Tuesday, November 10, 2009


A major, significant event, action, demonstration occurring tomorrow in Mexico, Nov 11:


Predictably, speaking of corrupt unions, above, the Philadelphia transit strike ended.
The union leadership settled before any injunction or binding arbitration became necessary.
They wound up with almost the same as before, as far as I can tell.
Why did they bother striking in the first place??
Union leadership posturing, perhaps??

Meanwhile, our sickening, PRIVATE health care and pension fund investments remain unchallenged, indeed, ADVANCED by the same collaborative, Fascist, mob led AFL-CIA, SEIU leadership.
The example below about our sick, for profit health care system, is one out of many hundreds of thousands.
However, I used it because the great oxymoron Democratic progressive, named below, Kucinich, is a co-founder of the Congressional Baltic Caucus and Joint Baltic American National Committee, (JBANC), and rabid anti-Communist, anti-Soviet, organization Victims of Communism, AND, so, naturally, he, like Pennsylvania's Pinocchio, is promoting the equally bogus, ridiculous, divisive states rights option for single payer.
They conveniently forget to mention all the above info under the same breath with Kucinich's name:


And, back in United Suckers and Assholes unofficially declared, but, 51st State, by extension, (we ALL should be learning Arabic) Iraq, Iranian Baghdad Oil Minister thug, Mullah Sistani's son in law, Shahristani is grilled by another set of thugs, the Iraq puppet government, Parliament:


And, speaking of puppets:

"Russia Privatization Procedures Open to Foreign Investors"
Looks like Putin, Medvedev, et.al, as I had previously suggested, will revisit their Fascist scumbag, Yeltsin's, previous privatizations with their internationally connected drug/mafia/financial cartel oligarchs who gobbled up most everything:


And, in response:


But, there is some good news, near and dear to my heart.
Not here, at the debased epicenter of the world's fake Left, but, from abroad.
JP Morgan is being sued in New South Wales, Australia.
Quite frankly, I do not care what is the reason.
The fact Morgan is being sued is important.
Morgan and ALL their profitable cohorts need to be liquidated, prosecuted, appropriated, beginning with their notorious WWII NAZI financing and war crimes, up to and including the present, of course.
Instead, they are protected, survive, expand, thrive and are constantly rewarded because, currently, THEIR White House, petty, CIA slave boy, Obooma, is bought, owned and paid for by JP Morgan/Citigroup/Exxon, amongst others:


Brief synopsis, a sort of syllogism.

Republicans are NAZIS.
Democrats are Vichy NAZI collaborators, wolves in sheep's clothing.
They represent an intentionally manufactured, bogus, fake alternative, dichotomy, opposition.
Thus, conclusion, in reality, no independent, principled, class opposition exists.
Our labor unions collaborate with the Vichy Democrats and invest both in private corporations and the Vichy Democrats.
As it is, organized labor represents only, I believe, 15 % OR less of the workforce, here, anyway.
But, as organized, institutionalized class representatives, with financial resources, they thwart all other possible principled class opposition, both internal and external.
Entrapment. They are impediments.
And, then, add to the above equation an echo chamber in our corporate owned media, and nominally independent, but, really, 1947 National Security State, private Foundation, and CIA sponsored alternative organizations.
And, there you have a recipe for Disaster and Dictatorship, disguised as Democracy, used abroad, as well, in varying degrees and permutations.

When all else fails, including cooptation, direct military intervention, surrogate wars, armies, barbaric, brutal, dehumanizing violence, NAZI tactics, coercion, suppression, repression, torture, disappeared, murder, mayhem, drugs, extortion, gangs, rape, pillage, executions, assassinations, prisons, private militias, coups, threats, intimidation, etc., etc., all to PROTECT and MAINTAIN a dictatorial regime of GLOBAL, PRIMITIVE, PRIVATE capital accumulation of natural resources and industry and its corresponding, overall, i.e., relatively property-less or less propertied, labor impoverishment, degradation and exploitation, premised on disproportionate GREED and ever expanding share profitability.
All of humanity is sacrificed on that debased, demoralizing, dehumanized logic, alter, cross and holy grail.
So much for religion, folks.
That's my lesson for today.
As Porky Pig says:


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