Monday, January 31, 2011


This entry represents an abbreviated running commentary from my initial post, "FASCIST WARS," a few days ago, regarding OUR obviously orchestrated, manufactured, Egypt FASCIST COUP.
Scroll backwards, down, for what I consider SOME pertinent, SALIENT, obvious facts in this totally sordid enterprise.
NOW the above/following headline appears.
I mean hysterical, on the floor, laughing out loud.
BECAUSE, OUR ABYSMAL, CRIMINAL, COVERT, FRONT OPERATION HERE CALLED "THE NATION OF ISLAM," the same people who assassinated Malcolm X on February 21, 1965, AND, OBOOMA SUPPORTERS ALL, DID THE EXACT SAME THING, a MILLION MAN MARCH, in Wash, D.C., a few years back, in a much ballyhooed, staged PR event.
Simultaneously, however, a few years ago, when a FEW of our remaining, more independent minded, progressive led local LABOR UNION leaders called for a MILLION WORKER MARCH in WASH, D.C., they were DESPICABLY SABOTAGED BY THEIR OWN, INSTITUTIONAL, ORGANIZED NATIONAL LABOR LEADERSHIP, HIERARCHY, AND OTHERS, so it NEVER really got off the ground.
Just the opposite occurred!
Let them DROWN, SWIM, in a creation of their own making, a FASCIST/NAZI SHITTY CESSPOOL:



Sunday, January 30, 2011


POSTSCRIPT to yesterday's entry, just BELOW, "FASCIST WARS"


Like I said, Mubarak might as well hold onto power, tell ALL competing NAZI/FASCIST financial interests to go Fuck Themselves,
IF Mubarak and/or Egypt's military wanted to make REAL history, revolutionary change, they would seize the moment, RE-NATIONALIZE EVERYTHING and LEAD a liberation army into Iraq and elsewhere throughout the region and join up with others.

See yesterday's post...

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Out of curiosity, I asked a NOT overtly political friend the other day if she understood what was happening on her TV screen regarding Egypt.
To my amazement, she replied, "Yes."
And, then, she described it accurately as "Fascist infighting."
She went on to say the entire globe is FASCIST.
Can't do much better than that.

Against OBVIOUSLY SPONSORED, orchestrated, EGYPT RIOTS, coup attempts, with/between NAZI IRAN Muslim Brotherhood of Thugs factions as well as US "democracy" monies, recall, in the background, Egypt Mubarak's EMG-Israel GAS DEAL, subject of MUCH dispute.
What happens WILL affect the outcome of THAT.

OVERSHADOWED, ALSO, SIMULTANEOUSLY, NO coverage of major developments elsewhere in the Middle East, such as state sponsored terrorism and/or occupation in NAZI IRAN/US occupied IRAQ AND
Allawi, below, connected to/with JAFAR'S burgeoning Dana Gas/Crescent Oil/Abraaj empire, while NAZI IRAN SISTANI son-in-law and FORMER BAGHDAD OIL MINISTER, SHAHRISTANI, SIDELINED, DEMOTED:


A few posts back, I linked to an Israel interview with former NAZI Bush Administration Wurmser regarding Israel Sheshinski's Committee, Noble Energy and NOT too veiled threats from Wurmser.
I advised THEN one should FRAME it, keep it on your wall, I might add, along with a photo family album of Iraq traitor extraordinaire JAFAR.
Talk about nepotism and kleptocracy!
I will link to the Wurmser interview once again and, once more, I advise one study it carefully as a much more accurate, truthful example of the prime moving forces than ALL the spin, propaganda on your collective TV screens combined:


Here's my previous post in which I linked to Wurmser's Israel interview for reference:


HOWEVER, due to numerous instances of disappeared links on the internet, I decided to REPRODUCE Wurmser's interview in full on a separate post just below for insurance, reference purposes ONLY.

(**See entry below**)

Meanwhile, I will add only one comment about all this.
ALL Arab power struggles dressed up currently as democracy represent COMPETING, FASCIST CLIENTS, their INTERESTS, FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS, just like so many before them, including the disgusting, abysmal, traitorous, covert, reactionary POLISH SOLIDARITY movement.
Sandwiched in between these competing FASCIST MOBS is everyone else, NEITHER PROGRESSIVE, nor organized class revolution, riot, STRIKES, insurrection and/or military rebellion.

For clarification on THAT last point, the latest from TUNISIA advertising, characterizing itself at the Davos World Economic Forum as, "OPEN FOR BUSINESS":


Egypt's Mubarak might as well tell all to go fuck themselves and clamp down, just as did NAZI IRAN to its own manufactured, but, unsuccessful, as yet, internal coup.

IF it comes to a choice between competing FASCIST dictatorships, might as well NOT chose the utterly barbaric, insane NAZI ISLAMIC TORTURE DICTATORSHIP REGIME.
Meanwhile, Egypt's military just finished powwowing with the US.
They will determine the outcome, anyway.
NO permanent resolution forthcoming, no matter what, for reasons on all my previous posts.
Too many imperialist contradictions and rivalries.
Holes keep popping up in the proverbial dike.
Fix one, another hole opens somewhere else.
The pressure shifts as
imperialist privatization continues with its concomitant, escalated, war, regional and class conflict and more destabilization.


"Noble Energy knows how to play the Washington game"

Former adviser to the Bush administration David Wurmser warns that, in its concern with the taxation question, Israel is overlooking the strategic implications of its gas discoveries.

10 January 11 15:45, Ran Dagoni, Washington
In its current incarnation, the US Congress is a supporter of Israel and its government, but hates taxes and the bureaucratic mechanisms for collecting them. This is one of the messages that David Wurmser, once a senior adviser to former US Vice President Dick Cheney on the Middle East, seeks to convey to Israel. In an interview with "Globes", against the background of the Sheshinski Committee recommendations on taxation of gas discoveries, he warns that congressmen are liable to respond furiously if they are persuaded that a certain company has fallen victim to unfair treatment by a foreign country.
"I have no doubt that Noble Energy will recruit legislators, especially from Texas, where it has its headquarters, to promote its interests and to exert pressure on Israel. These are the rules of the game. Noble Energy has ties in Washington, and it knows how to play," he says. Wurmser, currently an executive member of the Delphi Global Analysis Group, which he founded, was, in 2002 and 2003, a senior adviser to then Deputy Secretary of State John Bolton, and further back in his career he was a consultant to Noble Energy. He says that he now has no connection with the company and does not speak for it.
Do you see a situation in which legislators will threaten to use the doomsday weapon, US aid to Israel, in protest against unfair treatment of Noble Energy by the Israeli government?
"I find that hard to believe, but, theoretically at least, it seems to me that that weapon has now lost its power, when Israel has huge gas fields. A threat to cut aid needn't frighten Israel. What are $3 billion a year compared with the massive receipts that the gas fields will yield?"
Israel lacks experience
In Wurmser's eyes, the public and political groping in the dark around the Sheshinski Committee's conclusions is an unavoidable, if dirty, process. The chaos, he says, arises from the fact that Israel has no experience in energy and in financing energy production projects on such a large scale. "In the end, the existing laws in this area are 50 years old," he reminds us.
Wurmser, who speaks Hebrew, has extensive connections among Israel's military and political elite, and he demonstrates expert knowledge of the ins and outs of the politics of the Sheshinski recommendations. He expects the wrangling to worsen because of the pressure groups for which the argument over gas royalties is an opportunity to promote agendas that have little or no connection to the energy industry.
"MK Shelly Yacimovich, for example, has an agenda," he says, "She is trying to use the dispute as a weapon in her battle with the Labor Party leadership, and as a device for shifting the party leftwards. As far as she is concerned, the gas question is only a political tool. All the concern about the problem of the tycoons and equitable distribution of the national cake is completely legitimate, but it has no connection to energy matters."
How do you think Israel should behave over the gas taxation question?
"The most important thing is to examine closely what promises were given to Noble Energy and to other partners in the Mediterranean gas project. It is important that Israel should have a strong record as a country that abides by its commitments to investors. If the State of Israel caused the investors to have certain expectations, it must not retract the promises that aroused these expectations. Such a retraction, after money has been invested, is a risky step."
Are you prepared to predict how the struggle will end?
"I believe that the Israeli government will not want to sabotage the Israeli gas industry. I'm aware of the views of the minister of finance, Yuval Steinitz, and his supporters, but I expect that the government will do what it needs to do. It will arrive at a formula that the producers can live with. Note that I said 'can live with,' not a formula that they will like. Even Steinitz knows that 40%, or 60%, or 80% of nothing is still nothing."
Noble won't get up and leave
The end of the struggle between the developers and the government is as yet unknown, but in Wurmser's opinion, there is no cause to be concerned that Noble Energy might say, "that's it, we're going home." "It's important to listen to what Noble Energy says, and not to what they say it says," he says calmingly. "Noble Energy has never said that it won’t produce gas under current conditions. It has never threatened to halt production. Of course, anything could happen in the future, if, say, the Knesset were to impose taxation levels of 80%. There is always a point at which continued production is not worthwhile. At the end of the day, the right decision will be made following rational negotiations between reasonable people, despite what Steinitz says now. The horse trading currently taking place in the Knesset is not enough; that's only one level. There has to be a discussion between economists and producers, such as Noble Energy, and the government of Israel."
In general, Wurmser thinks that we are missing the really important things. In his view, the feverish concern with the Sheshinski recommendations and with the financial aspects of the projects overshadows the strategic aspects of the gas field discoveries, aspects of existential mportance to Israel. The strategic implications are immense, he says, and without clear information about them, decision makers in Israel fail to see the full picture.
What strategy should Israel adopt in the light of the gas discoveries? Wurmser lists five points:
1. Lebanon is not a serious competitor
Voices are heard in Israel saying that, unless Israel hurries, it will miss a historic opportunity to export gas to Europe, because of competition from Lebanon, but Wurmser refuses to be fazed. "I have my doubts about whether Lebanon will be a serious competitor to exports of Israeli gas to Europe. In effect, Lebanon is ruled by Iran and Syria, and neither of those countries has any interest in contributing to economic prosperity there, because Lebanon as a gas exporter would slip from their hands. Apart from that, it will be tremendously difficult to find a formula for sharing the profits between the different sections of the population, and, more importantly, the massive presence of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon will deter potential investors."
2. Setting up a flexible facility for exporting gas
Israel's geopolitical situation means it must have a flexible facility for exporting its gas, one that does not rely only on Greece and Cyprus, Wurmser says, because of the constant danger that Europe will decide that the gas fields are not in Israel's waters, and so it cannot export to European destinations from them. Similarly, Greece could prove unreliable, because the cloud of possible insolvency hangs over it.
According to Wurmser, Israel should base its exports on liquid natural gas production installations, even if the cost of constructing them is higher than the cost of laying a pipeline. "The oil pipeline from Ashkelon to Eilat could serve as the basis for transporting liquid natural gas to Eilat, and from there on ships to export destinations in Asia. At the same time, it will be possible to transport liquid gas by ship to Europe from Israel's Mediterranean ports."
3. Obtaining strategic assistance from the US
Israel will need strategic help from the US in defending the gas fields and the ships moving in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, Wurmser says, and so it will have to convince the Obama administration that the gas fields, with their potential for exports to Asia and Europe, are also an American strategic asset, and that the US should therefore beef up its presence in the Mediterranean. "The Israeli government must understand that insistence on high royalties from the gas companies will not exactly help it in negotiations with Washington on the strategic issues. No American legislator will push the administration to reinforce the Sixth Fleet if he perceives that Israel is not behaving properly towards an American company," he declares.
4. A direct threat to Iran
According to Wurmser, Israel must warn Iran, unambiguously, that any threat to Israel's gas infrastructures will represent the crossing of a red line that will mean Israeli retaliation against Iran, not against Hezbollah, even if the threat comes from Hezbollah.
5. Reaching understandings with Russia
Russia is liable to see Israel as a competitor to Gazprom is supplying gas to Europe, Wurmser claims. "What will you do if Medvedev phones Netanyahu and says, 'You don’t want us to sell S-300 missiles to Iran? No problem. Don’t sell gas to our customers in Europe,'" he says, and adds that the Russians could even threaten their European customers that they shouldn't buy gas from Israel. Israel, he says, must reach understandings with Russia on gas exports.
Published by Globes [online], Israel business news - - on January 10, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Unser NAZI CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN WHITE HOUSE CIA FUHRER OBOOMA SLAVE BOY addressed our United Sucker and Asshole nation in a State of the Union speech last night, another of our many televised, theatrical performances.
I watch NONE of it.
I cannot bear hearing or seeing HUMAN GARBAGE, SHIT, TRASH given legitimacy, pontificating to the world at large.
It's too disgusting to me.
But, subsequently, unavoidably, I hear SNIPPETS.
Apparently, Obooma mentioned funding health care, medical research in his speech.
What an extraordinary coincidence!
In a previous post, I mentioned a recent, well attended, by invitation only, MORGAN STANLEY CORPORATE MEDICAL, HEALTH CARE CONFERENCE.
Previous post first:


Then, UAE:


(Obooma, of course, said NOTHING about exports, the UAE nor Morgan Stanley, I am quite sure.)

Don't worry.
The US is NOT alone.
JP MORGAN CHASE and its many international NAZI clients, associates, cartel, ALL represented in a burgeoning MidEast bonanza.
Here's one BONA FIDE international NAZI affiliate amongst many others, DEUTSCHE BANK:


Isn't it curious so much of our crappy mass media waxes eloquent about democracy, the Middle East and NOT one word about GREECE, of putative Demos origin, and GREEK opposition, resistance, to PRIVATIZATION.
(**I will return to Greece at the bottom of this post.)

Lack of news also about the COORDINATING NEXUS, CENTER of PRIVATIZING ARAB GCC, UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, whence resides IRAQ TRAITOR EXTRAORDINAIRE Hamid Jafar's EMPIRE, OCTOPUS ABRAAJ/DANA GAS/CRESCENT OIL fame moving steadily and stealthy forward in Iraq, throughout the greater Middle East, Russia, Pakistan, et. al.


Equally, NAZI "FREEDOM FIGHTER" IRAN HEZBOLLAH BILLIONAIRE BUSINESSMAN, Najib MIKATI, becomes Lebanon PM, setting off more riots and power struggles:




NAZI Islamists demonstrate in Jordan.
Of course, OCCUPIED Iraq and IRAN.
And, Turkey.
Then, rioting in Albania.
Interesting coincidence of timing regarding Albania.
An Albanian Envoy goes to the GCC, I suppose, either to get money and/or marching orders:



It SEEMS to me in a most CURSORY, RUDIMENTARY IMPRESSION, minus in depth study, NAZI created Frankenstein Islamist monsters function formally and informally as paramilitary armies, war/drug lords, goon squads, organized mercenaries, political wings and operatives, terrorists, ACROSS THE GLOBE, depending on place and circumstance, ALITTLE akin, parallel, to our own CRIMINAL, CIA front organizations such as the NATION OF ISLAM, our MAFIA led SEIU labor GOON squads and/or their flip, manufactured, funded, "right wing" Christian fundamentalist NAZI hate groups, paramilitaries, etc.

Just a FEW places and events mentioned in our spreading CANCEROUS democracy umbrella SINCE "evil empire" USSR dissolution.

So, I thought, instead of regurgitating more obvious facts, propaganda, spin, I would link to one more obscure article below lamenting a lack of banking in YEMEN, (another place AT WAR), nicely encapsulating the nature, character of "democratic change" for which ALL fight and die.
Do recall Yemen previously was a former USSR ally.

But, consider, below, the nature, character, definition of democratic transition, change, awaiting YEMEN and ALL, for which EVERYONE fights and dies.
Consider THAT fact when reading an ostensibly benign statistical report lamenting Yemenis low percentage of bank accounts, a situation clearly crying out for "democratic" change, reform:


My editorial.
As the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood dressed in Grandma's clothes responded when she said to him:
"My, Grandma, what BIG TEETH you have!"
"All the better to eat you with!!"

**Lastly, as promised above, GREECE.
An interesting global analysis, statement about the Balkans by Greece CP below.
HOWEVER, I must add, never, ever NAMED and UNCATEGORICALLY OPPOSED, CONDEMNED, ANYWHERE, SPECIFICALLY, are the many NAZI MANUFACTURED ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST front groupings, political organizations, militias and/or their bullshit Islamic Finance, IRAN, AND the CENTRAL ENABLING ROLE OF the GCC FINANCIAL front states in this wholesale reactionary NAZI enterprise.
With that caveat:


Saturday, January 22, 2011


Contradictions unleashed by former USSR DISSOLUTION, combined with NOT-SO-Red China's traitorous regime simply continue escalating, mounting, piling, heaping one on top of another in a Mount Everest high set of LIES and conflicts.

The most recent epicenter of our currently manufactured NAZI earthquake resides in the so-called "Middle East North Africa Emerging Markets" SPECULATIVE, PRIVATIZING BUBBLE DISSOLUTION, DISMANTLEMENT of their former nationalized industries and natural resources.

More MidEast/Mediterranean explosions and POWER STRUGGLES forthcoming in LEBANON not to mention IRAN and IRAN/US OCCUPIED IRAQ.

SEEMS to me TUNISIA bullshit elections being advocated, i.e, more "democracy," including the abominable NAZI Islamic Fundamentalists, in order to advance, CONTINUE, their PRIVATIZATION which, of course, means more conflict, contradictions, destabilization and power struggles.

Anything EXCEPT advocating outright RE-NATIONALIZATION and its concomitant MILITARIZED CLASS DICTATORSHIP!

Our bullshit, NAZI partnered, financed, Left Opposition, as always, of course, will help along this process supporting Tunisia "democracy."
That's their role, their job, for which they are paid.
Truly, it gets TIRESOME!!
The ONLY people they reach and represent are themselves.

Internal and external strife, unlimited CHAOS, militarized repression, suppression, reaction and counter reactionary chain of events, will continue, increase, spiral, escalate and will NOT END or abate until and unless PRIVATIZATION CEASES, DECLARED UNEQUIVOCALLY DEAD IN PRINCIPLE
and STATE INDUSTRIES AND NATURAL RESOURCES RETURNED, restored, reinforced, enhanced and expanded EVERYWHERE.

Otherwise, humanity is doomed, destined to perpetual infighting, social disintegration, decay, scourge of one kind or another, war, disease, ultimate extinction as inevitable natural disaster, catastrophe AND human society collide together in what can only be described as primordial, reptilian brained INSANITY.

From now until doomsday I could itemize industries and natural resources already, or, scheduled to become PRIVATIZED.
IF this process is NOT QUICKLY reversed, recognized, acknowledged, halted, IN A PRINCIPLED PROGRAM, EVERYWHERE, SOON, it will be too late.

Mass extinction wins through auspice of intentional neglect, design and denial by our present day PATHOLOGICAL, DYSFUNCTIONAL, IRRATIONAL, retrograde, COMPETITIVE, NOT COOPERATIVE, anarchic, "free market" economic system in conjunction with impending natural disaster and catastrophe.

Our ever changing, shifting, dynamic planet and universe is a well known phenomena, something collectively we understand and well appreciate by now.
No longer mysterious, mystical, mythological, obscurantist explanations need apply.
Entertaining, yes, but, NOT sufficient.

It is a question NOT of changing, controlling, challenging nature, but, acknowledging, understanding, comprehending, respecting, appreciating multiple forces impacting the world which we inhabit, and, as best we can, adjust, accommodate ourselves, our social organization, to these realities, solving problems as a whole, practically impossible when global resource allocation, production and distribution allocations determined SOLELY by, pulled apart, and/or torn asunder in differing directions, by competing, multiple, PRIVATE interests, predicated upon EVER GREATER CONSUMPTION, EXPANDED MARKETS, increased shareholder profit and the eternal, lunatic, holy grail of the bottom line.

Just as I could list indefinite number of industries and resources PRIVATIZING, I could list known, potential, and unknown planetary and cosmic forces, events, some happened in recorded history, some pending AND possible synergistic, cascading effects, waiting to be discovered.

This is NOT a doomsday scenario.

The fact we ARE ALL MORTAL and DIE in the not too distant future is NOT a Doomsday scenario.

It simply represents reality, natural parameters, within which we all live and to which we accommodate, understand and adjust ourselves, solving our problems as a WHOLE.
We live or sink together, NOT PRIVATELY, on cosmic SPACESHIP BLUE MARBLE PLANET EARTH.



In reality, what will happen?
IT seems to me TOO LATE!

Multitudinous interests and global forces vested and invested in our PRESENT day ancien and dying regimes will stubbornly NOT renounce, denounce, repudiate their LIES, roles, propaganda machine, opportunism to advance one, SIMPLE, SINGLE, CONSISTENT, UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE to CHANGE, ALTER their/our present trajectory.

They take NO concrete steps, actions, WHEN PRESENTED WITH POSSIBILITY and OPPORTUNITY for such and have NO program whatsoever to fundamentally change, shift, alter ratios, proportions of our underlying structure.
It is as if we/all/one were diseased advocating ONLY modifying, containing, ameliorating, treating, analyzing SYMPTOMS, while NEVER, EVER daring to ELIMINATE, ERADICATE the viral or bacterial CAUSE.

So, PRIVATIZATION and its class discontents, concomitant imperialist infighting, will continue, escalate, advance in death defying vertiginous downward speeds with occasional natural disaster/catastrophe helping it along.

If I sound despairing or pessimistic, I am.

For SURE, NO solutions forthcoming from the planet's greatest UNITED SUCKERS AND ASSHOLES country, due to ostrich like behaviour from ALL interested parties combined above along with our COLLABORATIVE, COOPERATIVE, NAZI PARTNERED, ORGANIZED, INSTITUTIONALIZED CLASS REPRESENTATIVES, our corrupt, mafia led labor unions and their PRIVATE PENSION FUND INVESTMENTS.
Without THEM, NO significant change possible.
Pure and simple.
Equation finished.
Our "Opposition" being INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED, PRIVATELY AND COVERTLY FUNDED as IMPEDIMENTS, OBSTRUCTIONS, DISTRACTIONS, DIVERSIONS to class unity, fundamental change, opposition, actions and programs.
The remainder of the population, basically, stupid and/or impotent, LED, or, misled, indoctrinated by all above factors combined together.
Consequently, fundamental social change will NOT emanate from United Suckers and Assholes until and unless the country becomes totally prostrate, bankrupt, which, eventually, at some point in time, it will, unless nature accomplishes the coup de grace for ALL of us.
Fundamental social change will come from abroad FIRST, rippling outwards, encircling, engulfing, isolating United Suckers and Assholes in revolutionary torrential downpours.
Then, and only then, will fundamental social change in the greatest of all United Suckers and Assholes country on Spaceship Planet Earth occur.
My advice.
Don't hold your collective breathes waiting.
I'm betting on asteroids or other natural phenomena.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Well, looks like Tunisia needs abit more democracy to finish off its wholesale sell off and out, i.e.,"liberalization," of MENA (MidEastNoAfrica) industries and natural resources, elections being but a FARCE.
A joke.
A sop.
The question becomes which way Tunisia's military thus defining what sort of uprising it becomes.
As well as the remainder of the Middle East North Africa.
It appears to me Tunisia is heading for another one of those flavored, colored, flowered revolutions.
For those who NEVER seem to find that which is right in front of their nose, namely, our many OPEN SECRETS, i.e., PRIVATIZATION, ANYWHERE and everywhere, aside from previous posts naming Tunisia's Maghreb Minerals and Bank Attajari, another report, below, SPELLS IT OUT quite clearly although ideologically applauding, supporting privatization.
Nonetheless, FACTS, numbers presented below are quite clear, including nepotism, which exists EVERYWHERE, except played out in different and to varying degrees:

Also, IF one does a cursory internet search under "Tunisia, Privatization," you will be rewarded with a blunt information plethora added to the above and my previous notes about Maghreb Minerals, Bank Attajari, France, Sarkozy, the Club Med Union, the GCC and the usual assortment of NAZI investors, friends and Dictatorships.

See today's earlier post below..


First, eloquent testimony below about our Iraq "Freedom Fighters," the Middle East and everywhere, in general.

MANY, MANY other peoples throughout the globe exist who do NOT have the luxury of such eloquent voices to speak for them.
They are amongst a multitudinous, silent majority of victims.

So, this MUST represent the consequences, tactics, policies of ALL combined together, African, Asian, South American who suffer HORRIFIC brutalities, barbaric mutilations, dismemberment, torture, wanton, random devastation and destruction, intimidation, threats, displacement, theft, scorched earth policies from mercenary, surrogate, marauding, armies and warlords and counter-revolutionary financed wars and coups in the service of imperialist, colonialist PRIVATIZATION, their own, self-aggrandizement, and the many "disappeared" throughout the globe who simply have NO voice:


The answer to the question raised BELOW about Iraq's coordinated assassinations being partially contained ABOVE, the PRIME SUSPECT NAZI ISLAMIC IRAN'S CONCOCTED SHIA FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER KILLING, TORTURE MACHINE, now threatened and excluded, beloved and defended by our bullshit, apologist NAZI partnered Humanitarian Opposition Left!!
A desperate response to a tightening international financial noose, encirclement and isolation.
But, MILITARY confrontation inevitable to slay OUR manufactured, FRANKENSTEIN monster:



Meanwhile, our previous NAZI FINANCIER, SANITIZED JP MORGAN CHASE, of WWII 60 million and more death and destruction fame, never ceasing to exist, continues plying their trade with PROFITS SPIRALING UPWARDS AND ONWARDS on the backs of ALL combined above, a whooping 47% income increase this past quarter.
If this is not a definition of obscenity, I do not know what is:


Wall Street just LOVES and adores their bought and purchased CIA SLAVE BOY in the White House!!
A mutual admiration society.


Back in forgotten Greece, strikes, protests, ongoing resistance against PRIVATIZATION continues and concomitant labor issues.
Absolutely NO media attention paid to Greek events here and certainly NOT ANY support from our NAZI, mafia led labor unions and/or equally bogus, enabling, manufactured, partnered Left Opposition.

Following but one of many Greek examples:





Tunisian and/or Algerian RIOTS get some media attention here, but, NEVER ONCE MENTIONING PRIVATIZATION and/or STATE subsidies and/or industrial DISSOLUTION, DISMANTLING as a/the cause of anything!!

Just political "Dictatorship."

Not enough "Democracy!!"
(A friend "monitors" for me, as best she can, our crappy mass media and reports back the "spin," etc.)

Reporting below about Tunisia Workers CP members arrest resembles to me that of Greece, above.
However, Party members are NOT arrested BECAUSE THEY SPEAK TO REPORTERS.
The ISSUE IS A POTENT, ORGANIZED, OPPOSITION, POWER, ACTION, MOBILIZATION, a THREAT TO EXPANDING MENA (MidEastNoAfrica) PRIVATIZATION and DISMANTLEMENT of state industry, subsidy and social fabric, just as it is everywhere else on the globe!!


Thursday, January 13, 2011


Not only Tunisia and Algeria, but, in BANGLADESH INVESTORS RIOT outside their own STOCK MARKET which collapsed this past Monday.
Below, three different reports on the same event:


The third one below is the one I like best because it clearly categorizes this as another SPECULATIVE BUBBLE, banana republic and bunch of suckers, which it is and they are, just like a gambling casino.
The game is rigged, fixed.
The "HOUSE" ALWAYS WINS while a few crumbs fall off the table for others to create an ILLUSION of get rich quick schemes:


Much more similar "successes" riding on a stable of traitorous, treacherous NAZI lackeys, scumbags, despotic Middle East/North Africa "emerging markets"
and their SPECULATIVE BUBBLE, "FREE MARKET," PRIVATIZING DICTATORSHIPS with Iraq, Iran, Egypt, the GCC and Turkey as their centerpiece.
Here's the latest WHOLESALE SELL OFF AND OUT from NAZI TURKEY ISLAMIC AKP, "whose passion is to sell state enterprises" PRIVATIZATION PLANS:


All are ILLEGITIMATE, despotic, criminal NAZI governments.
ALL our collaborationist and ersatz ostrich opposition SAY or DO NOTHING whatsoever about it.
The more important, the less they say or do, inverse arithmetic proportionality.
Instead, they blow smoke and mirrors, diversionary tactics, providing legitimacy to illegitimate, criminal, direct ASSET APPROPRIATION and THEFT via state COUP, coercion, legalizing and codifying THEIR PRIVATE industrial and natural resource APPROPRIATION.


Following from the above topic, I thought I would add, one, brief note, reminder, about our thoroughly disgusting, deplorable, debased, CYNICAL HYPOCRITES above who employ consistent tactics of ad hominem, personal attack, and false characterizations of Sarah Palin as THEIR/A whipping boy, poster child.
This is THEIR modus operandi.
They do the same FOR EVERYONE, international included, of course.
Sarah Palin has and had NOTHING whatsoever to do with THEIR policies and/or its repercussions!!
Not once do they EVER discuss substantive POLICY.
Sarah Palin's basic, fundamental problem being she is NOT SOPHISTICATED and naively BELIEVES her own rhetoric, illusory, mythical versions of US propaganda, history, competitive free markets, etc.
Within her own framework, Gestalt, she is very consistent about it, UNLIKE those above who KNOWINGLY are complete, total, cynical, devious, two faced hypocrites about EVERYTHING.
One thing is sure.
Palin is certainly NO worse than these opportunistic, OBSTRUCTIONIST, scumbags.
As I pointed out in previous posts, Exxon, for example is/was NOT a member of former Alaska Governor Palin's fan club when Palin attempted to negotiate new contracts and pipelines NOT to their liking, breaking Alaskan cartel strangleholds.
ALITTLE like, or, parallel to, present day Israel Sheshinski Committee energy recommendations.
Not exactly, precisely the same, of course, but, some similarities.
In that sense, Palin remains consistent to a mythological "free market" ideology, ideas of competition, false "patriotism," etc.
Of course, she never could, can or will make an ideological, theoretical jump to nationalize the entire industry.
That is NOT within her Gestalt, framework.
It is precisely because of her lack of SOPHISTICATION that she is prosecuted and persecuted and will NEVER be allowed to hold a MAJOR government position.
She represents a WILD CARD, NOT quite a "Yes Man."
They want and need a SLAVE.
She actually has a few ideas of her OWN, correct or incorrect.
What you see is what you get.
This presents a few dilemmas for our NAZI ESTABLISHMENT.
A bit like organized religion, the Church echelon versus their constituent lay people and ideological believers.
HOWEVER, "they" continue using and manipulating her as an effective ploy, prop, tool, whipping boy, diversion, by BOTH/ALL parties concerned to rally troops under false ideological dichotomies and ad hominem caricatures.
She is a useful marketing tool by the panoply of our NAZI Establishment.
I do NOT endorse, excuse or apologize for Palin.
I am explaining, as I did in many previous posts, Palin CONCRETELY did MORE WHEN representing her State as Governor of Alaska negotiating with Exxon, PB and other multinational energy companies THAN THE REST OF OUR ERSATZ, BOGUS, HUMANITARIAN, CYNICAL, HYPOCRITICAL, DUPLICITOUS OPPOSITION COMBINED!!
THEY camouflage themselves, parading around, posturing as something other than what they really are, NAZI wolves dressed in grandmas clothing:

Red Riding Hood Dore Image 3

"Oh, granny, your teeth are tremendous in size!"
"They're to eat you!" and he ate her.

These illustrations came from:

Les Contes de Perrault, dessins par Gustave Doré. Paris: J. Hetzel, 1867.





Tuesday, January 11, 2011


In response to a Congressional assassination attempt, the whores in our NAZI Political Establishment admonish everyone not to be angry and hateful.
Anger and hate leads to violence, say the NAZI whores and prostitutes.
Imagine that!!
It upsets everyone or them.
I guess they would prefer we internalize rage, suck it up and vomit, preferably, on them.
Certainly, I do experience nausea seeing or hearing ANY OF THEM, especially smug, contemptuous CIA Citigroup/Exxon/Morgan slave boy Obooma.
Well, I AM VERY, VERY ANGRY AND HATEFUL to say the very, very least.
But, it has nothing to do with Congressional lackeys and imbeciles, the front men and women, stooges, hired help of our WWII NAZI FINANCIER OF 60 MILLION AND MORE SUBSEQUENT DEATHS, JP MORGAN (CHASE), who certainly has AUDACITY sponsoring a PRIVATE HEALTH CARE INVESTMENT CONFERENCE AT THE VERY MOMENT WE ARE ADMONISHED BY OUR NAZI LEADERS NOT TO BE SO HATEFUL AND ANGRY!!
Morgan's conference by invitation ONLY.
No shooters allowed inside.
Even the people they assassinate are PUBLIC, not private, "SERVANTS."
After all, they too are dispensable, disposal, replaceable, interchangeable drug syringes.


Then, there is THEIR INTERCONNECTED, opposite side of the Atlantic/Pacific Oceans.


For those who STILL can't find IRAQ'S OIL/GAS, literally hundreds, thousands of articles like that below about Iraq NASSIRIYAH and JAPAN NIPPON OIL exist.
Royal Dutch Shell, of course, in Southern Iraq, BP,
Again, some cursory, rudimentary searches and you will come up with LOTS of articles, names, information, including Russia's LUKOIL, as Iraq's next round of oil "bidding" supposedly to occur with Baghdad's NEW Oil Minister, LUAIBY, associated with Iraq traitor extraordinaire, JAFAR and Iraq's South Oil Company.
But, I have more to say about this later on:



Next, since North Africa's Mediterranean Basin, first Tunisia, now Algeria, explodes in violent outbursts, opportunistically exploited and seized upon by just about everyone with ulterior purpose, here's another juicy tidbit about Maghreb Minerals adding to my previous posts on Morocco/Tunisia Bank Attajari.
Peruse their website for more information about Board Members, etc:



And, then, a real humdinger of an article I could not resist, an interview with a former Bush Administration official, Wurmser, regarding his not so subtle, veiled, coded, threats to Israel's SHESHINSKI Committee.
This one definitely qualified as TODAY'S JOKE OF THE DAY.
A real classic, gem.
Save this one for posterity.
But, hey folks, don't get angry, don't get mad, LAUGH.
The joke is, after all, YOU:



Generally, I do not bother much mentioning "old" European power rivalries, alliances, JOCKEYING amongst Anglo-American and/or French, German, Russian imperial interests.
I ASSUME people are aware of it all.
Its history being well known with many twists and turns.

This time around, of course, IMPERIAL NAZI Germany has NO MILITARY to project its power across continents, a sad outcome for them from WWII.
Nonetheless, REUNITED IMPERIAL NAZI DEUTSCHLAND geographically is very much alive and well, financially intertwined, invested throughout lands of the former Communist countries, including APPROPRIATED EAST GERMAN industries, as well as the Middle East and Asia, the EURO being its centerpiece.
If the Euro collapses, a re-emerged Europe and German centered empire collapses along with it and vica-versa, i.e, grow or die.
However, it is critical to realize one big, major historical difference in "old" Eurasian power equations and now.
Prior to WWII the US was NOT a major GLOBAL player in the geographic CENTER, heartland, hub, nexus of the much contested Eurasian continent.

It played an auxiliary, secondary, ancillary, supporting role.

Now, the situation reverses itself with the US PHYSICALLY a major, MILITARY force stretching across the entire Eurasian continent, theatre of war, operations, oceans, air, space while Imperial European interests play a supporting strategic role IN THEIR OWN, very complicated, shifting backyard.

This already has and will change as ALL previous EURASIAN powers beef up their militaries in response to the realities of new/old Imperialist, colonialist demands.

Thus, MUCH political JOCKEYING occuring FOR ALLIANCE with and/or against a hegemonic US military umbrella for which United Suckers and Assholes working class pay their tax, tithing.
North and/or South American history, an extension from Eurasia anyway, PALES in comparison to the much hallowed, contested, bloodied ground of 2500 plus or minus years of ancient and modern Eurasian power struggles, civilizations, empires, fights, military hordes, invaders, armies, pillage, plunder, societal decimation, rape, enslavement, torture, exploitation, alliances, criss-crossing one another back and forth across a land mass comprising the Eurasian continent from one to the other end, including North Africa, all jockeying for power, empire and ultimate control, domination, which NONE managed to achieve permanently.
In comparison, the US is a piker.

Now, an ocean and continent away, the US placed itself smack in the middle of this literal and figuratively explosive land mine of diverse cultural and political backgrounds and geographic landscape, having become a MAJOR factor within the complex, complicated, competing, conflicting EURASIAN power equations!!

This recipe is one of unmitigated DISASTER, as always it has been.
Only fools and/or hubris rush in where angels dare tread.
The ONLY difference this time being the addition of a new factor into an old, strategic balance of power struggle, namely, the STUPID, IDIOTIC United Suckers and Assholes!!

This is what was meant by my deceased, old friend, Aaron, when he said,
"All happening in Iraq and Afghanistan is but skirmish, a prelude to war."
When the Berlin Wall tumbled down and USSR dissolved, the floodgates of Eurasian Hell reopened.
More "wars to end all wars."

Keeping ALL the above in mind, including Wurmser's Israeli interview, AND, returning to Iraq, to which I promised at the beginning, spelled out below, basically, an analysis similar to mine, but, couched in neutered spin, categories, characterizations, different verbiage, of course.
When stripped of its sanitized, simplistic, generalized, mythological narrative, the nitty gritty of the analysis below reflects mine above.
NOT mentioned below EVER is, for example, one key word, PRIVATIZATION, THE characteristic and motivating factor in this new/old world, revised, grand scenario.
Alot else assumed, taken for granted, modified, obliterated, obscured.
For example, oil and gas being UBIQUITOUS, oil/gas global markets are artificially manufactured, controlled, escalated and divided for purpose of export and import and circular, profitable, balance of trade.
Abit like diamonds.
Diamonds are ubiquitous.
But, it takes large capital investment on an industrial scale to acquire them en masse.
To achieve back their expenditures AND profit, it is necessary to control ALL aspects of the diamond market, from production to distribution to market to price to become a worthwhile, lucrative, "precious" commodity.
Hence, a global diamond cartel.
Then, there is the example of China's past opium market.
Whether or not we NEED diamonds en masse or more oil and gas as energy is another matter entirely, generated, decided, by ONE motive only, that above.
NO alternative strategies, planning, conservation, LESS consumption, provided, considered, allowed, permitted above/below.
So, with caveats, a presentation on "The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power," by another of our numerous NAZI apologists, ideological luminaries and spin meisters:


Monday, January 10, 2011


Did Arizona medical authorities ask US House Representative GIFFORDS for her medical insurance to see IF she is covered before admitting her to the hospital with severe gunshot trauma wounds to her head??
Does Giffords amass COPAYS for ALL her sophisticated trauma medical treatment.
Will Giffords or family be in debt at the end of it all??

As a Federal Employee US Congressional Arizona House Representative GIFFORDS receives THE BEST medical insurance money can buy in the country, i.e., FEDERAL (GOVERNMENT) MEDICAL INSURANCE!!
Socialized medicine which the rest of us are REFUSED by these very same "people's representatives."
Not all people, for sure, are equal in THIS country.
THE PROPERTIED CLASS being MUCH more well endowed, unequal, than others.
WE want what Gifford has!!
FUCK YOUR DAMNED WARS, OBOOMA CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN TAXPAYER GIFTS, GIVEAWAYS, SUBSIDIES, BAILOUTS, BOONDOGGLES and our entire PARTNERED sellout and off gangster dominated LABOR UNION WHORES, PIMPS, PROSTITUTES, their pension investments in ALL PRIVATE corporations above, including for profit health care and "emerging markets
," for whom United Suckers and Assholes fight, subsidize, die, representing another form of medical COPAY, income tax and tithing.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Adding to our already humongous, gargantuan, vast, bloated, overwhelming 1947 NATIONAL SECURITY, i.e., NAZI STATE APPARATUS, inaugurated, institutionalized, codified and defining post WWII USA, is born a new Joint Counter-Terrorism "agency, center, office," below.

For those who prefer their much vaulted, lauded Constitution, see if you can find our 1947 National Security Act sanctioned in it anywhere.
Reminds one of Gestapo tactics, doesn't it, below??
How about domestic martial law playing in a theatre near you soon??

A response to escalating, multiple, MYSTERIOUS, self-generated, covert domestic and international clandestine, terrorist threats here and abroad.
Got to hype "SECURITY" against them ALL.
Don't misunderstand.
SOME real threats do exist, that is, ONES THEY, THEMSELVES, ABOVE, INTENTIONALLY NURTURED, MANUFACTURED in the first place to COMBAT, encircle, threaten, contain, subvert and "rollback" Communism, the USSR, China.
Our Frankenstein NAZI Fundamentalist Islamists, Muslim Brotherhood and Afghan "Freedom Fighters" are amongst those many threats, to which I will post a link following.
This is why every "solution" they artificially manufacture EXPONENTIALLY INTENSIFIES, MULTIPLIES, EXACERBATES and CREATES new problems, contradictions, competing interests, thus necessitating escalating military solutions, force, internal and external repression.
For every action an equal and opposite reaction exists.
Now, they find themselves in a true policy conundrum, a paradoxical dilemma.
Or, a proverbial Dutch dike with multiplying, burgeoning holes.
A self-fulfilling, internally generated, circular prophecy, system.
Or, paraphrasing a stylized form of "dark humor":
"How many competing, fragmented economic interests does it take to destroy a country?"
In spook parlance, it's called "Blowback":



ONE other example below about THEIR very real NAZI Islamic Fundamentalist manufactured Frankenstein monster threat unleashed throughout the Middle East as part of THEIR reactionary, organized covert, clandestine operational bulwark to destabilize, contain, threaten, encircle and compromise the USSR, encompassing, extending to ALL Left affiliated and progressive leaning governments, alliances, regionally, in Asia and elsewhere.

But, NOW, their NAZI Frankenstein monster must be contained, curtailed and dismantled:



Another EXAMPLE from 2009 on the above subject matter.

A SMALL piece of a much larger, internecine, grand scale picture puzzle, which Sibel Edmonds actually cautions:


Remember, it was Turkey's previous government that prohibited US troops from using Ankara, Turkey as an Iraq invasion force.

If it had been Turkey's SUBSEQUENT NAZI ISLAMIC AKP government, now in power, THEY WOULD HAVE AGREED, making the present Iraq situation even worse!

I hate to think.
One of those historical "what ifs" you can ponder.

Adding the above to ALL the information on my many ongoing posts, get ready for more BIG TIME GLOBAL EXPLOSIONS, DESPOTISM and DICTATORSHIP.
United Suckers and Assholes ain't seen nothin yet.


A well versed acquaintance of mine, Aaron, died not too long ago suddenly, unfortunately, in 2010,
in his late eighties, I believe.
I used to read Aaron information on my posts and internet, as his vision was too impaired to see it easily himself.
Aaron was short, of impish physical stature but large intellectual demeanour.

Aaron was a WWII veteran.

Aaron would comment to me, paraphrasing as best as possible,

"All this merely being skirmish, prelude to war."

Unfortunately, Aaron no longer being alive to see his prophecies unfold.
Aaron's loss is a great one for me and the world, in general, since Aaron was a positive rather than negative force.
After all, not too many people around, young or old, with whom one can converse comfortably on theoretical physics AND past, present history, literature, etc., while also ALWAYS being delightfully comical, sarcastic, witty, entertaining.
I once suggested to Aaron he write his memoirs.
He never did.
He took them to the grave.
I guess he figured what point is it, the insignificance of one more subatomic human particle in an indifferent cosmos.
So, now, his and other beloved particles commingle, floating in space and time together.
Hope he entertains them as much as he did I and the rest of us.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today's multiple jokes.
First, the dreaded MIDEAST Transylvania Prince Vad Tepes, son of Count Drac, Sadr, returns BACK to Iraq from Iran, where he ostensibly went furthering his already enlightened, exquisitely sadistic, luminary, theological education.
Something like Spanish Inquisition applied techniques, I suppose.
Modern curriculum course number 101.
In case you've forgotten, a reminder about ME Count Dracula from a previous post/link I did:



Bombings, assassinations, murder, terror, extortion, intimidation, mayhem galore, WARFARE ongoing on a DAILY basis in Iraq and I continue seeing, hearing, reading nonsensical headlines about US troops leaving.
Anyway, a FEW contradictory tidbits below concerning IRAQ MILITARY escalation, developments, including above, of course:


And, this piece of JUST delivered US military hardware in Iraq.

I wonder what possible purpose it can serve?



As you may recall, in previous posts, I suggested as an object lesson one follow the rise and fall of Israel Prof. Sheshinski and his Committee on energy, gas and oil royalty taxation, confrontation and objections to see HOW it/they/he become SUBVERTED, compromised.

Beginning already.

Divide and conquer, sellout and off, or, perhaps, threat, intimidation, compromise by any and all means necessary:


In case you are thick headed, dense and miss subtleties, on the same page, link above, right hand side, following article spells it out:



To round out my electronic, internet globe trotting, I return back to the the planet's greatest United Suckers and Assholes NAZI HOMELAND where
White House CIA slave boy soon to confirm, inaugurate William DALEY of JP MORGAN CHASE as his new Chief of Staff, reaffirming his/our CITIGROUP/EXXON/MORGAN NAZI DICTATORSHIP.
Nothing new here.
Obooma "considers" NOTHING.
THEY tell Obooma.
Obooma obediently, compliantly, mindlessly, like an automaton robot, follows THEIR marching orders, instructions:


Another snippet:


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


A few terse sentences in various reports indicating former IRAN SHAH PAHLAVI youngest son, Ali Reza Pahlavi, APPARENTLY committed suicide in Boston.
I find it very odd.
Below, photo BOTH of Ali Reza AND his fiancee for a number of years, Sarah TABATABAI.
Their engagement being mysteriously terminated after a few years.
Nobody knows why.

So, I decided to look into this matter alittle further:


Here's one more background snapshot, snippet of Ali Reza Pahlavi and his fiancee Sarah Tabatabai:


This does NOT strike me as a man who readily and easily commits suicide.
I am UNfamiliar with Iran's royal family, monarchical lineage, WEALTHY emigre community, reasonably extensive, incestuous and insular, it seems to me.
Nor can I read Farsi.

But, given current events, it piqued my curiosity as it seemed to me his death may very well be a political one, NOT suicide.
Or, suicide of a different sort.
So, I decided to do some cursory research on my own via the internet.

Interestingly, the TABATABAI family name becomes quite pertinent to this story.
First, Sarah Tabatabai, Ali Reza's FORMER fiancee, happens to be a geophysicist associated with the powerful US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
And, someone named Ali Akbar Tabatabai ALSO is a MOST interesting person, indeed.

Here is Ali Akbar's story from
Excerpt first:

"...U.S. prosecutors say Salahuddin, wearing a mailman's uniform and driving a borrowed postal truck, pulled up to Iranian diplomat Ali Akbar Tabatabai's Maryland home in 1980 and shot Tabatabai to death.

Tabatabai, the former spokesman for the Iranian Embassy in Washington, was an outspoken critic of the Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. In a 1995 interview with The Washington Post and ABC in Turkey, Salahuddin said he was hired by Iranian agents to kill Tabatabai for $4,000 and a promise he would be sent to China for medical training..."



Ali Akbar Tabatabai on Wikipedia:


Aside from Ali Reza Pahlavi's former fiancee, Sarah Tabatabai, another Tabatabai also sits on our well connected US Nuclear Establishment, Omar Tabatabai:


Tabatabai, in general, is a well connected US-Iranian family.
More Tabatabais exist in the US.
I do not know who is related to whom and how.
There is/was, for example, another Tabatabai quoted from the floor of the BAGHDAD Stock Exchange a few years within the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.
But, I do not know WHO, WHICH Tabatabai was referenced at the time.
It was not clear.

Reza Pahlavi's "apparent" suicide is, I believe, somehow related to the clandestine politics represented by those above.
But, how, precisely, I do not know.
I can only speculate.

I would love to know, also, what was the REAL mission, purpose, of those US ostensible "hikers" captured in Iran and IF they/it are related to the "plots" above.
Beyond these cursory tidbits, I can go no further.
Just a hint, a promise.

Anyone with SUBSTANTIAL information being more than welcome to add it in the comment section below helping me/us comprehend what I deem to be a suicide/murder mystery.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Take a look at the list BELOW.
Notice some one conspicuously missing??
Lots of countries named, but, if you look carefully NO USA listed at the bottom.
Know why?
Ostensibly, being a European list, it matters not.

The answer the same.
Just like our labor unions at the end of WWII and a 1947 Taft-Hartley (anti) Labor Law and a National Security Act (institutionalized NAZI state apparatus), the CPUSA became systematically neutered, marginalized, infiltrated, prosecuted, persecuted, purged, blacklisted, imprisoned, fractured, compromised, threatened, red baited, etc., with a culminating barbaric Julius and Ethel Rosenberg 1953 electric chair execution (**see footnote at the end), so that they cease to exist, ONLY in name, AND essentially function as another ersatz arm of our Democratic Left in Name Only Party.

They ACTIVELY support NAZI Obooma, for example, laud Ohio State Rep. Kucinich, conveniently forgetting, overlooking Kucinich OPENLY promotes our vitriolic, rabid JBANC, Congressional Baltic Caucus, Washington DC Museum to Commemorate the Victims of Communism, all sponsoring the legislation below.

Effectively, NO independent CP exists in the US anymore.
They morphed to become one amongst minions of many liberal/Left FRONT groups.

A total and complete political and labor vacuum, thus, NO EFFECTIVE, organized, principled resistance, opposition, labor or otherwise, exists.
By design, not by accident, of course.
That's the way the Establishment wants it to remain.
But, nature abhors a vacuum, so...:


Meanwhile, I noticed Tunisia riots highlighted in my post just below were seized upon opportunistically by most everyone, as if, once again, it/they are not part, consequence, of an entire, counter-revolutionary, MIDDLE EAST/NORTH AFRICA PRIVATIZING PROJECT.
And Greece transportation workers announced a NEW YEAR'S STRIKE but I can find NO further information about it or them on the internet.
Or, what else is new??
Watch for more postings as untidy events unfold, despite the best or worse laid plans of mice, men and troglodytes.
January marks a new calendar year, so, here is my reference link from above celebrating another new year, from January, 2008, exactly 3 years ago: