Tuesday, April 29, 2008


In anticipation of events unfolding in Turkey on Mayday, and shortly thereafter in Egypt and elsewhere, I will not bother to say much else at the moment.
In honor of those upcoming events, first, at the following link, if you click onto the Mayday POSTER you will get a greatly expanded version:


From Turkey, of course, "Labor Day Antagonism?":


Then, one "Action Alert," the following, "Uruknet Cut Off From Google News Again":


And, finally, a few extra notes.
Against a backdrop of Iraq's dismemberment and genocide comes the height of Fascist absurdity, obscenity and hypocrisy.
Iraq's former PM, Tariq Aziz, placed on trial in a Kangaroo Court for a few "alleged" crimes.
Shouldn't the trials be reversed?
And, on April 28, 2008, hearings were held by the "Senate Democratic Policy Committee on Abuses in Iraq Contracting."
You can view/hear all the sordid details, which abound, on the C-Span.org website.
Simply go the heading "Recent Programs," towards the bottom of their homepage, scroll down for the preceding named hearing and date and click it on.
Unfortunately, I have no transcript link at the moment:


The information presented above represents merely the tip of a gargantuan iceberg, the depths of which reach down to the bowels of our entire Fascist government and enterprise.
So, who is it that should be put on trial, executed and expropriated??
My answer to those who want impeachment, which will never happen, are the initiation of criminal proceedings, immediately or hereafter.
The entire government and all those individuals and corporations who financially benefited are responsible.
Their assets dissolved and their resources nationalized by the appropriate governments, here, there, everywhere.

Monday, April 28, 2008


I get very, very tired of hearing redundant analysis coming out of various sources here, but, elsewhere, as well, about the obvious, terrible this or that policy, America, the system, covert activities, etc. Yet, these very SAME sources, for the most part, NEVER manage to find and exercise overt, active support for ANY RESISTANCE ANYWHERE of any kind, whatsoever, here, there, nowhere. Consequently, I couldn't care less what happens to all and any of them. As far as I'm concerned, they get what they deserve. So, flowing from my previous blogs, "Turkish Unions and Government in Dangerous Standoff": www.hurriyet.com.tr/english/turkey/8805079.asp?gid=231&sz=88386 Additional reading on the right hand sidebar as well as other sources. And, of course, in addition, the upcoming Egypt, Lebanon general strikes, as well. Then, clearly and concisely, what is already known, the obvious, regarding the repercussions of Iraq's sectarianism, ethnic cleansing, militias, etc.,"Iraqis Want To Revise Constitution and US Warplanes Bomb Iraq": www.iraqupdates.com/p_articles.php/article/30406 Further along these same lines, commenting from the Turkish press,"Iraq, Kirkuk and the PKK": www.turkishpress.com/news.asp?id=228169 And, lastly, some additional commentary from my previous blog, regarding a potential military confrontation between Georgia and Russia: www.kommersant.com/p887483/r_527/The_possibility_of_a_military_conflict_between_Russia_and_Georgia Against this backdrop of human death and destruction, "What's it all about, Alfie?" Why? Who gains? Again, the obvious nobody can seem to locate, just like Iran's militias in Iraq. While the above occurs, just a few more highlights from that which is right in front of everyone's noses. The following two articles BOTH happen to deal with Abraaj Capital (about which I've written so much previously, Crescent Oil, Dana Gas, etc.,) and the renowned Carlyle Group in the Middle East, "Changing the Regional Financial Landscape": www.zawya.com/story.cfm/sidZAWYA20080428031459/lok031400080428 and "Private Equity Spoilt For Choice": www.zawya.com/story.cfm/sidZAWYA20080427125637/lok12560008046 And, the Financial Times has JUST, today, added a new, Middle Eastern version of its own. The Kuwait Foreign Minister continues holding talks with his counterpart in Albania, and, as well, conferences in Poland, "Kuwait Ambassador Addresses Seminar in Warsaw..." www.zawya.com/story.cfm/sidKUN0038080427124416/lok154400080427 Furthermore, you suckers, the "private capital" in the Middle East, represented above, will be recycled, reinvested into the now intentionally bankrupted and deeply depressed prices of industry and corporations in the US and Europe, thanks to the low US dollar, also. I have no need to add to further idle speculation and hypotheses on this or that particular event or detail over which I have little, if no concrete, factual information, when ALL of the above is abundantly, openly and clearly fact. Now, it seems, Russia and Putin appear to be somewhat perturbed by the recent turn of developments surrounding their dalliance with their Fascist client state, Ahmadimiget's Iran, his/their policies, their destabilizing, unwanted, undesirable, repercussions: www.en.rian.ru/world/20080428/106100057.html Well, too bad. I said once before, collaborating and cooperating with Fascism is like being alittle bit pregnant. If Putin/Russia is perturbed he/they can do something. He can say, STOP IT! He can say he does NOT recognize this so-called government in Iraq. He can call a spade a spade. He has leverage. But, of course, Lukoil is invited into Iraq. As well, Iran has dangled a gas contract offer to Gazprom. And, of course, Gazprom is caught in the encirclement game of the West. Related to this subject matter, some current news and a reminder, reverting back to the initial reason why the US and NATO invaded and occupied Afghanistan in the first place, the TAP pipeline, events of 9/11, the fiction of why Bin Laden and Al-Queda were held responsible for 9/11: www.payvand.com/news/08/apr/1293.html A few notes on the proceeding. The deal to which the preceding article makes reference at the very bottom, bringing gas to Pakistan from the Arabian Sea, is, of course, tied in to the Gulf, UAE economies and Western investment circle, above, much discussed in previous blogs. And, one further footnote, since Al-Queda, or, what is being labelled Al-Queda, has reemerged in the news, again. My HYPOTHESIS as to why Bin Laden, who, as everybody knew, was a CIA asset, needed to be eliminated, was his support for a rival, Argentine bidder, Bridas, regarding the then proposed TAP pipeline and the economic demands Bin Laden was making, exorbitant, from their point of view, for transit fees upwards to a billion dollars or more as well as further economic concessions, such as control of the pipeline, a national company, etc. Bridas agreed to much or most of his/their demands, I believe. And, Bridas was willing, apparently, to finance the pipeline themselves. Unocal and the other consortium, which included Saudis, as well as some others, did not. So, ownership, competition and the economic specifics over the TAP pipeline was at the nub of the dispute and the reason necessitating direct, military intervention to eliminate Bin Laden. 9/11 was a manufactured event and narrative for this purpose.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


In case anybody hasn't noticed, currently much more than one, active, military front exists in Iraq, other than the one around Basra, which gets all the attention, here, in the US.
The other war front, northern Iraq, the Kurdistan region, currently being bombed by Turkish warplanes, coming amidst a continued, internal political confrontation within Turkey's Islamic, sectarian, sell off and sell out, AKP government.
And, these developments within Turkey come amidst the presumed, upcoming, internal battle for possession of the strategically important and oil rich Kirkuk region, ushering in Kurdish independence, regional autonomy and/or Kurdish expansionism.
This puts Turkey into a potential collision course with US/Israel backed, northern Iraq Peshmerga forces and Iran.
The AKP, of course, does NOT want to see this happen.
But, the question is, wither Turkey?
In addition, on Turkey's northeastern flank, bordering both Russia and Iran, at present, is a low intensity, but, heating, military conflict in the Caucasus between Georgia, Georgia's breakaway Republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and NATO.
Both Georgia and Armenia, aside from being adjacent to Turkey and Iran and one another, obviously, are sandwiched between and bordering the strategic transport and oil rich region of both the Caspian and Black Seas. Additionally, I fully expect, if not before, then, by the next Presidential election, the Armenian Genocide resolution will pass through the US Congress.
This will have further ramifications upon Turkey and the region, depending on the nature of Turkey's government.
And, of course, WITHIN what's left of the body of Iraq, war continues unabated.
Horror stories abound.
Here's but a few out of so many more to which I could link, which I won't do because it's redundant, "Killings Spread to More Shiite Areas in Baghdad":


And "Fresh Impressions From Baghdad":


Further, in addition to Turkey's reactionary, Fascist, AKP government, Egypt, the region's largest Arab country, is now being challenged from within, as well.
Both are key actors.
And, of course, as Rice and Cheney go around begging, no major Arab government will openly acknowledge and support Iraq's anti-Arab, genocidal, aggressive, threatening, expansionist Iranian government planted in Iraq by the Bush-Cheney cabal.
And, everybody in the region is more or less threatened and worried by a destabilized Iraq with out of control competing, aggressive and expansionary militias and factions, reflecting internal and equally destabilizing elements within Iran's government, itself.
It's like having medieval, feudal armies/militias roaming around the countryside, under whom and which states control and direction?
In this context, both the US and NATO are protecting their interests and subordinates in the other militarily loaded region, the Arab/Persian Gulf states.
And, then, in addition, there's Israel, Syria, Gaza, Lebanon.
The whole region is an armed camp of multiple low and higher intensity warfare.
Now, in previous posts, first, in "Mopping Up," (March 26, 2008, "Mopping Up Begins in Earnest"), I said, the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr, must/will go, that is, his militia must be disbanded or morphed into something else. Neutralized.
This is happening.
And, the only other way out of this conundrum in order to gain control is congruent regime and policy change in BOTH the US AND Iran.
(Again, see my previous blog entry from April 4, 2008, "The Iraq Exit Strategy" links for the above):




What happens next will depend on all of the factors, above, and more I haven't even mentioned.
Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently gave a press briefing regarding Iran.
If you discard the spin and narrative about Iran's "increased" involvement in Iraq, since, obviously, Iran's militias were put there in the first place, outsourced, by the US, the salient points essentially confirm the above:


But, I repeat, multiple flash points, military actors and internal contradictions exist, any of which, including, but, not limited to, Iran, can trigger off a cascading series of events that will subsume everyone else. As things presently stand, no possible political solution exists, only military ones.
In that sense, McCain is the most honest of the American Presidential candidates.
It is a 100 years war of reactionary Fascism everywhere on the globe which he projects.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


While Iraq's little Mussolini, the Butcher of Baghdad, Iran/Ahmadimidget's, Sadr, self-appointed revolutionary and duly parroted as such by the mass media, runs around saber rattling and making bellicose noise, he does so against the backdrop of REAL revolutionary noise NOT identified as such or replicated ad infinitum in US corporate media or much of elsewhere.

As the first major labor strike in twenty years occurs in London, events in Turkey also continue escalating, "Tension Spreads to April 23 Celebrations":


And, "Turkish Unions Insist on Taksim Square Mayday Celebrations":


This as Turkish warplanes continue pounding PKK targets.

In contradistinction to the above, remember Morgan Stanley, Persia Fund, GCC, Egypt, America's roving unofficial Ambassador, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, et.al, from my previous blogs?

Well, "Morgan Stanley Saudi Arabia Celebrates its First Anniversary With a Visit from Morgan Stanley Chairman, John Mack":


And, in case you are very dense and still haven't understood the breath, depth, width and scope of the economies involved, here's alittle something, "GDP of GCC Countries, Egypt, Jordan to Surpass $1,045 Billion in 2008," (with much more anticipated):


Now, the question I ask, who is more important in the above picture.
The diminutive, pint sized Mussolini, Butcher of Baghdad, Iranian backed Sadr militia, about whom everybody pays so much attention, at the moment, or, all the other forces, combined?
Sadr and his militia, ALONE, are a pint sized peanut.
An annoying peanut, but, nevertheless, a peanut who can, will and would be extinguished, if necessary.
But, the others, collectively, are a force.
A force with which to be reckoned.
A potential historical tidal wave and backlash.
And, these forces represented above and in my previous blogs, are on a collision course at the moment.

Once again, another interesting take on recent developments from our inveterate, voice of occupied Iraq, arabwomanblues reporter and commentator, "A Fox Trot in the Dark":


And, finally, one irresistible comment on the following, "The US Power Structure: Who Really Rules the World." Yes, I am in agreement.

Charles Beard's 1913 book, "An Economic Interpretation of the US Constitution" is excellent:


The only caveat I would add, including my own posts, is, I would hope people actually read more than a blog entry. These books are dense and packed with information. One book leads to another, and, subsequent revisions and reviews of new, old and updated source materials. One of the aspects not mentioned in the above from Beards book regarding the formation of the US Constitution, since it was of necessity so brief, was the question of how to pay off, honor, collect the debt paper from the independence war and those who held such financial obligations?

Various forms of wealth, which, of course, pertained to slavery. The whole story is very, very fascinating, indeed and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the popularized mythology. Our US Constitutional Court system was devised primarily to make sure private property rights could NEVER be superseded, supplanted, abrogated by any state legislative body. It would be declared by the supreme court system, unconstitutional. And so...waiting with baited breath to read his next blog entry.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Dispensing with all spin, propaganda and lies, Obama represents absolutely zero, zilch, nada, nothing.
A Manchurian candidate.
The Democrats were supposed to be a sure bet for President this year, and, Hillary was supposed to be their anointed candidate.
So, what to do?
Divide and conquer.
Into the Democratic Primary insert a ringer, the ersatz, Nazi-like, Republican Karl Rove strategists Obama campaign.

First, pick someone Black, with little Congressional track record.
Then, Obama wins early in traditionally Republican states predominantly with caucuses with what's called "crossover" voting, where rules are lax, to say the least, and Republicans and Independents can simply go vote as Democrats in primaries.
It's as easy and simple as making apple pie.
It's a miracle of democracy, say the pundits.
All of a sudden, our "Red" more socially conservative states have seen the light and become "liberal."
When he gets criticized or attacked, it's called racism.
The fake Left, of course, is duly programmed to flock to him.
And, the "Black" vote will be easily swayed, again, with a racist theme. Throw in alittle demagoguery, platitudes, Nazi like "kiddie" rallies that resemble rock concerts, and, voila, instant celebrity status.
And, of course, lots and lots of money.
Gobs of money.
In Pennsylvania, Hillary was outspent by the Obama campaign three to one.

But, in Pennsylvania, primaries are NOT caucuses.
Neither campaign had anticipated reaching this point.
They thought it would be determined by now and Pennsylvania would not be decisive.
That's why so much pressure has been placed on Hillary to quit before the Pennsylvania primary.
This tactic will continue throughout.
In addition, the longer the race continues, the further a backlash grows towards the obvious mafia like TACTICS of the Obama campaign.
I have not even mentioned, except in previous blogs, the absolute vitriol within the Democratic Party engendered by disenfranchising the Florida and Michigan primary delegates on a technicality.
That issue continues percolating with no resolution in sight.
Florida's delegates would have gone to Hillary.

If Obama ultimately gets the Democratic nomination, a McCain win is assured.
The race has been thrown.
If Hillary winds up with the nomination, it's about a 50-50 tossup.
And, I can assure everyone, those now supporting Obama will go after Hillary, instead, in the General Election, utilizing the racism canard, thus, continuing the dis-united Democratic Party and helping to insure a Republican McCain victory.
As I said, the great uniter is the great divider.
Anything one hears about him and his campaign, just turn it upside down. And, so it goes...

Now, turning to events elsewhere on the globe.
First, in Turkey.
An upcoming confrontation, "Government, Unions Split Over May 1 Celebrations":


Along these lines, another Turkish bank sold, including a chart on the right hand side, which lists Akbank, previously sold to Citigroup and their unmentioned dalliance with Iran's Parsian, "Saluting a New Troop of Bankers":


In related matters, following from my previous blogs, "Morgan Stanley Hires Chief Economist for Turkey, Middle East and North Africa," (JP Morgan Chase, see Morgan Stanley and the Persia Fund from a previous blog):


Of course, Morgan Stanley is hardly alone.
Everybody who is anybody in the world of high finance and private property is busy expanding themselves into the greater Middle East speculative bubble and "Islamic" finance project.
Alot, indeed, everything is riding on this venture.
If it fails here, the whole economic house of cards will come tumbling down.
This is their steam engine, locomotive, of profitability and growth.
So, in Egypt, not surprisingly, "Mubarak Calls For Stronger Economic Ties, Mediterranean Union":


Of course, Egypt, like Turkey, above, is now plagued by class resistance and opposition to these policies.
This impending "arc of instability," altho outside, is certainly related to and surrounding the resistance, opposition, and instability inside Iraq, including northern Iraq, Kurdistan, Peshmerga, PKK, Turkey, the battle for Kirkuk, Iran, etc.
Everything related to everything else.

In the regional game of divide and conquer, Layla gives another insightful analysis:


Does it rest here?
No, of course not.
A previous WSJ article likens the Western backed Nabucco gas pipeline to a new Maginot Line against Gazprom and Russia and Iraq is scheduled to supply gas to Europe, possibly, thru Nabucco:


Depending on circumstances, Iran, possibly, as well.
And, in a very ominous and disgusting development, the following, "Gazprom Might Lose Gas Export Monopoly":


So, I say, more power to Turkey, their unions, Egypt's resistance, their upcoming General Strike, Lebanon's upcoming General Strike, Pan-Arab unity and let them/that be the NEW Maginot Line, the catalyst.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


No such award exists.
I made it up.
Also, in previous blogs, I made up the Bertolt Brecht Award for Layla Anwar's outstanding, and, fortunate for us/me, arabwomanblues blogspot in ENGLISH!
This time, I decided Layla Anwar should get the George Seldes Award, if such existed, which it does not, but, should.
It would be a real distinction.
George Seldes name might not be a household word, familiar to the entire world, but, he is and was well known by anyone studying WWII and US history.
I think, in the following links, one will easily agree why the subject matter of both George Seldes and Layla Anwar and, my own blog, as well, coincides and why George Seldes would most certainly, if he were alive today, give Layla a distinctive acknowledgment.
As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

First, Layla's most recent, superb, excellent exposition and reporting:


Be sure to have read the above, first, carefully.
Then, contrast and compare Layla's blog to some brief excerpts from George Seldes, 1943, self-published book, a compilation from his previous journalism, "Facts and Fascism":


Not excerpted, above, unfortunately, are the actual dollar amounts loaned to European Fascists by major American financial institutions, critical to keeping afloat the Fascist project.
This is itemized in great detail elsewhere in Seldes book.

So, into this historical continuum, for that is what it is, comes a new book, "Superclass," written by an unlikely source, one would think, David Rothkopf, former director of the equally Fascist Kissinger Associates.
Rothkopf gave a talk about his new book on April 9, 2008, at the misnamed Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
(Andrew Carnegie became one of the wealthiest men in the US, a steel baron in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the late 1890s which then merged with JP Morgan to form US Steel).

At the following link one can access Rothkopf's talk by any number of different ways, including a transcript link on the right hand sidebar.
Why do I bother to note this book and his talk.
Well, needless to say, Mr. Rothkopf will and did not discuss history in the manner of Layla's blog, George Seldes or my own posts.
But, as you will see, out of the horse's mouth, that is, Rothkopf, he reaffirms statistics, facts, figures, numbers and analysis of the "elite" private, global, propertied individuals and institutions, who, by virtue of their ownership of resources, production and finance, control, determine and make policy throughout the globe.
They are "supranational."
But, apparently Mr. Rothkopf wrote his book because he's worried about an international "backlash," in particular, re-nationalization.

So, here's the link, reminder, transcript available on right hand sidebar:


Further, in my previous blog of April 16, 2008, discussing establishment of a First Persia Fund, I suggested that Ahmadimidget, Sadr and his/their Iranian militias, no longer useful and an impediment, were no match for Citigroup, JP Morgan and their international cohorts.
The above confirms and explains very well what I mean.
These are concrete facts expressing real power relationships in the real world and not wishful, fanciful or fictional thinking.
As long as the above property relationships exist, power is ceded to those above, by definition.

And, by the way, a little aside.
Citigroup, happy to have an excuse to shed it's bloated, redundant and expensive workforce in the US, London and elsewhere, is, nonetheless, EXPANDING and maintaining their workforce in the Middle East and the GCC in anticipation of its regional speculative bubble, as I've called it, destined for "transformation" and expanded privatization, unless, of course, those pesky Arabs, Turks and their respective workers, opposition and resistance overturn the best laid plans of reactionary mice and men:


Saturday, April 19, 2008


Before getting to the main event, alittle something from what I have labelled the "Theatre of the Absurd."
I opened the pro-Fascist JBANC website and, lo and behold, what did I see advertised on it boldly, something called the "Singing Revolution."
Pray tell, what is this "Singing Revolution," not one of the various colored or flowered named revolutions.
Well, here it is, from the "Theatre of the Absurd," the "Singing Revolution" so proudly advertised on JBANC website:


If you're not laughing by now, there's something wrong with you.
I returned to the
http://www.jbanc.org/ website a few times to make sure my eyes did not deceive me.
There it is, so proudly displayed.
Not satire.
Not facetious.
So, I decided to contrast and compare and juxtapose it to another link, the following:


And, now, the main events.
In the next step of the prolonged Turkish battle, the "Social Security Bill Passes Amid Protests":


The US labor movement is so FAR BEHIND Turkey, the Turks could never even begin to fathom reactionary labor conditions that exist here.
Nobody here gets what they're getting.
And, the whole idea is to drive the Turkish labor force backwards into the ground and look more like the wage slaves in the US, something privatization is destined to achieve.
The above representing merely a first step in this long, drawn out process. Privatization will be the coup de grace.
So, anticipate BIG EVENTS in Turkey on May Day, May 1.
And, only 3 days later, on May 4, directly across the Mediterranean, on the opposite side, another, upcoming General Strike in Egypt.
One more article exposing the questionable role of the presumed opposition/resistance, the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt's General Strikes:


And, then, a General Strike looms large for Lebanon May 7.
So, within the space of the first week of May 1-May 7, General Strikes to occur from Egypt to Turkey to Lebanon!
What will happen, next?
Will this not impact on everything else occurring throughout the region?
If I could transport myself thru the electrical wires of the internet for just a day to participate in any of these events, I would.
But, alas, such time travel is not yet possible.

Friday, April 18, 2008


So, where are we now regarding predictions and analysis from former entries?
Policy moves along quickly.
Aside from the chronic fighting and death rattles of Sadr in southern Iraq and bombastic rhetoric from Iran's Ahmadimidget, et. al, here are the latest important developments from America's REAL President in foreign affairs, Condi Rice, "UN Council Calls for Disarming Hezbollah...":


UN Secy General, "Ban Urges All Members to attend Iraq Annual Compact Meeting in May":


"NATO Promises Iraq More Army Training, Equipment," (they're already in the Gulf):


And, continuing from the previous absurdity of Cheney's admonitions to Saudi Arabia, "Rice Wants to Reinforce Iraq's Arab Identity":


Note, in the preceding, Rice has no plans to talk with Iran's current foreign minister.
People can fill in other details for themselves, of which there are many.
I won't bother commenting on the obvious ludicrousness of Carter's mission.
Meanwhile, the Turkish military continues pounding the PKK as the Turkish "crisis" mounts and Turkey's ruling party, the Islamic AKP continues promising to sell off everything in Turkey that isn't nailed down and, that which is nailed down, as well.
This time, Turkey's electricity.
In counter response, May 1, Mayday, promises to be a HUGE event in Turkey.
As for Egypt, similar pattern.
I think the following says it better than I, "Next Move Opens With a Giddy Bang":


I can only hope for an equal and opposite "bang" in response to these policies.
And, now, finally, a little historical footnote, or, reminder, from previous entries as to why we are where we are in the US, why no Left exists, no opposition and no general strikes.
There are two main historical reasons for the present situation.
The first, which I've previously mentioned, a National Security Act of 1947, codifying and institutionalizing the Fascist state into existence, a Cold War, 1950s anti-Communist McCarthy Congressional hearings, blacklists, etc.
Within the same context, a Taft-Hartley [Labor] Law of 1947.
For a brief understanding, an historical snippet, a snapshot, surrounding Taft-Hartley:




Anybody wishing to know more will have to do their own further studies. Nothing will change significantly in the US until the effects and realities of the Taft-Hartley (anti) labor law is challenged.
The only person running in any US Presidential campaign, so far, that has raised repeal of the Taft-Hartley (anti) labor law is Ralph Nader.
NO labor leadership or organization has endorsed Nader, ever, except one, the outstanding California Nurses Association.
I would go one step further than Ralph.
I would also demand repeal of the NSA of 1947, in addition.
And, as for anti-Communism, while former "Soviet" Russia's new FM, Putin, is now cavorting with Italy's premier oligarch, Berlusconi,
"Russia's Nazis Plan Mayhem with Hitler's Birthday":


The author, above, expresses wonder at how such things could happen. Well, Putin has renationalized Gazprom.
Very important.
Very nice.
A step in the right direction.
I don't underestimate him or it.
But, many other multi-billionaires still exist and they own much of Russia's vast natural resources and industries.
In the past elections, Communist Oleg Shenin was not even allowed on the ballot.
Strikes exist in abundance.
All that was nationalized has been privatized.
The totality of the Left in Russia still overwhelms the totality of the propertied interests.
Just as here, there, or anywhere, bourgeoisie elections will never allow propertied interests to be voted out of existence.
They are, by definition, bourgeoisie elections.
So, is it any wonder that the Nazis are around and tolerated?
It's been going on for some time, now.
This is not new.
And, of course, PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) previously equated Communism with Nazism.
True to form, by the way, PACE has now involved itself with Turkey's AKP, as well:


Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Following events everywhere, an interesting article related to Jordan's privatization and the UAE, "Controversy in Jordan over Hidden Privatisation Deals," referring to the Red Sea port of Aqaba:


The UAE firm is Abu Dhabi's Al-Maabar. The manager for the bidding process is America's Bearing Point:


Regarding Turkey's ongoing privatization battles, at Turkey's recent "Trade Winds Conference," "US Companies Plan Expansion to Turkey":


However, the "Turkish crisis" continues unfolding and Turkey's military has just bombed PKK terrorists in the Kurdistan region.

The following emanates directly back and is consistent with the "deal" referred to in my previous blog entries from March 26, 2008, "Mopping Up" and its recapitulation on April 7, 2008 and impacts, as well, on developments within Turkey, "Kurds Snatch New Concessions on Oil & Militias":


And, another, major, very important development, indicative of coming events, the "First Persia Fund":

and www.payvand.com/news/08/apr/1146.html

I think it's notable Morgan Stanley is named, above. For some previous comments about Morgan Stanley, see my blog from March 19, 2008:

(By the way, a typo error. Bear Sterns is spelled Bear Stearns. Sorry. No proofreaders or copyeditors).

Meanwhile, back here, in the home of international Fascism, everybody with whom I speak who has the slightest brain, including some folks who telephone into C-Span, see clearly the American Presidential campaign is a fixed one, the outcome predetermined. McCain. Everybody knows it. The Republican sponsored, Karl Rove orchestrated, mafia Obama campaign is the secret weapon designed to detonate and destruct the Democratic Party and the Hillary campaign. The "great uniter" is the "great divider." His nauseating face is plastered everywhere. He makes me puke. I can't stand to see or hear him.

Further expendable Nazis, as I said on previous blog from a couple of days ago, April 14, 2008 "The Iraq Exit Strategy," are Sadr, Ahmadimidget and his Republican Guards. This is not, however, necessarily going to assist the Arab resistance, since accomodation with Iran is pending, forthwith, and with it, greater "international" cooperation, especially as oil deals are reached. Here, for example, is a short list of what I mean:

and www.zawya.com/story.cfm/sidANA332107132410

Sadr, Ahmadimidget and his Republican Guards, as they will discover, are no match for JP Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and their international consortium of private propertied friends, who never get their own hands personally dirty. They leave the fighting, instead, to others, like the barbarians, above.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


On April 22, the much contested Democratic Primary will be held in Pennsylvania.
Needless to say, the media descend upon Pennsylvania, particularly, Philadelphia, its largest city, like a horde of locusts.
Even the popular, daily, cable comedy show of Stephen Colbert is broadcasting for a few nights from the Annenberg Center on the city's private, sprawling college campus, the elite, Ivy League, University of Pennsylvania in West Philadelphia.
Well, you can be quite sure the economic and political realities and contradictions surrounding both the University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia will NOT be televised, either by the Colbert show, since the University is hosting him, or any of the other corporate media descending upon the place.
Regarding the contradictions surrounding just the Univ of Pennsylvania, for example, from where the popular TV show, the Colbert Report, is broadcasting.
Its sprawling, vast, expansive geographic area compromises, perhaps, around 20 city blocks squared, more or less, when all taken together.
It costs approximately $30,000 or $40,000 or more a year to be either an undergraduate or graduate student at the U of P, depending upon degree, status, etc.
The Univ of Pa is the city's largest, single, PRIVATE employer.
That means its got clout.
Further, altho private, it floats on a sea of Federal tax monies through subsidies and grants, including military ones, for all sorts of research programs in a wide variety of subject matter, from languages, computers, medicine, science, engineering and on and on.
To add insult to injury, the Univ of Penna, pays NO local property taxes because it is categorized as a not-for-profit, educational institution!!
Yet, it's endowment, like that of Harvard or any of the "Ivy League" private schools, happens to be one of the largest and it utilizes this money to own and purchase private, profitable, speculative, real estate development in the city.
In addition, it sits as an island surrounded by a sea of run down and/or vacant slum dwellings on the West and North Side of its campus.
On it's East Side is the Schuylkill (a name derived from one of the indigenous tribes) River, separating and linking it to the more upper income, trendy downtown areas on the opposite, east side of the river.
The crime rate on the campus is high, as a consequence, since those without means see these upper income kids as good targets for some quick cash.
Thus, the Univ of Penna campus has LOTS of private and public "security," police, cameras, undercover personnel and so on.
It's a bastion of security.
On top of that, the very folks whom the University is securing itself against are the same ones who are constantly being pushed out of their homes by the University's "institutional expansion" and speculative real estate development and sprawl.
Further, NO free higher educational system in the entire city of Philadelphia exists except for one state university, which, altho not free, costs less than the Univ of Penn.
Everything else in higher education is private.
Of the City's full time residents, it has an approximate 40% or higher functional illiteracy rate.
There are other areas of the city, further away from the Penn campus, which look like disaster zones, extensive slums with abandoned houses, drugs, crime, guns, high unemployment, etc.
This could go on and on.
So, will anybody outside hear about any these egregious highlights or see them from either the media and/or the Presidential campaigns?
Of course not.
Please keep in mind, also, Philadelphia is a Democratic city, it's Mayor is Democratic, the state Governor is Democratic, it has a Democratic Senator, as if that makes any difference.
Here's a little snapshot version of an area not too far from where the expensive, upper income, elite, private University of Pennsylvania sits, about a mile or less away from the University:


Of course, all the Presidential candidates will visit the Ivy League campus of the Univ of Pa, including an Obama event for the upper income students, most/many of whom are not from Pennsylvania in the first place. At one time, not too long ago, Pennsylvania state had much in the way of industry and employment, including steel and coal, most of which closed and left and why unemployment and economic depression is so high.
The state is part of the "industrial rust belt," as it's called.
Of course, there's absolutely no reason why those industries should not be operating.
Steel, coal, energy is not something that has gone out of style.
The only thing needed was to simply nationalize the industry and the resources, reopen them and make them into public utilities.
It's that simple.
Much too simple for anyone here to demand.

Monday, April 14, 2008


1912-15, German climatologist Alfred Wegener came up with what was then an ingenuous theory of plate tectonics and continental drift.
The hypothesis, Wegener claimed, was necessary to explain what was right in front of his nose.
Look at how the continents of North and South America appear to fit into the other side of the Atlantic like the pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle.
In past years, that was dismissed, explained, as coincidence.
But, said Wegener,
"No. It's not coincidence."
And, so, if it were not coincidence, a theory was needed to explain how this could happen.
Hence, the above.
Here's alittle something about Wegner's background and theory, if you're interested:


From Wegener to Iraq.

How could I have been so stupid as to overlook what is/was so obvious, right in front of my nose regarding Iraq's "exit strategy."
In previous blogs, I highlighted a few items.
First, my brief recapitulation, April 7, 2008:


I indicated that a previous deal was cut during Cheney's Iraq visit, including Sadr's demise.
That, indeed now occurs.
I also said, previously, that Sadr's "offensive" in Basra would accomplish two items on the US home front, first, a reason, excuse, justification to increase or stabilize American/Western military forces in Iraq, which, indeed, happened, and, two, opening the dirty, dark secret of Iran's prominence in Iraq, also accomplished.
Iran's involvement in Iraq now front and center, even though the narrative, as usual, "spun," depending on source.

However, this Faustian bargain between Iran's militias in Iraq and the US, specifically, the Bush-Cheney group, has, as I also said, created just as many difficulties and problems as it was supposed to solve, from ethnic cleansing, genocide, regional conflicts, destabilization, refugees, backlash, not only in Iraq, but, throughout the region, which has parallel repercussions within Iran, as well.
It's become a dilemma for all concerned, an insolvable paradox, or, so it seems.
(By the way, I can't resist a side note.
Next time Sadr claims he's opposing the US, please, remind him it is/was US taxpayer dollars that put him into Iraq in the first place. I'm the first one who would like to send him a bill. He's extremely ungrateful. Somebody should really remind Sadr that he who pays the piper calls the tune. And, it was the US, not Iran, who paid the bills that put him there in the first place.
Don't bite the hand that feeds you!)

Now, the present quandary, conundrum and circumstantial cul-de-sac in which both the US and Iran find themselves regarding Iraq and the region, created by their mutual occupations, can equally be resolved only by two more or less parallel turn of events.
Regime change in BOTH countries, the US AND Iran.
It's so eminently logical and CONGRUENT.
(Keep Wegener's hypothesis in mind.)
It creates a context, pretext from which new internal and external dynamics can play themselves out.
US regime change will be accomplished with the next, upcoming Presidential election.
But, parallel regime change being necessary in Iran, in order to create an entirely new context necessary for mutually desired accommodation, now that they BOTH destroyed Iraq.

Towards these ends, Sadr should be seen as the first step.
When watching ALL the events unfolding, evaluate them towards achieving the desired goals, above.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Following two articles deal with Egypt's explosive, regional development, their April 6 General Strike and, in particular, as well, a retrograde, destructive role their Muslim Brotherhood plays/played.
First, Egypt's "Kefaya Leader Arrested...More Detentions Expected":


And "The Muslim Brotherhood, A Body without a Mind":


I will borrow that aptly descriptive phrase from them and say same about US body politic, "A Body without A Mind."
Very apropos.
Thank you Egypt!

(This is for Americans only.
Others need not bother reading.
In case you did not know it, Egypt is an Arab state.
It is the largest Arab state in the region.
It is the mother of all Arab states.
It's where Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal.
It is amongst THE birthplace of the Pan-Arab Socialist movement.
O.K. Lesson #1 over.
Back to the subject matter at hand.)

Statement in the first article, above, quotes Kefaya's Abdel-Khalek Farouk, "Egypt is being eaten away from the inside and is being kept in check from the outside.
Egypt's regional role has turned into a curtain not only for the US but the Saudi royal family and Israel," resonates with similar statements made previously by Turkey's opposition General, Buyukanit, about the end of their nation state.
(See my post from April 4, 2008.)

Correlate this with the economic, financial ties I've been highlighting and following emanating out of the GCC states, as well, in my previous entries.
At the opposite side of the Mediterranean from Egypt, in Turkey, the "World Bank Urges Government to Push Reforms Despite Closure Case":


The IMF, of course, doing similar.

Meanwhile, in another Arab state, Iraq, the battle with Iran's Sadr continues and one of his top aides, apparently, was just assassinated.
(It's reported on every news service).
US idiots across a broad spectrum continue to make noises about talking to Iran and a political solution to the Iraq crisis.
They neglect to notice that Persia is an occupying force in an Arab country, Iraq, and legitimizing, recognizing ANY Persian installed government in Iraq is the same as rewarding Iran and the US for barbaric, Fascist, reactionary, counter-revolutionary, ethnic genocide, ethnic cleansing, torture, and the complete dissolution of their state.
It's unacceptable from the get-go and a prescription for perpetual warfare.
It's the opposite of a solution.
Likewise, in group-think manner, the desperate Bush Administration continues to "request/urge" more Arab states to establish wider diplomatic representation in Iraq!!
Wonder why they aren't there???
Hmmm...what could be the reason???
This conundrum, as I've articulated previously, is the result of the Bush Administration's utterly disastrous, deplorable, despicable collaboration with Iran in Iraq, which goes way back, and, then, the continued coverup and support of this Faustian bargain by the fake Left, which continues unabated.
They have both boxed themselves deeper and deeper into a corner in which they collaborate.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


First of all, let's start with a FACT that the US is a Fascist dictatorship. 
Suffice it to say, it's a direct continuum since the end of WWII, whose results were not what they were supposed to be. 
The wrong side won. 
Enter the NSA, National Security Act of 1947.

First prerequisite of a newly minted Fascist American Dictatorship was dissolution of the former Soviet Union, thus, opening up global resources, previously off limits, state owned and nationalized, to private acquisition. 
The race is/was on.

Fast forward to the present. 
Thus stated, this conversion, above, is a goal of a current "project" not only in Iraq, but, elsewhere, everywhere.

Next, all the numerous, many, social and class contradictions unleashed by global counter-revolution, by definition, necessitates ever greater military force, suppression and repression, both external and internal, countering enormous opposition from multiple sources of organized resistance, a self-perpetuating machine.

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." 

And, so, conflict spirals upward, i.e., 100 years war of which Republican Presidential candidate McCain TRUTHFULLY speaks. 
Iraq being an integral part of this greater goal, piece of an intricate jigsaw puzzle, but, certainly not the entire puzzle. 

Multiple interventions already exist and being planned.

In the Iraq piece of the puzzle, the Bush Administration created a strategic blunder, first, proceeding unilaterally, as opposed to "multilaterally," then, adding flames to the fire by outsourcing Iraq's occupation to the utterly abhorrent, despicable, barbaric, and inherently destabilizing Nazi Iranian militias and factions. 
For dumb Americans, this is presented as an "accidental" development. 
In reality, it was just the opposite, purposeful, an extension of the cozy relationship from Iran-Contra days, and even further back. 
To accomplish this, a civilian Bush Administration overrode many sectors of America's professional military establishment, infuriating them. 
Subsequent problems unfolded from this policy due both to internal and external developments, Iraqi's heroic resistance, political, economic, military bickering and infighting amongst the genocidal Iranian militias, a mass exodus of refugees to nearby countries, threats perceived by other Arab Gulf states from Persian expansionism and nearby, destablized Iraq, developments in Turkey, conflicts with the PKK, American costs, general strikes, Russia's revival and so on.
So, a revised American policy is necessitated.

Unilateralism has already been renounced in favor of "multilateralism," courtesy of an engineered November, 2006, mid-term election Coup. 
That part is finished, done, over.

Next, comes undoing Bush's utterly abysmal, appalling, Iranian, collaborationist and accomodationist policies. 
These horrific repercussions have to be mitigated, undone. So, in the following, note especially the last three paragraphs at the bottom:


As I said in previous blogs, this is how and why McCain will enter into the picture. 
A backlash of nationalism and militarism will emerge triumphant and conversion into a one-party, Fascist, national security state complete, helped along by our Vichy Democrats, who will then be pronounced useless and dead upon arrival.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Plans being made for another major, general strike in Egypt on May 4, 2008, despite overwhelming odds and enormous government repression.

Around the same time, only three days later, May 7, a general strike looms for Lebanon.
In addition, the ongoing Turkish crisis continues escalating.
A few more irresistible snippets on Turkey's historic struggle, "Ricochet From Turmoil of 1970s":


And "Judicial Coup Could Lead to Political Turmoil":


If the above all doesn't represent regional and Arab resistance, I don't know what does.
All the preceding, above, which gets absolutely zero support from the fake Left, everywhere, COMBINED with regional events in Kurdistan and southern Iraq, which I've highlighted in my previous entries,
April 7, 2008:


necessitates an urgent and immediate military response, which is why the US and NATO not only will remain in the region, but, escalate, why the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr, will be liquidated if he does not go along with "the program," and why McCain will win in the US.

It is why the phony shibboleth by the other fake opposition, the Democrats, regarding a "political solution" for Iraq is total, complete, false empty rhetoric.
And, they know it.
It is all for purposes of partisan, political posturing.
There IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION, unless, suddenly, they were to capitulate and renounce an entire reactionary, counter-revolutionary economic agenda, which, of course, is an absurd expectation.

For all these reasons and more, it has already been decided that military professional, McCain, will be the next American President, Commander in Chief, and, I might add, one who will NOT maintain that very "special" relationship with Iran that the Bush Administration had for their own economic gains and strategic purposes.

If Iran's proxies and surrogates get in the way in Iraq and elsewhere, they will be eliminated.
The American military establishment considers the present CIVILIAN Bush Administration to be a military impediment, precisely because of the Bush/Cheney crowds collaborative accommodation to/with Iran and its proxy militias.
And everybody, including Putin, who has collaborated with Ahmadinejad and Iran's ethnic cleansing and genocidal polices in Iraq, is going to suffer the consequences.
Nobody will be able to say one word in defense of Iranian policy and its Nazi surrogates in Iraq, or, elsewhere, particularly, but, not limited to, the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr.

So, a word to Sadr's advisors.
If they/he believe their current threats, theatrics and military shenanigans are going to do anything to help them in the US, they are in for some big surprises.

Monday, April 7, 2008


The following, simple, brief, basic, fundamental reminder, recapitulation and chronology.

In my March 9, 2008 entry, I commented on Iranian Ahmadimidget's visit to Iraq's Baghdad where Ahmadimidget met both with Maliki and Iranian/Iraq "National Security Advisor," Muwafak Al-Rubaie.
In that March 9 entry, to which I will link, momentarily, I linked both to Layla Anwar's report of the conversations that ensued between Maliki, Ahmadimidget, and, I guess, Rubaie, and I noted it was no coincidence that Rubaie was present, along with Maliki.
Rubaie's presence is/was significant.
Rubaie, formerly, was a featured, guest speaker at America's CSIS on October 5, 2007, on which I reported in my entry of October 6, 2007, both preceding links provided in the following March 9, 2008 entry:


Within only a couple of weeks, shortly on the heels of the preceding events of March 9, 2008, a followup meeting occured between Cheney and Maliki.
Then, on my blog of March 26, 2008, I had a link to a deal cut between Maliki, Cheney, Barzani:


Keep the specifics of that "deal" in mind, along with the other factors I noted in my previous blog of March 26, 2008.
Many events ensued in the short space between now and then.

In the most recent development, the Butcher of Baghdad, "Sadr Party Faces Rising Isolation":


And, then, the coup de grace or denouement, "Sadr to Disband Militias If Ordered By Clerics":


This is THE script, above.
If Sadr does not oblige, which I find impossible to imagine, he can begin counting his rosary beads, immediately.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


In addition to major opposition, resistance, general strikes and other historic developments in Turkey, "More Mass Protests in Turkey Against IMF..." www.hurriyet.com.tr/english/turkey/8632426.asp?gid=231&sz=17453 and elsewhere in the region, another MAJOR un/underreported event is taking place in Egypt, today. And, of course, NO acknowledgement or support by America's fake Left. An Egyptian General Strike... The following 4 links are about today's Egyptian General Strike, and, note the conspicuous ABSENCE of the Muslim Brotherhood, which our idiotic, stupid, duped, American Cindy Sheehan was running around supporting, (I am sorry for her if her grief was manipulated by others for their ulterior purposes), www.albawaba.com/en/news/225023 and www.politicalgateway.com/news/read/140738 and, www.zawya.com/story.cfm/sidANA322096183735/lok16370008045 and, lastly, the best of the four, www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/197076,egypt-security-forces-on-alert-as-cyber-activists-incite-to-strike.html A significant part of Egypt's "privatization/liberalization" policies referred to above is the ever expanding Dana Gas empire, inextricably intertwined with Abraaj, Jafar, Crescent Oil, Iraq, Kurdistan, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Egypt's EFG-Hermes and Egypt's EMG gas deal with Israel/Palestine, "Dana Gas Builds Strong Foundations for Growth," www.zawya.com/story.cfm/sidZAWYA20080406104955/lok104900080406 Connected with the above and the ongoing speculative GCC and "Islamic Funds" Bubble, our unofficial, roving American Ambassador, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, Citigroups largest individual shareholder, "Prince Alwaleed is the Most Powerful Arab for the Fourth Year Running," according to Forbes magazine, www.zawya.com/story.cfm/sidZAWYA20080406115524/lok11550008046 Citigroup, of course, overlaps with the above, having a representative strategically placed in Pakistan with PM Aziz; Israel's Stanley Fischer in the Bank of Israel; Turkey's largest bank, Akbank; Lebanon's PM Siniora; to name but a few. And, here is one of the other repercussions of the conveniently Hamas facilitated wars, "Palestine Investment Conference," www.zawya.com/story.cfm/sidZAWYA20080406091950/lok091900080406 Further NATO expansion to our protectorate in the GCC, which has been under way for some time, now, "NATO Plans Key Meet in Bahrain," www.zawya.com/story.cfm/sidZAWYA20080405052521/lok052500080405 Regarding Iraq and elsewhere, refer to my previous blogs, an ongoing continuum.

Friday, April 4, 2008


The above statement, "destruction of the nation state," is clearly articulated by Turkey's General Buyukanit in the following, and, note, as well, in the right hand sidebar, other articles related to Turkey's somewhat questionable future relationship with the IMF:


Meanwhile, in another major, un/underreported development, a herculean, militant, labor strike takes place at Russia's enormous, privately owned, bauxite company, Rusal, reported by the indomitable John Helmer.
One can only hope it will lead to even greater developments, like re-nationalization, which is what really should occur;


Following along lines of nationalization, Russia's Gazprom, the world's 18th, I believe, from memory, largest company, continues expanding its reach.
After a number of widely reported developments, raids on their offices, etc., Gazprom appears to be headed to acquire a controlling interest in another Russian-British energy company, TNK-BP:


NATO enlargement, I should say, encirclement, suffered a TEMPORARY politically expedient setback this past week regarding inclusion of both Georgia and Ukraine, but, has been rescheduled for December, coincidentally, after US Presidential elections:


Not equally publicized and well known, a US Congressional bill recently passed supporting NATO expansion UNANIMOUSLY.
Regarding NATO expansion's related brainchild, missile defense in Europe, see a nice chronology and time line at the following:


On developments surrounding Iran, Iraq and Sadr, so much happening. But, hopefully, you've been following my post from March 26, 2008, "Mopping Up Begins in Earnest in Iraq,"and an important link regarding a "deal" agreed to by Cheney and Maliki, a quid-pro-quo for support to Barzani around Kurdistan versus Turkey, passage of the oil and gas law and elimination of Sadr.
I'll provide this link once again:


For more background contextualization on this, see my March 26 blog, to which I referred:


As one can easily see, ALL of the above discussed with Cheney, et.al., is coming to pass.
Only in dispute and subject to interpretation and second guessing, is the timing and tactics of the assault against Sadr's forces.
A few developments have clearly emerged from the PRESUMED ill-timed, ill-planned Sadr assault.
First, Iran's military role in Iraq has been completely and totally exposed for the world, and, particularly, dumb Americans, to see and those in "Iraq's" army who were considered or deemed unreliable were flushed out and replaced by other Iranian militias opposed to Sadr:


Also, Britain reversed itself and is maintaining current troops levels in Iraq and you can rest assured US forces won't leave prior to the new "Commander in Chief" taking office, who, I assume, will be McCain, and an entire policy review will come under consideration.
So, when deciding whether or not the recent military assault on Sadr should be classified a "success or failure" depends on what are/were the immediate and long range desired results and objectives in the first place. I view what happened simply as a "skirmish," the first round in a long, protracted struggle.
Future fighting guaranteed and is already occurring at this very moment. For an excellent example of compare and contrast on how the same event is reported, (if it is reported), perceived, interpreted, and spun by differing sources, consider the following:


ADDENDUM: I inadvertently omitted the following link and commentary which substantiates and adds to my previous links and analysis, above. It's source:


And placement in the Wall St. Journal is an important fact, "The Second Iran-Iraq War":


Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Reality becomes inverted, upside down, distorted through the looking glass mirror, when one lives in the US.
So, it comes as a surprise to Americans that Iran "might just be," involved with Iraq.
The multitude of sources, supposedly Left, Right and in between, continue to deny this truism and fact that Iraq's militias are funded, trained and equipped by Iran, that the Iranian backed Iraq militias are engaged in mass expropriation, dislocation, relocation, genocidal removal, barbaric ethnic cleansing, ghettos and torture techniques, similar to the Nazis.
This time around, however, instead of Germans and Jews, they happen to be Arabs.
They are Arab Sunnis, or, Sunni Arabs.
The other time, they were Germans.
Germans who happened to be Jewish.
But, then, there were others, from Communists to Gypsies.
In the US, altho we did not kill them, Japanese were rounded up in WWII and put into "internment camps."
And more.
In addition, while great consternation and hand wringing exists in the US at the "outsourcing" of the military to private contractors, in effect, the greatest outsourcing by the US was the entire occupation of Iraq to Iran. It makes the other outsourcing look like peanuts.
So, everyone who accepts, supports, validates, sanitizes and legitimizes the present Iranian dominated Iraq government and any of the militias who constitute this government, including Sadr, are, de facto, supporting all the above.
There can and will be NO resolution and no justice to this situation as long as support is given to those above, while opposing the US.
Acknowledging the realities of both occupations is a necessity for a solution, one that includes an absolute NO BOTH to Iran and US occupation and expansion, everywhere, restoration of the Iraqi State to its internally displaced population and exiled Arab emigres, guarantees of Iraq's territorial integrity and sovereignty, re-nationalization of Iraq's industries, international justice and reparation for war crimes.
This is true not just for Iraq, but, for everywhere else, from Kosovo onwards.
Next, for Alice in Wonderland, the latest, extraordinary Turkish developments, "Turk Unions Launch Mass Protests...":


Of course, absolutely NO acknowledgment, recognition or support forthcoming from anyone here in the US, whatsoever, except me.
They don't even know it's happening, much less support it?
Simultaneous with the above, as if that weren't sufficient unto itself, an unfolding "crisis" regarding Turkish courts versus their "ISLAMIC" AKP, ruling party:


Doesn't anybody in this world except my blog correlate the breathtaking and stunning developments in Turkey to events happening elsewhere in the region, Iraq, Kurdistan, Iran.
How about, for example, another major General Strike looming in the nearby vicinity of Turkey for May 7 in LEBANON, and, as the article notes, with political overtones and resistance to privatization:


Is this not contagious?
And, what if they all "united?"
Which is exactly about which "they" are most worried and why Alice in Wonderland hears and sees nothing here except her image reflected back in the Looking Glass?
What about a program for the US, in addition to the above regarding Iraq? How about NO more colored revolutions, clandestine meddling into the internal affairs of other countries.
NO expansion of NATO.
Closure of ALL American military bases overseas.
Further, first and foremost, liquidation of the primary industries benefiting from war and war crimes, expansion of the public sector, full employment, nationalization of all basic industry, from military to money to energy to natural resources, steel, etc., and completely free continuing education for all.
How's that just for starters?
Lastly, I will just add two more links too good to resist as a footnote regarding Iraq.
One, about Chalabi and Sadr:


And the other, a Herculean translation service provided for our English language readers, "Debunking Muqtada...":