Saturday, April 19, 2008


Before getting to the main event, alittle something from what I have labelled the "Theatre of the Absurd."
I opened the pro-Fascist JBANC website and, lo and behold, what did I see advertised on it boldly, something called the "Singing Revolution."
Pray tell, what is this "Singing Revolution," not one of the various colored or flowered named revolutions.
Well, here it is, from the "Theatre of the Absurd," the "Singing Revolution" so proudly advertised on JBANC website:

If you're not laughing by now, there's something wrong with you.
I returned to the website a few times to make sure my eyes did not deceive me.
There it is, so proudly displayed.
Not satire.
Not facetious.
So, I decided to contrast and compare and juxtapose it to another link, the following:

And, now, the main events.
In the next step of the prolonged Turkish battle, the "Social Security Bill Passes Amid Protests":

The US labor movement is so FAR BEHIND Turkey, the Turks could never even begin to fathom reactionary labor conditions that exist here.
Nobody here gets what they're getting.
And, the whole idea is to drive the Turkish labor force backwards into the ground and look more like the wage slaves in the US, something privatization is destined to achieve.
The above representing merely a first step in this long, drawn out process. Privatization will be the coup de grace.
So, anticipate BIG EVENTS in Turkey on May Day, May 1.
And, only 3 days later, on May 4, directly across the Mediterranean, on the opposite side, another, upcoming General Strike in Egypt.
One more article exposing the questionable role of the presumed opposition/resistance, the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt's General Strikes:

And, then, a General Strike looms large for Lebanon May 7.
So, within the space of the first week of May 1-May 7, General Strikes to occur from Egypt to Turkey to Lebanon!
What will happen, next?
Will this not impact on everything else occurring throughout the region?
If I could transport myself thru the electrical wires of the internet for just a day to participate in any of these events, I would.
But, alas, such time travel is not yet possible.

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