and resurgent NAZISM and Fascism:

Again, as a sort of PSA, Public Service Announcement, I will link to C-Span and an event held yesterday, Tuesday, at the Middle East Institute, Washington, D.C., so, IF YOU WISH to be thoroughly nauseated and sickened, you can hear, uncensored, undiluted, right out of the horses mouths, official US and global NAZI representatives, scumbags, intellectual whores, prostitutes, pontificating in the heart of the homeland of United Suckers and Assholes:

And, here, separately, in case you are interested, is Khalilzad's KEYNOTE speech to the above Conference:

And, then, refer back to my posts below...


To quote an expression utilized by a famous TV character quite some time ago,
"How sweet it is!"
For those of you unfamiliar, or, who might recall, it was Ralph, Jackie Gleason, on the long running comedy sitcom, The Honeymooners.

Well, Mr. 5% Galbraith may be questioned and out in Kurdistan, BUT, everyone else is IN, the WHOLE NAZI, FASCIST GANG is here.
And, remember, still, there is Tony Buckingham's Heritage, Turkey's Genel Enerji, and Morgan Stanley Cazenove as advisors.

Here's just two more to add to a long laundry list of international companies, prominent names, well connected AND PRIVATE WEALTHY EMIGRES and INDIVIDUALS:

"...Mr Khalilzad’s Khalilzad Associates this year set up offices in Baghdad and the northern Kurdish city of Erbil from which it is advising companies wanting to do business in Iraq...
...Mr Garner, the de-facto US governor of Iraq after the war, sat on the board of Vast Exploration when it bought 37 per cent of a Kurdistan oil block two years ago and remains an adviser to the Canadian company. “Jay is very well known in Kurdistan and Iraq and it was useful to the company,” said a spokesman for Vast...."

Oh, friends, suckers, assholes and doormats of the world, how sweet is the smell of oil and gas and the collective, utter stupidity and collaboration of everyone else.

By the way, as a footnote, since the name Rafidain came up in another context, elsewhere, I thought I would mention that Rafidain Bank Iraq was a CHALABI owned PRIVATE bank, with extensive connections throughout the Middle East.
Here's a link:

So, Alfie, please, please, do tell me what it's all about??

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


A major, significant event, action, demonstration occurring tomorrow in Mexico, Nov 11:

Predictably, speaking of corrupt unions, above, the Philadelphia transit strike ended.
The union leadership settled before any injunction or binding arbitration became necessary.
They wound up with almost the same as before, as far as I can tell.
Why did they bother striking in the first place??
Union leadership posturing, perhaps??

Meanwhile, our sickening, PRIVATE health care and pension fund investments remain unchallenged, indeed, ADVANCED by the same collaborative, Fascist, mob led AFL-CIA, SEIU leadership.
The example below about our sick, for profit health care system, is one out of many hundreds of thousands.
However, I used it because the great oxymoron Democratic progressive, named below, Kucinich, is a co-founder of the Congressional Baltic Caucus and Joint Baltic American National Committee, (JBANC), and rabid anti-Communist, anti-Soviet, organization Victims of Communism, AND, so, naturally, he, like Pennsylvania's Pinocchio, is promoting the equally bogus, ridiculous, divisive states rights option for single payer.
They conveniently forget to mention all the above info under the same breath with Kucinich's name:

And, back in United Suckers and Assholes unofficially declared, but, 51st State, by extension, (we ALL should be learning Arabic) Iraq, Iranian Baghdad Oil Minister thug, Mullah Sistani's son in law, Shahristani is grilled by another set of thugs, the Iraq puppet government, Parliament:

And, speaking of puppets:

"Russia Privatization Procedures Open to Foreign Investors"
Looks like Putin, Medvedev,, as I had previously suggested, will revisit their Fascist scumbag, Yeltsin's, previous privatizations with their internationally connected drug/mafia/financial cartel oligarchs who gobbled up most everything:

And, in response:

But, there is some good news, near and dear to my heart.
Not here, at the debased epicenter of the world's fake Left, but, from abroad.
JP Morgan is being sued in New South Wales, Australia.
Quite frankly, I do not care what is the reason.
The fact Morgan is being sued is important.
Morgan and ALL their profitable cohorts need to be liquidated, prosecuted, appropriated, beginning with their notorious WWII NAZI financing and war crimes, up to and including the present, of course.
Instead, they are protected, survive, expand, thrive and are constantly rewarded because, currently, THEIR White House, petty, CIA slave boy, Obooma, is bought, owned and paid for by JP Morgan/Citigroup/Exxon, amongst others:

Brief synopsis, a sort of syllogism.

Republicans are NAZIS.
Democrats are Vichy NAZI collaborators, wolves in sheep's clothing.
They represent an intentionally manufactured, bogus, fake alternative, dichotomy, opposition.
Thus, conclusion, in reality, no independent, principled, class opposition exists.
Our labor unions collaborate with the Vichy Democrats and invest both in private corporations and the Vichy Democrats.
As it is, organized labor represents only, I believe, 15 % OR less of the workforce, here, anyway.
But, as organized, institutionalized class representatives, with financial resources, they thwart all other possible principled class opposition, both internal and external.
Entrapment. They are impediments.
And, then, add to the above equation an echo chamber in our corporate owned media, and nominally independent, but, really, 1947 National Security State, private Foundation, and CIA sponsored alternative organizations.
And, there you have a recipe for Disaster and Dictatorship, disguised as Democracy, used abroad, as well, in varying degrees and permutations.

When all else fails, including cooptation, direct military intervention, surrogate wars, armies, barbaric, brutal, dehumanizing violence, NAZI tactics, coercion, suppression, repression, torture, disappeared, murder, mayhem, drugs, extortion, gangs, rape, pillage, executions, assassinations, prisons, private militias, coups, threats, intimidation, etc., etc., all to PROTECT and MAINTAIN a dictatorial regime of GLOBAL, PRIMITIVE, PRIVATE capital accumulation of natural resources and industry and its corresponding, overall, i.e., relatively property-less or less propertied, labor impoverishment, degradation and exploitation, premised on disproportionate GREED and ever expanding share profitability.
All of humanity is sacrificed on that debased, demoralizing, dehumanized logic, alter, cross and holy grail.
So much for religion, folks.
That's my lesson for today.
As Porky Pig says: