Thursday, April 10, 2008


First of all, let's start with a FACT that the US is a Fascist dictatorship. 
Suffice it to say, it's a direct continuum since the end of WWII, whose results were not what they were supposed to be. 
The wrong side won. 
Enter the NSA, National Security Act of 1947.

First prerequisite of a newly minted Fascist American Dictatorship was dissolution of the former Soviet Union, thus, opening up global resources, previously off limits, state owned and nationalized, to private acquisition. 
The race is/was on.

Fast forward to the present. 
Thus stated, this conversion, above, is a goal of a current "project" not only in Iraq, but, elsewhere, everywhere.

Next, all the numerous, many, social and class contradictions unleashed by global counter-revolution, by definition, necessitates ever greater military force, suppression and repression, both external and internal, countering enormous opposition from multiple sources of organized resistance, a self-perpetuating machine.

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." 

And, so, conflict spirals upward, i.e., 100 years war of which Republican Presidential candidate McCain TRUTHFULLY speaks. 
Iraq being an integral part of this greater goal, piece of an intricate jigsaw puzzle, but, certainly not the entire puzzle. 

Multiple interventions already exist and being planned.

In the Iraq piece of the puzzle, the Bush Administration created a strategic blunder, first, proceeding unilaterally, as opposed to "multilaterally," then, adding flames to the fire by outsourcing Iraq's occupation to the utterly abhorrent, despicable, barbaric, and inherently destabilizing Nazi Iranian militias and factions. 
For dumb Americans, this is presented as an "accidental" development. 
In reality, it was just the opposite, purposeful, an extension of the cozy relationship from Iran-Contra days, and even further back. 
To accomplish this, a civilian Bush Administration overrode many sectors of America's professional military establishment, infuriating them. 
Subsequent problems unfolded from this policy due both to internal and external developments, Iraqi's heroic resistance, political, economic, military bickering and infighting amongst the genocidal Iranian militias, a mass exodus of refugees to nearby countries, threats perceived by other Arab Gulf states from Persian expansionism and nearby, destablized Iraq, developments in Turkey, conflicts with the PKK, American costs, general strikes, Russia's revival and so on.
So, a revised American policy is necessitated.

Unilateralism has already been renounced in favor of "multilateralism," courtesy of an engineered November, 2006, mid-term election Coup. 
That part is finished, done, over.

Next, comes undoing Bush's utterly abysmal, appalling, Iranian, collaborationist and accomodationist policies. 
These horrific repercussions have to be mitigated, undone. So, in the following, note especially the last three paragraphs at the bottom:

As I said in previous blogs, this is how and why McCain will enter into the picture. 
A backlash of nationalism and militarism will emerge triumphant and conversion into a one-party, Fascist, national security state complete, helped along by our Vichy Democrats, who will then be pronounced useless and dead upon arrival.