Sunday, April 6, 2008


In addition to major opposition, resistance, general strikes and other historic developments in Turkey, "More Mass Protests in Turkey Against IMF..." and elsewhere in the region, another MAJOR un/underreported event is taking place in Egypt, today. And, of course, NO acknowledgement or support by America's fake Left. An Egyptian General Strike... The following 4 links are about today's Egyptian General Strike, and, note the conspicuous ABSENCE of the Muslim Brotherhood, which our idiotic, stupid, duped, American Cindy Sheehan was running around supporting, (I am sorry for her if her grief was manipulated by others for their ulterior purposes), and and, and, lastly, the best of the four,,egypt-security-forces-on-alert-as-cyber-activists-incite-to-strike.html A significant part of Egypt's "privatization/liberalization" policies referred to above is the ever expanding Dana Gas empire, inextricably intertwined with Abraaj, Jafar, Crescent Oil, Iraq, Kurdistan, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Egypt's EFG-Hermes and Egypt's EMG gas deal with Israel/Palestine, "Dana Gas Builds Strong Foundations for Growth," Connected with the above and the ongoing speculative GCC and "Islamic Funds" Bubble, our unofficial, roving American Ambassador, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal, Citigroups largest individual shareholder, "Prince Alwaleed is the Most Powerful Arab for the Fourth Year Running," according to Forbes magazine, Citigroup, of course, overlaps with the above, having a representative strategically placed in Pakistan with PM Aziz; Israel's Stanley Fischer in the Bank of Israel; Turkey's largest bank, Akbank; Lebanon's PM Siniora; to name but a few. And, here is one of the other repercussions of the conveniently Hamas facilitated wars, "Palestine Investment Conference," Further NATO expansion to our protectorate in the GCC, which has been under way for some time, now, "NATO Plans Key Meet in Bahrain," Regarding Iraq and elsewhere, refer to my previous blogs, an ongoing continuum.