Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Dispensing with all spin, propaganda and lies, Obama represents absolutely zero, zilch, nada, nothing.
A Manchurian candidate.
The Democrats were supposed to be a sure bet for President this year, and, Hillary was supposed to be their anointed candidate.
So, what to do?
Divide and conquer.
Into the Democratic Primary insert a ringer, the ersatz, Nazi-like, Republican Karl Rove strategists Obama campaign.

First, pick someone Black, with little Congressional track record.
Then, Obama wins early in traditionally Republican states predominantly with caucuses with what's called "crossover" voting, where rules are lax, to say the least, and Republicans and Independents can simply go vote as Democrats in primaries.
It's as easy and simple as making apple pie.
It's a miracle of democracy, say the pundits.
All of a sudden, our "Red" more socially conservative states have seen the light and become "liberal."
When he gets criticized or attacked, it's called racism.
The fake Left, of course, is duly programmed to flock to him.
And, the "Black" vote will be easily swayed, again, with a racist theme. Throw in alittle demagoguery, platitudes, Nazi like "kiddie" rallies that resemble rock concerts, and, voila, instant celebrity status.
And, of course, lots and lots of money.
Gobs of money.
In Pennsylvania, Hillary was outspent by the Obama campaign three to one.

But, in Pennsylvania, primaries are NOT caucuses.
Neither campaign had anticipated reaching this point.
They thought it would be determined by now and Pennsylvania would not be decisive.
That's why so much pressure has been placed on Hillary to quit before the Pennsylvania primary.
This tactic will continue throughout.
In addition, the longer the race continues, the further a backlash grows towards the obvious mafia like TACTICS of the Obama campaign.
I have not even mentioned, except in previous blogs, the absolute vitriol within the Democratic Party engendered by disenfranchising the Florida and Michigan primary delegates on a technicality.
That issue continues percolating with no resolution in sight.
Florida's delegates would have gone to Hillary.

If Obama ultimately gets the Democratic nomination, a McCain win is assured.
The race has been thrown.
If Hillary winds up with the nomination, it's about a 50-50 tossup.
And, I can assure everyone, those now supporting Obama will go after Hillary, instead, in the General Election, utilizing the racism canard, thus, continuing the dis-united Democratic Party and helping to insure a Republican McCain victory.
As I said, the great uniter is the great divider.
Anything one hears about him and his campaign, just turn it upside down. And, so it goes...

Now, turning to events elsewhere on the globe.
First, in Turkey.
An upcoming confrontation, "Government, Unions Split Over May 1 Celebrations":

Along these lines, another Turkish bank sold, including a chart on the right hand side, which lists Akbank, previously sold to Citigroup and their unmentioned dalliance with Iran's Parsian, "Saluting a New Troop of Bankers":

In related matters, following from my previous blogs, "Morgan Stanley Hires Chief Economist for Turkey, Middle East and North Africa," (JP Morgan Chase, see Morgan Stanley and the Persia Fund from a previous blog):

Of course, Morgan Stanley is hardly alone.
Everybody who is anybody in the world of high finance and private property is busy expanding themselves into the greater Middle East speculative bubble and "Islamic" finance project.
Alot, indeed, everything is riding on this venture.
If it fails here, the whole economic house of cards will come tumbling down.
This is their steam engine, locomotive, of profitability and growth.
So, in Egypt, not surprisingly, "Mubarak Calls For Stronger Economic Ties, Mediterranean Union":

Of course, Egypt, like Turkey, above, is now plagued by class resistance and opposition to these policies.
This impending "arc of instability," altho outside, is certainly related to and surrounding the resistance, opposition, and instability inside Iraq, including northern Iraq, Kurdistan, Peshmerga, PKK, Turkey, the battle for Kirkuk, Iran, etc.
Everything related to everything else.

In the regional game of divide and conquer, Layla gives another insightful analysis:

Does it rest here?
No, of course not.
A previous WSJ article likens the Western backed Nabucco gas pipeline to a new Maginot Line against Gazprom and Russia and Iraq is scheduled to supply gas to Europe, possibly, thru Nabucco:

Depending on circumstances, Iran, possibly, as well.
And, in a very ominous and disgusting development, the following, "Gazprom Might Lose Gas Export Monopoly":

So, I say, more power to Turkey, their unions, Egypt's resistance, their upcoming General Strike, Lebanon's upcoming General Strike, Pan-Arab unity and let them/that be the NEW Maginot Line, the catalyst.

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