Saturday, November 14, 2009


Three posts today. This one and two below.
Making up for lost time and the now escalating, OPENLY explosive situation simmering all along NOT beneath the surface, but, unknown to most brainwashed idiots here.
As you can easily see below NAZI Iran, and, by extension, Baghdad, will be getting a new government, as per mopping up, regime change, congruency.
The Pahlavi interests are well represented below.
But, of course, IF one does not comprehend the economic contradictions I have been following all along, then, it becomes unintelligible.
I did warn, advise, forecast, tell you all in previous posts that Morgan Stanley HISTORICALLY is always at the very top of the NAZI garbage heap.
Their insidious NAZI credentials are impeccable.

So, purview some of the following:

And, representing the new Iranian front group named above established in the US, Action for Democracy in Iran and Iran's Massali, is another former US Major General, also named above, Haake and Associates.
Do recall the info I had about MECATAC, then, Garner and Khalilzad--reminder:


And, now, add in to the above mix, recipe:

So, ships ahoy and bombs away.

And, see my previous two posts below...

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