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In case anybody hasn't noticed, currently much more than one, active, military front exists in Iraq, other than the one around Basra, which gets all the attention, here, in the US.
The other war front, northern Iraq, the Kurdistan region, currently being bombed by Turkish warplanes, coming amidst a continued, internal political confrontation within Turkey's Islamic, sectarian, sell off and sell out, AKP government.
And, these developments within Turkey come amidst the presumed, upcoming, internal battle for possession of the strategically important and oil rich Kirkuk region, ushering in Kurdish independence, regional autonomy and/or Kurdish expansionism.
This puts Turkey into a potential collision course with US/Israel backed, northern Iraq Peshmerga forces and Iran.
The AKP, of course, does NOT want to see this happen.
But, the question is, wither Turkey?
In addition, on Turkey's northeastern flank, bordering both Russia and Iran, at present, is a low intensity, but, heating, military conflict in the Caucasus between Georgia, Georgia's breakaway Republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and NATO.
Both Georgia and Armenia, aside from being adjacent to Turkey and Iran and one another, obviously, are sandwiched between and bordering the strategic transport and oil rich region of both the Caspian and Black Seas. Additionally, I fully expect, if not before, then, by the next Presidential election, the Armenian Genocide resolution will pass through the US Congress.
This will have further ramifications upon Turkey and the region, depending on the nature of Turkey's government.
And, of course, WITHIN what's left of the body of Iraq, war continues unabated.
Horror stories abound.
Here's but a few out of so many more to which I could link, which I won't do because it's redundant, "Killings Spread to More Shiite Areas in Baghdad":

And "Fresh Impressions From Baghdad":

Further, in addition to Turkey's reactionary, Fascist, AKP government, Egypt, the region's largest Arab country, is now being challenged from within, as well.
Both are key actors.
And, of course, as Rice and Cheney go around begging, no major Arab government will openly acknowledge and support Iraq's anti-Arab, genocidal, aggressive, threatening, expansionist Iranian government planted in Iraq by the Bush-Cheney cabal.
And, everybody in the region is more or less threatened and worried by a destabilized Iraq with out of control competing, aggressive and expansionary militias and factions, reflecting internal and equally destabilizing elements within Iran's government, itself.
It's like having medieval, feudal armies/militias roaming around the countryside, under whom and which states control and direction?
In this context, both the US and NATO are protecting their interests and subordinates in the other militarily loaded region, the Arab/Persian Gulf states.
And, then, in addition, there's Israel, Syria, Gaza, Lebanon.
The whole region is an armed camp of multiple low and higher intensity warfare.
Now, in previous posts, first, in "Mopping Up," (March 26, 2008, "Mopping Up Begins in Earnest"), I said, the Butcher of Baghdad, Sadr, must/will go, that is, his militia must be disbanded or morphed into something else. Neutralized.
This is happening.
And, the only other way out of this conundrum in order to gain control is congruent regime and policy change in BOTH the US AND Iran.
(Again, see my previous blog entry from April 4, 2008, "The Iraq Exit Strategy" links for the above):


What happens next will depend on all of the factors, above, and more I haven't even mentioned.
Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently gave a press briefing regarding Iran.
If you discard the spin and narrative about Iran's "increased" involvement in Iraq, since, obviously, Iran's militias were put there in the first place, outsourced, by the US, the salient points essentially confirm the above:

But, I repeat, multiple flash points, military actors and internal contradictions exist, any of which, including, but, not limited to, Iran, can trigger off a cascading series of events that will subsume everyone else. As things presently stand, no possible political solution exists, only military ones.
In that sense, McCain is the most honest of the American Presidential candidates.
It is a 100 years war of reactionary Fascism everywhere on the globe which he projects.

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