Tuesday, April 29, 2008


In anticipation of events unfolding in Turkey on Mayday, and shortly thereafter in Egypt and elsewhere, I will not bother to say much else at the moment.
In honor of those upcoming events, first, at the following link, if you click onto the Mayday POSTER you will get a greatly expanded version:


From Turkey, of course, "Labor Day Antagonism?":


Then, one "Action Alert," the following, "Uruknet Cut Off From Google News Again":


And, finally, a few extra notes.
Against a backdrop of Iraq's dismemberment and genocide comes the height of Fascist absurdity, obscenity and hypocrisy.
Iraq's former PM, Tariq Aziz, placed on trial in a Kangaroo Court for a few "alleged" crimes.
Shouldn't the trials be reversed?
And, on April 28, 2008, hearings were held by the "Senate Democratic Policy Committee on Abuses in Iraq Contracting."
You can view/hear all the sordid details, which abound, on the C-Span.org website.
Simply go the heading "Recent Programs," towards the bottom of their homepage, scroll down for the preceding named hearing and date and click it on.
Unfortunately, I have no transcript link at the moment:


The information presented above represents merely the tip of a gargantuan iceberg, the depths of which reach down to the bowels of our entire Fascist government and enterprise.
So, who is it that should be put on trial, executed and expropriated??
My answer to those who want impeachment, which will never happen, are the initiation of criminal proceedings, immediately or hereafter.
The entire government and all those individuals and corporations who financially benefited are responsible.
Their assets dissolved and their resources nationalized by the appropriate governments, here, there, everywhere.

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