Friday, November 20, 2009


I had planned initially to begin today's post on an international theme.
But, then, I came across the report, below, first link, about United Suckers and Assholes AFL-CIO (CIA) umbrella labor organization and Single Payer Medical insurance.
It is/was so stupendous, mindboggling, jawdropping, despicable, incredulous, ludicrous that I laughed out loud and HAD to comment, first, on it, instead.
How can ANYONE take these people below seriously?
IS IT ANY WONDER NOBODY HERE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT OUR CORRUPT LABOR UNIONS and almost everyone outside hates their guts??

This is MY simple, obvious answer to the idiots who could and still can not understand why Sarah Palin and her family became and still DO represent MORE GENUINE working class symbols then the assholes supposedly representing them/us below.
If ever there is/was a perfect example of the WHY and HOW and TORTURED LOGIC, REASONS, EXCUSES NO CHANGE OCCURS/WILL OCCUR in United Suckers and Assholes greatest NAZI Dictatorship on the planet, IT IS BELOW.
Just read these blatant, absolute, outright LIES, intellectual sophistry, lame excuses, justifications, threats, arm twisting, intimidation and rationalizations for UNPRINCIPLED CLASS COMPROMISE, OPPORTUNISM, FASCIST COLLABORATION AND APPEASEMENT!!
And, then, to top it off, THE END, the conclusion!!
The audacity of these people is overwhelming!!
Alice in Wonderland through the Looking Glass Darkly.
Where else, but, here??
Oh, yes...there is someplace else, following just below this pristine example:

And, now, to the OTHER place alluded to above, and, what I initially planned to begin this post.

Generally, I feature videos at the end of a post.
But, in this instance, I wish to begin with a very, very BRIEF video link, a reminder, juxtaposition of THEN...:

...And NOW:

Of course, more exquisitely tortured sellouts and selloffs featured on the above website.

Meanwhile, as for the Middle East, Iran/Baghdad/KRG imperialist mopping up, conundrum, showdown, regime change, congruency scenario, the following events will impact forthcoming regional explosive developments. Note, the appointment and posts, mentioned below, come into effect as of December 1, altho the new EU President is effective January 1, while imperialist jockeying and rivalry for place, advantage, strategic positioning, leverage, continues unabated and unashamed.
Indeed, escalating:

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