Friday, April 11, 2008


Following two articles deal with Egypt's explosive, regional development, their April 6 General Strike and, in particular, as well, a retrograde, destructive role their Muslim Brotherhood plays/played.
First, Egypt's "Kefaya Leader Arrested...More Detentions Expected":

And "The Muslim Brotherhood, A Body without a Mind":

I will borrow that aptly descriptive phrase from them and say same about US body politic, "A Body without A Mind."
Very apropos.
Thank you Egypt!

(This is for Americans only.
Others need not bother reading.
In case you did not know it, Egypt is an Arab state.
It is the largest Arab state in the region.
It is the mother of all Arab states.
It's where Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal.
It is amongst THE birthplace of the Pan-Arab Socialist movement.
O.K. Lesson #1 over.
Back to the subject matter at hand.)

Statement in the first article, above, quotes Kefaya's Abdel-Khalek Farouk, "Egypt is being eaten away from the inside and is being kept in check from the outside.
Egypt's regional role has turned into a curtain not only for the US but the Saudi royal family and Israel," resonates with similar statements made previously by Turkey's opposition General, Buyukanit, about the end of their nation state.
(See my post from April 4, 2008.)

Correlate this with the economic, financial ties I've been highlighting and following emanating out of the GCC states, as well, in my previous entries.
At the opposite side of the Mediterranean from Egypt, in Turkey, the "World Bank Urges Government to Push Reforms Despite Closure Case":

The IMF, of course, doing similar.

Meanwhile, in another Arab state, Iraq, the battle with Iran's Sadr continues and one of his top aides, apparently, was just assassinated.
(It's reported on every news service).
US idiots across a broad spectrum continue to make noises about talking to Iran and a political solution to the Iraq crisis.
They neglect to notice that Persia is an occupying force in an Arab country, Iraq, and legitimizing, recognizing ANY Persian installed government in Iraq is the same as rewarding Iran and the US for barbaric, Fascist, reactionary, counter-revolutionary, ethnic genocide, ethnic cleansing, torture, and the complete dissolution of their state.
It's unacceptable from the get-go and a prescription for perpetual warfare.
It's the opposite of a solution.
Likewise, in group-think manner, the desperate Bush Administration continues to "request/urge" more Arab states to establish wider diplomatic representation in Iraq!!
Wonder why they aren't there???
Hmmm...what could be the reason???
This conundrum, as I've articulated previously, is the result of the Bush Administration's utterly disastrous, deplorable, despicable collaboration with Iran in Iraq, which goes way back, and, then, the continued coverup and support of this Faustian bargain by the fake Left, which continues unabated.
They have both boxed themselves deeper and deeper into a corner in which they collaborate.