Friday, April 18, 2008


So, where are we now regarding predictions and analysis from former entries?
Policy moves along quickly.
Aside from the chronic fighting and death rattles of Sadr in southern Iraq and bombastic rhetoric from Iran's Ahmadimidget, et. al, here are the latest important developments from America's REAL President in foreign affairs, Condi Rice, "UN Council Calls for Disarming Hezbollah...":

UN Secy General, "Ban Urges All Members to attend Iraq Annual Compact Meeting in May":

"NATO Promises Iraq More Army Training, Equipment," (they're already in the Gulf):

And, continuing from the previous absurdity of Cheney's admonitions to Saudi Arabia, "Rice Wants to Reinforce Iraq's Arab Identity":

Note, in the preceding, Rice has no plans to talk with Iran's current foreign minister.
People can fill in other details for themselves, of which there are many.
I won't bother commenting on the obvious ludicrousness of Carter's mission.
Meanwhile, the Turkish military continues pounding the PKK as the Turkish "crisis" mounts and Turkey's ruling party, the Islamic AKP continues promising to sell off everything in Turkey that isn't nailed down and, that which is nailed down, as well.
This time, Turkey's electricity.
In counter response, May 1, Mayday, promises to be a HUGE event in Turkey.
As for Egypt, similar pattern.
I think the following says it better than I, "Next Move Opens With a Giddy Bang":

I can only hope for an equal and opposite "bang" in response to these policies.
And, now, finally, a little historical footnote, or, reminder, from previous entries as to why we are where we are in the US, why no Left exists, no opposition and no general strikes.
There are two main historical reasons for the present situation.
The first, which I've previously mentioned, a National Security Act of 1947, codifying and institutionalizing the Fascist state into existence, a Cold War, 1950s anti-Communist McCarthy Congressional hearings, blacklists, etc.
Within the same context, a Taft-Hartley [Labor] Law of 1947.
For a brief understanding, an historical snippet, a snapshot, surrounding Taft-Hartley:


Anybody wishing to know more will have to do their own further studies. Nothing will change significantly in the US until the effects and realities of the Taft-Hartley (anti) labor law is challenged.
The only person running in any US Presidential campaign, so far, that has raised repeal of the Taft-Hartley (anti) labor law is Ralph Nader.
NO labor leadership or organization has endorsed Nader, ever, except one, the outstanding California Nurses Association.
I would go one step further than Ralph.
I would also demand repeal of the NSA of 1947, in addition.
And, as for anti-Communism, while former "Soviet" Russia's new FM, Putin, is now cavorting with Italy's premier oligarch, Berlusconi,
"Russia's Nazis Plan Mayhem with Hitler's Birthday":

The author, above, expresses wonder at how such things could happen. Well, Putin has renationalized Gazprom.
Very important.
Very nice.
A step in the right direction.
I don't underestimate him or it.
But, many other multi-billionaires still exist and they own much of Russia's vast natural resources and industries.
In the past elections, Communist Oleg Shenin was not even allowed on the ballot.
Strikes exist in abundance.
All that was nationalized has been privatized.
The totality of the Left in Russia still overwhelms the totality of the propertied interests.
Just as here, there, or anywhere, bourgeoisie elections will never allow propertied interests to be voted out of existence.
They are, by definition, bourgeoisie elections.
So, is it any wonder that the Nazis are around and tolerated?
It's been going on for some time, now.
This is not new.
And, of course, PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) previously equated Communism with Nazism.
True to form, by the way, PACE has now involved itself with Turkey's AKP, as well:

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