Thursday, April 24, 2008


While Iraq's little Mussolini, the Butcher of Baghdad, Iran/Ahmadimidget's, Sadr, self-appointed revolutionary and duly parroted as such by the mass media, runs around saber rattling and making bellicose noise, he does so against the backdrop of REAL revolutionary noise NOT identified as such or replicated ad infinitum in US corporate media or much of elsewhere.

As the first major labor strike in twenty years occurs in London, events in Turkey also continue escalating, "Tension Spreads to April 23 Celebrations":

And, "Turkish Unions Insist on Taksim Square Mayday Celebrations":

This as Turkish warplanes continue pounding PKK targets.

In contradistinction to the above, remember Morgan Stanley, Persia Fund, GCC, Egypt, America's roving unofficial Ambassador, Saudi Prince Alwaleed Talal,, from my previous blogs?

Well, "Morgan Stanley Saudi Arabia Celebrates its First Anniversary With a Visit from Morgan Stanley Chairman, John Mack":

And, in case you are very dense and still haven't understood the breath, depth, width and scope of the economies involved, here's alittle something, "GDP of GCC Countries, Egypt, Jordan to Surpass $1,045 Billion in 2008," (with much more anticipated):

Now, the question I ask, who is more important in the above picture.
The diminutive, pint sized Mussolini, Butcher of Baghdad, Iranian backed Sadr militia, about whom everybody pays so much attention, at the moment, or, all the other forces, combined?
Sadr and his militia, ALONE, are a pint sized peanut.
An annoying peanut, but, nevertheless, a peanut who can, will and would be extinguished, if necessary.
But, the others, collectively, are a force.
A force with which to be reckoned.
A potential historical tidal wave and backlash.
And, these forces represented above and in my previous blogs, are on a collision course at the moment.

Once again, another interesting take on recent developments from our inveterate, voice of occupied Iraq, arabwomanblues reporter and commentator, "A Fox Trot in the Dark":

And, finally, one irresistible comment on the following, "The US Power Structure: Who Really Rules the World." Yes, I am in agreement.

Charles Beard's 1913 book, "An Economic Interpretation of the US Constitution" is excellent:

The only caveat I would add, including my own posts, is, I would hope people actually read more than a blog entry. These books are dense and packed with information. One book leads to another, and, subsequent revisions and reviews of new, old and updated source materials. One of the aspects not mentioned in the above from Beards book regarding the formation of the US Constitution, since it was of necessity so brief, was the question of how to pay off, honor, collect the debt paper from the independence war and those who held such financial obligations?

Various forms of wealth, which, of course, pertained to slavery. The whole story is very, very fascinating, indeed and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the popularized mythology. Our US Constitutional Court system was devised primarily to make sure private property rights could NEVER be superseded, supplanted, abrogated by any state legislative body. It would be declared by the supreme court system, unconstitutional. And so...waiting with baited breath to read his next blog entry.

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